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Saturday, June 25, 2016


The LEAVE result from the European Union is now well known and all the 'debating' has been done. With nothing other than unbalanced and overwhelming 'debating' (isn't that underwhelming?DA), people can be psychologically brainwashed into accepting a view. Unless you are aware of the onslaught.
   The real consequences will become clear (what you really needed to know and probably within the next few days - DA) and Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty will eventually (sooner or later) be invoked and the withdrawal mechanism actually started.
   Cameron may well have decided to withdraw from mainline politics before the result was known, but now a really good reason has been provided. LEAVE the EU... and THEN stand down. He'll be alright with the pension/rewards of leaving office. Living rent free for 6yrs [2010 - 2016] (totally free of all costs and well looked after - DA) at 10 Downing Street. The Notting Hill residence will presumably become available. Interestingly, Cameron signed a mortgage agreement with HSBC on this £3.5m property on 15th June 2016. And being married into good connections. Possibly like Sir John Major (wasn't that kept low key - DA) will get some sort of reward/honour/gong (could he ask: "what about me, me, me?"DA). Any new PM will be chosen by MPs (NOT me, me, me?!DA).

EU Referendum


IN or OUT? Probably, there is never a situation that has a simple YES or NO. Staying at home and never going out is cheaper than doing the opposite - going out and spending money. But, by never going out means you will NOT do the things you want to do that may not cost much if anything, like running or swimming. Window shopping costs nothing. Only going inside and buying something costs money.
   It's all about the third option - the one that nobody gets. Especially, politics. Compromise. Some of the ONE and some of the OTHER. And like any compromise, there are Winners and Losers. You will never hear a politician say:


only wittering on and saying a euphemism (uncharted territory?DA). That's what they mean, but NEVER, NEVER say it.
   Osborne's 'punishment' budget will happen (that also affects the REMAINers and it was going to happen anyway - DA) and now he has a great lie reason/excuse to back it up. The democratic choice has been made by the British people - 52% LEAVE and 48% REMAIN (JUST over HALF!!!DA). And the last person you want to talk about politics (welcome to the dark art of politicsDA)?

A (career) politician


I wish the Camerons well. They know grief only too well and hide it well, too. Disability is an awful thing. Getting used to it? Perhaps. Getting over it. Never. To watch disability is difficult. To be disabled is difficult. It's not possible to say which is the more difficult. Just that it's difficult. Disability can be very diverse as well. One type of disability can be very different from another, each having its issues. Physical and/or mental/intellectual disability. Age. The amount of care necessary. There are many, many issues and it's difficult. And no amount of privilege can offset these issues, either. To manage the emotions and doing a tricky job is quite remarkable. Really. It is.