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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Notes (up to 07.05.2021)

Vaccine update

Carl Heneghan (Professor)

Modifiedrna joins Pfizer in pursuing options for younger groups

Moderna, Inc. is a Cambridge, Massachusetts-based biotechnology company that is focused on drug discovery and drug development based on messenger RNA (mRNA). The company creates synthetic mRNA that can be injected into patients to help them create their own therapies.

The Massachusetts company shared the results of the trial, which enrolled more than 3,000 adolescents and teens, in a first-quarter earnings report for investors. According to the World Health Organisation, the mRNA gene therapy products are actually 'vaccines'. This is the transparent LIE that reveals the WHO to be corrupt. The LIE tricks people into accepting - without question - a dangerous product that is not a 'vaccine'. The effects in the human system are completely unknown (but this is probably known to Pfizer, BioNTech, and ModeRNA. No product has ever been approved with this never-before-approved technology. The engineered 'pandemic' emergency has facilitated the authorisation only of these products. The RNA is not defined, so in the cell where the DNA is 'unzipped' to then close up incorporating the RNA - whatever it is. Gene therapy would theoretically correct a faulty gene by including RNA delivered by the mRNA. What the RNA in these 'vaccines' will do cannot be known until into the future when an event reveals the truth.
ModeRNA will likely seek emergency approval (authorisation only for vaccines. mRNA products are not 'vaccines') of its vaccine (gene therapy) for use in that age group, adding to options in the fight against the 'pandemic'. Right now, the company’s version is approved authorised only for ages 18 and up.

Pfizer and BioNTech, makers of the other messenger-RNA vaccine in U.S. circulation, expect the Food and Drug Administration to approve their request for emergency-use authorization in ages 12 to 15 any day now. Scientists want to vaccinate younger age groups because children and teenagers can spread the virus even if they often don’t get sick and die from it. Adding them to the mix will bolster immunity levels in society, generally, as some eligible adults refuse to roll up their sleeves.

...refuse to roll up their sleeves.


The phrase displays dreadful arrogance, is patronising,

dangerous, and very disturbing


The belief remains that a vaccine renders the individual bulletproof to infection. It can only prevent the manifestation of symptoms. In Newspeak language, the inoculated cannot spread infection. They are asymptomatic. Any reduction in infection after vaccination is only the reduction in those showing symptoms. They can spread the virus. Vaccination will not do this. Moderna claims that by vaccinating 12 - 17-year olds, the spread of disease and transmission can be slowed/stopped. 


Why is Moderna vaccinating young people?


 It has nothing to do with stopping

 COVID-19 as a 'pandemic'

It's (criminal) human experimentation.

In violation of the Nuremberg Code - DA


nothing to fear from COVID-19 (27.04.2020)

It is wrong to restrict the freedoms of everyone, destroy economic prosperity, and in many cases deny people the opportunity to work — all in the name of “saving their lives” while, in fact, more than 80 percent of the population has little or nothing to fear from the coronavirus. The restrictions on those younger than 65 years of age should be lifted immediately. Approximately 2.8 million Americans die each year out of a population of 330 million, which means the average American has about one out of 118 chances of dying in any given year, from all causes. Those over 65 have about one chance in 33 of dying, while those who are 30 or younger have less than one chance in a thousand of dying, again from all causes. Deaths from COVID-19 are even more skewed in favor of the young. Those who are 24 or younger have about one chance in a million of dying from COVID-19 (almost too small to measure). Those who are 65 or over have about one chance in 1,250 of dying from COVID-19 — a very small fraction of all of the other things that will kill them.

Recent studies have shown that the virus is far more widespread, far less lethal, and probably started much earlier than previously thought. Given that tens of millions have been exposed and infected without even knowing it, makes the idea of trying to trace who infected who a fool’s errand. Studies are now showing that sunlight kills the virus. (Golly, who would even guess that sunlight and fresh air would be healthy?). Despite knowing that sunlight is a disinfectant, those clever doctors at the CDC said we should all hide indoors. To make sure that we were not exposed to sunlight and fresh air, many Big Brother governors decided that parks, golf courses and beaches should be closed to taxpaying citizens for public safety, when just the opposite is the truth.

It may be a good idea not to cluster in large groups. But those who like to play act being members of the Gestapo, rather than say to their fellow citizens, “don’t cluster in large groups and stay away from others, particularly if you are coughing and sneezing” — deny them the courtesy of treating them like adults who are wise enough to take sensible precautions once they are given the information.

Sweden took a much more civilized approach to the COVID-19 problem than most of the rest of the world. Rather than punish their citizens by denying them the ability to work and many of the pleasures of life, they have opted for a light touch rather than the heavy foot of the state. Swedes are kept up to date as to the current medical findings and common-sense recommendations like doing such things as frequent hand washing, wiping down surfaces that are touched by many, avoiding large clusters, spacing tables in restaurants and elsewhere, etc. The result is that Sweden does have a slightly higher death rate than the United States, but much lower than many other European countries. The Swedish population is on average older than the United States’, so when the proper adjustment is made for the age disparity, the difference in death rates is minimal — but the Swedes have managed to do this without destroying their economy, burdening future generations with massive debt or depriving citizens of their civil liberties. If the United States had used the Swedish model, total deaths from COVID-19 would probably be around 100,000 rather than the currently projected 60,000. But many other lives would be saved from fewer suicides and by people being able to get the medical checks for other potential lethal conditions and elective surgeries which they are now being denied. The restrictions may actually result in a higher total number of deaths, when the additional deaths are subtracted from the direct COVID-19 total. And again, most of the COVID-19 deaths are among the elderly with other conditions, most of whom have very short remaining life expectancies.

President Trump, the U.S. governors and many other world leaders were given very bad information from the medical mathematical model builders about the number of expected deaths from the virus (upwards of 2 million in the United States) even using Swedish light-touch restrictions. It appears that the assumptions and data upon which the models were built were not critically evaluated by competent independent experts. Political leaders and unquestioning members of the press panicked when given the flaky 2 million number. The result: Very bad decisions, where the costs greatly exceeded the benefits, and hurt most everyone, particularly the young. Members of the political class and the media who flamed the hysteria, ought to apologize, particularly to those under 24 who are needlessly suffering not only now, but from unnecessary debt burdens they will endure for decades.

It is possible to protect the elderly, by urging them to stick with the current restrictions, plus avoiding contact with young people whenever possible. Again, the rest of the population should immediately be freed to undertake their normal lives with only light touch restrictions. Free societies are in part defined by allowing individual citizens to decide what risks they choose to take or not take, whether it be skiing,

Just some of the 141 comments (upto 05.05.2021)

Finally someone who's not afraid to give a different opinion. I agree with this article. I work in healthcare and our hospitals are empty. I'm in a red zone in AZ but our hospitals and many others are actually letting go of employees due to orders for the govt. shutdown. Some hospitals are even being forced to close completely because they can't afford to stay open. A few of my friends were let go and some had to go out of the area to find work. My team was dealing with deciding testing Covid-19 patients in the beginning and a lot of them we denied. They were told to go home, isolate, rest, & to follow up with a PCP or come in if conditions worsened. So the data is flawed! All of the positives I saw that came back had already went home & have recovered. Before the news blew up this virus...we were already seeing Pneumonia patients. Corona is literally a type of cold virus that sometimes causes bad pneumonia. This was already happening. Did you know that every year people were already dying from pneumonia? In 2017 about 2.56 million died worldwide from Pneumonia. About 15 million a year die from heart disease....3 million a year from accidents. Over 90% of these deaths have had severe co-morbidities. They were already "at risk" for most deadly microorganisms. We can't live in fear hidden away just listening to media. They are fear mongering for control. Anyone who wants to stay inside can...but let the rest of us make our own choices for our lives.


I can attest to the same findings. I am an ICU nurse in MI. Our hospitals have been devastated by loss of revenue. It will take a very long time for us to return to where we before the government shut us down under the guise of keeping us prepared for potential patients. It's so difficult to stand by and watch when we've spent our careers treating what we know can be deadly while facing risks that only have potential to harm. We can't just ignore the chronically ill while we wait for the potential Covid patients to arrive. The ICU of ny 450 bed regional hospital is furloughing RNs and ancillary staff due to loss of revenue and low census. Our budget is so very depleted and we have been warned that the reality is that we wil be chronically understaffed for an unforeseeable amount of time. Now, if we do start to see the Covid cases rise, we will be very ill placed to handle the influx. All of us have been deliberately mislead as politicians have used this virus as political leverage. We were told that the quarantine is meant flatten the curve so that healthcare is not overwhelmed. I can tell you, we are not. We need more cases. We need to see all of our patients. As a side note, even in hard hit areas like Detroit there have been ICU beds available throughout the pandemic. I personally transferred two patients out of our ICU to Henry Ford during the height of the pandemic. Normal wait time for beds is days to weeks. I received 2 bed assignments within hours. Hmmm.


I am a retired nurse, have been there, done that, and have researched this on steroids. I AGREE with every single point you make here!


Months ago it was evident that C-19 posed no threat to the overwhelming majority of people in America. We should have directed our resources to protect those most endangered by the virus instead of shuting down the country and bankrupting it.


 Well said. On the Diamond Princess, crowded with 3,700 people for several weeks, before anyone had ever heard of "social distancing" "isolation" or the persistence of a dangerous virus on surfaces everywhere, only 9 people died. The 3,700 people were by and large, old. And of the nine who died, we know nothing of their prior health problems. It seems likely that a severe case of the flu might have given the same results (0.024% died, in an environment in which it is probably that virtually everyone was exposed).


This over reaction is somewhat a consequence of the overrated sophistication of our "scientific advisors." Note that of the several hundred "scientific" projections about a climate "crisis," virtually not a single one has come true. (In 2004, our Pentagon published a climate crisis paper which predicted that by 2020 the Gulf Stream would cease flowing. Note that only a very ignorant person about oceanic circulation could have let that pass without disgust, as the Gulf Stream and every other major oceanic circulation is dependent upon the temperature DIFFERENTIAL between the equator and the poles, and the consequence of coriolis force. Of course, the Gulf Stream is still flowing.


We have got to stop believing all the hype from the press, the arrogant authority expressed by the government, and the idiocy which passes for "science" offered by those who are reacting emotionally rather than analytically.


Seems to completely leave out how overwhelmed hospitals are with this virus without stay at home orders in place. Neglects to mention that people in their 30s and 40s are suffering strokes because of this virus. Seems to not understand that everybody who is not in their 60s, 70s, and 80s will be there eventually and will have to deal with the fact that conservative society will see them as expendable. It doesn’t mention that Sweden is one or two steps away from a shutdown order itself.


