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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Housing Market And HSBC

HSBC has allegedly indicated that it believes the house price drop has ended. This explains the 'reluctance' for all banks to lend any money. Until now. Money provided by the taxpayer to be re-lent... to the taxpayer. Currently, the probability of house buyers becoming more mobile as any property price value increase will grow. The potential profit through a bank's reason for existing is clearly on the increase.

Lending money at any other time does not make good business sense. The function of the bank is revealed to be only in the money making business. At the expense of its customers and clients. This has always been well known, but is now effectively admitted. Not the provision of financial assistance to those in any 'need' to fund their own money making schemes. This defines the general use of the housing market to 'create' wealth. Winners And Losers. Total illusion. One action for which the government has been praised? Handling the financial crisis. That this Labour government has done something well demonstrates the reason for this one success amongst all the other disasters. The goal is clearly money and redistributing the wealth. And it's very easy to lend money that is not the responsibility of this government, even though technically it is absolutely responsible. Simple and highly cynical.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Northern Rock - £724 Million Loss

Winners And Losers

Swine Flu And Tamiflu

Tamiflu (Oseltamivir) is an antiviral drug and has been used to treat and prevent Influenzavirus A and Influenzavirus B infection for over 50 million people since 1999. It becomes active in the body once it passes through the liver.

This drug is 10 years old and nothing better appears to be available even after a decade. It's all there is, so it seems.

Germ (biological) warfare is a scenario that springs to mind.

What might be the public reaction in the event of such an attack?

The (alleged) swine flu pandemic is a good example to test the reaction, especially when the public is bombarded by government claiming 1000s of infections. This is a scenario either accepted or challenged though old and other vulnerable people like children will be susceptible to many illnesses. Even a bad cold.

Scaremongering is unforgivable unless a real issue exists. This is unproven, but clearly to wait until proven would be too late, but inciting panic is unacceptable.

This is a Catch 22 situation. Maybe it's true and maybe it's not...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Financial Crisis Unfolded - The Global Conspiracy

Summary taken from The Independent (15.09.09)

15 September 2008
  • A sale of the Wall Street bank, Lehman Brothers failed. Administrators called in

16 September 2008
  • The US takes 80% stake in AIG as it rescues the insurance giant with $85bn loan

17 September 2008
  • Lloyds buys HBOS in £12.2bn rescue deal. Gold records biggest one-day rise in history

18 September 2008

21 September 2008
  • End of investment banks on Wall Street as Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley convert to bank holding companies

25 September 2008

29 September 2008
  • Bradford and Bingley nationalised in UK: branch network and retail deposits sold to Santander of Spain. Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg in 11.2bn bailout of banking and insurance giant Fortis
3rd October 2008
8 October 2008
  • As global markets plunge, US Fed leads co-ordinated round of emergency interest rate cuts
9 October 2008
  • Iceland takes control of Kaupthing, its biggest bank, in its third nationalisation in a week
13 October 2008
  • UK injects £37bn into RBS, HBOS and Lloyds TSB as governments around the world pour money into their banking sectors
29 October 2008
  • IMF leads $25bn bailout of Hungary
31 October 2008
  • Barclays raises $7.3bn capital from Qatar and Abu Dhabi
15 November 2008
  • G20 summit in Washington pledges to support global economy and get tough on banks
23 November 2008
27 November 2008
  • Woolworths call in administrators
11 December 2008
19 December 2008
13 January 2009
  • Germany unveils €1.5bn aid for car firms, including "cash for bangers" scrappage plan
9 February 2009
  • UBS posts Sfr19.7bn loss for a year
17 February 2009
  • President Obama signs $787bn stimulus package. Allen Stanford charged by Wall Street regulators (SEC) with $8bn fraud.
26 February 2009
2 March 2009
  • US rescues AIG for the 3rd time
5 March 2009
  • UK cuts rates to 0.5%, lowest since the Bank of England was created in 1694
2 April 2009
  • G20 leaders meet in London and agree to commit $1.1trillion to world economy
Those in control lend to themselves

UK borrowing soars to £90bn, the highest on record

30 April 2009
  • Chrysler files for bankruptcy protection in US and sells its car marques to unions and Fiat
7 May 2009
1 June 2009
3 June 2009
  • Q1 (1st quarter: January - March) data show UK GDP fell by 2.4%, the largest fall in 50 years
10 July 2009
  • New GM emerges from bankruptcy in record 40 days
14 July 2009
  • Quarterly earnings at Goldman Sachs surge 33%
  • Average bonus at bank hits

24 July 2009
  • Dow Jones, the US benchmark stock index regains 9,000, a level first passed in 1998
6 August 2009
12 August 2009
  • FSA bans guaranteed bonuses for more than a year (WOW!!!) in crackdown (with a feather duster!!!) on risk-taking at banks
13 August 2009
  • Second quarter data (Q2) show French and German economies have emerged from recession.

20 August 2009
  • Switzerland sells stake in UBS for $5.1bn
25 August 2009
5 September 2009
  • G20 target excess bank pay and risk-taking and insist economic support will be needed, as Lawrence Oates said, for "may be some time"
This all makes it so clear that the situation was engineered to soak up money and avoid any problem from those paying for it. A Sting. The money has been redistributed from the people and lost in the 'system'. And none of it noticed. The global theft in front of all the people. It also is highly suggestive that those bankers in a position of influence well rewarded for their help in engineering the situation that requires a solution:


the scale of such a 'global' problem can only be rolled-out once every 70-80 years or so. But it is well worth the wait as the £$trillions at stake is a worthy reward for patience. This can only be useful to gain control. The money has little actual worth, but the level of global control is incalculable.

All the financial institutions being sold.

Who buys them?

Control the financial system and the grip is absolute.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Growth: The Cynical Illusion

The population continues to grow with little consideration given to the consequences.

The illusion that growth is good is still rock solid. The creation of houses. The building of houses requires cement and concrete and both consume water. An irreplaceable resource. The loss of water and population growth move in opposite directions.

Drought: April 2012 - Here come the consequences. Build, build, build and then charge the consumer for the privilege of drinking. Hosepipe bans, water meter installations, but building houses is more important than living. Profit before life. In principle, water meters are a good thing and makes consumers more aware of wastage. The problem is the national infrastructure that has no interest in fixing leaks. Thatcher again: selling off the water companies to avoid the responsibility (and the cost) of fixing the problem. But it's as though Thatcher was personally paying to fix the problem. It's taxpayers' money fixing a taxpayers' problem. As far as Thatcher was concerned, it means more can be 'spent' on other things.

Greed evolves from longer life. Dividing up the cake of wealth only works as an illusion. The cake has a finite size. A growing population wants more and more as greed takes over. The cake does not get bigger to provide more and more so everyone could get less and less, but actually to get more means the one taking (stealing) from another.

The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. The wealthy have greater access to assistance to 'collect' their greater share at the expense of the vulnerable poor.

The sliding door principle defines the illusion.

  • The obvious reason behind such a wicked device is to control the people. Give them something even though it's worthless. It keeps the working classes (proletariat) quiet and under control while those that consider themselves above the rest, but are actually in the same nest, steal from them.
It's really so obvious, but even those who are not blind refuse to see