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Sunday, August 03, 2008

British Gas - The Owner (Centrica)

British Gas - The Attitude
British Gas - The Disaster
British Gas - The Hiding
British Gas - The Round Up
Centrica (website)

Wikipedia (independent):

  • Centrica was created in 1997 when British Gas plc demerged into Centrica plc and BG plc (later BG Group plc).[1] The demerger grouped British Gas's gas supply, services, retail businesses and gas production business of the Morecambe gas fields under Centrica. Centrica is the largest supplier of gas to domestic customers in the UK, and one of the largest suppliers of electricity, operating under the trading names "Scottish Gas" in Scotland and "British Gas" in the rest of the UK.
The reference contains interesting articles relating to 

Centrica business

Centrica has the legal right to trade in energy in the UK using "British" in its business name. Whether it has the moral right to use British with its track record exemplified by this series of thematic articles would make a separate issue. Alternatives are available for the supply of gas and electricity. Recently, Centrica has been reported to have made profits of over £1bn with a £144.6m shareholder payout. Healthy dividend. This falls into the ethos of a business 'working' for its shareholders and not its customers. Proposals to invest in nuclear power suggest cash will be needed. Centrica Interim Results. It further suggests an excellent reason to attempt to justify massive price hikes in energy prices. The 'conference' in Birmingham sounded more a celebration party for middle managers rather than how to justify to the public the average 35% price hike and how the public is to be treated.

The price rise is up to 44%

Alternatives are available for the supply of gas and electricity. Directors are paid to justify the price hikes they are responsible for imposing. Retrospectively, the best they can do is apologise for the contemptible, disgraceful and shameful behaviour of their so-called 'middle managers'. This has been communicated across the world. It seems that attitudes run deep: from the top right down to the middle. Probably, the great majority of subordinate staff are decent people trying to do a decent job. It's just very difficult.

Does it matter? Who cares

They'll get over this minor hiccup as they continue with sending out threatening demands for payment for non-existent or fabricated bills of non-verified or verifiable virtual energy usage. Potentially illegal entry of premises is suggested. Drilling out a door lock is not unknown or particularly difficult and constitutes illegal forced entry.

The imagination can go wild
if given free reign!

Stories relating to (British Gas) Centrica are plentiful. British Gas has done itself proud. Alternatives are available for the supply of gas and electricity. The general principles of natural gas storage (US) apply to any location although the details may differ. British Gas cannot do this. So, nuclear is the best way forward. Madness Of Nuclear Power Profitable even though very, very dangerous and a one-way ticket to Hell. Spending ALL your real or virtual money will never, ever buy the return ticket.