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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Stealing a Reserved Disabled Parking Space

No Blue Badge - No Parking


This should be simple enough for most to understand. It happens all too often, though, that some are either illiterate or just plain selfish morons who couldn't care less. The type who would probably mistreat animals or other humans. A bully. Or a "mother" with young children. Their "safety" is clearly more important than the difficulties of the disabled. When challenged? Total blank. Nothing to say? Imagine the values introduced to these young people from an imbecile like this.

Signage makes it very clear that
the designated space is
for Blue Badge holders only.

Exclusive use

   A lengthy hiatus has existed since my last excursion into this attitude. Things have changed... unfortunately, for the worse.
   Taking a parking space reserved for the disabled is bad enough, but then to blatantly lie when challenged...  Probably assumed that the disabled individual is a bit dim. Easy enough to uncover the lie though. Just examine the vehicle. Difficult one that.

You have my parking space
do you want my disability?

   Reserved parking bays are provided for a reason. The driver or passenger is disabled. Not maybe. Definitely. Stealing one and then lying about possessing a Blue Badge is about as low as you can get. This notice will almost certainly 'anger' the irresponsible individual, but caution: if you start digging a hole, the hole can only get deeper. Anger is one thing, but rage is a different beast.

The man who opts for revenge
should dig two graves

   Convenience parking demonstrates a very unpleasant attitude. An arrogance:

My right to park where I want without entitlement supercedes any rights you may have. You are disabled so are obviously unworthy of the parking space I want.

It's raining? I won't get wet then.

You? Tough.

Blue Badges can be difficult to acquire (hoops to jump through), so when some ignorant thief steals a reserved parking space (for their own selfish 'requirement'), the rage is absolute. Problems are bad enough without this type of obnoxious waste of space. Some contribute to society, but some just take (the parasite) and destroy it. Most likely they will be the first to complain when they feel life is unfair. They don't solve problems:

Just create them

   An irony? At a sports facility where people try to get fit, the parasite just can't be bothered to walk a few extra metres. Must be too tiring or something. Pathetic isn't it?

To make an explicit note:

Vehicles have no human rights
or civil liberties

   So far, this doesn't identify anyone or anything...