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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Methane Confirms Lost Argument

The argument for climate change being caused exclusively by carbon dioxide and so blamed squarely at the growing human population has always been bogus. Specious, but still bogus. The 'official' argument is showing the predictable signs of having been lost. Methane is now being targeted:


And nitrogen dioxide. This definitely attempts to link car exhaust pollution (internal combustion engine: ICE) with global warming/climate change. This too is specious in that the volume of this toxic gas is small compared to the large alleged 'fact'. The entire scientific community that has so righteously been advocating the 'no doubt' scenario will be absolutely discredited. Proof of a god or what's on the 'other side' of the Universe can never be tested. The Big Bang theory can't be validated. Only pseudo evidence that is interpreted as supporting 'proof'. The downside to this is the loss of faith in science caused by the failure to stand and be counted for actual beliefs rather than just making the right noises. That's moral cowardice. It's the danger of beliefs being turned into facts without any evidence.

This gas (methane) has always been the most potent of the greenhouse gases and is twenty eight (28) times that of carbon dioxide. The issue will now be how to blame this on the growing human population. The peat bogs will be a problem and like many types of volcano are totally outside human control.

The growing human population that is allowed to escalate without any attempts at control will almost certainly now become the focus of attention. Each of the billions of individuals from a baby to an aged person is a consumer - they all cost someone money. The planet revolves around money. The financial system and the growth of debt will ultimately destroy the entire global population. Some animals will survive though the human population will become extinct. The legacy of finance. There will be no controls imposed to slow the population growth (it is exponential), but the cynical growth in the livestock to feed it will not be discouraged, in the process creating more methane. Mugging the growing human population will possibly escalate even though the battle has been lost. The war against the growing human population will continue. This is a true paradox since the war continues against the growing human population that is never required to decrease in size. The growth is 'encouraged' by default (doing nothing to discourage) as the target to exploit is just getting...

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The more people, the more cattle and so more
the methane gas produced, but is this
cattle or human cattle-fodder?