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Monday, February 09, 2009

Growth: Population

Jonathon Porritt chairs the government’s Sustainable Development Commission and states that curbing population growth (through contraception and abortion) must be at the heart of policies to fight global warming. He also says that political leaders and green campaigners should stop dodging the issue of environmental harm caused by an expanding population. Porritt has been castigated for stating the obvious and the real question is why do so many people imagine it is such a good thing to accept a growing (exponential and out of control) population when common sense should prevail? From the commercial viewpoint, a large population of consumers is a good thing, even though it sounds the death knell to the human (at the very least) population.

Virtual Money

The evidence is overwhelming: global unemployment, food shortages, massive debt. Now to 'kickstart' the slowing economy (paradox: make money by providing money) and protect the car industry (after having provided failed banks with £100s billions so that they can fail again), suggestions are being voiced that government should offer loans to buy a new car and scrap the old.

Devil's Advocate: the indication here is that any car over a certain age will be declared illegal and a new car sale will become forced. How can blindness be so complete when vision has no real impairment? Imagine someone waving a knife in front of you and you can't recognise the danger.

Incidentally, comments are creeping in that the financial problems will go away as everything becomes OK. What crap. The problems will never go away because they cannot. Yet £bns have disappeared. And everything's OK. The taxpayer underwrites all the promises (without being consulted) to prop up the financial institutions. The misbehaving banks have simply received a slap on the wrist with massive bonuses being doled out for such grotesque mismanagement. These people should possibly be charged with criminal negligence instead of being rewarded for such contemptible failure. The inactivity of Gordon Brown (simply makes noises and seems to be powerless to lay down any orders and is clearly NOT in control or has no desire to upset the bankers by only 'suggesting' decent behaviour) is a disgrace and sends the message that he actually supports the behaviour: these bankers have done such a good job in bringing down the United Kingdom. That is seemingly GOOD behaviour. Generations will be paying for the destructive indebtedness and how they'll pay. The terrible irony is that (innocent) children are born into a global society that is sick. The financial system is the most corrupt concept imaginable. Without being consulted, the growing population that is imagined to underwrite ineptness and profligacy is condemned. An entire generation is being born already bankcrupt into a global society that is itself bankcrupt.

And those responsible for destroying the system escape with all the loot. The financial system has been corrupted by those who are imagined to manage it.

The answer to this may begin by expounding on the conditioning of people to accept without challenge the idea of a large population. The hypocrisy about this is really disturbing. A woman's inalienable right to have any number of children by any means can predictably mean a child being reared (brought up) in a society that cannot feed or protect it (from the alleged increase in child predators). The woman already has 6 other children so an obvious question is how was this woman qualified to be offered (IVF) in the first place.


A life of potential destitution seems to be acceptable. The woman is unemployed and has no obvious means of supporting 14 children. But society will presumably pick up the bill. Such is the outcry about a multiple (IVF) birthing, yet Porritt's commonsensical comments are condemned.

By whom? This is unclear.