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Friday, November 24, 2006

Sycophants Rule The World

Original posting, October 2006 

Hope David doesn't object to me showing the unchanged copy of his newsletter. I believe it's what people need to read. Another bull's eye.


  • Sycophant: 'Someone who flatters in a servile way; a crawler'
  •  Demon: 'A source or agent of evil, harm, distress, or ruin' Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary 

Hello all ... I want to highlight this week the crucial role performed in world affairs by the sycophant. Their contribution to war, death and injustice is mostly ignored and seriously underplayed. The 'Sy-cos' are, in truth, the very foundation of the system that seeks to enslave us. I have always had an aversion to the sycophant, the arse-licking hero worshippers who concede their right to free thought and individuality to the perceived 'greatness' of another - or in the belief that it will help them scale the social peaks.

The establishment structure is fiercely hierarchical and sycophancy is the sticky stuff, or sicky stuff, that holds it all together. The rule is that you must be sycophantic to those 'above' you and demand sycophancy from those below. That way, everyone knows their place and which arse to keep clean. There is no better example than the British royal family. People bow, kneel and back out of the room in the presence of these deeply imbalanced symbols of human injustice and control. Ambitious clergy, for example, must know that 'God' is one step down from the Queen. They might not say that, but that's how most of them act, especially those in the finest robes and prettiest frocks. The Christian hierarchy may talk about the need for justice, fairness and equality - well, now and then - but they know their place. The Mother Goddess must not be criticised for her grotesque wealth, much of it plundered through theft, war and conquest across the centuries. That would upset the Goddess, the Defender of the Faith, and she is there to be obeyed, not challenged.

My goodness, you'll be saying that religion is supposed to be spiritual next. The climbing clergy don't serve their 'God' primarily and become a voice of the downtrodden and abused. No, no, they are in service to the system - the system with the ever-scowling face sitting at its symbolic summit. The Holy Grail of sycophancy is the monarch's Coronation when the 'servants of God' tell the people which idol their deity has decided they should serve and pay homage to. The fact that the would-be monarch sitting on the throne before them is only there because their bloodline has been manipulated, often through violence, into the succession is of no interest or relevance to the men-in-frocks. They are pillars of the system, not free thought, and must therefore serve their masters without question. You want to speak out against the system and be a Christian priest?

Well, I know this little village church on an island in the far north of Scotland. When can you leave? The Coronation script captures the mood: The Archbishop, together with the Lord Chancellor, Lord Great Chamberlain, Lord High Constable, and Earl Marshal (Garter King of Arms preceding them), shall then go to the East side of the Theatre, and after shall go to the other three sides in this order, South, West, and North, and at every of the four sides the Archbishop shall with a loud voice speak to the People: and the Queen in the mean while, standing up by King Edward's Chair, shall turn and show herself unto the People at every of the four sides of the Theatre as the Archbishop is at every of them, the Archbishop saying: Sirs, I here present unto you Queen ELIZABETH, your undoubted Queen: Wherefore all you who are come this day to do your homage and service ... The Christian establishment worship their false idol Religion is a key part of the system and merely by joining the church hierarchy you take your place in the system as a whole. Others may start on the outside, but unless they hold to principle and perspective it will ensnare them.

Power is an immense magnetic force and those who seek it or its prestige are bound to be sucked in. Trevor Phillips is Britain's best-known 'defender of racial equality'. He claims to believe that everyone should be treated the same and given equal opportunity no matter what their race, creed or colour. If this were the case that would be great, but, of course, it isn't because the establishment hierarchy takes precedence over everything, including racism. Sycophancy is all-powerful. I wrote to Mr. Phillips and his Commission for Racial Equality, a government operation designed, it says, to investigate and prosecute cases of racial discrimination reported by the public. I made an official complaint about the fundamentally racist system of selecting the reigning monarch. Not only does the king or queen have to be white and from the same genetic line, they even have to follow, at least officially, a particular branch of a particular faith - Protestant Christianity. Monarchy is the most racist and elitist of institutions and I asked Phillips and the Commission to (a) investigate and prosecute those involved and (b) why the head of the 'anti-racist' Commission (i.e. him) had accepted an honour from a racial elitist - the Queen. I received in return a bullshit letter from the Commission lawyer that studiously avoided the points about royal racism and the gross hypocrisy of Phillips' honour. It was the establishment speaking on behalf of itself. Of course it was, because the demands of the system overrule everything, especially logic and justice.

