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Friday, February 13, 2009

Clarkson, Jeremy And Brown, Gordon

Jeremy Clarkson's comment about Gordon Brown could have been a mistake (maybe it wasn't - DA) and was made possible by referring to him as being visually challenged. Brown suffered a retinal detachment after being kicked in the head during an end-of-term rugby union match at his old school when aged around 16. He was left blind in his left eye, but has two eyes and is regarded as intelligent. Turning a blind eye has the benefit of being able to ignore something that is conveniently beneficial yet should still be acknowledged: self-serving and greedy bankers.

Some doubtless are honest and demonstrate true integrity and probity, but it only takes a few to tarnish the image of the many. There is need to look only to the top, not any lower. If money is on the table (the bonus), it is ludicrous to even 'ask' that a greedy individual should not take something that is completely unjustified. This demonstrates the lie that there is control. The money should not be there. Temptation to the greedy will always succeed. If 'cash' is not taken is there some other inducement in its place to ensure behaviour is as required to perpetuate an illusion?

Brown has helped wonderfully to perpetuate the survival of the parasite. It is also a major reason to favour population growth. The competition for fewer jobs makes it easier to pay less wages, made even easier by importing labour, yet still screw everybody who does work (the host) for more taxes and reiteratively pay the parasite. Benefit bribes are paid to that portion of the host that supports the power-crazed parasite. The parasite will always be the minority or the parasite must attack itself. That cannot work by definition since the parasite has a great deal missing that the host provides and would mean that the parasite becomes the host and supports itself!

This perverse logic is clearly impossible.