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Monday, March 12, 2007

Exploitation Of 'Global Climate Change'

Global Warming: what is it?

The exploitation of 'climate change'. Is this ranting? You decide.

  • To introduce new taxes (ie revenue raising) and place all the blame firmly at the taxpayers' front door. Make the taxpayer pay (more and then more) for his folly. It's a good 'earner'.
The change is real, but the reason is wrong. It's another hoax based on 'fact' and so quite plausible on glancing inspection. Look a little deeper into the real science and clearly the Sun's very significant heat input and the Earth's particular orbit (the precession is over about 26,000 years) around the Sun, is very much overlooked, though it is the cause. The hot -> cold maxima should occur about every 13,000 years.

Look more carefully into the concept of the Mini Ice Age. The reasons are the same, but the effect is the opposite of global warming.

The major greenhouse gas, CO2, is around 0.03% (300ppm) of the atmosphere's content. The others are even less: nitrous oxide, methane. Very real, but the danger's overplayed. These natural gases have been constantly present for millions of years. A small component when compared to oxygen (20%) or nitrogen (79%).

Ozone depletion has a real (though quite different chemistry) effect and the atmospheric content is very, very low (0.00004%). The CFC story is a very different one to the hydrocarbon 'debate'.

  • A volatile organic compound (VOC) has a real concentrated effect where locally produced and may be affected by sunlight, but becomes diluted eventually and so 'relatively' harmless.