Well said. I think some people to have good intentions, but it has all been blown out of proportion by people reacting emotionally in my opinion


Just my humble opinion here. The government has never shut down like this before, for an illness. No illness has ever focused on the elderly, diabetics, obese, heart conditions, and respitory issues. If you look at who is running this country, politicians are the high risk group. It's coming for them, and they are scared. So they shut everyone down. The information is out there for all to see. It comes down to personal responsibility. If you are in a high risk group, stay home. If you aren't, don't visit with those that are. The only places that should be locked down are the metropolis's, where people are stacked on top of each other like sardines. In case you have missed it, that's where the major outbreaks are. In Missouri there are over 20 counties that have not had a single death. Not because of the lockdown, but because people are more spread out. I do feel for the metropolis's, but you cannot share the same air as millions of people and not share diseases. Suddenly big city life is biting you in the tuccus. Don't infringe my right to pursue happiness because you decided you wanted to live in the big city. I wonder how many people will be moving away from the metropolis when this is over. I just can't get over how New York had a procession for the first responders. What did the people do? They packed their high rise balconies, leaned out windows, and hooped and hollered and clapped. 6-13 feet only works in a controlled environment. They were just helping it spread.


Need more people like this speaking up about how we’re being played.....way to go


So if we want to get our economy going again without a replay of the grisly horror-show scenes that have been playing out at hospitals in Milan, Madrid, Guayaquil, and New York, all we have to do is quarantine the 20% of the U.S. population that has an elevated risk level to this disease. Sounds reasonable. We could probably find isolation housing for, um...let's see...about 60 million people. Hey, no problem.


What would be a more informative comparison would be a comparison between Sweden and Norway. The two countries are so similar in almost every way that I often wonder why they bother maintaining separate governments. Even the languages are mutually intelligible, being little more than a minor difference in dialect. I know, because I speak Norwegian, and have little trouble understanding Swedish.


So last I checked, Norway had less than one tenth the Covid-19 deaths that Sweden has had. Mind you, both countries started out on an almost identical trajectory as the pandemic took root after both Norwegians and Swedes returned home from their Winter vacations in northern Italy back in February. They both started off with skyrocketing cases. Norway clamped down, and Sweden offered mild suggestions. The difference in outcomes is pretty stark, and shows that if we here in the U.S. just open the floodgates and "don't happy" we're going to be revisited by the unspeakable events that were taking place at the Brooklyn Health Care Center and several other New York


"Political leaders and unquestioning members of the press panicked when given the flaky 2 million number." Not quite. The Democrats received precisely what they "prayed" for: unemployment, huge deficit, and economy in pieces. Some are delighted by destruction of transportation and fuel industries. Screw the country, get Trump.


Correct! The vast majority have nothing to fear of this disease. For a little perspective: H1N1 killed over 61,000 and maybe many more. The Spanish Flu of 1918-1919 killed 50 million. Up to 70% may be asymptomatic even though they have this disease. We never shut down our economy for a disease before, it is stupid to do so now, plus it causes more harm than good. People are dying now because they are so afraid of this so-so disease and are not getting the treatment they need. Democrats simply hate a citizenry free to live without democrat permission to do so.


Great news that most of us have nothing to worry about concerning Covid-19. Unless you are in the 20% that might be affected due to age or underlying health conditions....Me. I guess I am supposed to sacrifice my life on the altar of everyone's selfish freedom to not social distance or wear masks in public. I am 63. If this thing does not go away, or keeps coming back, am I supposed to just live the rest of my life away from people, staying away from my loved ones, never travel again, never be involved with my church again? My life the last 3 months has been: go to work and sit in my office with door closed and social distancing from my co-workers, go home, walk in the neighborhood, attend drive in worship service sitting in my car and not being able to hug or visit with my friends, my husband shopping for me and getting take out meals for us because I can't go to a restaurant. Meanwhile, in SC, positive cases are on the rise. Waiting to see what all the riots and demonstrations are going to do with the number of cases. Waiting to see if number of deaths are going to rise as we open up the country. And yes, I am in favor of everyone going back to work and getting the economy going, but wish that others who are in the 80% would think a little about the rest of us.


315 million people, so what percentage is an acceptable loss for you 5%, 10% 15% that translates to 16 million, 32 million or 48 million. I think the families of those millions might be disagree with you even if they agree with you right now. Facts: It can kill, It has mutated and we have no cure or vaccine. This interruption of normal life was as stated a s;ow down to flatten the curve and not overwhelm existing medical availability. This was never about stopping it. So as long as people can get medical treatment yes there is a very good chance of surviving. But in your expert medical opinion we should ignore those with actual medical expertise.


Complete garbage with a nice topping of evil sauce.


This is a pandemic that's just begun and we have very limited information. There is no cure, no immunity and no evidence as yet of durable immunity if exposed. There are young people dying a what the solution really looks like by paying attention to Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea.


The US has social distancing in place for much or that nation and STILL has a Vietnam War's worth of dead in this first wave. Drawing conclusions about death rates, risks and immunity now is like saying skydiving without a parachute is pretty safe... while you're in middle of falling.


Go into a hospital in the New York metro area and chat with one of the heroes you propose keeping at risk. Go to a nursing home anywhere and telling all residents that their lives aren't worth a lesser sacrifice than what all Americans went through for 3.5 YEARS during WW2.


Uh yeah hi, 20 year old here. It's articles like these that are going to kill my asthmatic father, my at-risk grandparents, and will hospitalize the other older members of my family. People around my age are going to read this, go out, pick up the virus, then go visit their family and transmit it to their elder relatives. My elder relatives. Your elder relatives. All without knowing it's their fault. That's why this virus is so dangerous! I understand if money needs to be made, but it's on your local, state and federal government to legislate in your favor financially. This is a GLOBAL PANDEMIC and it IS killing people younger than 65.


My very elderly mother and father disagree with you. They say, yes, they (those at risk) should be on lockdown and the rest of the country should be at work, and living life. After all, if there is no money to care for those in lockdown due to everyone being out of a job, that is when those who are in lockdown will truly be in trouble.

  • The story goes that no single measure can prevent the spread of (the alleged) coronavirus. And that includes vaccines. Yet they have been promoted as the most powerful weapon in the COVID-19 'armoury'. Some are (claimed to be - DA) more than 90% effective and prevent people getting sick and dying with the 'disease' (a set of symptoms - DA). Vaccines do not render an individual immune to infection - just less likely to show the symptoms of infection (an efficacy of 90% means 10% will have no protection even after vaccination). They may or may not have symptoms after infection and may still spread the virus.

  • Widespread testing is claimed to find people carrying the virus who are unaware they have it. But rapid turnaround, or lateral flow tests are imperfect and can miss some cases. The idea behind contact tracing systems is to track down people who have been in close contact with a positive case and to 'advise' them to isolate (and if they ignore the advice...- DA). Such schemes need to be fast and it is estimated that between 80%-100% of contacts must be reached to work effectively. Most countries advise people who suspect or know they have COVID to stay at home and avoid others. Some also require travellers to quarantine. Some people do not follow this advice or are unable to do so.

  • Masks and face coverings are perceived to block virus droplets from coughs, sneezes and speaking. But even the highest-grade masks still let some virus through. Contradicting this 'science' there is no standard fabric stipulated that must be used to create a personal 'face covering'. Maybe a cotton scarf? Masks should also be worn correctly (nobody seems to care as long as you wear something over the nose and mouth. And used by enough people to make a difference (how many is enough? - DA). 

  • Keeping 2m (6ft) away from someone reduces the chance of the virus passing on. But you can still catch it even from further away (it is an aerosol. Maybe 25 - 30m or more and on a windy day... ? - DA). Fresh air cuts the risk of infection (? - DA) and the ultraviolet radiation from sunlight can destroy the virus left on surfaces. The chance of catching the virus increases in areas that are poorly ventilated. The greater the airflow, the lower the risk, but the danger is still there. Good hygiene can (allegedly) help stop the spread of the virus, but the risk from particles in the air remains. 'Scientists' say that even in places with widespread vaccine coverage, we need to continue using multiple measures letting the virus through.

As per the results of a large scale survey conducted across India in 2019, the people from the city of Surat on an average drank the most water per day of about 2.38 liters in the country. The recommended amount of water intake to stay hydrated is at lease two liters every day.


  • Racism in football cannot be filtered by Facebook or Twitter but it can censor (silence) counter-narrative information in the COVID-19 'debate'.

  • Why has no Government figure (Boris Johnson, Matt Hancock, Chris Whitty et al) never declared being vaccinated? And on screen, a TV stage-managed 'live injection' is meaningless. In a 'double blind' operation, neither the provider nor the recipient would know if the syringe had vaccine or saline solution (placebo). In a blind innoculation, the provider would know but the recipient would not. In a sham stage-managed injection the roles would be reversed. The provider wouldn't know but the recipient would know that the injection was a harmless placebo. A firing squad of six would have one 'live' bullet and 5 blanks. None of the six would know which they had been given, so none of the six would know if they were responible for causing death.

  • Why would Boris Johnson 'arrange' to spend (whoever foots the bill) £200,000 on the No. 10 'flat'? Does he actually expect to stay there to make it all worthwile? If not then why would this money be the responsibility of BoJo and not the next incumbent? It is as though he plans to stay forever or there is something else afoot. And what of his alleged resignation possibility as the PM's salary is not enough to send his kids to Eton. It'sobviously enough to splash out on the temporary flat though. How generous.

  • 'If this disgusting quote is trueBoris must resignPiers Morgan urges over COVID claims. Boris Johnson always displays that well-practised dour facial expression.


It's part of the plan to be 'forced out'.

 Pathetically transparent - DA


  • Bill Gates Venture Aims To Spray Dust Into The Atmosphere To Block The Sun (11.01.2021)What Could Go Wrong? Global cooling - add CaCO3 dust to the atmosphere (like the aftermath of a volcanic eruption) to reflect solar radiation. Bill Gates will not get agreement from all governments but with the New World Order - one 'government' - there would be no problem. Especially if 😈 is at the helm. Simply authorise/approve the psychotic idea. Again, what Bill wants, Bill gets. Like a petulant child.


Money talks


Humans are so weak - DA


  • In situations where audience participation is desirable (sporting events), there are rules for attendance (of course.Slavery demands it, Louis - DA). A 'vaccine passport' is not (yet) required. However, entry into venues can be gained only if certain conditions are met. A current example is - the snooker World Championship (Crucible, Sheffield) - April 2021.

   The World Snooker Championship has 'outlined'. Just an idea about what's already been 'planned' - for everywhere (the hoops to jump through and the absolute control of all movement - DA). The steps fans will have to take in line with COVID 'protocols', after revealing the final is (had long ago been - DA) planned to go ahead with a full capacity attendance.

   Two tests are set to be in place for spectators heading to the World Snooker Championship, the first of which will take place at a Government test centre local to their area. This test is free, and it has been stipulated (ordered, Louis - DA) that it must take place on the day of attending a session, or the day prior (clearly, it is impossible to become infected overnight - DA). It's like a car MOT. It can only be valid on the day of examination. At any future time, anything can fail, but at least with a car, advance warnings usually appear. This 'disease' is so deadly though, it doesn't matter.

    Attendees must then take a post-event test five days after they were at the tournament and this will be in the form of a free home testing kit (you will do it yourself, won't you? Properly. Like the real professional you are. And not get someone else to provide the sample. The DNA - DA). It must be impossible to acquire an infection during those daysTrack and Trace only has details of definite whereabouts days earlier. World Snooker refused to clarify whether the second test is paid for by the Government or the sporting body itself, though both incidences of testing will be at no cost to fans (the hoops are free - DA). It hardly matters who pays, anyway - it is the 'test kit' manufacturers who take the profitsTwo 'kits' per attendee.

