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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ice, Sea Volume And Finance

Images continue the ludicrous connection between an iceberg cliff collapsing and global sea volumes rising by 10s of metres. A very simple comparison demonstrates the scare-mongering. Global water volume is approximately 1.37bn cubic km. A structure the size of one of the pyramids at Giza (the square-based dimension is roughly 225m x 225m by 150m high) gives a volume of about 7,600,000 cubic metres and should an iceberg of similar size melt, little if any change in global sea volume would be apparent. This ignores the reduced volume of water to that of ice which contains trapped air.

Global sea volume = 1,370,000,000 cubic km
Pyramid volume    = 0.0076 cubic km

Any volume change to global sea
levels is absolutely negligible.
Literally a ‘drop in the ocean’

The academic circle supporting the terrible consequences have categorically (and publically: Newsnight 16.12.09) stated that sea levels will rise by 100m. This can be easily be demonstrated to be a disgraceful untruth, clearly designed to scare and so attempt to convince of their failing argument. The volume of the water needed to fill a volume that covers the Earth to a depth of 100m would need to come from an ice area of over 19,000 km square. The Earth diameter is 12,742km across so half the equatorial circumference equates to 20,015km, approximately the available space over one-half of the Earth's surface. This is just another one of those strange coincidences: 100m and 20,015km.

19000km * 19000km = 361,000,000 sq km

This is just the surface area required and is the area of all the existing seas over the Earth: 4 * 3.142 * 6371 * 6371 = 510,064,472 sq km surface area. The ice mass coverage is 71% if this came from frozen sea. The land area would be less than one-half of this area (29%) and if the ice melted from the land it would be even more than impossible. A perverse miracle? The land or sea would need to provide a height of 100m of ice to deepen the seas by a similar amount. 

With a depth of 100m (0.1km) and volume = 361,000,000 * 0.1 = 36,100,000 cubic km a block of ice would be a cube (#) of about 330km square by 330km in height. Or a 1km high block of ice with a footprint of size 6000km square. So: 6000*6000*1 = 36,000,000 sq km by 1km high.

Another way of estimating the size of a mass of ice is by considering the volume increase of the global sea volume from 1.37bn cubic km resulting from an increased average depth of 100m from 3790m to 3890m. The volume can be roughly calculated: (3890/3790) * 1.37bn = 1.4bn cubic km. The additional water volume would be (1.4-1.37)bn cubic km and equates to 30,000,000 cubic km. This reduces to a cube of sides 311km * 311km * 311km, which is consistent with the values already estimated (see above #).

The 'elephant in the room' here is that any climate change would require an ice mass of this size. To originate from a warming sea is a complete paradox and the logical conclusion is that any ice must come from the land: the smaller (29%) surface area of the Earth. This is the more illogical source and still presents a paradox.

The illusion of virtual money can entertain writing off colossal debt without any effect. Something that doesn’t exist cannot make a difference if it disappears. A paradox. A non-argument. The entire fabrication of the concept falls apart when examined in the most cursory manner. The illusion is that $£trillions have been ‘spent’ propping up an illusory financial system. It’s fascinating that countries, such as the UQ (aka UK) Ltd, can provide these $£trillions for this, but cannot find a few £millions to fund the unnecessary and engineered war with Iraq and continued into Afghanistan. It's simply that such spending involves 'real' money where the financial system involves just non-existent vapour. There is no end to 'another few (hundred) billions' , though the 'virtual' debt continues, of course, to increase. The more that is borrowed (no limit as it's all vapour) the more virtual interest that is converted into 'real' debt. It's technically a non-biological and highly cynical hybrid of money laundering and 'wealth creation'.

The highest priority should not be subordinated and a country at war is

the priority

This then raises the whole issue of terrorism. Is it a real issue or another construct of governments to justify wars?

Create the problem and
provide the solution

This has nothing to do with spending cuts and paying obscene amounts for things that do no matter. The financial system is illusory, but the war certainly is not. The wickedness is exemplified by the numbers of sacrificed soldiers being returned. The soldiers do a real and dangerous job inside the disgusting financial system that is nothing more than a system to control the people. The *ankers are just tools, and not particularly sharp ones. A means to an end, which requires the assistance of these *ankers. This may be collusion as paying the bonuses assists the blindness necessary to carry out the financial sting. It's been made very clear that these unwitting *ankers are not particularly bright, just greedy and the way to ensure collusion is through the obscene bonus 'system'. Bribe is possibly more accurate. Otherwise they are a total irrelevancy. Another set of pawns in the grotesque game of human chess. This nails the lie of a financial crisis. The monetary system failed long ago, but the lie is maintained. Once again. The system never worked, but it controls nations: billions of pawns on a grossly over-populated planet-sized chess board.

Another marauding chessman is the climate change piece.

There is a nasty connectivity here: globally providing $£trillions to prop up a mythical financial system of virtual money and the countless $£billions to combat the ‘global warming’ myth. Incidentally, banks are paying out £bns in bonuses to the “much needed” *ankers who caused the problem. These bonuses being paid with taxpayers’ virtual money to fund and reward absolute failure. The only truly valuable commodities are gold and diamonds that do not deteriorate or decompose and drinking water. Around as little as 2% of water on Earth is drinkable, the rest contaminated by salt and therefore unusable to the human parasite population. The drinking water as the most important resource on Earth is ironically, but with incredible stupidity, being destroyed in making the cement and concrete that houses the human parasite. As a double irony, water is produced in the combustion of fossil fuels that is blamed for all the global woes of climate change and the ‘global warming’ myth.

Human stupidity has no limits

In Copenhagen they dither and argue about trivia and the conclusion has always been obvious before the farce even started: there will be no resolution since this would otherwise reveal the entire and very expensive, climate change hoax that is potentially far in excess of the Apollo 'project'. The people still perversely want to believe and are absolutely blind to the conditioning. The money already 'spent' has just been fiddled away. Thrown away. But 'money', virtual or any other, always goes somewhere.

So where is that?
Who has it?

While Rome burns...