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Monday, March 12, 2007

Amended Police Powers And Intimidation

The growing need for more and more repressive laws to enable more and more distasteful activities to continue cannot be sustained. A growing population of dissenters shows greater division between supporters and objectors. This difference exists between the companies (and their sponsors) carrying out work and the offended public. Consider animal experimentation. Personally, I am reviewing my stance on this. An earlier support in principle does not continue by right. Briefly, this was support of animal use to develop safe drugs for human health. I have woken up. Consider the aspartame disaster (Monsanto). British law has already been 'amended' to give police more powers to deal with intimidation by animal rights activists. By increasing these powers it creates an atmosphere of desperation whereby public support will be lost even though the reason maybe valid. Care must be taken not to play right into government hands by acting with greater violence. Frustration by design.