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Sunday, November 19, 2006


Original posting, August 2006

I still find it distressing when I see handicapped people (children or adults) being pushed in wheelchairs, and I admire the wonderful people who care and entertain them. I think I always will find it distressing, but that is good as this type of thing then remains at the top of consciousness. Can this be described as compassion? To live life like this. That one precious life we all have.

I find it impossible to understand those who waste their life through their own choice. But that's their choice and I don't have to understand it, sad though I find it. For some it is simply about greed. To pursue some selfish aim. The risks people will take.

There is a belief that risks can be worth taking. Some doubtless are, yet others are difficult to understand.

Stupidity? Who knows?

Sometimes the question is:

"Who cares?"