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Friday, January 27, 2017

Trump - Truth Will Out

President Trump's 'requests' for photographic evidence of the potential deliberate misreporting of his inauguration and his stance on climate change are two examples of 'waking up' the people. At least to begin questioning the 'accepted' story.

Who benefits and who pays?

These are fundamental questions that need answering. It's usually BIG BUSINESS that is the major beneficiary and often a BIG BUSINESS that started out as a small business and has grown only after being funded by the taxpayer.

It's a global problem

Create the problem

Provide the solution

  To claim that climate change is a 'hoax' is NOT to deny climate change. That it is ONLY human behaviour regarded as being to blame that is wrong. What is challenged?

The specious


   The present world is driven by consumerism. Money. To enjoy wealth is regarded as being a winner. A population is allowed (encouraged - DA) to grow, but this has had terrible consequences. Countries unable to compete in this consumer world starve. The aged get older and by living longer become ill more often. 'Care' becomes impossible to manage. Hospitals cannot cope. More automation handled by computers that never tire and do not need rest means that people of working age are becoming redundant. More people (each is a consumer and represents money to someone) are unemployed and do not provide taxes to sustain the expanding population, but rather a drain on resources. The population increases. Wars are allowed to continue in the attempt to reduce the population indirectly by the children dying (starved to death if not murdered - in war it's OK and they are simply 'killed' before any opportunity to procreate.
   A population needs feeding so more and more livestock is farmed just to be slaughtered and then to feed this population and capitalists. While alive, the doomed (from birth - DA) animals produce copious volumes of methane which contributes to the Earth's fart.

Nitrous Oxide

   A downside is that the stranglehold of the oil corporations is protected - it's not carbon dioxide that is the problem - it is the greenhouse gas

   Time will tell if the oil industry protection is deliberate or unintentional. Nevertheless, it is very encouraging that the populous is being forced to pay attention. And those potentially accused needing to finally defend themselves.
   The fighting will now get dirty: it works both ways and ruffling feathers does create exciting times.

23.03.2017 - update

I have reversed my opinion of Trump (Trump - enough) as time has proven a real danger. It would seem that he is trying to run the USA as a personal company. Any board of directors is possibly just told what to do. No discussion - just an instruction.   Surrounding yourself with "yes-men" is never a good idea - in any situation. It becomes a dictatorship. If you disagree - you are removed.