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Sunday, October 21, 2007

World Cup Rugby 2007

England and South Africa

What a treat to see such a fabulous cup final game. The result doesn't matter anything like the performance itself. And that applies to everyone in both teams.

This is what is meant by a team game. No individuals playing just for their own glory, but true teamsmanship. Wonderful stuff.

Every player clearly played their all from the very first moment. And when that first sound of the referee's whistle was heard that started the game it was the signal for 'battle' to begin. But never gladatorial. Just a passionate desire to be on the winning side. Each on his own side and playing for his country as part of a collective effort.

The end of the game signalled a beginning. The attitude of players and spectators to the very last second never even touched on despair. Disappointment, of course. But this is not the same thing. Towards the last few minutes neither side seemed deterred by a scoreline. Only in the closing moments did South Africa appear to think of winning. Taking part in such a product of sport is almost enough. To win is better, but it is all about how you win.

The mark of a true champion is how he handles defeat.

Then quietly, but surely, returns as the winner.