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Friday, February 01, 2008

Speed Cameras Become Counter-Productive

Speed Limits

The attitude of those drivers that interpret speed cameras as simply the means to make money obviously miss the point completely. But that is not surprising as these drivers are the ones that are most likely to be photographed and fined. The 'speeders'. If the speed limit is not exceeded then no fine will result as no offence has been committed. Unfortunately, as the number of cameras increases in the attempt to improve road safety for everyone, car drivers, cyclists and pedestrians by reducing speed in all areas to a safe limit, the attitude of some drivers hardens into moronic 'childishness'. Surely, only an idiot would drive fast passing a school or hospital, but it happens.

Generally, anywhere that speed is restricted by law, though is not 'policed' with a speed camera, seems to produce anarchy. It's the 'no camera then I'll do as I like' attitude. A speed limit does not imply a safe speed only the maximum permissible. Most of the time, in very bad weather, driving overall will be slower as simple common sense (should - DA) dictates, though even in snow and icy conditions some will behave in the lunatic mode by driving very fast.

An impact at high speed will almost certainly be fatal for those in a car. At low speeds a crash is commonly survivable, but only at low speed. Motorbike users cannot be included here as they seem to imagine that they are immune to road law and nearly always travel too fast everywhere. They could be described as a 'brain dead' animal. Young learner drivers on scooters are probably the worst. Powered bicycles of the child. Incompetent menaces on the road. Even some bicyclists (mostly young) often seem to be in another world, totally devoid of intelligence and clearly stupid. This hardening of attitude suggests that where a camera is positioned will eventually become a relatively safer section of road, though everywhere else will become more dangerous. The majority of drivers do seem to have a responsible attitude, but the hardened minority are a menace on the roads.

Quite often the lack of a camera that could (and should) draw attention to a speed restriction, lulls the driver into a mindless state where there is no awareness of a limit. Often drivers that are obviously exceeding the speed limit by closing fast on the car ahead, seem to wake up when they reach the car in front that is travelling slower, but legally. It implies no awareness. As the cameras increase in numbers self responsibility is ebbing away and awareness and common sense are being eroded. It's time that after one offence has been processed, a second offence will result in a complete ban for a year (at least - DA).

Drink driving has not been eradicated from the roads, but it is becoming less acceptable. Encouragingly, younger drivers (but not all) show a greater sense of awareness and responsibility when it comes to alcohol and death. At least on the roads.