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Monday, March 12, 2007

Winners And Losers

The values of some are so shallow that the only thing that is seen as winning is making money. It's just about all that is achievable. Making money. There is no end to it and enough never appears to be enough. Acquiring more money is "seen" as being successful. Acquisition is only taking since it can never be created. Finite resources like a country's gold reserves 'values' a nation. Same with shares: split the number of shares as a two for one deal and halve the value. There's no actual increase. But it makes them more affordable by making them half the price. Share price going up (and down) because of 'confidence' shows just how volatile and dangerous it can be. But as either A Winner Or A Loser. Cannot be both simultaneously. Some win and an equal number lose. Or rather one wins and many lose - the overall amount more or less balances out. But the illusion is that everyone's a winner. That is impossible. It's all based on the belief that money is god. Ask yourself: "How often have there been major losers in repetitive crashes and how many have won?" All the losers balance the books of redistribution.

"...wiped off..." is an often cited phrase. Soon after, a similar amount has been "...added to the value of...". Undoubtedly, the majority of shares are owned by large corporations and so the share value of these businesses is affected. It's more about confidence than "creating wealth", but shows the volatile nature of redistribution. The ultimate winner takes all, it's just that the winner is trapped on a circus ride.

Mortgage Yoke

This could simply be that there is no other ability. And so do more of this limited achievement. Achieve more. Make more money. To some this is real success. The current total. Tomorrow will be more. It is easy to forget that of a finite pool, the more that is 'won' then a balance equal to this amount must be lost. By the loser.

Spiritually the 'winner' is actually empty. The more 'winning' that is achieved is matched only by a loss of spiritual development. The 'winner' is actually a 'loser'.