All spectators will also have to ‘check in’ at the venue

using the NHS Track and Trace app.

We know where you are!

Where you've been


There is a trade-off between speed and accuracy. Antigen tests often fail to identify people who are actually infected. A shortcoming the FDA acknowledges. Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update: FDA Authorizes First Antigen Test to Help in the Rapid Detection of the Virus that Causes COVID-19 in Patients


How does the COVID-19

 antigen test work?


Diagnostic tests quickly detect fragments of proteins found on or within the virus by testing samples collected from the nasal cavity using swabs


Speed accuracy


Serology Testing for COVID-19 at CDC


Confirmed and suspected 'cases' of reinfection of the virus that allegedly causes COVID-19 have been reported, but remain rare. Facemasks force the wearer to reinhale shedded viral particles.

Antibody test results are especially important for detecting previous infections in people who had few or no symptoms. These tests are used to tell if someone has ever been exposed to the novel coronavirus.

You can think of test accuracy in two ways:

1. If I have the disease, will the test correctly identify it? This is known as test sensitivity, or a true positive rate.

2. If I don’t have the disease, will the test correctly show that? This is known as specificity, or a true negative rate.

There are several factors independent of accuracy that can lead to false positives or false negatives with any test, including the PCR-based test. Some of these include:

The sample is collected too early. Newly infected individuals may have low concentrations of the virus present at the time of sampling. To detect the presence of SARS-CoV-2 using a PCR-based test, which amplifies and analyzes the genetic code of viruses, the virus must be present in high enough concentrations. If a test is performed too early in the infection period (typically, day 1-4), it may come back negative even though the patient does have the virus.

   The sample is collected too late. If a sample is taken after the disease has progressed too far, the amount of virus that remains in the body might not be enough to be detected by the test, leading to a false negative result. (There are other types of tests, such as antibody tests, that can detect the body’s immune system response to the virus later, but they are not as effective at detecting the virus early in the disease progression.)

The sample is contaminated. Handling samples taken from patients who have high concentrations of virus brings a greater risk of contaminating other surfaces in the healthcare environment (such as gloves, sample collection devices, etc.). This could lead to contamination of other patient samples so they show up as false positives.

   The sample is stored too long. Swab samples taken from patients have limited stability over time. If extended storage, transport, or handling causes a long delay before the sample is tested, it can be harder to detect the virus, leading to a false negative result.

The Ct

(threshhold cycle number)

 is not mentioned

Sometimes, there is a false negative: You actually did have the coronavirus and your immune system developed antibodies to the virus, but the test says you don't have those antibodies. Other times, you end up with a false positive: The test results say you have antibodies to the coronavirus, but you don't actually have them. The positive predictive value of a medical test, like the blood tests for antibodies to the novel coronavirus, tells you the probability of actually having a disease (or antibodies) if you test positive for it.



Vaccine passports

Science While the vaccines being deployed have shown to have impressive efficacy in reducing the risk of hospitalisation and death for symptomatic Covid-19, at this point there is no concrete evidence that they can thwart transmission, scientists say. “So there is a danger of simply assuming because you’ve been vaccinated, you don’t then spread Covid-19, and that would not be a good scientific basis for a policy of passports,” Archard says. 

  • Surge testing - COVID-19: which areas are being mass tested for variants?

  • The World's largest clinical trial (12,000 'patents') is called Recovery. Actually, the first really LARGE worldwide clinical trial is called Vaccinate the World with a mRNA gene therapy (aka 'vaccine'). This national clinical trial aims to identify treatments that may be beneficial for people hospitalised with 'suspected' (?! - DA) or confirmed COVID-19. The WHO (controlled by?) is also running its own - Solidarity ('stopping the spread of the virus' - we are all in this together). Again the magic number of 12,000 patients (is this the same trial as Recovery by just another name, Louis? - DA)

Solidarity: use of drugs (names not declared) on three 'important outcomes'

  • mortality
  • need for assisted ventilation (recategorised 'flu or pneumonia?)
  • duration of hospital stay (implies survival)
The WHO 'recommends' not self-medicating until the WHO says it's 'safe'. But it doesn't mention any specific medication (how can anyone self-medicate with something that isn't even declared? - DA)


RECOVERY is a randomised trial investigating whether treatment with the following chemical agents prevents death in patients with COVID-19 (or maybe 'flu or even pneumoniaDA)


Chemical agents examined 

Lopinavir-Ritonavir (antiviral combination)

Hydroxychloroquine (antimalarial)

Corticosteroids (steroids)

 Steroids are used to treat many conditions in which the body’s defense system doesn’t work properly and causes tissue damage. Steroids may be the main therapy for certain diseases. For other conditions, steroids might only be used sparingly or when other measures have not been successful.

Steroids are used in the treatment for certain rheumatologic inflammatory conditions, such as:

Azithromycin (antibiotic)


IV Immunoglobulin (children only)

Convalescent plasma

Synthetic neutralising antibodies


Tocilizumab (used to treat rheumatoid arthritis)

Aspirin (used to treat pain, and reduce fever

or inflammation)

Baricitinib or Anakinra (children only)

used to treat rheumatoid arthritis

An unlicensed medicine has become popular thanks to social media promotion (MSM) - but just how dangerous is it?

The hypocrisy is staggering
(but hardly surprising - DA)

Agencies are quick enough to scream 'not enough testing' when (relatively) small numbers are involved but when it comes to untested technologies [mRNA gene therapy (criminally called a 'vaccine') it remains silent (but still culpable) to entice people to take part in an undeclared global clinical trial and obtaining consent under false pretences by lying and withholding truth].

  • Even now (21.04.2021) if anyone dies after a PCR-derived positive 'test' then they are always assumed to have died of COVID-19. Within 28-days (why this time frame? - DA). There can be no other reason. Being shot to death is not good enough - definitely a COVID-19 death. However, if death happens after vaccination, there must be some other reason. The vaccine is 100% safe.
At the moment, thousands of people around the World are being given Covid vaccines every day. If someone gets ill or dies shortly after being vaccinated, this does not mean the vaccine caused it. The UK has so far received 143 reports of death following vaccination - none of which were caused by it. The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) says:

“The majority of these reports were in elderly people or people with underlying illness. Review of individual reports and patterns of reporting does not suggest the vaccine played a role in the death.”

Source: Full fact


What you need to know:

COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective. Millions of people in the United States have received COVID-19 vaccines, and these vaccines...


will (future, hasn't done so yet)


...undergo the most intensive safety monitoring in U.S. history.


  • Coronavirus: 


Oxygen Deprivation (07.04.2020)


Note: some of these videos have been 'disabled'


  • Lord Hancock? Lord Whitty? It's in the cards, Louis -  DA. That Hancock is to have a 'staycation' holiday in Cornwall is compelling evidence that he has not been vaccinated (16.04.2021). Can't travel abroad.
  • A trial is about to begin to determine if mixing vaccine types (1st and 2nd dose) can be made to work. The Pfizer-Moderna-AstraZeneca 'products' are being considered. Adequate trialling of the unique 'vaccines' hasn't yet been done to establish safety and now they are actually considering a mix and match (one size fits all) concept? The Pfizer and Moderna 'vaccines' are not vaccines anyway. What next? Already children are being enrolled in 'trials'. Why?
Prediction (01.01.2021)

Mass testing of children to soon commence. My prediction is that the new variant of a non-existent (fictitious) virus (SARS-CoV-2 which has never been proven to exist) will infect and cause disease in children. The transmission will be more effective. The vaccines will be mandated - Boris Johnson had said that this is not in the British culture (till now. The multi-national society).

   Is this 'test' PCR? Confine people indoors out of sunlight and DO NOT inform them of the well-documented fact that vitamin D strengthens the immune system. People will more likely catch a common cold/'flu. The unfit-for-purpose PCR 'test' will detect an undefined coronavirus DNA/RNA fragment and this will 'prove' that the disease is rampant. Impose tougher restrictions (tier 5 and 6...?).

Happy New Year (2021) everyone!


Well, Louis was not entirely wrong in his prediction - as at 14.02.2021 but AstraZeneca is to test their vaccine in children aged between 6 and 17. The immediate challenge is... why? - DA


It was also revealed that the efficacy of the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine is to be tested in children in a new clinical trial. Researchers will use 300 volunteers to assess whether the jab will produce a strong immune response in children aged between six and 17


The incidence of infection (alleged) in young children and teenagers is very low - even officially - so why experiment on young people at all? And the low incidence claim is coming from the propaganda machine itself (BBC). The justification is that they might be carriers and infect adults. Vaccination does not render an individual immune from infection, but only the moderation of any symptoms (the science and not the rhetoric).


The incidence of infection in the non-vaccinated population is rising fast - with new variant! Those vaccinated are not being infected (asymptomatic does not mean no infection, it is just not known - DA)


COVID-19 vaccine


Will it be available for children?


Children aren't at risk (and neither is anybody else - DA). They will then attempt vaccinating the unborn. After that? Vaccinate sperm and female eggs. Hey, Louis. Who needs an immune system anyway? - DA

What better way to scare all of humanity into the pen of annual Covid vaccination compliance than to regularly fearmonger about the latest and worst COVID-19 variant ever to have been started by a superspreader … … … and “coming to a theatre near you”.

  • Vaccines are being used as prophylactics. On the back of a lie, well people are being made sick. And they are dying. It's murder, Louis - DA
  • Denial of treatment: recategorise severe 'flu in a weakened person as COVID-19 and deny use of antibiotics. Don't bother with antivirals. Result = death when survival was likely if given the right treatment.
  • The issue of plastic in the oceans has always been a mystery. Especially since forensically examining the COVID-19 hoax. How can so much plastic allegedly enter the oceans unless it is deliberately dumped there? The microplastics that enter the food chain have caused great concern - the way that it has been carefully 'communicated'. Consumers have bought into the idea and have tried to eliminate plastic waste from their own agenda. They have taken up to accepting the limited plastic bags (at cost) in supermarkets and bought more expensive reusable bags. It is up to manufacturers to alter their ways not for people to deal with problems that are the sole responsibility of manufacturers. If they want their products to be viewed (clear plastic) then they must find a solution. They are the cause of the problem. They must solve it.
    Plastic is an obvious problem but as the climate change hoax becomes less urgent to people they are just getting bored with it and switching off. For a good dose of fear and anxiety, the COVID-19 issue has certainly done that. So much so that people have 'got the jab' with an untested and experimental non-vaccine or a potentially very dangerous (untested) conventional product that is claimed to be a vaccine for use against an unproven-to-exist pathogen (SARS-CoV-2). When people are scared they lose all sense of reason.

If you want to make radical changes that will attract massive public rejection to the introduction of any proposed change, create a problem so that people scream out for the authorities (governments) to do something to protect and save the them. In due course, provide the solution that has the baggage of the change that is wanted (by the government). Instead of the massive objection, the changes are welcomed enthusiastically - by the people.

