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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Terror And The Patsy

Original posting, August 2006

Middle East crisis getting worse by the hour. Hundreds killed. Massacred. Terror alert in UK & US causing major issues.

Has Blair gone on his hols yet (11.08.06)? If Blair can go on his hols then it strongly suggests he knows it's not serious as it's government sponsored. Government as usual.

Turn up the heat on the fear element just like Hitler and the Nazis in 1933. Blair might suggest or imply by his behaviour "I'm not needed, Prescott can handle it" and what a wonderful admission. At last. Ineffective in 'peacetime', let alone major crisis. Hopelessly inept, but it's more sinister than that.

Plan and help create the nightmare then walk away. Don't forget: Reid is Scottish. Gordon Brown is Scottish. Just like Bliar (born in Edinburgh). Imagine the scenario with Brown as the PM in England and giving Scotland homerule. That's fine, but as the Scottish incumbent British PM, Brown could find a way of England bankrolling Scotland's independence.

Constitutionally, it has the makings of a(nother) real disaster: imagine an independent Scotland still a part of Gt. Britain.

And Prescott is the perfect patsy.

If/when all goes totally pear-shaped, see who's left in charge?

Plan is working well, so far.

Anyone in? Anyone listening?