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Friday, April 15, 2011

George Osborne

George Osborne - deed poll
Heir to a baronetcy

 Would George Osborne not use the inherited superior


to the ‘ordinary‘ title or use it?

Probably elevated to the 'bloated and dysfunctional'

House of Lords

(by '117-a-year' Cameron?)

  • How many would that have created? - DA


Q872 Mr Prentice: Still on the classless society theme, can I ask you about Denis Thatcher and your decision to recommend him for a baronetcy. You will know that this features in Michael de la Noy's seminal tome on the issue, The Honours System. He says this, "Where the whole affair"—that is, the baronetcy for Denis Thatcher—"passed beyond the realms of credulity was in the choice of honour—a baronetcy. A knight bachelorhood would have just about sufficed, the KBE would have been perfectly appropriate, but for Mr Major to have resurrected an hereditary honour that had last been conferred some 23 years before was an extraordinary way of ushering in what he had only just proclaimed he desired to see created: a classless society." What was the sequence of events that led you to recommend Denis Thatcher for a baronetcy? And, of course, now, Mark Thatcher, who lives in South Africa, is a baronet by succession.

Mr Major: There were a sequence of very powerful arguments put to me at the time.