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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Small Bites: 100 - 199

100. Climate change has its potential advantage. The amount of water globally is constant. Over the 1000s of millennia, this amount has never changed. The distribution as vapour, liquid and solid states alters by the moment, but the total water remains constant. It is effectively removed from the circulation by becoming bound in cement and other materials that 'consume' water. Each growing human in the increasing population removes around 60kg water.

Clouds are airborne water repositories. Rain goes up and it comes down and clouds move around. The warmer conditions cause more evaporation and rainfall must become more frequent and heavier (perhaps). Warmer water allows more hurricanes and cyclones to form generating more and stronger winds. Clouds disperse greater distances. The whole nature of weather will change.

Short term, it affects mankind as migration is not a natural characteristic. Long term the Earth will recover and the animal world will continue to evolve. Man is well on his way to extinction. Possibly, sped up by behaviour traits, but inevitable nonetheless.

101. True human nature is only suppressed and just inder the surface. Witness the suspension of inhibition. Excessive alcohol consumption. Behaviour suddenly changes as though a switch has been thrown to reveal a more selfish attitude. One that involves only self gratification.

In the 'western world', more and more is the selfish nature becoming more apparent. Other parts of the world too. Greed and self advantage are to a grat many the only reason to live. As though it's the onnly reason for life itself. Man and other life, even pond life, has existed for millions of years. Wealth, in terms of money, is a very recent invention by comparison and is only the medium to manifest a repressed nature.

Millions of years ago, survival would hang on this selfish nature. Nothing much has changed.

Possibly those who don't show syuch greed and selfish characteristics have stronger repression abilities? Possibly an evolutionary trait?

102. Some people are so easily led that only suggestion even by behaviour alone is enough to effect a habit. The influence of others is almost invisible unless the psychotic need to control is recognised. It is obvious when understood. Like reading the book with a chapter concerning body language: a very instructive book. Or understanding the chapter about liars and cheats.

103. Property ladder: one of the most successful conditioning exercises ever devised. Get on the property ladder at any cost. Creates a market for the building industry and is the fuel to increase 'value'. Any building opposition will always be overruled since construction industry makes so much money. The increase in population even though a major threat to an overstretched planet Earth is allowed to grow even more because the larger consumer market means more wealth for the few. It's all heading towards meltdown. Faster and faster and caused by greed.

The more building, the more water is locked up in cement and mortar. Ultimately more salt manifests as the water is slowly being removed. The growing population could consume this growing surplus, but the encouragement is to reduce consumption. But like attempts to reduce smoking have those who cut down or stop, yet constantly new markets are created where the dangers are not appreciated.

China as an example. A massive potential market. A growing population to be made ill in order to make more money then 'fix' the situation with modern (expensive) drugs.

Create the problem then provide the solution. Same as 9/11. To imagine that the idea of Nazism just vanished with the 'end' of WWII is fantasy. The ideologies have evolved, but are little changed in reality. Forcing control through beliefs of the 'masters' onto the 'pawns' of general world society is happening even more today. The government of one country becomes a federal government and individual people-control (majority) is lost to the few (minority). Proportionately, federal control creates a growing majority with a decreasing minority. The European-government is a relatively small step away from a world-government dominated by the US. The illusion demands this. Who would be in control. Like puppet Bush has his masters, it is just unclear who they really are.

Blair won't go away and still 'meddles', but more invisibly in a more transparent way.

A smaller global population and less competition may enable survival of all, but the 'animal' competition behaviour will end by the competition for diminishing resources as is happening already demonstrated by the quest for oil. The wars being started to justify the 'competitive' aquisition of another's natural resource.

What is happening about Iraqi oil and is it being bought at market prices and revenue going to Iraq or is it being plundered. Blood and oil do not mix unless you add the catalyst called money.

104. Short-term thinking means do it today and again tomorrow and the next day. Long-term planning is to do something just once.

105. The IPCC is nothing more than a lobby group.

106. Buying profit: any money 'made' (profit) from the sale of a house doesn't create money. It does create the illusion of wealth, but nothing else. The profit that appears to be made is actually a greater potential future debt bought by someone else. The buyer of that house. The inflation of house 'value' price rises.

It happens in everything. Buying a 'valuable' painting that grows in 'value'. The value is purely what someone is prepared yo pay for an item.

An old bottle of wine (vintage and so valuable) appreciates in the buying and selling game. The bottle has worth only if it remains unopened. The moment it is opened, it becomes worthless. It is simply an old wine. The value is the perceived quality of the content.