Maybe it's just me, but the sight of 'Prince of Darkness' Ozzy Osbourne talking about the 'honour' of performing before the queen makes my belly churn - as do the stream of showbiz 'celebs' who line up each year to be 'honoured' by Monarchy and State for 'services' to whatever. Invariably it means service to the system, the very system that is screwing the people who made them 'celebs' in the first place. One notable example is the former 'anti-establishment' rock singer, the infamously money-obsessed Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones. He completed his seamless transformation to system sycophant when he accepted a knighthood at Buckingham Palace in 2003. The Stones' Keith Richards said it was 'ludicrous' for Jagger to take a 'gong' from the establishment because it was not what the band was all about. But he must have noticed that Jagger had long succumbed to the attractions of the boardroom and kneeling to royalty was merely history repeating and taking its course. It is a well-trodden path. 'I don't really think the establishment as we knew it exists any more', said the new 'Sir Michael' Jagger, but in fact it is more powerful than ever because the lines are no longer clearly drawn.

It has not diminished, it has further infiltrated. Only its faces have changed, not its power-base. As I have written before, a profound expression of the establishment suction machine is the case of 'Sir' Bob Geldof, another royal honour-bearer, and Bono. For me, Bono, while no doubt genuine, has always been lightweight in his presentation of global injustice, but at the time of Live Aid in 1985 Geldof was magnificently outspoken about the system's built-in bias that blights the lands and lives of billions. What has happened to him since the surly became a 'Sir'? ... Passionate defender of the abused ... ... now defender of the abusers ... ... the establishment rules. OK? We now have the sight of Geldof praising George Bush for what he has 'done' for Africa and the same with Blair and his would-be successor, Gordon Brown. Bono has called them 'the John and Paul of the global development stage'. Yet these people are front men for the very rape of Africa and elsewhere that Geldof once so memorably articulated.

Blair and Brown have supported and instigated finance and action that has led to the slaughter and maiming of hundreds of thousands of civilians in the former Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, and Iraq. They supported and campaigned for sanctions against Iraq in the 1990s that, even according to United Nations figures, cost the lives of more than half a million children. But this week Geldof told Blair's Labour Party Conference that Brown and Blair had helped to change the political landscape by putting Africa at the top of the agenda at last year's G-8 summit in Gleneagles, Scotland. 'It really altered the parameters of what's doable in politics,' he said. 'They saved an awful lot of people from going down the tube. That was achieved last year. It must be continued.' Claptrap Bob. For God's sake, wake-the-hell-up. In reality, Gleneagles was all a show, a sleight of hand to which Geldof, Bono and their 'Live 8' concert gave essential cover. It wasn't that they meant to, but they became so close to the manipulators that they fell for the manipulation.

Both Geldof and Bono have been invited to speak at the Labour Party Conference and, on a stage that is the very epitome of spin, this does not happen unless it serves the spinner's purpose. Geldof is not a sycophant of power in its wider sense, though Bono shows all the symptoms, but he has allowed the intoxication of political position to cloud his judgement. If you are a potential problem to the system it either seeks to destroy you or draw you into its lair. As the saying goes - keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Once again Keith Richards saw through the contradictions, refusing to take part in Live 8 because the line between establishment and campaigner was much too thin: 'I just thought the connection between Geldof and the Labour Party was ... just too tight ... Who is this gratifying and where were the Africans? Where was their say?' African musicians were only introduced to Live 8 when their absence was highlighted and condemned and even then they were given their own stage hundreds of miles away from the main event in London. It was musical apartheid, not on the basis of race, but of fame. 'Music' has an establishment also. Both 'Sir' Bob Geldof and Sir Mick Jagger had tried to make Richards change his mind, he said. 'Oh yeah - all the Sirs had a bash - every one of them.' Richards may well have been seen as not supporting the suffering children of Africa, but in his assessment of what he saw he was right. Surely we should be pursuing real change, not the illusion of it. I have watched with a gathering dismay the trail of British 'celebs' supporting the 'New' Labour Party under Blair as, like Bush's Republicans, it has goose-stepped its way to an Orwellian tyranny.