  • In its claim to start the economy, the UK government reveals considerable conflict. On the one hand 'stay safe' by wearing facemasks and maintaining social distancing (1m plus) yet allowing essentially free movement to incoming air travellers. Holidays have begun to hot spots allegedly recently plagued by ('a' - DA) coronavirus - Italy and Spain - with no requirement to self-isolate on return. The 'control' of the spread of coronavirus infection is...
out of control

The message to be read is that
there is NOT any problem
(and maybe there never was - DA) 

  • A major concern is any vaccine. The campaign to make people compliant (and probably fighting to get to the head of the queue) is well underway - since around March 2020. The spread of fear over the ensuing months has accelerated the global demand for a 'cure'.

  • An inadequately tested vaccine by fast-tracking (this should take years and implies cutting corners and taking shortcuts - DA) is by definition very dangerous.

Injecting an 'untested' (not fully
understood) substance into a human.
Long term issues (side effects)
could not be known for a long, long time.

The coronavirus is alleged to be zoonotic - the transmission of a coronavirusSARS-CoV-2, from animals (mammals) to humans. The dynamic is alleged to be from human-to-human, so why do animals appear to be relatively unaffected by this disease? Originally, the story goes that bats are the source. Yet, although the transmission is supposed to be from animalsanimals seem to have a low risk of infection (are they just carriers? Very confused - DA   

Caution must be exercised with carefully considered actionThe seasonal 'flu vaccination appears to render the individual susceptible to other viruses not included in the vaccine (SARS-CoV-2). The common cold (a coronavirus) may enable the individual to build up a natural defense against other viruses without ANY vaccinationSARS-CoV-2.

Ramping up the apparent urgency

Delays to worry people -

you won't be able to get a test

So what?

It is made to sound like if you don't get tested

you are under a heightened likelihood

of getting an infection

This is STILL a very popular program. The real question is why the BBC should decide to fire the three current individuals hosting the show - team captains Matt Dawson and Phil Tufnell and presenter Sue Barker - each a successful sportsperson in their own field. Respectively, Rugby, Cricket, and Tennis. It cannot be ageism (Strictly Come Dancing - Arlene Phillips - 20.05.2020). So, what could be an explanation?

   If Eastenders or some other 'soap opera' was cancelled there would probably be national outrage. But the audience is possibly very different for each type of TV slot. It boils down to the likelihood of compliance with government restrictions (don't just jump when told - ask how high? - DA). A punishment ahead of any 'crime' is to remove the enjoyment from a perceived non-compliant population. Do as you're told and question and challenge nothing. And receive a reward - programs are left untouched.

   The BBC has done this type of thing before - Top Gear.

The three GITS (STIG backward) have undeniable chemistry but Jeremy Clarkson was sacked - not only did the BBC shoot off its foot but actually the entire leg (and more -  DA).

  • 'Restrictions' (section 17) are fast becoming illegal activities. Citizens of the UK are to be placed under house arrest (self-isolation, Louis - DA) because of an alleged positive test result - being criminalised.

Who has seen and had their positive test result carefully explained in detailTo be satisfied that they see the same data that alleges the positive test of potentially a fatal disease and it's all done by post. That's no proof of a 'positive' test result. [It's all nauseatingly off-hand and you'll have to self-isolate (be placed under house arrest) for 14 daysthough - DA]

  • Panorama exposed the failure of a world-class testing system. A flawed test and trace (The Guardian). A volunteer tracer had no contacts to deal with on several occasions. The system was concluded to be either ineffective or that too many tracers were being used. What was not considered is that the massaged figures (allegedly 100s of positive tests every day) are in fact nearer zero.

Massaged = 100's of new 'cases'

True figure = 0

  • To test a potential vaccine by infecting healthy 'volunteers' (dangerously ill-advised - DAso early in 'development' (a new drug can take up to 10 years in the approval process - DA) is unethical. To test healthy volunteers with a new drug (or vaccine) that has been shown to be safe through animal testing is the accepted protocol, but to deliberately, and knowingly, infect someone with a potentially lethal disease (SAR-CoV-2 leading to COVID-19: section 1) is both immoral and illegal (premeditated murder - 1st or 2nd degree? The Coronavirus Act 2020 indemnifies every complicit individual from prosecution. Effectively, it legalises murder - DA).
  • People lured by compensation to volunteer for trials (a financial inducement or an up-front payment if all later goes wrong? - DAmay overlook the known risks, or they may fail to adequately appreciate (not told? - DA) the potential for discovery of serious side effects during clinical testing of a new treatment. This assumes there is no cover-up of adverse reactions.
  • It's important to test medical products in the people they are meant to help (everyone on the planet who is to be controlled -  DA). In the past, most drug testing had been done on white men. Groups such as womenblacks, and Hispanics often were not adequately represented. It's important to test medical products in a wide variety of people because drugs can work differently in people of various agesracesethnicity, and gender. The FDA seeks to ensure that people from many different groups are included in clinical trials.
  • Even more dangerous is the possibility of the FDA being overruled by the White House in the race to roll out a vaccine [elections are looming (3rd November 2020) - DA]Anything will do and it'll look good. Unless it...




   Yet another reason to wonder if 'a vaccine' (and whatever may be in it - DA) has not already undergone lengthy (secret) trials and has been deemed safe. This would mean that the 'pandemic' had been orchestrated (to arrange or combine so as to achieve a desired or maximum effect) and planned a long while ago (the concept dates back to the 1930s) -

a hoax perpetrated to control

on a global scale


   The US president (Donald Trump) consistently advocated the use of the drug (anti-malarial hydroxychloroquine) against the advice of Dr. Fauci who said: "We know that every single good study - and by good study, I mean randomised control study in which data are firm and believable - has shown that hydroxychloroquine is not effective in the treatment of Covid-19."

   The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has advised against using the drug to treat coronavirus patients following reports of "serious heart rhythm problems" and other health issues.


The FDA has revoked (15.06.2020) the EUA (28.03.2020) for

hydroxychloroquine but issues EUA (latest - 01.04.2021)

for untested and unproven-safe 'vaccines' - COVID-19 


There are mixed reports concerning this drug:

for using hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19 (23.04.2020)

Study shows hydroxychloroquine's

harmful effects on heart rhythm (01.06.2020)

Hydroxychloroquine not linked to longer heart rhythm intervals

in RA (rheumatoid arthritis) or lupus patients (06.11.20

   The World Health Organization (WHO) says:

"there is currently no proof" that it is effective

as a treatment or prevents COVID-19 


Western Public Health Officials

Intentionally Withholding

 Life-Saving Safe Treatments for Covid

Louis, is it possible that BIG Pharma 'lobbied' the FDA

to 'persuade' it to favour the untested and expensive

'vaccines' instead of the cheap and well-tested

hydroxychloroquine? DA


   Always be very careful by doing an in-depth analysis of really scary stuff (or rather, stuff that is designed to be really scary - DA). Consider motives along with: is it truth or lies? Expect a lot of misdirection.

  • The coronavirus mess continues to get just messier. The confusion arises because all the lies to try and tell a consistent 'narrative' become more difficult to control...

... When you live with integrity, you don’t have to worry about inconsistenciesremember what you said to whom, or play games. There’s no need to fear embarrassment, no need to hide in the shadows or to live in shame (a politician!? - DA). When you live with honor (sic), you’re comfortable in your skin and totally authentic.

   Expect more and more contradictory statements as more and more control is lost - more lies keep coming out of Ministers' mouths. They spit so many they should all be wearings facemasks (a plastic bag might be more appropriate to contain the verbal abuse DA).

    In a special update (30.09.2020), Johnson 'talks' about students' good behaviour and co-operation. Apart from being confused about restrictions (not being familiar with his own orders and unsettling even more people by showing incompetent 'leadership' DA), Johnson is completely unaware of the real behaviour (late night = 29.09.2020) patterns (flouting the 'rule of six') despite an alleged COVID-19 'spike':

Hundreds of Coventry University

students defy restrictions 

  • reduction should soon be followed by an increase in infections probably early December. Just in time to cancel Christmas (04.10.2020) (the third wave. Unless people start to behave as ordered - DA).

Revolt against 'restrictions' is growing. More reason to expect an 'escalation' in positive 'cases' - a crude attempt to quash any rebellion. And punish the nation with tougher restrictions = illegal (criminal) acts. The 'rule of six' is designed to close down speakers' corner and similar venues - it is possible that the truth could be heard here (people may actually hear something really disturbing. That can't be allowed - DA). Mass gatherings are already illegal (against the rules, Louis. No, you're right: illegal DA).

  • Just to be clear about criminalisation: travellers breaking the (complex) rules can be fined up to £1000 (will be fined - DA) and then have a criminal record. The


is well underway, and what will happen to this MP (Scotland)? A fine (£480)criminal recordsacked if resignation fails to occur? (Watch this space. How exciting DA). By the next day (02.10.2020), things are hotting up for Margaret Ferrier



  • The test-and-trace app (downloaded to a particular phone) can provide the known user's location at any time - 'phones are usually left turned on. It is a simple task to then track the whereabouts of any person of interest at any time. The obvious flaw in this (if true, of course - DA) is that any suspect would use a burner phone.
  • What happens when you get a blocked nose? Loss of smell. This is alleged to be a symptom of coronavirus infection. The common cold is a coronavirus. So, it is a coronavirus infection but NOT necessarily SARS-CoV-2

Unnecessary scaremongering -

  • Boris Johnson - ...everybody got 'complacent' over the virus... has become essential to make the restrictions tougher until the people learn OUR new ways. The new normal - DA.

And they will learn.

However long it takes

Those new behaviours government(s) (Louis, it's plural - DA) wants. The real grief hasn't even started yet (exactly - DA).

Tougher restrictions in the north of England. Another spike

(alleged 'spike', Louis. It's all... so they say without any evidence.

Is this area just more difficult to control? DA)

False-positive what does it mean?

  • This update was issued about 1:30am this morning (nicely timed to wake people up with some bad news to start their day - DA)The figures allege to show that of the 12,872 new 'cases'...

since mass testing began

...49 people have died within 28 days of testing positive for a coronavirus infection. The conclusion is that they all died of COVID-19...


   What is the evidence? Perhaps they had some other moderate upper-respiratory tract illness (a coronavirus) but died of some other (undisclosed) health condition. What was the age of these people?