Examine it: acetic acid content can be estimated without opening, but the 'name and vintage' transfer 'value' regardless of quality. Who would determine such quality? Certainly not the possessor. A canny buyer should, but then business would make this a very stupid thing to do. Even though common sense strongly suggests it.

Common sense, business and money do not make a happy trinity.

107. Northern Rock has claimed assets of £16bn(?) and is liable to pay out only up to a maximum of the first £30,000 of savings. An excllent recipe, in principle, to 'accidentally' make ('create')a great deal of money.

A mortgagee should only be liable to repay the first £30,000 in a likewise fashion. Risk goes both ways, but the bank can secure its own unfair one-way advantageriskIf a borrower defaults FOR ANY REASON then they still owe the total in full with penalties, interest etc. Northern Rock won't be required to do likewise.

If 100,000 borrowers (mortgagees) owe £100,000 each, this amounts to £10,000,000,000 (£10bn)lending and remains payable. Assets are far in excess of that (£6bn).

In effect savers are subsidising this bank by having a reduced payout. The bank cannot lose when things go wrong. A borrower in difficulty cannot win when things go pear-shaped.

The trough smells like a urinal in need of flushing.

108. The political two or three-horse race of self-proposed 'leaders'. It's as if people need masters. It's an obnoxious ethic. And who selects the choices to be had?

In the two-horse race, if it's not one then it has to be the other and everybody appears to be happy. Possibly, neither is suitable or even able, but by default one will 'win'. Even 'taking a dive' is possible, so the required winner... wins.

In any compromise or 'winner-loser' contest, there will always be resentment.

109. Creating money equates to creating debt. Selling debt perpetuates 'profits'. The concept of interest has created the illusion of perpetual motion: money growth always appears to be going up in 'value' even though it actually goes down in 'worth'.

Knowing the price of something has no connection with knowing that something's value.

110. Government money: no such thing. It is revenue raised through taxes. Simple and when funds get low raise taxes to replace it. It's inflationary.

Construction industry projects that are hugely profitable are subsidised using public money:
Ebbsfleet Gateway.

To seriously imagine that money-creation planners care about lives around Ashford being 'disrupted' is amazing. It's the calculated next phase. It's a requirement. Businesses will need to relocate... The extra time and costs from Brussels or Paris are raising an awful lot of profit. For someone. The disruption is irrelevant. The money to be made is prime with the added bonus of the absolute control over peoples' lives.

Olympic Lottery débâcle will create a bigger mess. The nightmare has started and will get worse over the next five years. The designers of the mess are doing a good job. The mess gets into a wonderful disaster.

Getting to London in 20 minutes? If that's the desire which for many, or even most it certainly is not. Relocation of everybody at huge individual cost. Upheavel and disruption maximised.

Inflationary. Big money-making
schemes. The end-game goal is becoming so very crystal clear and the global effect is to simply increase wealth by the interest on borrowings.

Create the demand by building, building, building and then provide the
solution. Moving people further away into undeveloped areas and creating the future need for regeneration. Paris, Disneyland, Avignon. Holiday potential. But these are occasional and not regular: grotesque red herrings.

It's all in the plan.

111. Inflation: the very fact alone of interest being added is inflationary. If £1 is borrowed and 10% interest is added, this increases the debt instantly to £1.10p. This interest will be compounded. This inceasing debt appears to be partially offset by salaries increasing, theoretically in a roughly parallel direction. Really, this is actually a cause of inflation and ensures the perpetual upward movement of yield, but downward movement of its value. Inflation is illusory as without it there would be no growth and all would remain static. It's part of the conditioning to expect everything to increase. Always and forever.

If interest was zero, then inflation would cease to increase. Borrow £1 and pay back £1.

112. How is a generation of Muslims more aware than a non-Muslim simply learning about the same issues? The same question applies to any faith.

113. The illusion of virtual money in property and 'raising' capital debt on it. Pure mist. The property isn't worth its value. All fictional money.

114. The failure to backup is more likely to be the reason for any government 'lost files'. They were lost and this is the pathetic excuse! No protocols in place to avoid the obvious weakness like 'losing files'. Who really falls for all that? It masks up also the deliberate and the convenient.

115. Controlling the housing market by allowing immigrants to inflate the numbers and the houses needed. Make money!

Olympics, Northern Rock... taxpayers funding it all. In excess of £67bn with these two alone. The British public is paying a staggeringly enormous overhead to help ensure the banking system remains viable. The system is only in existence to make itself money. We borrow money from this globalised cartel so it can charge interest. The system is responsible for the debt in the first place. The one the taxpayer finances. A classic case of create the problem (banking system) and provide the solution (taxpayer).

