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Saturday, November 18, 2006

UQ (alternatively known as UK) Ltd

Original posting, August 2006

It seems transparently clear that the government (this New Labour government does like transparancy) wants to close down the NHS and open privatisation contracts. Sell off the lucrative bits and leave the lossy parts to public funding.

Make it unattractive to the UQ (United Queendom) taxpayers to support it so an easy and uncontested continued winding down can be expected. The facilities will just change ownership. After its construction has been paid for by the UQ taxpayer.

As taxpayers we own all the facilities. But the government will try to sell it as though it owns it. Not you or I.

Sacking doctors and nurses? This makes it very clear.

Avoiding future redundancy payments. Cheaper to 'let go' than make redundant. How else can you reconcile 'getting rid' of key staff?

But, keep the managers who know nothing about health care. (What do they know about?) They can be sold on to private administration. Managers never did and still don’t know anything about real health management.

Though they appear to be the most important, key players.

It seems doctors and nurses don't help a hospital service, but managers do.

Don't forget that redundancy issue, though.