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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

More Aware Of Awareness

Original posting, September 2006

My awareness started quite late in life when Margaret Thatcher was PM. Around my second-to-third decade in life. Only in recent years has it become clear to me the damage the Tory (Thatcher) policies had done. The rot had well and truly set in. Comments like "selling off the family silver" were heard, but not really appreciated for what they meant.  

£Billions have been 'acquired' at public expense. The proof is here that whether Tory or Labour, it's just a label disguising the same monster. I woke up from my non-thinking state. Corporate monster takes on a new meaning in the sense of what is at the top. Big business is run by a few small people each of whom has a BIG ego. Directors try to hide from responsibility, but protection runs deeper. Corporate culpability. Forget it.

Directors are supposed to take responsibility for the actions of their employees. This basic tenet is written into law. Well, not really, it seems, when push comes to shove. That nothing is ever done is another example of 'them' and 'us'. Imagine Churchill in 'power' at any time other than those war years. Because of the prevailing circumstances at that time, much was acceptable by comparison to the perceived alternatives. Just bear in mind that propaganda works both ways. Selling the people an idea. Truth doesn't matter because lies are simply the means to an end. The desirable end of the few.


Maybe, but start asking yourself distasteful questions. The foul tasting truth or sweet lies. Which would be better? The right path is rarely the easiest. The right path is generally more difficult to tread. How shallow are you? How far under the surface are you prepared to dive to find honesty and integrity? Take a very deep breath as you have to go deeper and deeper as the sh** continues to rise above you.