It's an absolute obscenity, yet passes effectively unnoticed.

117. How many cancers can be linked to radioactivity entering the food chain or just general trace contamination. However much the dilution, the same original levels are always present.

118. BBC corrupted like politics. Not as the original.

119. What suits the political view of any government means that any decision that commits the country also commits those that are not represented.

120. When politicians are involved consider what is being hidden: construction using concrete. The encouragementof a non-sustainable population being masked by fossil fuels getting the blame.

Why does the population need to be increased? To hide genetic changes being introduced.

121. Speed, power and destructive force. The inter-relationship of the detail is complex, but the fundamental concepts are not. Driving fast is very different from being a 'fast driver'. Essentially, anyone capable of driving is capable of driving fast. This does not imply driving safely. An experienced driver with awareness and quick reaction times has the potential of being a fast and safe driver. Speed translates to a highly destructive force.

Constant speed returns the best economy, but achieving the ideal speed is the most fuel expensive in terms of the energy requirement.

The relationship between resistance and power to speed is non-linear. The kinetic energy is a squared function. Twice the speed, 4 times the power. Three times yields 9 times the energy. Energy out requires energy in, so the cost overhead is huge for the apparent gain in performance.

122. The Lisbon Treaty and betrayal. The labels that attempt to cover over the innards. The illusion created on the surface is one of difference, but just beneath is the truth and the complicity. The single cohesive force that attempts to subjugate mankind. Through power comes control and this feeds and sustains power. And the monster that would control grows evermore out of control and is deluded and corrupted by itself to the point of implosion.

123. Grain diverted to produce biofuels. And alcohol. This attracts revenue in all governments. Deliberate creation of food shortages.

124. The invention of growth stimulates investment in the belief that wealth will increase. At best it stands still, but redistribution prevails.

125. As time goes on, clarity improves to reveal the underlying reason for property ownership. Nearly every property requires a mortgage of some kind and is a device to levy interest. The illusion of 'money creation'. The invention of the property ladder leads to the mortgage and that defines interest. A 100% mortgage and interet only will never, ever pay off the capital. Forever paying an increasing and compounded interest yield. Theoretical and imaginary profit on which more virtual wealth is 'created'. Bank profits, shares, interest on savings... they are all devices to sell an illusion of success and contentment. The reality is control.

126. Another association in the chain linking climate change and GM. Not only biofuels that allegedly reduce CO2 emissions and result in promoting starvation, but crop yield enhancement by not 'tilling' the soil and a 'drought-resistance'. Mostly maize. The timing is close to associate the two concepts, but askew enough to reveal no connection.

127. Airline stealth tax: £520m/year levied per plane and not per passenger constitutes around £130m on family size of four. Taking an average planeload of 200 passengers... check this.

128. Knife-crime suggests the problem is the knife, but it is the hand that wields it.

129. Kill the children and revenge cannot happen. Show compassion and the children may stop and think.

130. The 'complex' issue of oil price rises and ...

131. Benn and fuel price escalation a good thing to reduce unnecessary journeys. How it really works: ease congestion, but road tax paid anyway. New cars etc, etc. Those needing cars - buy fuel because they have to. Not a choice. Doesn't chnge attitudes - oil will run out. Minor hazard with nuclear fuel and how to manufacture atomic weapons.

132. The energy companies funding the (global) nuclear program is very easily accomplished by simply engineering the original (inflationary) oil price hikes to elevate
profits skywards. The end effect is huge profiteering from raised prices and little to pay towards future oncost to make even more money. Self-perpetuating machine.

133. Windfall tax - reduce profiteering instead! Any 'tax' benefits the money (wealth) machine
(parasite) and not the consumer (host). The clear purpose is to maximise financial yield irrespective of (deliberately controlling) hardship. Turn the screws ever tighter and crush the people into submission. Anarchy is not far away and creates the environment for a police state. A military dictatorship.

134. The ghostwritten biography: a work of fiction based on fact according to the author and the author could be either the writer (subject) or what has been written (object).

The fictional ghost.

135. Moon rise in the east with Sun over to the west. Tide halfway in, but direction of movement is south. Why?

The water movement is towards the land as the incoming tidal waters deepen. It seems to be roughly south if looking towards the north, but currents and (to some extent) surface winds will help determine the exact direction.

