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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Blair To Cameron: The Transfer Of A Legacy

The muddied waters attempt to seduce opinion, but if there's one thing in which Blair has been positive it's transparency. The training to see through the bullshit and spin has been wonderful. A real 'blinder'. Call me Dave has made it clear that the way to effect better control and gain more and more and more... power as a result is for the rise of the self-proclaimed 'upper class' and the submission of the lower working class proles (proletariat). Nothing new here, it's all just more transparent.

A Writer's Radar

This label concept is only to be expected from those like him. Cameron, in particular, should be ever-closely monitored.

Cameron's ideology? Destroy the opportunities for everyone who is a threat and it's easier for anyone else who is in the 'upper class' to be successful regardless of real ability. Rather like the inexperienced (ie none) graduate army officer straight from university or college and automatically, knowing very little, placed in command of very experienced soldiers. I know who I'd rather have as a 'boss'.

Graduates commonly come from university into industry needing to be retrained - properly - into the workings of real situations. On the ground and not on the pages of a text book. Common sense can only be acquired through experience.

The current case in point is the complete destruction of the educational system. Removal of the grammar school and replacement by the 'Academy' system. Another idea lifted from the USA (for example). Sounds interesting but it is only a different very substandard ideology to keep the 'prols' under control. As a glimpse of the future, consider a potentially elitist system that will exclude the majority. The abandonment of a large part of society will enable easy control of this element by those currently being groomed.

This is very anti-Conservative policy and arrogance ensures the 'they'll still vote for us, the suckers', attitude.

Student Loans: Elitism And Hypocrisy

The real fun would start when these people tumble to the realisation that they are facing a future war among their own 'class' and they have created the situation themselves already. The controlling element to control the current controlling element will rise. Remember that shit rises. It's quite laughable. It really will be, but even more than it is now (22.05.07).

Blinded by the acquisition of power and money.

Call me Dave, the one born with a 'platinum spoon' in the mouth, comes from a background denied to the majority. This minority background can afford the private education. Retention of organisations like Eton and Oxford ensure the rise of the members of that so-called 'elite' uncontaminated by the 'prols'.

This then ensures that the appropriation of wealth by self-seeking groups remains achievable. Look to the MP's who want to exempt themselves from the laws of 'Freedom of Information'. After making everyone else subject to this concept, they would like to be left alone to do as they like without controls.

All very transparently because it would seem that they no longer care about being discreet.

The Conservative party is not only shooting itself in the foot, but is in the process of blasting the entire leg completely off. When they realign the aim of the gun, the head will just get in the way and ...

Revolution? I don't know, but consider who controls the police and army. It's why we have such forces. To be used to control the masses when a situation needs to be brought under control by less subtle means. Spin will have it that the revolutionary element comprises the bad guys.

Look to Iraq, UQ (aka UK) Ltd and the USA and identify the bad guy. If you can. If you dare.