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Monday, February 11, 2008

George W. Bush: Draft Dodger

George W. Bush is a 'draft dodger' yet has the obnoxious effrontery to lecture the World about ethics and send men out to fight the wars that he started. To possibly die for him. And he himself has never seen active service. The stench of the justifiction for this is overpowering. From 11th September 2001 to the present, perhaps still buried as 'unproven', but widely believed to be certain, the engineering of actions is quite disgusting. But this is politics.

The quaint technicality of needing proof from a court case is ridiculous. The most that can happen to a US president is impeachment. Genocide would be rewarded only by removal from office. Hundreds of thousands of people 'murdered' - killed in an illegal war - and the worst that can happen is to lose office. It's so sickening.

UK ex-prime minister Blair: some people actually admire this man. The world is filled with two types of people: those that believe the lies and those that don't. Thankfully, the number of non-believers is growing rapidly. By the day. Every day. Eventually, the whole planet will know the truth, but by then it could be too late as the human population will probably have become extinct (caused by itself - DA).