  • The testing regime promulgated (cost 10.09.2020) is to be trialed (announcement 02.09.2020and will be a 20-minute swab-to-result. This speed raises the obvious question about how accurate at detecting true positives this test will be? And how selective for specifically SARS-CoV-2 it will be? What evidence is there to support this?
  • What are the challenges of mass testing? "On-the-day" testing accurately (for once - DA) describes the similarity to the MOT test for a vehicle. A pass may happen today but tomorrow it could fail. This exemplifies the dangers of any test. Someone who has been tested negative can then visit a theatre or elsewhere but could actually be positive shortly after the test. It's absurd.
  • Mass testing roll-out could be delayed for 2-years (28.09.2020) - supply chain issues. (Nice idea in principle if it is shown by evidence to actually work effectively but in practice, it is set to fail at the first hurdle. It's likely now that this will be the justification for the third wave of infections. It's not our fault, gov DA)

  • Louis, I'm confused. And I have contacts above and below EarthLiving on the surface must be a real nightmareAll the lies and double standards. I have absolute integrity and honour really. I do. Can you explain it? The roll-out of this mass testing seems to be in absolute turmoil. Chaos doesn't even come close to a definitionHow is it that since testing there are so many alleged new 'cases' and... since when? The last date suggested before the claimed roll-out was 28.09.2020 and even then it could be delayed by 2-years. Within a week there are allegedly 12,872 new 'cases' DA.

It is predictable that if you DO NOT self-test
then you will not be allowed
the same freedoms as
those who do.

To date, about 33% of the UK is under

heightened restrictions

(forbidden by law. Criminal. Prison next? - DA)

   Official Government figures for the number of 'cases' of ('a' - DA) coronavirus infection [this is NOT COVID-19 'case' (see section 1)] have not been updated since 21.08.2020 (more than 6 weeks). The most recent alleged numbers according to the BBC declared that up until 04.10.2020 there were 12,872 'cases'. According to official Government figures, nothing has happened for several weeks but the BBC doesn't agree.
  • As expected, the number of new COVID 'cases' has rapidly increased in the northwest, northeast, Yorkshire, and The Humber as the next steps are planned (an accurate description - planning = plotting the next steps to increase the pressure - DA). The ramping up of the alleged and unverifiable numbers justifies the greater loss of freedoms. As the Government piles on the pressure

Louis: does anyone actually know first-hand of any 'victims' or is it


only third-hand and hearsay. The media can never be trusted to tell
that is expedient - DA

In Europe: 

"the virus has risen again,

with renewed venom"

   The article describes the apparent alarming rise in the numbers of 'cases'. Moving toward year-end 2020, the picture looks very grim and Christmas and New Year are on target to be cancelled. The effect on families will be catastrophic and the misery caused terminal. With the economic 'hit' throughout Europe, the destruction of the economies is also in the firing line.

The statistics mention death rate =  per 100,000:

                    deaths               death rate                total 'cases'

U             42,825                    63.8%                        603,716

Belgium    10,191                    88.8%                        162,258

    In the UKdeaths = 42,825/603,716 = 7.1% of allegedly confirmed 'cases'. What are the agesethnicity of these 'cases', and what other health issues were involved? The death rate is classed as per 100,000 people. Even this obscure statistic (is possibly) only 7.1 x 6.03 = 42.8%. A long way adrift from the death rate = 63.8%. Where does this figure (63.8%) come from?

   The (UK) population = 67,988,904, so the number of 'cases' = 0.89% and the number of deaths (associated with a coronavirus infection - DA) = 0.063%.

Globally = 42,825/7,818,239,000 = 0.00055%

   Belgium is even less dramaticdeaths = 10,191/162,258 = 6.3% of allegedly confirmed 'cases'Death rate (88.8%) at most is 6.3 x 1.63 = 10.3%. Of the Belgian population = 10,191/11,604,158 = 0.088%.

Globally = 10,191/7,818,239,000 = 0.00013%

   So, depending on how figures are described, the statistics of deaths and the number of 'cases' varies by orders of magnitude:

10 to 0.0001 = x 100,000

This is massaging figures

Energy impact by 2025 (UK)

Long COVID-19 = length of 'suffering'

This implies there is a 'short' (?) COVID-19, Louis - DA

To date, 35m people (worldwide) have allegedly become confirmed 'cases' of whom 1m have died. Again, numbers are unverifiable by attempting to consult an impeccable source (no such place exists on the planet. Or even above or below - DA). In terms of the global population of 7,818,235,000 = 0.0128%

Global deaths = 2.9% 'cases'

Global population = 0.0000000128%

between 2.9% - 0.0000000128%

x 100,000,000 (100 million)

This is grossly massaging figures

By describing statistics in different ways


any story can be presented

  • We know (no we don't - DA) COVID-19 has 'caused' 1000of deaths (been associated with - DA). Missed a trick here BBC. Shouldn't this be 100,000of deaths?

😇 or 😟

  • The science has consistently been ignored (like nearly everything else - DA), the social challenge is working effectively so all that's left is the economic challenge. This too is working well to help destroy global economies, making the way ahead clear for a New World Government (Order).
   World War 1 and World War 2 were fought with contemporary weapons to kill peopleWW3 was a financial meltdown that continues to this dayWW4 is the addition of subjugation to WW3. This is where it gets confused. Probably still WW3WW4 will come later when WW3 has properly ended (never? - DA)The next phase (WW3.5? - DA).

The only predator the human has?

Another human

  • Yet another 'spike'. So they say.

  • The incidence of ONE man (gender-specific - DA) who is allegedly a COVID-19 'case' has developed hearing loss. Is that partialtotal or what? Possibly, some other diagnosis applies. Inadequate reporting (again - DAbut designed to alarm.
  • Order of significant dates of events:
Highly Consequence Infectious Disease (HCID) - 22.10.2018
List oHCIDs does not mention COVID-19 (updated - 17.06.2020)

Pandemic declared (WHO) - 11.03.2020
UK Chancellor announces £330 billion available - 17.03.2020
HCID Downgraded 19.03.2020
First lockdown - 23.03.2020
National Emergency - 24.03.2020
Coronavirus Act 2020 - 25.03.2020

   In the duration of just 2 weeks (11.03.2020 - 25.03.2020), a pandemic was declared (11.03.2020), the UK Chancellor announced the availability of £330 billion (17.03.2020), COVID-19 was downgraded as an HCID, the first lockdown began (23.03.2020).

   A National Emergency was declared (24.03.2020) and The Coronavirus Act 2020 became law (25.03.2020). And restrictions are constantly being ramped upChristmas and New Year celebrations are on schedule to be cancelled and a vaccine will almost certainly be approved to save Easter (the anniversary of Boris Johnson's COVID-19 stunt - DAand the family unit should be just about destroyedMental health issues caused by a fear of death will be at a peak. vaccine will save us all.

Louis, coincidences don't just happen.

And even if they did, 6 events in 2 weeks?

It's absolutely... too much to accept - DA

  • A vaccine has been 'approved' for inoculating people against COVID-19. This is for people who have not yet been infected. It is alleged to offer protection (against specifically SARS-CoV-2) to prevent getting the first infection. What about those who have been infected (possibly without symptoms) and unknowingly 'recovered'? Or had mild symptoms or worse and have recovered? They may already have an immunity (antibody, T-cells) and vaccination would be pointless. Does the introduction of a vaccine for someone who already has immunity pose any problems? The mechanism of the Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna 'vaccine' (not 'vaccines' - DA) action is new (mRNA = gene therapy) and has not been validated (or the efficacy or long/short-term safety established).
  • The vaccine must be given as two injections, three weeks apart (according to Boris Johnson and the BBC). How long does an immunity take to build in the human system? By definition, the vaccine will not be 'fully effective' until both have been received. The logistics are a potential nightmare for those receiving a vaccine (in two parts). This will mean two visits to the location providing the vaccine [at least there should be three weeks (! - DA) to make note of any adverse reaction/s].
  • The storage of the vaccine requires maintenance at a low temperature of the sealed vial containing the vaccine solution. The manufacture under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) is a condition of any licensing approval to manufacture and sell. This guarantees that the product is made to a specified minimum standard of quality and purity that can only be ascertained after extensive and long-term analyses (?) and investigation before large-scale manufacture can commence. 'Long-term' storage is by packing the product intended for inoculating people surrounded by solid carbon dioxide (dry ice) at -70degC. Special containers are necessary for shipping from a manufacturing site around the world to a central distribution location.
  • The vaccine must then be moved to a more local-specific 'mass vaccination' centre. How is the maintenance of a low T executed? Dry ice does not last long as a solid. It sublimes from solid to vapour (there is no liquid phase) and in so doing removes heat. The latent heat of evaporation (the cooling effect). The dry ice must be replaced as necessary. Where is the dry-ice for this very purpose kept? This solid material must itself be kept in special containers while it is shipped from the production site. Carbon dioxide exists as a gas in the air at ambient temperatures. The solid form is not the natural state. As the dry-ice sublimes to vapour it cools the surrounding environment and ends up in the atmosphere. Where are Greta and her co-conspirators (this book masterfully demolishes the myth of the climate change activists - DA) when 100s thousands of tonnes of this gas are deliberately injected globally into the atmosphere?
  • A drug must be kept cold (usually at around 0 degC in a 'fridge). The reason for this is the 'shelf life'. The 'active' component degrades faster at warmer temperatures than when cold. Degradation will occur (this can also happen with UV light - kept in the dark) and the integrity of the drug can no longer be guaranteed.
  • The vaccine has been 'approved' (authorised for use only, Louis - DA) as being safe and effective. The follow-up of the 'trial' volunteers will be for two years to determine if any long-term adverse effects manifest (too late for those who have already been 'vaccinated' - DA). In the meantime roll it out anyway for mass inoculation before anything can be reported (any negative reports would spoil things wouldn't they, Louis - DA). The British regulator (MHRA) claims the vaccine is safe. (Louis, why then is indemnifying Pfizer against all injuries necessary? Safety factors are impossible to know until at least two years into the future - a Government crystal ball? - DA).
  • The individual who actually injects the vaccine will be a 'trained' person who almost certainly has not developed any 'people skills'. Students and... anybody (Coronavirus Act 2020). The level of trust for the person receiving the 'jab' (in two parts) will predictably be very low. If a doctor or nurse was to give the inoculation, a higher level of trust must exist compared to an unskilled but 'trained' someone (perhaps they will dress up as nurses, Louis. Criminally masquerading as someone that they are not - DA).
  • The integrity of a potentially dangerous vaccine with an untested methodology is completely unknown. The handling of such an unstable product (it is stored at -70 degC) must be done by trained and qualified specialists who have the knowledge to act in a safe manner. To allow just 'trained' people to undertake any part of the process is dangerously stupid. Would you be a passenger in an aeroplane knowing that the young pilot has been trained for maybe just a couple of weeks (or less - DA).
  • Why do animals appear to be immune? Well, animal behaviour cannot happen by coercion. The zoonosis theory has not been mentioned in months. Have people forgotten about this? Probably. It wasn't really pushed very hard at the time. Wuhan hasn't been mentioned either. In fact, China hasn't been cited much at all.

