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Tuesday, February 10, 2015


The first MP to be tried, convicted and sentenced was David Chaytor (profile). When the parliamentry privilege approach failed, Chaytor admitted guilt to charges. This had the immediate effect of preventing any cross-examination in a trial and possibly preventing any relevant information (in the public interest) being uncovered. What may have been under the carpet will (probably) never be seen.

Information pertaining to the whole system.

Urging reform is not reform

[it's for the future anyway, so we can all forget (for) now - DA].

Don't look, can't look, won't find

Code of Conduct and Guide to Rules (for MPs)
Allowances by MP
Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA)

  • Same dog, old teeth just 'cleaned' and new name?
  • Same dog, new teeth, new name?
  • New dog, old teeth, new name?
  • New dog, new teeth, new name?

The estimated legal aid bill is £50,000.

Legal aid involves payment for legal services, but does not necessarily provide assistance for any investigation expenses. The playing field may be only partially levelled.

  • Anyone with a monthly disposable income of £283 or more and/or capital assets of more than £30,000 under means testing would be asked (not instructed? - DA) to contribute towards their defence.

None of the three charged defendants is standing at the election and would normally be eligible of “resettlement allowances” of up to £65,000, which is frozen until a verdict is returned. The House of Commons Commission will decide what to do next once that verdict is known.

So, what's the result?

30.01.2011: as an ex-MP (stood down at the 2010 election after getting caught [up] in the expenses scandal), only the name Chaytor is missing from the list of current MPs. Nothing else is specifically yet available. Chaytor is an ex-MP, it has no need to do anything about someone no longer a member of the house. Very tidy, but also very unclean. But this is parliament.

and on it goes. Nothing about a House of Commons Commission