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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Anarchy In Democracy Or Democratic Anarchy

H.L. Mencken

Isn't democracy a wonderful thing? Nearly everybody has been 'persuaded' that having a vote is the way forward for a developed society. This is actually rather perverse. To allow the Great Unwashed majority to be 'governed' (aka: controlled) by a very small minority and actually accept it is right to elect such a group with effectively a signed blank cheque. Those 'elected' are simply equals that are magically raised to special status for absolutely no reason. They are not some kind of special improved human who knows "better". It's rather quaint ideology that some rich individual or wealthy group [has disproportionate control of a majority holding, be it legally acquired or otherwise] is somehow "better".

Corporate Mantra
The French Way

If it wasn't a characteristic of (only) some members of society who will take control if they can, then anarchy would be a good thing. This is democracy in action and control is 'freely given' to the few. The prize is the seat of power. The source of motivation for drive.

Paradox oxymoron

There is a downside: it would mean being absolutely responsible for self, but without being selfish. Surprisingly, it's possible, just not the "successful" way. Paul Newman (1925-2008) has been quoted [The Observer 1982] as saying

"Show me a good loser and I'll show you a loser"

and is a stereotypical expression that assumes everyone must think with the same set of distorted "principles" of life or be held in contempt. It simply demonstrates a very shallow view that insists on being in control (Winners and Losers).

Devil's Advocate

A discussion point:

and constitutes a semantic debate. Another debating point would be about gaining possession:

acquisition or appropriation


If you want to.