136. How can a battery be recharged in space? Is solar the only way? Apply this logic on Earth.

137. Staying on track with life (ambition) goals fails to allow experience to develop. Ignore and totally miss opportunities.

138. Some handicapped children are not likely to engage in 'normal' relationships. Facial disfigurement or speech difficulties will conspire against them. Young people who grow up without such problems sometimes seem to fare much worse.

Why? How can this be?

139. Frequency change when yawning. Why?

140. Cold weather need to drink more: urinate more frequently to shunt body heat (blood flow) away from skin surface to organs, including kidneys, which respond by disposing of extra liquid in the form of urine.

141. The origins of a message don't matter, the content only. The message is important to everyone, not to everyone the messenger.

142. It's almost a certainty that if you're rich it has been through dishonesty and/or crime

143. Being hard is not about capability, just what you are willing to do. I can destroy a housebrick with my hand, yet I am not prepared to crush a skull. I am not hard. I've never been pushed to a limit either.

144. The concept of the Big Bang: colour shifts suggesting Doppler effects and rapid motion away (red) or towards (blue) shift the viewer imply a centre near an observer. Sideways motion is possible, but still away. It can also mean that the observer is moving away at a relative speed to cause the shift. Or a combination of both. A galaxy moving at light speed in any direction? Would the width dimension change with time in this relative motion?

145. Paradoxical that to investigate the smallest particles (Higgs boson), it is necessary to use the largest of man-made magnets - eight superconducting coils, each in a 26x5 metre housing weighing in at 100 tonnes.

146. Nuclear fusion reactor to be built ($12.8bn). Reps of 30 countries signed off on the deal. Internl Thermonuclear Exptl Reactor (ITER) at Cadarache, nr Marseille, France.

147. Thinking:

Convenient (sycophantic)

Many others, but less

148. Dialogue in third person has same effect as the first person: communicates thinking to the reader.

149. Note: change of meaning by the hyphen. To be ill advised conveys the (negative) meaning of bad advice, but ill-advised suggests (positive) good advice.

150. Climate change? I'm not convinced.

151. Finance return is the important feature not behaviour.

152. 'Spurious': deceptively pleasing; plausible, but false.

153. Confidently maintain the first lie, however implausible, without change. More likely to be believed than when flitting about between various possibilities.

154. Critical to identify the important features, which are not necessarily those considered by others. This distinguishes the overall effectivenes of an individual

155. Cutting throat results in blood loss and asphyxia. Real causes of death.

156. Rainbow and goals.

157. Encouraging procreation? A confused mix of social engineering and natural human sex drive. Either way is to increase the rate of genetic change.

158. It's not infallible, but how common it is that the rise to the top requires the attitude of the 'bastard'. The position of power over others in nearly all corporate scenarios. Rarely, decency and respect shine through. The rest sell themselves to being controlled to then control. The illusion of 'getting on' which is, of course, actually becoming a better bastard. It doesn't improve anything, but does make things worse. Always. Pathetic behaviour by 'leaders'. Bullies. The biggest bastard is always the best bully. That low life masquerading as important.

I've known a few decent people, though I've known a lot more bastards of all grades from the novice bastard to the senior bastard.

And on it goes both up and down the greasy pole.

159. The 'out of the shadows' pensions issue does suggest globally incompetent mismanagement has been happening for years, but has only in the last two or three years been openly apparent.

160. Unbalanced game of chess. The game involves just a few power players on the board with almost
7billion pawns. The power play only concerns the few while the rest pay 'in blood'. Nothing new here, but more comes out of the shadows into the ever brightening spotlight. Time is running out for the wealthy few who are running for cover, but without protection. But there is still The Plan.

The comment 'thinking big' is ridiculously small-minded. Thinking conceptually BIG will often receive totally negative comments about realism. This should demonstrate how small are some concepts of 'big-thinking'. Imagine the tiny Earth beside Jupiter and then against the Sun. The bright disc of the Sun is 400 times further away from the Earth yet appears to be a similar size. This gives a description of size difference, but is still a conceptual problem. The difficulty many have is the limitations of their imagination. The conception of a reality. If it cannot be conceived, it is not possible and for some is one way of looking at this.

162. The lock-in to oil and its products and everything demonstrates the absolute control that is 'in the hand'. Consider the cost of financing a new car. Apart from day one where interest on a loan is applicable and can only go up and the massive downward value because of depreciation. This cannot be cancelled without penalty cost, but there may be 'creative' ways of offsetting the cost.