    Animal produce (eggs, milk, meat) does not appear to transmit cellular infections. What is the science behind this?
  • Serial testing strategies have been implemented to rapidly identify and isolate symptomatic people. However, to effectively contain the viral spread, it is important to identify asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic people as they are also likely to transmit the infection to others (pre-symptomatic = healthy and 'non-infected' = mass testing? - DA) 
  • Does a vaccine render an individual asymptomatic? An 'infected' victim does not manifest disease? If someone gets vaccinated, does this make the individual exempt from testing? (it would spoil the 'narrativeif a recently vaccinated person was tested positive! - DA). They may be infected but just not know it. Vaccination may slow the spread of infection (the virus will eventually be deactivated. But mRNA? - DA). A possible infection source would be effectively hidden by being vaccinated.
  • Police pushed up the vaccination ladderWhich one? AstraZeneca or Pfizer/BioNTech/Moderna? Of course, they are Patel's enforcers. Has the army already been done (AstraZeneca)Adverse reactions to mRNA 'vaccine' would damage enforcement. If the police/army both got the AZ vaccine, it would be compelling evidence of the deliberate use of the mRNA technology.
  • Can you catch the virus outside? ...water evaporates from droplets. Only outside? In any case, the viral particle(s) would be released into the air and so be blown around. They would travel. Dilution in the outside space apparently should be a good thing? Infection with one particle is all that is needed for replication to commence. Logical?
  • "On Tuesday (19.01.2020) the UK reached a new daily record of 1,610 deaths (0.0032% of the UK population) within 28 days of a positive COVID-19 test". Someone tested every day will probably eventually test positive (!!!). They are probably tested at least every 28 days. What was the cause of death? A 'death' could be of a 95-year old in a nursing home with an unqualified existing health condition. Old age and/or heart failure, perhaps? No. Another COVID-19 statistic to massage numbers upwards. If they had been vaccinated, would it have protected them against heart failure and old ageOld people do die - of natural causes. It's called: end-of-life.
  • 96-year-old twin dies with COVID-19 after 'contracting coronavirus'. At what stage was the old lady tested positive?
  • Met cops fined £200 each for breaching lockdown rules - a refreshment break (meeting) while on duty. Will these officers now be allowed to become hypocrites by fining others?
  • Vaccination - to cut the transmission of the virus? But only if self-isolation happens after inoculation. A person could be inoculated, become infected, and be asymptomatic, yet still transmit the virus.
  • School pupils vaccinated - to stop transmissionWhy? How does this work? It does justify getting the children (unnecessarily?) vaccinated. Young people are not at the highest risk (allegedly).
  • Bill Gates into Chris Whitty for £31,000,000 ($40 million). As a UK Government 'influencer'Whitty is in a perfect position to control the 'coronavirus response'. Do the Devil's bidding? (hey Louis, leave us out of this - DA).
  • They really are trawling the weakest ideas. Genetic sequencing (!!!) of sewage streams to identify the next variantWho are they kidding? Even SARS-CoV-2 has not yet been sequenced. The 'spike' protein may be as this would be necessary for any mRNA (!!!) 'vaccine' to be designed and manufactured. If that is what it does - 'vaccinate' against the alleged COVID-19.
  • COVID-19 rates go up while heart failure rates come down. A symptom of heart failure is breathlessnessOddNot really. Sounds like either misdiagnosis or recategorising heart failure death as a COVID-19 'case'.
  • Errors can be made when the numbers are low. A positive COVID-19 test (for what it's worth) involves hundreds of thousands of tests. The potential for many false positives/negatives is huge. The assumption is 100% accuracy. That is absurd.
  • How many Government 'officers' (Ministers, civil servants...) have been vaccinatedAllNone. They can all be regarded as 'key workers' as what would we all do without them? One thing is certain, such information will never enter the media.
  • New variant - infects children (took a while for this claim to start, Louis. Your script was written ages ago DA).
  • All of a sudden pre-existing conditions are considered a major contributing factor in COVID-19 deaths and the 'vaccine' is quite safe. They've never been considered before - it's always been a COVID-19 death. Even if you get shotCOVID-19 got you. You weren't murdered. That's a license to kill. No need to be concerned. People die after the 'vaccine' (doesn't work then - DA) - pre-existing conditions or total organ failure? It's obviously the 'virus' and nothing to do with mRNA gene therapy. Even though we've done no testing on the elderly, we still 'know' it's safe. How? Because WE (who?) say so.
  • PCR cycle number determination
PCR steps of denaturation, annealing, and extension are repeated (or “cycled”) many times to amplify the target DNA. The number of cycles is usually carried out 25–35 times but may vary upon the amount of DNA input and the desired yield of PCR product. If the DNA input is fewer than 10 copies, up to 40 cycles may be required to produce a sufficient yield. More than 45 cycles are not recommended as nonspecific bands start to appear with higher numbers of cycles. Also, the accumulation of by-products and depletion of reaction components drastically lower PCR efficiency, resulting in a characteristic plateau phase for a PCR amplification curve. Conversely, low cycle numbers are preferable for unbiased amplification (as in next-generation sequencing) and accurate replication of target DNA (as in cloning).

  • In the case of an infection with possibly 'something', a crude binary qualitative 'test' is carried out. Yes/noblack/whiteon/off, positive/negative result will be arbitrarily used to determine guilt or innocence. The result is recorded and forwarded to a national database as +/-. About as non-scientific as is possible. There is no opportunity to challengehouse arrest or not? Based on no evidence other than the 'test' which cannot specify any particular antigen. Simply the associated protein formation in an alleged COVID-19 infection (do these proteins develop in any coronavirus infectionLouis? - DA)Lateral flow antigen test (27.01.2021). This is effectively a kangaroo court and guilt or innocence verdicts are arbitrarily and summarily 'judged' without evidence. Basic Human Rights are breached. There can be no 'in-between'. Simply an undefined 'threshold' that is crossedOne side non-infectious and the other infectious and the viral load (25.11.2020) will never be determined.

  • Mass testing with such a crude and ineffective system determines the guilt or innocence of millions who have committed no crime other than being a UK citizen. Where is the register of 'test' validations to prove that the 'test kit' (11.02.2021) can do as described and has been calibrated against some undefined standard? It doesn't exist and on the basis of these unproven 'Micky Mouse testing kits', global lock-downs, the destruction of society, and the imposition of draconian restrictions have taken place. The alleged PCR 'test' that is done (? - DA) has no standard cycle number specified. This too forms a 'lottery' as to who may be positive/negative depending on nothing more than the testing station policy. Is there a financial inducement to return a positive result? This would explain the very high cycle number (45) that is commonly used, when the 'secret' is declared (found out, Louis - DA). This 'test' has been branded 'worse than useless' by Dr. Anthony Fauci (the American equivalent of the Bill Gates 'colleague' Chris Whitty - recipient of research funding).
  • It is quite transparent that... lock-down = 'vaccine'. The 'Government' dictum. Stay indoors... or else? Protect the NHS - how does this work? Save lives - how does this work? The mantra spewed out at every opportunity to raise awareness and the consequential level of fear - the terrible guilt created from not conforming (doing as your told - DA).
  • Despite warnings, the FDA would have it that vaccines are safe and effective because of learnings from past disasters. EUA allows its authorisation for use even though it has not been approved and has not been through any clinical trials that demonstrate safety. Rushing through the unsafe 'vaccine' is 'colossally stupid'

  • Adjuvants (aluminium) - create a stronger immune response
  • mRNA - what is the RNA? It is not declared. Like stating that people drive cars without mentioning that there are many different makes of car
Some comments must be made about this note:

1. The picture shows a young black girl being inoculated: about 9 -10 years old. Hardly a primary group of the most vulnerable especially considering the supply problems that are alleged.

2. The 'acceptance of a vaccine' is the next hurdle. This is stating that people need convincing that the vaccines are both necessary and safe. Well-designed programme strategies will be needed to drive acceptance and uptake

3. ...vaccines will be new (and untested long-term) and are likely to be only partially effective for a yet unknown period of time (2 years) 

The claim in order to achieve authorisation (NOT approval) of the Pfizer 'vaccine' in a study involving 44,000 volunteers was that the efficacy is >95% (162 infections in the non-vaccinated control group and 8 infections in the vaccinated group. A total of 170 infections in 44,000 = 0.386% incidence of infection at all. A global emergency which gave rise to the declaration of a pandemic and the lock-downs and deaths caused by governmental edicts worldwide. Whatever the Chinese do the rest of the World follows

The LIES and misinformation from the authorities

 4. There may be so-called adverse events rightly or incorrectly attributed to the new vaccines, and countries will set different safety thresholds before offering the vaccines to their populations.

Only rightly - demonstrates caution and skepticism - but mostly common sense.

5. Given the limited supply in the short to medium term, vaccines are likely to be prioritised for health workers at high risk of acquiring or transmitting infection and older adults. Eventually, vaccination efforts will expand to target diverse populations not typically reached with immunisation programmes, both across and within countries.

Eventually. Why black children, already then - presumably in Africa?

6. Research has shown that it is not enough to provide information on vaccines to encourage their uptake.

What does it need then? Being frog-marched to a vaccination centre? Mandating? Denial of the right to decline (aka refuse) uninformed consent.

7. The World Health Organisation:

Technical Advisory Group on Behavioural Insights and Sciences for Health - Biographies

"If the default in schools is to vaccinate all students, with the provision of allowing those who object to opt out, then vaccination rates will likely be higher than if the default is to provide vaccination only to those who opt in."

To provide - makes it sound like a kindly service. Instead of vaccinating only those students who opt-in, the default should be everyone unless they object and by choice decide to opt-out. This should improve rates of vaccination

Arrogantly, the WHO seems to have a low opinion of students to imagine they'll fall for that tactic. They must imagine the students are all rather dim. Like the UK Government and the opinion they hold of the British people.

8. "Making vaccines easily accessible in safe, familiar and convenient locations, such as 'drop-in' clinics that are near where people often go, can also encourage uptake.

Nothing about the safety of any vaccine - only compliance to accepting it.

9. This should be accompanied by targeted, credible and clear communication from trusted sources demonstrating that getting vaccinated is important, beneficial, easy, quick and affordable - the propaganda.

Targeted (you're in BIG BROTHER's sights). Clouded LIES. Trusted (very subjective). Vaccination is important - to whom? Easy and quick - so is execution by firing squad. Affordable for the tax payer. There will always be some sort of cost attached.   

10. The need to harness social influences, including from trusted community figures and amplifying endorsements from trusted community members can also help.

Watch out for the roll-out of all the 'National Treasures', Sir this, Sir that - figures of the establishment + the Queen.

11. By making vaccine uptake “visible” to others, through clinics in prominent public places or by enabling ways for people to signal that they have received the vaccine – on social media, in news media or in person – we can contribute to making the social norm more salient.

Wear a badge or do not require a mask. No restrictions to access pubs, clubs, restaurants, shops, travel (domestic and international) - a vaccine passport.

The reward for compliance. Taking an unknown risk the costA vaccine does not render someone immune to infection. They can still be highly infectious.

12. Need to increase individual motivation through open and transparent dialogue and communication about the uncertainty and risks, but also the safety and benefits (a vaccine passport) of vaccination - still nothing concerning vaccine safety as assumed by the 'approval' - not just the authorisation (EUA).

13. This pandemic has been accompanied by an overabundance of information and misinformation, an ‘infodemic’ on a global scale. People are inevitably exposed to misinformation, rumours and false conspiracy theories (where's the evidence to support the phrase of false claims?) which may erode their confidence in vaccination.

The propaganda all comes from The Government (UK). The LIES, myth, and unsupported (false) claims.

