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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Political (Engineering) Containment

    Watch the skies, everywhere!

    The drive to test children at an ever younger age continues. A decision has been made that defines a level of achievement for a particular age. Currently, for the reading ability of infants, this has been arbitrarily set at 6 years old. What determines the ability at such a young age is not defined. But if the child does not meet the testing requirements, then extra tuition will be given and could constitute sufficient 'proof' to label a child a failure. At 6 years old. It's ridiculous, unless there is another reason to demonstrate failure at such a young age. The 11+ examination has always been regarded as elitist, but the concept of arbitrarily lowering the achievement age is designed to be precisely that. Make achievement goals virtually impossible to attain. Rather like employer-employee goals: an 'impossible' or unrealistic goal renders the employee a failure, regardless of any actual (real) achievement. The psychological creation of 'failures' of those too young to even be formerly educated. Sweden does not begin education until age = 7 years old. The Gove approach (sounds promising, but that's all: DA)  is completely in conflict with itself. Political 'spin'. This is no more than a crude attempt to restrict the growth of the lower classes in order to allow the elite to flourish: typical and nauseous parasite behaviour.

    • A ludicrous scenario would be teaching phonics to an embryonic child in the womb. But the notion of ludicrous can never be regarded as describing simply an impossible situation. An unimaginable situation does not preclude such an occurrence.
    The massaging of the student tuition fees is designed to create an elitist society. The 'poor', but allegedly bright student who has the entry requirement ticket (probably a minimum of 5 A** GCSE A levels), will require a loan (debt) to move on up into the system for the elite. This is a double-edged sword that serves to benefit only government. It delays looking for employment and creates a new debt. One victim will be some or all of the established new universities and tertiary education (UK = further education) system as a whole. Many of the 'universities' created for the general (lower = non-elite) classes will collapse as the numbers of students entering tertiary education will inevitably decline.


    Governmental currently removes all those students in full-time education from the employment statistics and will simply write-off the upkeep of unnecessary institutions as a 'saving'. A 'saving' is euphemistic (and current communications parlance) for a reduced cost requirement. Less out, the same in and overall a profit goes up to help 'reduce the deficit created by...'. The global recession has logically been 'created' (engineered) to siphon off wealth and in the process create a majority of poor people. The elite flourishes. Winners And Losers defines redistribution. It's being done.


    Manipulating share values and a company's 'worth' in many cases does not involve actually making a business more valuable. It simply appears to do this by an increased share value. Each share becomes more valuable (apparent company value) that appears to describe a business worth. It may be the same business as the day before, but today's share price describes a better business if the price goes up. Or a failing enterprise if the share value goes down. Today's value may even be the same as yesterday, but this can be interpreted as a failure to grow. The business is 'failing' even though nothing changed in one day. Except the trading value (perceived business 'worth') of a share.

    The betrayal? Sacrificing the 'poor' pawns in need of obtaining a debt (affordable loan), so the upper-class chessmen can create the elitist board based on that debt of others. True parasite behaviour. The wealthy (by definition a self-proclaimed) elite class are not likely to be in need of financing. Clearly, it is currently relatively easy to achieve a high grade in exams and that suggests massaging the system in order to allow more young people through the doors of a university. The rug is about to be pulled. Viciously. It is not that the government would desire a better educated citizen. That would be looking completely in the wrong direction. Government is most likely to not care less whatever it may pontificate about. A lower unemployment figure that does not include full-time students is the game being played while at the same time raising revenue through debt.

    Government propaganda maintains the stance (still no actual lies) that in the alleged 'recession' where cuts continue to maximise profit and misery for the growing population. There is still a belief that before the general election the would-be (now coalition) government had not already made its plans. The planning would have possibly been refined and updated. But the plan is till the same.

    Create an elite class and condemn everyone else to crushing misery.

    It's so simplistic in principle. But effective? To locate the intellectual super carrot:

    Keep looking. Keep watching the skies!