The lock-in is that the expenditure is considered worthwhile (the 'value'), but must be serviced by paying whatever costs are necessary like fuel tax. Road tax. Distance and usage tax. Tax. Tax. Tax. The cash cow for government without any accounting. The public accounts committee sounds helpful, but how is that body scrutinised and who is its paymaster?

There will be no escape. Game, set and match and 'bloodless'. Maybe. The global reaction will be ruthlessly exercised and all opposition exterminated. The 'military', themselves are absolutely controlled, will be the servile executioners. Remember that mst countries have a 'military' ostensibly maintained to defend against an external invader. A real use is so government and the 'true controllers' can contain hostility from within. The lackeys of the would-be rulers. Human? Not a chance. Totally whole brain as our left part. No soul (our right hemisphere that balances).

163. Anybody noticed how figures are commonly quoted in billions today? Only in recent years though unless I am missing something obvious.

164. Garlic fails heart test: garlic does not have the cholesterol lowering properties claimed. It does not reduce LDLs (low density lipoproteins = "bad" cholesterol). The sulfur-containing substance allicin is produced when crushed and inhibits cholesterol synthesis in test tubes, but the evidence is conflicting about its ability to react in the same way inside the human body.

165. Iraq prepares to allow foreign firms to exploit its oil and gas riches.

Iraqi leaders approved a draft law opening the country's oil reserves to foreign investors.

Perhaps they have been guided by an independent US advisory body?

The bill (Bush benchmark for America's continuing commitment to Iraq) came amid intense pressure from British and American diplomats so to enable foreign involvement in the originally nationalised industry. There are promises that oil and gas resources would be "the property of the Iraqi people" and the revenues distributed equally amongst the regions. The process of exploitation of Iraq's fields will be transparent and open. This is all expected to "sail through" parliament. Apparently, the regional government's deals would be modified to comply with the new legislation.

Let the beast go and then try to alter its behaviour?

Iraq's oil reserves are amongst the world's largest and the Americans are still involved. Bush is making noises suggesting a US exit strategy. Bush is sabre rattling at Iran.

Game, set and match on the horizon?

166. Pervert (the course of justice): change the inherent purpose or function of something. Corrupt: alter from the original.

167.1 Without the writer and the creation in the mind of a story, then nothing happens. One idea can create work for hundreds or thousands, but it is never recognised for that. The actor is more (self) important. Even a director is only moving the idea from one place to another. The story is still the origin of action. Every action must start with a thought. Every journey starts with the first step. That thought.

167.2 The illusion is one of inactivity since nothing seems to happen. The idea is worked through then something is seen to happen. The
pyramid structure again. Actually, think obelisk. Even longer, but still an acceleration towards closure. Achievement doesn't always have to be matched with visible action. Effectiveness can be illusory when considered against the time taken. The overall result is the achievement. Perception is always illusory. It's self-defining.

168. In a similar sense to 'don't use, lose it', mental stimulation could be a weapon to use against Alzheimer's disease. However, smart people are still susceptible to this. Now consider the difference between tunnel-type specialisation and expansive general thinking.

169. 'Terrorists' only include the 'soldiers'. Those suicide bombers who are prepared to sacrifice themselves the attempt to maximise the death of a perceived enemy based fundamentally on religion. Basically, a corrupt mentallity. Madness. To murder on the basis of a variety of belief systems. All unproven. Belief. The ultimate in conspiracy theories? The difference is an unquestioning mind. Acceptance of the dogma without any thought. Just total acceptance.

Who are the real terrorists? The generals who send out their soldiers? The world 'leaders' who take civilisation to Hell never themselves run any risk. The Bushes, Blairs, Cheneys, Rumsfelds and the list grows in its familiarity. Safe in their bunkers. Protected by 'security' personnel. Never taking a single risk that affect themselves. Even the Patricia Hewitts of the world. Thousands sacrificed to save their 'job' and 'face'. It's quite disgusting as are these individuals.

So, who are the real terrorists? Ask yourself the question. And listen objectively to the answer. There is no room for subjective belief systems. Think.

170. Fashion designers and size 'zero'. It's quite pathetic. Women are demonstrating themselves as stupid, yet they want to be taken seriously? Falling into the control of some faceless 'fashion' designer house who proclaims the instruction: Jump. The response is simply: How high?