14. Developing trusted sources, 'fact-checking' and responding to misinformation through dedicated dashboards are some of the strategies suggested to manage infodemics - like 'snopes'.com

'snopes'.com appears to be a very cynical 'fact checker'. Extreme caution

15. Vaccine acceptance and uptake may also be undermined by COVID-19 vaccines being not fully effective, meaning that people will have to continue to engage in preventive behaviour (e.g. mask wearing and physical distancing) even if and after they have been vaccinated. It will be important to manage expectations and ensure that those who have been vaccinated do not stop adhering to protective behaviours and expose themselves and others to risk - vaccines fail to stop the spread of the virus.

Wow! This says it all. The LIES and betrayal.

16. It is important to build trust in COVID-19 vaccines before people form an opinion against them. This should involve using trusted messengers (celebrities, public figures, snopes, Facebook) to help navigate through the nightmare of The Government's COVID-19 (mis)information landscape and building confidence in the vaccine development process through transparency and managing expectations.

More propaganda and misinformation on its way.

 Be quick chaps before the people wake up!


  • Hancock has revealed the true contempt he has for everyone but has never been able to keep hidden all through the patronising and incessant Government propaganda 'bulletins'. Hancock knows nothing about health matters - he's a career politician with a background in economics. The NHS ('saved' by the people) has yet again been abandoned by Government when its immediate usefulness has ended. Never anywhere near enough financing. And now the Management (without any Hancock interference - page 16) is let loose to continue to destroy the service that Hancock's been constantly praising for their dedication throughout the 'pandemic' and has now turned his back and ignored requests for a reasonable pay rise. Hancock has 'offered' a derisory 1% claiming the country's finances won't stretch to anymore. After spending £billions to maintain the scam (lock-downs for as long as possible), he's 'decided' enough is enough. The NHS nurses have threatened strike action and Hancock couldn't care less.
Hancock's announcement that he has already booked his holiday in Cornwall (11.02.2021) was the first revelation. Clearly, this should rest his throat after spitting out so many lies (and maintain a very low profile). He'll just walk away from the ensuing chaos he's just started (NHS). Calculated and cynical. This all foretells and confirms the Government's pre-written schedule. The 'pandemic' that never was is coming to an end. Hancock's holiday booking is a testament to that (domestic travel is heavily restricted now but in the Summer... ). This more or less guarantees Hancock has not been vaccinated. This also captures Whitty, Johnson, and all the rest of the Government in its entirety as absolute hypocrites:


do as I say - not what I do


The announcement of lock-down easing (22.02.2021) shows that the rigged vaccination program is transparently 'working' (of course. You couldn't imagine anything else surely, Louis? - DA).

Millions have had their lives placed in jeopardy for the vaccine 'game'. And all based on trust. We wouldn't lie to you, would we? Of course they would. They've been lying for almost a complete year. Every day. Hancock sticks up his middle finger to the NHS revealing that no 'emergency' will happen. It can't. The 'pandemic' has been a lie from start to end. But that does not stop the threat being made (Government will 'arrange' a resurgence. If necessary. The ...unsustainable pressure on the NHS...).
Big Pharma has created (or it's been created, Louis - DA) for itself a sustainable income flow for years with an annual vaccine (and seasonal 'flu vaccine). People have been conditioned to accept the 'vaccine' as the new silver bullet.

Hancock's illegal actions (21.02.2021) - Matt Hancock acted unlawfully by failing to publish Covid contracts.

Johnson has misled parliament over unpublished contracts

It'll be interesting to see if MSM begins to attack those that have silenced it for so long. A much-awaited backlash could be on its way as MSM revenge begins to gather pace. It will be unstoppable. Maybe even the PCR scam will be spread throughout the World's newspapers. And possibly even the 'pandemic' and 'vaccine' scams revealed and how governments from all around the globe conspired to create an 'emergency' to 'authorise for use only' and never approve an experimental medical product. The millions of people from around the World will rise to punish those who are responsible. That they have been pawns in an 'invisibly' transparent 'game' of 'vaccinate everyone'. Especially, those who can't move or resist or get help - the vulnerable old who are isolated in care homes.

Louis, you really thought that only Tony Blair was a war criminal? It's been a war - Governments against the people. Blair just showed how the 'game' can be effectively played. Playing the people as stupid pawns - the rout of humankind. With maybe Bill Gates holding the conductor's baton. Egos get to planetary size proportionately with wealth. Psychotic delusion.

Tax rises (of course) to pay for the 'pandemic' - surprised? Austerity-on-steroids will be restarted. Cuts, cuts, cuts. It's all in the plan. The 'pandemic' can be funded - tens of £billions, but a drop in the ocean pay rise for the NHS for 'saving' Hancock's arse from the Government-instigated 'crisis' is just... too much. The cost of the 'pandemic' will be paid through taxes for years and years to come. Funding the NHS (and a decent pay rise is just too much, though.The Apollo scam was a partial success - it duped many (Americans into willingly paying). The climate change scam continues to make shedloads of money and this will continue for as long as sustainable. Climate change and the 'pandemic' together will ensure sustained maximal spending while maximising control over the duped populace.

  • Lateral flow testing
There is no science in this document. Statements are simply made that an LF device ...'has shown'... simply a statement without any substance. SARS-CoV-2 has never been isolated: just a statements like ...was isolated... with no further explanation, let alone sequenced but claims are made that the alleged computer-generated sequence has been detected. On the basis of trust alone, 'vaccines' have been produced that are claimed to 'fight' the SARS-CoV-2 (coronavirus). A 'spike' protein is mentioned that will be present to enable entry into a cell. Is the 'spike' protein unique for each different coronavirus or is it generic for any coronavirus? If specific, how can it be identified? PCR molecular cloning cannot do it. It cannot be used to diagnose disease. The grossly over-amplified PCR 'detection' signal is claimed to be for a coronavirus. Any earlier coronavirus infection would show as a positive result, so 'proving' a coronavirus infection. It would be interpreted - without any doubt - a COVID-19 'case'. A statistic that is possibly no more than for someone who recently has had, or has, a 'cold'. Immediately, this person is 'locked down' (human cold). This is similar to an autopsy not being conducted as the assumption is always another 'COVID-19' death if death occurs within 28 days. Testing is regularly and repeatedly carried out so that by massaging data, death will most likely be within 28 days of the most recent test. The chance of a false positive is very high. The call for more and more and even more testing can only increase the likelihood of more false positives. Someone who is not infectious. This leads to a non-approved (only authorised for use because of the 'emergency/crisis') 'vaccine' for a non-existent problem.
An elderly person with quite possibly other pre-existing health issues will always be assumed a COVID-19 death and there will be no autopsy to establish the real cause of death. It's covered over as of no consequence. Someone's death as of no consequence? The entire contrived status is at the very least criminal. Heads must roll, starting with at the level of The Government.


Don't look, don't find


There is a timely reminder that lateral flow tests are used in pregnancy testing. It is used to find a single specific and known hormone. Against a reference, the pregnancy can be confirmed or otherwise. Imagine if there was no reference and the testing protocols for COVID-19 testing were used. The number of false pregnancies would soar. Obviously, future events would reveal the truth.
Lateral flow tests are '... said to...' to identify SARS-CoV-2 and not used against any reference. To claim that a particular target has been found is impossible. Chromatography (vertical) separates individual components in a mixture dependent on their solubility in the mobile phase (solvent).

  •    The lateral flow (prone) test begins as the chromatographic separation of possible multiple components (swab contents) but then arrests all similar compoments at a specific location. It does not separate them. The claim is that this specifically 'proves' a SARS-CoV-2 infection. There are so many of these LF tests done that no PCR analysis will be performed. A PCR false-positive will produce a misdiagnosis of COVID-19 and could easily ignore a (serious) 'flu infection. The result from any PCR must be disregarded. It is the wrong tool to 'diagnose' disease. Draconian restrictions (quarantine by self-isolation) are immediately imposed on the basis of this terribly flawed 'detection' method (scam).


Fauci is mentioned in the stockpiling of ventilators for severe acute respiratory failure 'pandemics'. The 'emergency/crisis' changes everything. One small business has ramped up production to 50,000 units every week and at $200 each. This scales to $10 million every week or over $520 million a year. The longer the 'pandemic emergency/crisis' can be made to last, the more money there is to be made. Not bad for a small business (wonder if Fauci and/or Gates have 'invested' in this particular unnamed Texan small business - DA).

  • A young man (20-years old) was correctly (probably) diagnosed with 'flu ('flu-like symptoms). A young person + not COVID-19. Was this after a negative PCR 'test' or simply a young person who does not fit the 'narrative'. It cannot be a COVID-19 'case' and by default a diagnosis of influenza is returned. This young man actually presented with 'flu-like symptoms. The correct diagnosis was made and this required intubation with a ventilator in ICU but even this, sadly, was not enough. To not recategorise the 'flu-like symptoms into COVID-19 (as is the norm) for a young and otherwise healthy person screams volumes. It was a deliberate decision to maintain the influenza diagnosis. At least this tragic death had been dealt with properly.
'Flu can be fatal for the elderly (sick and infirm), especially someone with other pre-existing health conditions. Notably, there are hardly any flu 'cases' 2019-2020. Any respiratory incidence can only be a COVID-19. By assumption. A deliberate misdiagnosis? Or recategorisation?

All COVID-19 and virtually no 'flu (16.03.2021)

Cold or 'flu?

  • If there is any behaviour that authority wants to change they only have to cite 'for the protection of others' or 'to stop the spread of the virus' and instantly the behaviour can be changed. It's a catch-all. Conditional freedom if you do as you're told. This is not freedom. It's blackmail. Do this and get that. Behave or else. And all the thoughtless ones who willingly comply get their reward. Another carrot. Donkeys are smart by comparison.

Eradicating Covid doesn't make sense

   A vaccine essentially makes an individual asymptomatic (UK Government terminology). It does not render an individual immune from infection but in most cases should give (allegedly) immunity from the symptoms of infection. An immunised person can still be infected and transmit the cause of 'disease' (spread the virus). The efficacy is a measure of how effective the vaccine is in preventing symptoms. Nothing to do with safety.


The singular aim of the clinical trial


Consequently, the spread of the alleged virus will not be stopped with a vaccine. And this explains the otherwise nasty and illogical restriction with lock-down easing (this is really tightening the thumb screws, Louis - DA):

The draconian restrictions. Nearly all of them designed to cause as much mayhem, fear, psychological problems, as much stress as possible, and... Nasty. Wicked. A single example is the fear designed to be created for an isolated and terrified elderly person (and this is for healthy people - DA). Appropriate PPE must be worn to maximise the impression that the elderly person has a terrible disease. Don't go too near you might get the plague. Wicked doesn't come close. Some creature in The Government has thought long and hard about how to 'kill off the weak ones'.

It is fast approaching more of not

what you can't do but what

The Government 😇

permits you to do


  • Army troop numbers kept unchanged - no surprise. The army will be necessary for eventual crowd control measures when the inevitable rioting starts. When the people realise how they have been lied to all along. The Government will 'wring its (collective) hands together' and justify any absolutely necessary action (oppression) since the 'majority' of the well-behaved (totally controlled) compliant ones must be protected from the 'minority' violent ones. It's classic...




