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Monday, November 05, 2012

Climate Change And Airport Expansion

So far any article concerning new runways and expanding airports do not appear with any mention of climate change. Not in the same article and probably not in the same daily edition of any newspaper or elsewhere. The now not-so-often cited arguments of human excess driving climate change and the connection with more taxes to punish that 'abuse' are clear indicators of the hypocrisy involved.

New airport runways are 'crucial to economic recovery'. Obviously, this defines greater numbers of aircraft making more and more flights and burning ever increasing amounts of aviation fuel. That specious argument about the production of more and more CO2, or any other greenhouse gas, promoting a dreadfully toxic atmosphere (although it is scientifically a legitimate argument) is awkward to reconcile for governments. They want to tax consumers for their behaviour (based on a lie) yet promote activities that generate huge amounts of the 'deadly' gas.

CO2 is not a toxic gas. It's just that humans cannot utilise it for survival: it's a natural product of respiration. It's a natural gas.

The ridiculous argument of essential air congestion continues, but the specious argument of climate change and human behaviour must continue (separately - DA) in order to maximise the tax revenue based on the lie. It exemplifies the 'joined up' logic of government thinking.

It's pathetic, but it seems to work and the growing consumer population swallows it all.

The grotesquely expensive wind power fiasco also continues unabated along with climate change, human excess and the need to reduce atmospheric greenhouse gases. And all at the same time.