The pursuit of perceived fame and fortune. Only for the few 'models' who push the image. It's self promoting. A viscious cycle. Someone in the background 'designs' and then the image is promoted as though it is good and important. It's just lethal like the pointed-toe (winklepickers - how does that name describe the effect?) shoes or stilletto heels. Dangerous and lethal. Sadly, in objectivity, only stupid people fall into the image of 'fashion'.

It's simply another form of terrorism. The result: destruction of the female sex. Effectively genocide.

171. Noticed how under age pregnancy is being made more acceptable? There is rarely any mention of unlawful sex. Conditioning is happening. What used to carry a prison term is now effectively ignored and by the silence even encouraged.

The mixed up thinking is that paedophilia is a wicked crime against children by adults. But when does the rape of a child (still not consensual sex if underage) become simply underage sex. What age does the one move to the other. Paedophilia can be exercised by a 'young' male. Predatory behaviour of one child on another child. When does a child become an adult? When can consent be meaningful or not?

Terminally confused thinking? Definitely.

172. Daily E*****s at it again: encouraging debt by helping house prices to increase. It's really disgusting to wet itself in glee that "Home owners had a double cause to celebrate last night" (08.03.07). Note the use of home OWNERS. Anybody trying to get onto the property ladder is encouraged to try harder as the comment 'suggests' it must be a good thing. The real target, of course. If you're already on the property ladder then you're home and dry (pun intended). At least as far as the parasitic government is concerned. Inheritance tax is here to stay and this is a guaranteed source of revenue for evermore. More and more people fall into the conspicuous trap blinded by their own greed. Rather like someone moves into a house close to an airport then complains about the noise and demands compensationnfor their own stupidity.

Transparent government being as transparent as a shop window. Look, but don't touch until you buy. You can afford it though even if you didn't realise it. This perpetuates the illusion of better living standards. Comfortable with all the things you don't need and comfortably in permanent debt. And getting worse with the illusion and the absolute belief of the reverse.

Meltdown. The
parasite kills the parasite which in its turn dies and the host lives on. The Earth can survive mankind. A few hundred thousand years for man against a many hundreds of millions of years.

Such is the incredible distortion created by Man himself.

Not even a contest.

173. For whatever reason, slow and carefully considered ideas are like travelling slowly. Much more is observed that could easily be overlooked by trying to get somewhere quickly. It's just another aspect, or symptom, of the inverted pyramid.

174. Thinking in a different way, a new mindset, is similar to living in a country that has a different language. As it is learned, the new language becomes established as the 'norm'. It's conditioning in another sense and becoming used to new concepts and paradigm shifts.

New thinking is then an established mentality.

175. The story goes that the housing shortage is so great. A good reason to encourage the population. Every living soul is worth so much money. Not the assets the have, but what they are worth to someone else. How much money can be made from their existence.

The latest is the prefab housethat can be put up by five men working for less than half a day - four hours. The cost is £60,000, yet is still technically a prefab. Apparently, 10,000 houses needto be built in the southwest region alone to every year to tackle the housing problem. So, at £60,000 x 10,000 = £600,000,000. Every year there is potentially £600m to be 'created'. Nice little earner for the construction industry from just one region.

How deep is the trough?

And encourage house prices to keep rising and this £600m should reach £1 billion by the end of any year. And all council tax. And what about the building insurance? Not particularly resistant to strong winds or floods. Perhaps they will be built in areas that don't suffer high speed winds or torrential rain.

On the coast of Cornwall, perhaps?

176. So blinded by greed that the hypocrisy remains totally invisible. Weapons of mass destruction and Trident.

177. I am becoming more aware of being interpreted literally. I probably always have been. It appears to me now that my comments are from a holistic perspective. Nobody else can be truly aware of that perspective and therefore can not be appreciative of my comment. It is not misinterpretation. An analogy could be solving an algebraic problem: arriving at the answer with no 'working out'. Jumping straight to the end. This can leave everone confused unless you similarly understand how to reach an instant conclusion.

Those on the 'same wavelength' (good description).

178. The concept of 'switching off' simply disconnects actions and the consequences of those actions. Interference by the 'conscience' slows down progress. The brain without its right-side, or effectively complete left dominance, demonstrates how some behave. Selfishness and greed are definitions of the right-side and is the reason why left dominance makes such behaviour possible. It is quite normal.

179. Creativity and capitalism can never mix. The former makes something from nothing, but the latter requires something to begin with. An idea is free. It is a gift from the creative. The product from this creation may be financial and is the exploitation by the capitalist of the creative.

