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Saturday, October 13, 2007

January 2006

Acupuncture Advocates-Turned-Regulators Bin Laden Alive? Did He Ever Exist? Blair Rules Out CIA Flights Probe Cancer Patients Wrongly Cleared Cannabis Or Tobacco. Or Worse? Cannabis Will Remain A Class C Drug Cannibalism, Voyeurism And Gratification Cheating All The Way To Success Cheney's Multi-Million Dollar Revolving Door Corruption Trial Opens In France Critical Illness Insurance Cut Off My Nose..? ID Cards - Again Dangerous Birthmark - Fantastic Mother DNA Ecstasy-Parkinson's Connection? Energy Source? Food Giant 'Not Cereal Offender' Free Sushi Frozen Into The Future Gays And 'Marriage' Genes Record Orangutans' Decline Head Teacher Guilty Of Bullying And More... Hope Through Imagery ID Cards: On It Goes ID Cards: Sense In The Lords Iran 'Crisis' - Mind Games Still Underway? Iran 'Does Not Need Nuclear Arms' Is Your Phone Being Tapped? Mobile Phone Use - Sponsored Study? Monsanto Files. BE VERY AFRAID Mother Loses 'right to know' Case On-line Road Tax Out Of Joint - You've Been Warned Police Not Quick Enough Prescott Apologises READ THIS. It's Really Urgent. Respect Action Plan - WHAT?? Sad End To Magnificent Creature Sentences To 'mean what they say' Smoking Thatcher Then And Equatorial Guinea Now This Isn't Iran - We're Very Responsible TV 'Sleep' Button Stands Accused UK Government: Normality Prevails US Attack On Arab TV Station US Interference In UK Affairs US Rebuffs Bin Laden 'Truce Call' Very Decent Mayor Of Middlesbrough When Advocates Become Regulators Woman Given ASBO For Suicide Bids Writer's Radar