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Monday, March 12, 2007

Politically Created Death By Greed

Common sense dictates that the only way to cut down pollution and CO2 to the atmosphere is to reduce consumption of the very substance that creates it. Petrol. That is oil. By taxing it, but maintaining current levels of use (even increasing it), it is just a cynical ploy to continue making money through 'indirect' taxation with the illusion of doing something. It cannot have any impact at all on pollution.

'Indirect' taxation by virtue of creating the global reliance on an oil (waste) product then cynically suggesting we all have a choice. There is no choice. Transporting produce of any form must use the oil (waste) product.

If we don't eat then we die.

However, the crap so-called 'food' (the chemical repository) would become unavailable and we could all become healthier by forced avoidance.

That's not in the plan.

Hence, politically created death of us all. Based on greed. Then more greed. And more.