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Monday, March 12, 2007

Wealth And Power

Appropriation Conveys the illusion of amassing wealth. Nothing much changes, just the mask.

Wealth + power = control

The control of resourses. Barter. Trade. Favours. Corruption. Money. Different masks, but perceived success. A truer description of these morons is of the bully. Ineffective and pathetic unless you succumb to a perception of virtual influence. Absolutely contemptible.

Control is absolute through money. The wealthy (slave-owners) have money and the poor (slaves) do not.

Many of the so-called 'middle-rich' (aka - the 'poor' and an invention of the rich - DA) 'own' debt. The wealthy 'own' money.

Very simple

It remains a peculiarity why some people get their 'kicks' out of controlling others, excluding any acquired financial benefit (can't do that! It's a major driver - DA). This suggests a natural genetic trait whereby it is normal human behaviour to desire control and by definition anyone who has no need to control must be considered rather odd. For some to control (minority) there must be those who are controlled (majority).

This describes a perverse logic.