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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

First Lady Freebie

The demonstration of conceit is common today. The arrogance. The 'in your face' contempt. The stereotypical hypocrisy of a stance. The 'I don't care what you think' attitude. 'I do as I please and if you don't like it, then tough' attitude.

Apart from all that, it is a morality code of sorts. Couple that with talk about poverty and it all fits together quite consistently. Consider the Blairs: obviously 'First Lady' freebie Blair since there is nobody else as important except the one to whom she is married (remember Blair?), a male (only political, but this equates to power) ex-'head of state'.

I always thought that the Queen (simply bloodline and chance, though historically engineered) was the head of state in a monarchy and so in the reverse sense, Royal consort Prince Philip should be 'First Man'. So we have the current offspring (bloodline) as the two Princes.

Perhaps Mrs Blair sees herself as The Queen fighting for Human Rights. That makes her husband: King Tony.

Chunder (watch under)

Incidentally, bloodline is really a misnomer: blood only connects the head (capital) with the body (corporal) so it is symbolic, but it suggests the connection with the term capital punishment. This could be ordered by an 'arbitrarily' positioned individual ('off with his head', said by a head about a head, the technical linked with the physical).

It does highlight ruthless self-interest. Care only about self

Burma and Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act

The closest label I should wear is probably Marxist, but that still has to be a long, long way from the truth. I don't subscribe to labels: individuals and free thinkers never do. Communism doesn't work, although in theory it should. But it cannot work as hypocritical communists are, in fact, camouflaged capitalists (George Orwell's Animal Farm). And political capitalists actually come over as communists: The New Labour Communist Party. It's got the sweet smell of honesty about that label, but labels don't work as there are just too many shades of gray. Or red.

Thatcher's idea of a Federal Europe (European parliament). It's coming. Inexorably coming. Too many influential 'meal tickets' for the taxpayer to look after. The elephants' graveyard for the politician. To keep the imagined influential in their pig trough of excess.