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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Rail Fares: Britain Most Expensive In Europe

Rail fares in Britain are currently the most expensive in Europe and prices are always on the increase. But 'official' inflation is low, though rapidly rising. As an illustration of value, a train passenger in Britain can travel only 27 miles for £10, but in France this is increased to 50 miles. The cheapest travel in Europe must be Latvia, and almost 400 miles can be covered.

Only 6 years ago £10 would allow travel of 55 miles, so reducing the distance by just over one half. This has the same effect of more than doubling the cost. And all in 6 years. That is effectively greater than a 100% rise in cost from 5.5 miles/£1 to 2.7 miles/£1. To travel the same 5.5 miles today will cost just over £2.

Rail companies have increased charges by up to 11%. This equates to

5 times

the 'official' inflation rate. However, in the real world, this paints a possibly very different picture. It's about who you decide to believe.