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Saturday, January 24, 2009


The incumbents of senior positions in the financial industry only see their own success. The blindness is only internal and the illusion creates perceived wisdom where it is described as greed and stupidity. Bonuses are given to those that create wealth.

Winners and Losers ensure that as the one grows then the other must decline. The rush to maximise business profit. The major concern is that these people clearly do not understand (and probably don't care) what they are doing. As long as there is profit in true parasite mode.

The short term is to move upward though the longer term reality is recession. It's predictable. Already the banks are displaying their collective greed as though nothing has or is happening. It's all in The Plan and it's working dreadfully well! The shameful folly is that it's happened before and will happen again as spending out of such a situation is so obviously laughable in it's stupidity. Gordon Brown is possibly one of the 'architects' of the current disaster and attempts to sell himself and his government as the solution to the problem he helped to create.

  • Recession can be regarded as stagnation. Or even negative growth. It's like house prices. The continual rise outstrips pay improvement and the ability to buy anything. The cost of living is absurdly high and is caused primarily by 'growth'. The upward spiral must eventually slow or stop altogether =  recession. It's the device that causes balance before the seesaw dips again inexorably towards Hell.
And everybody is happy... again


Gordon Brown continues to expound about the employment concerns and the huge numbers in the human tragedy of businesses shutting and is determined to do whatever is necessary to get those people back into work. One view on this is only the urgency of 'creating' taxpayers. There is no other interest than making virtual money to pay the benefits that maintain the power base. Too many people are chasing a dwindling job market as the population continues to grow. Less consumers are able or willing to buy unnecessary items. The new car that amounts to around a year's salary. It's the same argument as inflation and prices escalating so much more than salary. House price plummeting is one of the early victims. The illusion that globally money is flooding around and everyone is rich. The illusion has at last been revealed: so much credit can only lead to misery, but for all the Winners And Losers the acquisition of 'wealth' at the cost of enormous misery is fine.

If you are a parasite

Friday, January 16, 2009

Mars - Life

Methane gas could be evidential of life or just volcanic activity and can be manufactured by the Sabatier process from carbon dioxide and hydrogen. The issue is surely where does it all go from here? Except, of course, attracting vast amounts of money to follow up and search for more bugs. It is not surprising that some form of life would inevitably be 'uncovered'. But allegedly just bacteria. So what?

In the primordial pond-life soup on Earth that is supposed to have ultimately produced human life and all the other species on the way, what does this new find actually demonstrate? That life (of sorts) can exist in very cold places and without oxygen. Life can exist in very hot places. And highly acid environments. Looking backwards into such an unknowable past (100s of millions of years ago), forms of life that possibly exist somewhere today do not really move human endeavours onwards and forwards to anywhere. It's an extraordinary backward leap into a future.

Such a fantastic (alleged and speculated find on Mars) is almost as fabulous as finding the HIV virus and claiming the discovery of life. This does not help to improve the quality of human thinking. It's currently so confused and backward that humans will (possibly) be known for being a very 'advanced' species that was so healthy in its economic attitude that it became extinct.

Money and fame are the two drivers to truth.

What a legacy. It would be more enlightening to discover life at a more advanced level than human (that has managed to survive) as something to encourage human endeavours. To consider the discovery of methane gas as important is really quite pathetic. Methane has been found on other planets. Why should such a discovery on Mars be anything more than just... ...interesting? It's the best (only) justification for continued searching and investing financially. This is nothing more than the spring board to more funding for that mooted manned trip to Mars. And where would that go? Far beyond scrutiny and nothing more than faith in the honesty and integrity of mankind. That some have integrity and honesty does not demonstrate the true nature of Man. Fraud is rampant everywhere on Earth and relies on faith and trust to work.

Hope is a rotten word by implying a future event that may happen. It might not happen, but this can never be tested. Politics offers many examples of hope for the future. If it's anything like the alleged Apollo affair and the Moon landings, it would be that much easier to create the hoax since Mars is so far away and it would be impossible to monitor events. The Moon itself is distant enough to deny any real evidential proof that a human has landed on the Moon. Space junk maybe, but human life? Space is a dangerous environment and human life is just too vulnerable for existence in transit to such a hostile place let alone being there.

There is a great deal about Moon that doesn't stand up to a forensic-type analysis, but 'accepted' explanation does not counter dogma.

Monday, January 05, 2009


Israel And The Holocaust Never could I countenance such horror. The willful murder of innocents. Willful murder. I have never felt so emotionally torn between images of death, destruction and life. A four year old Palestinian child. A girl. That doesn't matter. A child. That doesn't matter. An innocent. Irrelevant. In the name of God. That matters? This murderous belief that confers the right to destroy. Listening to the sound of unheard screaming military jets unleashing their deadly load. In righteousness. Beliefs are those of evil men imagining their correctness in what they do. Destroy the women and children so newborns can never be created.

The men are not even necessary if the women and children do not survive. The evil that corrupts any sense of reality and morality. Any feeling is lost within despair and doesn’t come close to the real and overwhelming loathing. This is made of the same stuff that drives the insanity of genocide. The God-given right to destroy because it’s perceived to be right. It levels the hypocrisy of a Holocaust. It can never make it acceptable to deliver such vengeance, yet it must be worse than this. And if it can be imagined then it can be created. In the conception of a corrupt and distorted mentality. To control is an inhuman madness. The desire to control has no limit to its horror. Pure evil dressed as a saviour.