The Labour Party was founded in 1893 as a defender of the masses from the fascism of the established order. But under successive leaders, especially Blair, it has become the established order and so many of its sycophants have made the same journey. This week, the lie-machine that is Anthony Blair made his last speech as leader to the Labour Party Conference in Manchester. It was the usual catalogue of lies, exaggerations and avoidance of reality. If you ever find a half-truth in a Blair speech it is a typing error. One newspaper put it like this: 'Almost every word Blair spoke would have been perjury had he been on oath.' But as the last lie left his lips, the Labour faithful were on their feet - their symbolic knees - for nine minutes cheering and clapping to the dictates of those conducting this sickening spectacle. Hundreds of thousands of dead people were forgotten, the lies that led to wars of conquest and mass murder no longer conscious. But then sycophancy is an amnesic condition. As if the soul had not suffered enough, the next day brought Bill Clinton to the Labour stage for his fix of hero-worship.

This is the man who joined with Blair to bomb the former Yugoslavia and impose the devastating sanctions on Iraq. This is the man who gets his kicks abusing mind-controlled slaves like Cathy O'Brien (See Trance-Formation of America) and ran cocaine through the Mena airstrip in Arkansas with the Bush family. Clinton's 'new' public buddy is father George Bush, the child molester and serial killer, who controls his idiot son. Tony Blair said of Clinton: 'When I see him speak, I thank the Lord he is on my side'. As character references go, it doesn't get much worse. But where were the members of the Labour Party - the 'party of the people' - when Clinton's last lie had faded into the ether? Back on their sycophantic feet cheering the very personification of the system their party was supposed to have been founded to challenge. Even Ken Livingstone, the so-called 'left wing radical' Mayor of London, was up there smiling his approval and slapping palms with the rest of them. The 'radical' Guardian newspaper put it this way: '... this was the speech of a truly serious political leader, and if it went on five minutes longer than it needed to do, it was still a performance of the highest possible class. If one were reviewing it, five stars would not be enough. What a speech. What a pro. And what a loss to the leadership of America and the world.'

That was said by a 'serious' newspaper of a drug-running serial liar with a stream of unexplained deaths in his wake, including the 'suicide' of Vince Foster, a long-time associate of the Clintons’ who knew everything necessary to put them both away for life. Clinton's new public profile is part of the campaign to put Hillary, his wife-of-convenience, in the White House in 2008. She is another willing and enthusiastic tool of the global elite who brings the sycophants to their feet with her Hollywood role of defender of women and the rights of the people. Emphasise the freedom and don't mention Vince.

Where establishment power goes sycophancy follows, for without it there would be no establishment in the first place. It is not only that power creates sycophancy, but that sycophancy creates power. Political power is the ability to make others do things. If we don't do them where is the power? What we are looking at here is like a mathematical equation.

Just as 2 + 2 = 4, so desire for control + sycophancy = power.

And desire for control + sycophancy + acquiescence of the general population = absolute power.

It is in the latter equation that the answer lies. Real change for the better is not triggered from within 'the club', the 'establishment' in all its forms, where elites rule and sycophants follow. It happens when the club is forced to acknowledge the will of the people - or fall. Great reforms have come when the people have said enough is enough and the establishment has had to respond to protect itself. There is a belief that you have to be inside the club to affect decisions, but it's not true. If you encircle the building with demands for change and cover all the exits - don't take no for an answer - the establishment has to act. Far from covering the exits, for instance, Live 8 and Gleneagles provided one. It allowed the appearance of action on world poverty to hide the fact that nothing of substance was happening.

When the pathetic 'help' for Africa was announced at Gleneagles, Geldof and co should have been screaming 'no, no, disgraceful - the campaign will be stepped up and we will hound you and expose you until you do the decent thing.' Instead, he talked up the 'help' and gave the dark suits their escape route. The real sign of change at the Labour Party conference was outside the hall in the tens of thousands of people who came from all over Britain to protest at the wars of conquest and control. It is in such demands for change and, even more importantly, in mass peaceful refusal to co-operate with the system, that the powers of imposition will lose their grip on the lives of people. Only then will establishment power be exposed as the illusion that it is. Establishment power is nothing more than the abdication of power by sycophant and population. But even this is only a stage on the road to a new and truly free 'world'.

Changing the established order is one thing, but without a massive consciousness shift to a higher level of awareness, an old establishment falls only for a new one to replace it. Indeed, old and new are the same establishment under different names, be it a democracy, a republic, or a fascist state. Only with an enormous shift, way beyond the consciousness of hierarchy, can we move into the realm of universal freedom. We'll know when we get there because the world will be sycophant-free.