An actor becomes rich and famous, though on the back of the creator of the original idea. It's essentially parasitic though it takes a good actor to accurately portray the character or provide action. Anonymous stunt people and doubles can provide real actionn, but at best play a distant fiddle to 'the name'.

Paul McCartney is a classic example. A wealthy man in ideas. Staggeringly creative.

180. One of those odd things: the delay of the best part of a year allowed Microsoft and the Xbox 360 to take a lead over Sony's PlayStation 3. Almost too much good fortune.

181. Quite rightly, the issue of animal rights has always been a very sensitive one, but has now been expanded to include the right to experiment on animals free of harrassment or intimidation.

Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act has been passed (US Congress).

Terrorism? Well, of course. What else?

This attempts to not only close the door to public view, but also hide that door. The experimentation used to be simple abuse of animals and cynically for 'the public good'. More accurately to enable business to 'make money' by the exploitation of animals to minimise the probability of legal action (compensation costs) when things go wrong and the Human Right is to get paid out.

This absolves the individual from taking personal responsibility for their actions.

Animals don't have rights, but humans do. That has always been the attitude pushed by business. How can anyone 'make money' if we can't kill animals or any creature.

Pathetically, human attitude is (generally) totally hypocritical. Horse meat is disallowed for human consumption. Why, when the slaughter of cattle, sheep and pigs seems to be quite acceptable? This is the massacre of the animal kingdom for 'the public good'. Blind acceptance.

Horse racing is 'the sport of kings', so horses are exempted from human fodder. End up in pet food though when the possibility for exploitation of the beast has ended. Pathetic isn't really the right word. More like 'sickness'.

A serious blow was dealt to SHAC (Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty) when six members were convicted for inciting theats and harrassment against HLS (Huntingdon Life Sciences) staff and shaeholders. In Britain, police have more powers (given by government) to deal with intimidation by animal rights activists.

It will always be a dilemma when attempting to protect defenceless animals about how to do it. Desperate measures can be necessary when opposed by state endorsed violence from the 'police service'. In service to goverment to protect business (ie: money 'creation'). The illusion of protecting the public. Most police who are not politicians dressed up as policemen, are decent people, but are subject to control the same as any soldier under orders. It's the nature of control. But control of who and by whom?

Anyone placed in this position is 'under orders' and must obey regardless of personal conscience. Of course, it gets more complicated when the pack instinct gets out and protecting your mates becomes important. Who is the enemy? Whose side are on? It gets very sinister. A terrorist may claim to be a patriot. That may be an honest conscience rather than state indoctrination speaking. Perhaps it is the same thing.

There is no right or wrong. Just the side your on.

Sentient animals are not all fighting on the side of non-sentient animals.

God said "help yourself". Man created the concept of a god. The true bosses on planet Earth. The real controllers.

Think for yourself and not what you're told to think.

Imagine a similar scenario in the death camps of Nazi Germany in the second world war. That's hardly allegedly, even today [link to...].

182. Familiarity creates the filter that renders you blind. Much like repeating a lie often enough to eventually become what is accepted as truth. Twisting or spinning reality.

The overview allows a better understanding, and hence see the pitfalls, than the tunnel vision of detail. Entrenched in detail hides the plan. Insurance companies work this principle in the rejection of claims. No single person can see the truth because of restricted vision.

183. Demonstrates the conceit. The arrogance. The 'in your face' contempt. The stereotypical hypocrisy of the stance. The 'I don't care what you think' attitude. 'I do as I please and if you don't like it, then tough' attitude.

Apart from all that, it is a morality code of sorts. Couple that with the speech made about poverty and it all fits together quite consistently. Obviously the 'first lady' since there is nobody else as important except the one to whom she is married. That male head of state.

I always thought that the Queen was the head of state in a monarchy and so in the reverse sense, Royal consort Prince Philip should be 'First Man'. So we have the offspring as the two Princes.

Perhaps Mrs Blair sees herself as The Queen fighting for Human Rights. That makes her husband: King Tony.

Stand well back, I am going to be sick.

Technically, the label I should wear is probably a 'Marxist'. Communism doesn't work, although as a theory it could. But it cannot work as hypocritical communists are, in fact, camouflaged capitalists (George Orwell's Animal Farm). And political capitalists actually come over as communists: The New Labour Communist Party. It's got the sweet smell of honesty about that label, but labels don't really work as there are too many shades of grey.

Link to 'labels'.

Thatcher's idea of a Federal Europe. It's coming. Inexorably coming. Too many influential 'meal tickets' for the taxpayer to look after. To keep the influential in their pig trough of excess.

