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Friday, April 10, 2009

New World Order

The Perception Of Conspiracy Theory
New World Order

Gordon Brown actually voiced this description a couple of years ago (January 2007). Perhaps the cat was let out of the bag: a subtle and possibly unnoticed remark? Possibly deliberate?

The current world (political) climate is really quite revealing (April 2009) and the timing of the G20 Summit conveniently coincides with a restructuring of the global financial system. Blair in 2002, and before the Iraq conflict with the UQ (aka UK) Ltd and USA, a New World Order was being 'people-conditioned' with the justification of a safer world. These days (2009) Blair is 'paid' ridiculous amounts of money (£400,000) to give very short (30 minute) lectures.

  • What could this man possibly talk about for 30 minutes that may even be remotely interesting? And worth £200,000?
New World Order

  • With an audience of believers and the converted: G20