David Icke


  • The symptoms of pneumonia and COVID-19 (not a disease but a collection of symptoms) are almost identical. Almost interchangeable (recategorisation? - DA). Pneumonia can be viral or bacterial. If developed from a bacterial source then a misdiagnosis (by assumption) of COVID-19 instead of pneumonia even without the 'not fit for purpose' PCR result, the affected person might not survive simply because antibiotics were withheld. A virus is the diagnosis and antibiotics not used as they would be considered ineffective. Death is the outcome by denying antibiotics. And probably placing on a ventilator (restricted oxygen uptake). A mechanical ventilator simulates natural breathing but will not effectively oxygenate the blood. A mechanical ventilator forces oxygen into the lungs - a positive pressure. Natural breathing sucks oxygen into the lungs - a negative pressure. Long-term ventilation can worsen a condition.
  • Elderly people in care homes are mostly confined indoors depleting vitamin D levels in the blood. Such an individual would be more susceptible to any minor infection that could be exacerbated by fear and stress. Lock-downs have forced isolation from 'loved ones' (Matt Hancock). Hancock - 'fond of' isn't 'loved one'. Just a friend? Or a parent? The man must be made of ice - he's so cold. Matt Hancock says he ‘regrets all the deaths on first lock-down anniversary.
How about regretting the lies and half-truths? The other part of the truth concerns the essential but suppressed information. How the 'case' numbers and deaths - 'due to coronavirus' - are massaged and fabricated by the day. A common cold for an elderly person (maybe along with other comorbidities) with depleted vitamin D levels can be very serious. Died 'due to coronavirus' is only a half-lie. They died as the result of a bad cold (coronavirus) but the claim suggests the 'disease' COVID-19. How the PCR 'test' is so criminally abused: PCR Ct = 45 (cycle number). The NHS complains about being overwhelmed by COVID-19 'cases' (this is in serious doubt) but the huge numbers of false positives will inevitably result in this. This does, howevefr, enable the justification for house-arrest. Stay indoors and protect the NHS (page 16: Ct = 45) is the mantra. Hancock has (deliberately) ensured that a claim can be made that the NHS is overwhelmed.
  • Prevention: if there is a behaviour that authority wants to change they only have to cite 'for the protection of others' or 'to stop the spread of the virus' and instantly the behaviour can be changed. It's a catch-all. Conditional freedom if you do as you're told. This is not freedom. It's blackmail. Do this and get that. Behave or else. And all the thoughtless (stupid) ones who willingly comply get their reward. Another carrot. Donkeys are really smart by comparison.

  • For your delectation

If the masks work

 Why the six feet?

If the six feet works

 Why the masks?

If both of the above work

 Why the lockdowns?

If all three of the above work

 Why the vaccine?

If the vaccine is safe

 Why protect it with a no liability clause?

If the vaccine is safe

 Why not test it on animals first before using it on humans?

 (Why animals and not human low-life? - DA)

If SARS-CoV-2 exists

 Why has it never been isolated?

If SARS-CoV-2 has never been isolated

 How can an effective vaccine be developed?

If the RT-PCR test works

 Why so many false positives?

If Kary Mullis, the inventor of the RT-PCR who conveniently died in August 2019, says his test shouldn’t be used to diagnose infectious diseases.

 Why use it to detect SARS-CoV-2?

If there is an epidemic

 Why so many empty hospitals?

If large numbers of people are dying from SARS-CoV-2

 Why so many fake causes of death on death certificates?

If the official Chinese Virus narrative is defensible

 Why censor people who dispute this narrative?


Louis didn't compile these questions.

They just mirror his thinking - DA


  • It is very likely that an annual 'vaccine' will be required 'to prevent the next pandemic'. That doesn't make sense and clearly wouldn't stop the spread of... This defines sustainability for the 'vaccine' manufacturers. It also exposes the possibility that the annual 'flu 'jab' is for nothing more than a cold or something similar. There remains the possibility the 'flu jab' could compromise the immune system and make an individual more susceptible to infection. It explains why the rise in COVID-19 'cases' has a corresponding decline in the seasonal 'flu - the recategorisation of 'flu into COVID-19. Unless the PCR 'test' is standardised at a Ct = ~25, this will continue to produce a high number of false positives. A threshold must be established. Even then, there is no distinct barrier that on one side is non-infectious but on the other side infectious. It isn't like an on-off switch. It is graduated into becoming infectious, being more infectious to ultimately infectious.
  • As a yearly 'flu 'jab' is allegedly necessary, it implies that either the 'immunity' given by a 'vaccine' will last for only one year or that a variant cannot be dealt with by a single 'vaccine' without modification. The identification of a 'flu virus is brought into the spotlight. What sequencing is performed and how is the virus isolated. It has become very clear that the SARS-CoV-2 viral strain (or any other) cannot be isolated in anything like a pure enough form to generate any sequencing of its DNA. The entire scenario of pandemic + emergency + 'vaccine' is massively questionable even with using the most generous of approaches. 
  • Imagine a personal wealth of $100 billion. How would you invest it to generate profit? From being a capitalist business of amassing great wealth (Microsoft) to overnight become a philanthropist does not appear very likely. A philanthrocapitalist would 'generously' invest money (with chains attached) into some venture of high-profit potential. Vaccines are the future. It explains why Bill Gates 😈 funds vaccine research and would then reap enormous profit by ensuring everyone on the planet was vaccinated (with something to combat something - the next pandemic). And all that the likes of Bill Gates 😈 have to do is provide funding to a suitable venture, sit back and wait for the financial gains. This is slavery by another name: doing nothing and let everyone else do the work. Slave and Master. The gang-master on a global scale who gives the appearance of doing good for the benefit of Mankind. Spending a few hundred $millions to 'make' several $billions. And gaining absolute control over Governments around the World. Money doesn't just talk. It shouts. Do as you're instructed and get more. And even more. A hugely profit-making process that is sustainable (every year and doing nothing). Simply using every $1 to 'make' $20 or more. Every year and bankrupting nations. The great benefit? Reduce the global population (eugenics) and profit by it. Vaccines kill people. If there is no problem then create one. Like an arms manufacturer. A war somewhere is necessary in order to sell the arms that are manufactured. There is only one reason that arms are manufactured. To kill people. Medications do not cure - they only manage disease. Those they do not kill. The longer a war can be extended, the market to sell arms will continue. Wars can be fomented to create the market-place. This is true sustainability. The same applies with vaccines. Create the pandemic and sell a vaccine to 'cure' the problem that was manufactured. But only temporarily. The obvious ploy is to change the playing field every year to continue the game.
  • Nasal swabs break through the blood-brain barrier allowing infection into the brain (nano-particles on swab).
  • It seems reasonable that the Asian 'epidemics' are genuine but the European and American epidemics are engineered. Taken advantage of the Asian epidemics to roll-out the American/European agenda. And cover 5G serious health issues (Wuhan - 2019). The epidemic is not the alleged SARS-CoV-2 virus but the PCR abuse. Artificially escalating fabricated numbers of 'cases' and deaths. The willing uptake for unnecessary (and non-proven safe) 'vaccines' and 'gene therapy' (AstraZeneca and Pfizer/BioNTech/Moderna).
  • Are Alzheimer's and dementia issues genetically and differently time-programmed for an individual so that brain cells regenerate and the associated memories contained within a particular neuron cluster are lost as new cells regenerate? Most Alzheimer's and dementia sufferers are older individuals, but this is not exclusive. This suggests that such 'electrical' information is long-term temporary and different individuals have different spans of memory retention. Short-term memory is related to damaged or impaired brain tissue and can be caused by lesions (tumours). Not necessarily the lesion itself, but the secondary effects of the lesion. Tissue compression by the pressure of a growing mass. A tumour is a brain cancer by association with uncontrolled growth.
  • The UK Government makes loud noises of the numbers of alleged vaccinations (unverifiable) that have been made (daily and total) but how many have refused innoculation. Many people have a real concern about safety issues especially when they are reported (unusual in itself). The entire pandemic has been facilitated by using corrupted data from the innapropriate PCR. Much talk is made about exporting doses but there are millions of doses that will not be used, so export them.
  • A vaccine will prevent showing COVID-19 as a collection of symptoms - not a 'disease'. A vaccine will not render immune to infection. Only the symptoms. A vaccine will 'infect' with a weakened or harmless virus. The immune system will produce antibodies to destroy the antigen. 
  • A vaccine can only be effective if the transport system for the blood is involved. Otherwise, entry into cells cannot happen. When a nasopharyngeal swab removes a sample from the throat (tonsils) or upper nose tract, this is material that hasn't entered the general circulation. The nasal entry of the swab must be horizontal or it has been done incorrectly. 
  • Any such viral particle cannot, therefore, be affected by a vaccine. A vaccinated individual is not necessarily 'COVID-19 free'. They can be infected though not manifest any symptoms. An effective vaccine should do this. People believe that vaccination renders them immune from infection. This is not the case. Should a virus still exist in the throat or nose, one that hasn't entered a cell in order to replicate and survive, this can be ejected in the same way that a non-vaccinated person could transmit the virus. They are asymptomatic. This explains the seemingly illogical continued observance of mask-wearing and social distancing. And the special attention required to ensure that when in close contact with 'vulnerable' people, infection opportunities are not provided. It should be the first indication of the betrayal and lies that have been 'communicated' by The UK Government. The vaccine theoretically should eventually defuse the alleged 'emergency' by destroying a systemic infection. Any other source of the virus (nose/throat) will not be affected by any vaccine. If it survives, though doesn't enter the lungs, it can still be transmitted. The individual who transmits the virus would not know. The same sense of guilt should still be felt like those who have not been vaccinated are forced to experience. Especially those who look after people in care homes. A vaccination doesn't change anything though it can remove the feeling of guilt in case someone is harmed. 
  •  How many of those in hospital with the assumed COVID-19 had been tested positive - for what? What is the PCR cycle number? Ct = 45? Not COVID-19 positive but some other human coronavirus. though at the very high Ct = 45, the viral load will be very low. Low enough to be non-infectious? The threshold value has never been ascertained. Did they have seasonal 'flu/pneumonia?
  • The people with the assumed COVID-19 are placed on ventilators (a very dangerous long-term action). These patients may have had bacterial pneumonia. Antibiotics could have saved lives. So, for political advantage and by avoidable misdiagnosis people have been allowed to die when they may have possibly survived.
  • Bill Gates 😈

Patent #WO2020060606 is described as a "Cryptocurrency System Using Body Activity Data". Microsoft has partnered with  with VeriChip (FDA approved 'biohack - (11.08.2020) manufacturer Digital Angel Corporation since 2008

Tracking alludes to pet recovery = surveillance of humans?

Digital Angel Corporation's four divisions serve consumers directly as well as organisations ranging from farmers to hospitals ... from law enforcement agencies and prisons to the U.S. Department of Energy

These are NOT Vaccines! They are Medical Devices

And many others