184. PAYE: the state gets it cut first. You get what's left. Same as the residue of an estate: it's what remains after any tax has been paid.

The 'Stay out of Jail' ticket. Problem and Solution scenario with conditioning. Accepted because there is no choice.

185. Thinking 'outside the box' has no rules. No constraints. Total freedom of conceptual thinking. If the maths don't work, then the wrong method is being used. Newton'invented' calculus as a means to an end. The concept came first.

186. "I'm right you're wrong". The reply is the same. Both are right or both are wrong, but each from their own viewpoint.

Some 'facts' are accepted as such and, because their is a consensus at that point in time, each new 'fact' is fitted into the paradigm. It may be a force fit, since the accepted facts make it so this must happen. The dogma cannot be wrong. Historical 'facts' endanger
Truth since possibly erroneous facts remain as the crumbling foundation. The failed dogma persists, yet its origins may not even be questioned. The traditional force fit fails, yet persists.

If something fits the rule then it is considered right otherwise it is wrong. So, 2+2=5 is wrong since a fundamental rule of mathematics is broken:


It maybe right.

Compounding a mistake by using an incorrect value obtained from an earlier result. The truth is found in another direction.

187. Speed reading and the shape of words. The detail of the letters isn't necessary to scrutinise. The brain subconsciously works through this picture to integrate this detail. Speed readers get as much without scanning this detail as readers who slow down the whole process by consciously examining each word. The shape is important, but the detail is not. It's like recognising a cliff for what it is without the need to study each crevice.

188. If you do not understand the science behind the advice, then you should at least try to find out more about it. Otherwise there is likely to be either denial or a blind acceptance. Both attitudes can be very dangerous.

Informed judgement will be better.

189. An illusion of earlier maturity: simply exposure to similar circumstances at different ages.

190. A high intellect and a wide range of knowledge doesn't imply good quality judgement and decision making. Either impartial or unbiased.

191. A dead giveaway: HMRC. Revenue AND customs. Linking revenue not just from simple income tax, but also tax on anything and this implies legal and illegal imports.

192. Chemicals to improve the mind and drugs to enable the body to respond to the brain's instruction. Distorted action/feedback system.

The mind is corrupted by the feedback from the affected body and such distorted thoughts cannot improve the physical and mental health of the organ itself.

193. There will come the time of 'critical mass' when redistribution is no longer concealed. Subsidising the wealthy by taking from everyone else will end. Like oil, it will run out. There is nothing left. What happens. The modern day Revolution. The rising of the masses against the wealthy. But the greed of the masses has confused thinking. There is too much to lose. So three sides to the coin. The minority of the wealthy (those that 'own' the wealth), those that believe they are getting richer (the 'middle rich') and the poor (those that know they are not rich).

The war will be fought by the 'middle rich' against the poor, being seduced and corrupted into protecting the wealthy. The virus protects the host.

194. The corporate goal of profit on the back of making sick peope live longer, will eventually create a global population so large that it will overwhelm life on Earth.

It is happening now as manufacturing is decimated and just moved around. Only a few large multinationals exist and these will get fewer and ultimately there wil only be the one. Closer than imagined by hiding parent ownership.

World government. Global civil wars. Protection by the revealed parent.

195. A compassionate and caring society seems to encourage diluting itself and thraening itself with non-perfect offspring. Paradoxical. But what is perfect? Physically or mentally deficient? Eugenics can only assess physical effects. Mental deficiency only comes to light after birth. Birth itself can create the problem where none up until that time existed.

196. Gang up or team up? The talk in terms of billions could be a simple indicator to demonstrate that companies are getting bigger. Remember that a billion is ONE THOUSAND times bigger than the million and noticeably billionaires are becoming more commonplace than millionaires.

Microsoft and Yahoo are reported to be considering teaming up against Google and that Microsoft may even buy Yahoo for $50 billion. Yahoo's share price jumped 10% based on this report.

197. What is achievement? How is success measured? Is it to be the wealthiest or the most creative or a blend of the two? Is it to be a contented parent, happy for yourself and your children? Is such happiness derived from your offsprings' achievements? And how is that measured?

Real happiness is a state of mind. Not anyone else's expectation other than your own. To satisfy your own ambition in life set by yourself without influence except from internal thoughts. There's the dilemma: with no influence other than your own.

198. Alienate the public DELIBERATELY and cause greater unrest to justify the need for more powers.

199. Identify the gene for breast cancer SO IT CAN BE USED TO CAUSE DAMAGE