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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Meltdown Begins

Inflation (officially down to under 3%) busting pay increases of 10% are being sought. One reason being given is that property prices are off the scale to many and so are impossible to reach. Consider this discussion on the cost of living and the distance tax.

Years ago the rot set in when council house tenants were offered the option of buying the house in which they lived for 40% discount on the market price at that time. These properties in many cases were then later sold off so beginning the price rocketing. This is the Thatcher legacy coming home to roost.

So, it can be predicted that the New Labour government does not expect to be around much longer. (Unfortunately, it will be for a few more years - DA.) Plently of time to continue wrecking the UQ (aka UK) Ltd. It has made a complete mess of society and in that respect has been a successful government. It can go now in the knowledge of a job well done. The next government will just continue, but just with a different label. A different face, though the same mindset.