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Friday, January 27, 2017

Trump - President USA

Much has been reported in the British press and talked about on TV. Comments are made about Trump and statements he is alleged to have made. They are often incomplete.
   Similar to arguments in a court of law. 'Fact' can easily be distorted, depending on the question.
  A more accurate Trump comment can paint a different picture to the one printed/broadcast.The reasons are not known though the result clearly distorts what has actually been said.
   Anyone can articulate any 'favorable' statement, but it is what is actually done that becomes the measure of Truth.

The Trial

   What is worrying is that Trump (allegedly - DA) 'tweets' on Twitter (shouldn't that be Witter? - DA). Decisions at presidential level must be agreed with senior decision-makers before they are announced. Trump circumvents this discussion process by 'tweeting' a personal view. This is not a good idea.
   As the CEO of a company owned outright by an individual, this may be acceptable. After all what the boss says will be policy, goes (if you don't like it, tough: go - DA).

You can't run a country

like it's your own

personal business

But you can impeach a president

for a misdemeanour - DA.

   Trump doesn't seem to grasp that democracy counts for something. Trump may be or not be right in what he personally believes, but such views can be damaging. But then, Trump is supposed to be a Republican (well he certainly is not a Democrat! - DA). He was elected instead of registered Democrat Hilary Clinton.
   If he doesn't curtail this 'tweeting' he will fast become (or even faster - DAa real danger internationally. Worse perhaps than the: