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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Virtual Money

Note added: 22.09.2011

The UBS 'fraud' illustrates the principle of virtual money. Some $2.3bn has been 'lost' through fraud and false accounting. So: where has the money gone? Ignoring the 'reality' of this being possible in the first place, it seems that it has gone back into the virtual world from whence it came. It never existed so the losses cannot be tracked to anything tangible. It is not that the money was stolen, but just moved back into the ether and the original investors never had any return on their investment from the outset. Dealing with virtual money can only 'create' more virtual money. All of it being a financial illusion (delusion - DA).

Ethereal (adj): Characterised by lightness and insubstantiality. Intangible.

'in the city' during 2006, over

in bonuses has been 'made'. This is simply evidence of the enormous amount of theoretical money actually just 'moved around' since this is only the reported bonuses. The electronic credit appears in the winner's account, so virtual money is simply redistributed and eventually disappears into nothing. However, inflation takes its place. The virtual money transmogrifying into inflation and the illusion of growth is maintained. An illusion deludes thinking into believing that wealth is actually created. This amount has been removed from the system: the parasite's wages. Wealth cannot be created, so all this money must be lost or soaked up by every loser in the world. The only single item that is created is a BIGGER and growing debt that provides an illusory appearance of success. But debt means an attached interest and helps move everything towards the precipice. A larger population equates to greater debt and, to the muddle-headed, this means greater profit.

Absolute delusion

Incredibly fatuous

Population Growth

How can it be that if everybody has never had it so good there is so much global debt? Clearly, few actually own the products that get them into debt, but thanks to 'credit' cards, virtual money really exists: a paradox. An illusory world. The whole concept of money creates an illusion. Most transactions are conducted electronically and the scope for money 'creation' is huge. Money laundering is cleaning 'dirty' money by sweeping up any trail.

Virtual money will attract interest from any loan of this fictional money and gives the illusion of the "creation" of money by generating a real payment on imaginary money.

Perfect and goes undetected

Cash 'replaced by cards'

A counterfeit bank note can be noticed, yet a counterfeit electronic transaction is less easy to detect. Virtual robbery. The proceeds of a virtual theft are simply virtual. The illusion is wealth and ownership. Actually, it is only theoretical and needs to be transformed into a physical form (gold, diamonds) to be of 'real worth'. Even that is the perceived value placed upon it.

Gold Standard
Banking Panic - The Plan (2)

The supply of diamonds is leaked out from time-to-time. Probably one of the worlds most abundant natural resources. Tremendous heat and pressure are needed to form diamonds and that is what there was when the Earth accreted from space debris.

The pensions débâcle is another example of potentially theft by stealth or the redistribution of wealth. Wealth cannot be created, but is obtained through acquisition or appropriation. Simply by increasing the perceived worth of an item, money can be 'created'. The amount will only depend on what somebody will pay for that item. An item is stolen and the thief then has a 'dirty' item. Somebody buys that 'dirty' item with clean money and the thief has laundered their proceeds. Pass on the dirty item (still dirty), but acquire clean money. Easy.

The pension funds went somewhere (winners and losers). Never 'destroyed'. The only way to do this is to actually and physically destroy paper cash. But even then the cash was exchanged for something which survives and may still exist. Paper money or metallic cash has no real value. Only intrinsic. Print more paper money or mint more metal money and the value decreases although the amount of money in circulation may increase. Symbolic and trade value. Nothing else.

Quantitative Easing

Perhaps when gold coins were made from pure gold or silver coins from pure silver. Gold ingots are valuable, but only in the fact that the ingot is relatively rare and resists atmospheric decomposition. Otherwise it is just another terrestrial element that has an elevated “value and worth”. Water, oil, salt, sand. They all have 'value' and depends on the individual's perception of value. Oil is a dirty unpleasant material, but is highly 'valuable'.

Water has the utmost 'value' as without it life couldn't exist. Nothing can possess greater value. But it is used to have little monetary value. Today water is BIG business. Water is water, but water varies in perceived value. Illusory. One day it will be realised that the water cycle has been interrupted and the water has ceased to exist, locked up in concrete and cement. Ever-decreasing circles or negative growth. The irony is astounding, but the greedy morons who imagine making a killing are, in fact, contributing to a larger one. Globicide or killing all life on Earth. When there is insufficient salt-free water to sustain life, all life that requires water will perish. The cycle will eventually re-establish itself, but in the absence of any form of life.

The Earth will survive. Mankind,
certainly, will not. It's inevitable.

King Midas

  • After all, gold makes the world go round. Like diamonds or oil (black gold). Without them, the Earth would stop “spinning”, wouldn’t it!

The BACS system (Bankers Automated Clearing Services) is a United Kingdom scheme for the electronic processing of financial transactions. Direct Debits and Direct Credits are made using the BACS system and payments take three working days to clear: they are entered into the system on the first day, processed on the second day, and cleared on the third day. All electronic money is virtual and all credit and debit transactions are, therefore, virtual.

The government putting up taxpayers money (£4bn) to help out Northern Rock. Virtual means: in reality does not exist. Theoretical money. Folding paper money (cash) or 'hard' currency (metal money) are only means of barter. Money is an illusion. Value is a man perpetrated illusion. Fantasy. The illusory plan.