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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Fat Is Undeniably NOT Beautiful

Original posting, August 2006

Overweight people can exist in denial by convincing themselves that 'fat is beautiful'. Nevertheless, physically carrying around a large excess of weight is dangerous to the entire cardiovascular system. Imagine carrying a 10kg or 20kg iron weight (the type that weightlifters and bodybuilders use on barbells) around all day, every day, and especially up stairs. If the intensity of movement were to be increased then this weight could actually cause an improvement in body composition.

This is known as exercise.

Generally though, the level of work is sub-effective in any sense and, the heart being a fixed size must just work harder than it is capable of sustaining. Blood volume is not increased for a larger 'volume' of body.

Something must yield. Either all areas will not get sufficient blood or some areas will not get any if critical locations are to perform life-sustaining functionality. Similar argument about eating before having 'fun' in the water like swimming. Digestion diverts the blood away from muscles to the stomach and the digestive process so, if muscular activity is necessary, then there's insufficient blood to fuel the muscles.

Result: cramp and possible drowning.

Fat is dead weight and any excess to requirement has no function. If there was a deficiency of food rather than sufficiency in the very societies that exhibit the problem then carrying this food source around may make logical sense. But in these societies no case can be made. Unless through illness exercise is prohibited or not possible, then a failure to exercise will be harmful. Combine with this smoking and drinking to excess and the outlook is very gloomy for the 'patient' and the pharmaceutical industry's dream come true.

Sick people means money, even if the 'illness' is easily remedied. Make people ill by changing behaviours. Making acceptable, or even normal, behaviour that is detrimental to health. It's like encouraging nil maintenance of a car. A mechanic will be needed in the future.

Go and see your doctor in 'health' 
and get a check up, but become
a patient within 30 minutes or so.
Come away unhealthy.
The paradigm has shifted.
Nothing has actually changed, just the
perception of your status