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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Cynicism, Politics And Business

The attitude of many is fed by the continued onslaught of the cynical behaviour of most politics and some business concerns. The overwhelming ethic appears in all cases to be success and growth. The definition of success is usually around the acquisition of the three-fingered tripod of influence: power, control and wealth. In business it can be the fixation of simply maximising the yield to shareholders' dividends regardless of any thought for the consumer who pays for it. If it hurts then... tough. That is a better definition for growth on the back of greed. But in business it doesn't matter. Growth is not the issue, but the method and effect certainly is. How it's achieved.

  • The paradigm shift for growth is dependent on whether a provider (lender) or a consumer borrower (debtor) and constitutes a completely reversed aspect: the growth of the lender is by feeding off the borrower.

It's not naïve to expect fair and decent behaviour, but it is naïve to imagine it will happen (in all cases). Politicians do not necessarily lie deliberately. They simply twist and spin events to their (possibly inaccurate) version of a truth. The honesty and integrity of politicians should always be challenged and questioned. Motives are generally predictable, though the path to the goal is not always clear. Obfuscation and confusion in the place of clarity and transparency.

Often it is enlightening to consider the 'alternative view' (spun), generally the opposite, of what is officially communicated. The hymn sheet is common to all the members of one party, so that they generally sing in tune and this is the most important feature of collective support. It is a reason that politicians attempt to talk over any question asked in challenge. Talking over a response means that a challenge-question is not (apparently) heard. Just explicitly ignored.

The outcome then does become clear and transparent. In fact, it is so clear that it... hurts.

A topical example is the betrayal in the education system. The alleged (inherited) deficit that is a local UK problem is confused with global affairs: the global recession. Mixing up two issues (if true) that are connected muddies the waters of clarity and transparency. The LibDems now that they have tasted power want to keep hold of it. In anyway possible.

A wild animal tasting blood for the first time will always want more. And more...

The LibDems, as a party, couldn't possibly have acquired power without the Tories. The first choice was the attempt with the Labour government of the day. That failed and eventually an alliance was formed with the 'opposition'. The LibDem minnow 'faction', with the Tory beast.

If claims are accurate that some students accept that the rise in tuition fees is a good thing, then the LibDems have a duty to explain issues properly to the whole electorate and not to hide pertinent information.
like the reality behind a £7.00/month student loan repayment.
The background of any students in favour of rises must have their background examined. As an example, is the background from those of the rich or poor? It is important as it can either provide evidence of elitist ideals or possibly refute such suggestions.

The elephant in the room is that governments have simply overlooked (ignored) the fact that they play in a next-generation scenario. An entire younger generation and not gradual change. Students are a different animal. Their life is staring ahead of them and what they see is a government trying to steal from them before they have anything. Up-front costs may not appear, but a deferred loan is up-front. The alleged 'violence' of 'students' is played up to repel the older generation and gain support for bad policy.

The G20 Troubles were possibly engineered.

Debt from day one. It is incredible naïvety, or just simple denial, to imagine that there would not be an uprising. Winning a vote (just) is only a skirmish and not the same as winning the 'war'. The battle of hearts and minds is only a part of the real 'war'.

This is politics and it's just a single example of how nasty it can quickly become.

The 'attack' on the royals was probably not planned, but seeing the face of opulence at the moment of despair for a future before it's happened is understandable. The attack itself was not a solution, but the reasoning is understandable. The older generation may still 'kowtow' and 'doff their hat' and are horrified at the treatment meted out to those that they honour. It clearly exemplifies the out-of-touch attitude between the older and younger generations. Not showing respect. A 'natural respect' for their 'betters'. The concept of 'betters' died out long ago. Those that consider themselves as 'betters' cannot face up to the fact that they are not and never have been. This is the progress of society and, like it or not, it's reality. It's also incredible naïvety, or just simple denial, to expect to be afforded such totally unearned and unwarranted respect. The students and their families are trodden on and have never had any respect offered towards them so to expect it from the down-trodden is... breathtakingly incredible. And...


An older generation may accept authority without question, but it's ridiculous to demand that a younger generation must simply accept without question the same set of concepts that have always been... in place. The uprising was predictable, however 'inconvenient'. It won't go away. Just like a Debt. Especially one that could be in place for 30 years. The attitude demonstrated by the politicians of the day.

Engineering society behaviours

Dr. Vince Cable (appears to play the patsy and his book suitably entitled 'The Storm' has been discarded unread since it's content cannot be trusted and may contain the corrupted 'logic' of the untrustworthy). He has condemned himself as nothing more than a politician who had a free education and seeks to deny this for others, continuing the chase after already having achieved power, demonstrating dishonourable behaviour. 'Coalition' party unity is acquired by destroying any chances of his own alleged party of Liberal Democrats. Free education Dr. Vince Cable may even convert to a Tory. Unofficially.

Nick Clegg has not yet demonstrated anything except expressing regret after the acquisition of power that possibly helped to acquire it in the first place. Clegg now wishes he hadn't made a pre-election promise that now has to be overturned. Inconvenient and so expresses regret. Flying a (yellow) flag of convenience is shameful. Certainly not leadership qualities except the alleged browbeating and threatening of reprisals against his own. And...

all for the sake of power