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Monday, February 01, 2021

Carl Heneghan (Professor)

Heneghan, Carl Professor

Carl Heneghan is Director of the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine and a practising GP. A clinical epidemiologist, he studies patients receiving care from clinicians, especially those with common problems, with the aim of improving the evidence base used in clinical practice.

death numbers

Heneghan, Carl Professor - discusses infection and

disease management

Heneghan, Carl Professor - Doomsday predictions

vs flattening of case data

Heneghan, Carl Professor - If we don't accept it's endemic

we don't focus on those who actually need protection

Heneghan, Carl Professor 

Heneghan, Carl Professorno evidence of a 2nd wave

Heneghan, Carl Professor - scrap 'rule of six'

Heneghan, Carl Professor - the age structure

Heneghan, Carl Professor - COVID-19

trends and background context