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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Cameron, David: In A Spin

For someone who has a background in public relations, it would seem that one of two things can happen:
  • an act demonstrates incompetence
  • a deliberate action enables the reaction
Create the problem and provide the solution. Policy wonk Wonk -> Know when spun into reverse David Cameron and Andy Coulson (the Conservative's answer to Alistair Campbell). Or so it would seem. Before becoming an MP, David Cameron was a 'spin doctor', a purveyor of favourable publicity, for Carlton TV. Enter Coulson as Director of Communications (ex News of the World editor). At a salary of anything between £275,000 and £475,000, depending on the (vague) source, the money idol may be expected to produce results. Why? Because money, and lots of it, is involved. QED It is, nevertheless, only one half of the spin to pay the producer of 'information'. The other half of the circle of spin is the population who are expected to believe it. A somewhat distorted half and half making nothing like a full circle. More like squaring the circle. Campbell's alleged diary will doubtless have any harmful detail about Gordon Brown or Tony Blair conveniently deleted. This is playing at politics. This is public relations. There are no real statesmen today, only those that masquerade as statesmen. Playing charades.