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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Speaker Is Financially Stuck To The Spot

The Speaker of the House of Commons is unlikely to resign. The stakes are too high for the man. The sign of money (£100,000) ensures that he will never go voluntarily. This is the golden goodbye at stake.

  • Outrageously, it's being suggested that Mr Martin will merely promise to stand down at the next election - thereby qualifying for a £100,000 'golden goodbye' and avoiding the risk of a Labour by-election defeat in his Glasgow seat.
Pig really do fly Even with the highly (deserved) negative publicity, the thick-skinned can easily ignore 'criticism'. To spend public money in the attempt to protect the MP classes from the revelations that have since become public knowledge is scandalous. Yet he won't go. To attempt to deflect attention from issues of public (taxpayers') interest is appalling. And if he did fall on his sword, the very thick skin would not be penetrated by that very ineffective object.

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It is almost certain that he will be around until the dissolution of parliament (any day now?). The shame and disrepute levelled against the UQ (aka UK) Ltd is enormous, but will make no difference. The amount of £100,000 as a golden goodbye is just too much to even think of sacrificing.