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Saturday, January 23, 2021


BBC (Panorama) attempted to rubbish legitimate warnings concerning 'vaccines' - the strong comments about safety and the absence of robust clinical trials to prove safety in all age groups and conditions. Long-term. The validity of the alleged efficacy result is highly questionable. Just a total of 170 'infections' in 44,000 volunteers. Efficacy = 162/170 = 95.3% (vaccinated = 8, control group = 162). This is an example of the bad science (reporting) approach where 'evidence' (there is none) is sought - all heresay - to 'prove' a pre-determined conclusion. The arrogance and hypocrisy are both really nauseating. The Government speaks only truth and these very concerned professionals are all lying to "prey an peoples' fears".


 Exactly what The Government

has been doing for an entire year


In America, Dr. Anthony Fauci voices very misleading comments concerning vaccine efficacy. No comment about safety. As part of the plandemic, the Pfizer gene therapy - 'vaccine' (Dr. David Martin) claims to show an overwhelming' (+95%) efficacy and mentions that 44,000 volunteers were in the study. These 'volunteers' could have never provided 'informed consent' to the mRNA gene therapy (illegally described as a 'vaccine') that is an experimental product that has never before been an approved technology. Let alone that it has only been smuggled in under the EUA rules, it cannot be declared safe - no studies have been published. Pre-clinical studies (09.09.2020) are minimal.


'Vaccine' is mentioned 23 times

Gene therapy is not

mentioned at all = 0


This must be with

criminal intent, Louis?

A total disregard

for human life - DA

Anyone would be ill-advised to volunteer to partake in such a dreadful 'clinical' trial. Had they been given full knowledge of the facts. This has ultimately led to the worldwide sham of a 'clinical trial' involving 100s of millions of humans using an experimental medical 'device'. Fauci failed to mention that only 170 of those volunteers demonstrated any symptoms (assumed COVID-19 infections) and were used to provide this efficacy figure. In the non-vaccinated group there were 162 'infections' against 8 in the vaccinated group. This translates to 162/170 = 95.3%. It also means that the vaccine was not effective in 4.7% of the 170 alleged 'infections'. The total 'infection' incidence was 170/44,000 = 0.386%. Within 28 days no-one has died. Yet (15.04.2021). In the next 12 months? Nobody knows. It is effectively a retrospective trial.


This defines a 'pandemic'




Faking an 'emergency' to release (authorise) an untested and

unapproved-safe 'vaccine' that isn't a vaccine. Even the

technology (mRNA gene therapy) has never been

approved. The entire sham is a massive

experiment using a 'chemical agent'

 that has no information about

 its effect on (in - DA) humans


It's immoral and a

crime against humanity

When reporting the (interim) results from clinical trial analyses, the 'percent effectiveness' of a vaccine is claimed. A 90% efficacy at preventing illness means that up to 90% of the vaccinated population will not show 'symptoms' of an 'infection' and that 10% of people will have symptoms if infected. A vaccine does not prevent infection only the manifestation of illness. Regarding a definition of illness, how is an assessment (subjective) made of moderate to severe? It is a broad definition, ranging from a combination of milder symptoms, such as fever and headache, to more severe symptoms, such as shortness of breath and low oxygen levels (these can be 'flu or pneumonia and nothing to do with the alleged COVID-19).

  This raises the issue of the effectiveness of a vaccine passport. If there are up to 5 in every 100 vaccinated passport carriers where the 'vaccine' has failed to work, they could still become infected. The system cannot work. Only with an efficacy of 100% can that happen.


We still don’t know how effective

 or safe the vaccines are


Medical devices (mRNA 'vaccines') given

exceptional use authorisations (UK)

during the COVID-19 pandemic

Emergency Use Authorization

 (FDA - US)

   The ostensible goal behind the vaccine passport is to provide proof that a person has taken an officially approved (authorised, Louis - DA) vaccine and therefore poses less of a contagion risk.

Green Pass (EU)

(Why 'Green', Louis? Can you be recycled? - DA)


   Yet we still don’t know just how effective or safe each vaccine is. Naturally, the efficacy levels of each vaccine vary. As WHO itself concedes, there is still uncertainty over whether inoculation actually prevents transmission of the virus. We also have no idea how long the immunity — partial or otherwise — provided by each vaccine lasts. What’s more, some of the vaccines appear to have reduced efficacy against some variants, including the B.1.351 strain (allegedly first identified in South Africa). It’s not just the potential lack of efficacy that should have us worried. There are also big safety concerns. Numerous adverse reactions have already been reported around the world. In the case of the vaccines developed by AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson, concerns about blood clotting side effects have led some countries to restrict or even suspend their use.

In the US, the latest VAERS data (12.04.2021) showed over 46,000 reports of adverse events following COVID vaccines. Women have been disproportionately affected, accounting for 77% of cases. Many are experiencing abnormal menstruation, raising fears that the vaccines could even affect fertility.

These international professionals are attempting to warn (raise awareness) of the considerable dangers with these unapproved [only under the manipulated 'emergency' (EUA) status. Authorised is NOT approved]. The NHS (page 16) appears to be complicit in the propaganda machine by supporting the lie by using a PCR cycle number = 45 and not the normal = ~25. This is an amplification of the coronavirus (unspecifiable fragment) by x 1 million (2^45 - 2^25 = 2^20). A false positive is all but guaranteed.

Worryingly, the carefully selected participants were convinced and agreed with the BBC misinformation...


The explicit defamation of character (for political reasons)

is probably actionable - constructive defamation and

slanderous accusations in order to mislead

and incite people to self-harm.

Participants reversed their decisions 

 and vaccinations went ahead in spite of these

warnings: the 'damaging' truth



 mRNA Gene Therapy



 Exposes Three Unspeakable

Facts about COVID-19


Butterfly of the week

(David Martin videos)


Boris Johnson - no compulsory

vaccination (23.11.2020)

The UK 'Vaccine' Minister Nadhim Zahawi announces

coronavirus vaccine refuseniks face a visit from the

persuaders (05.02.2021). Coercion? (They can

hardly read you your rights, Louis. You don't

have any - the right to 'decline' - DA)

Using Newspeak, Zahawi employs the term 'refused' and not 'declined', a crude attempt to condition those people who have been vaccinated to turn against those who have not. The Times chooses to use very Orwellian-type language: refuseniks and persuaders. A move to introduce the 1984 totalitarian state? (Bet he hasn't, and will not be 'jabbed'. Like the rest of the 'government': rife with hypocrisy and full of it' = lies. Not a single true 'fact' in almost a year - DA). He even brags about the speed of 'jabbing' - almost 1000 jabs a minute (07.02.2021). Human rights will not exist (a future edict from the UN - DA) and there will be no right to withhold consent. The 'Government' can (il)legally force an individual to self-harm where there is a real risk of death. This would define state-endorsed murder. The right to informed consent has been denied. Incomplete information (withholding truth, Louis - DA) and lies (the fatal misuse of the PCR 'test') has already coerced millions into accepting (giving uninformed consent - DA) for an unnecessary 'vaccine'.

   The current population in the UK (2021) is just under 70 million (15.02.2021), and about 15 million have been vaccinated (21.4%). This does not indicate how many have declined. However...

more than a third (36% = 24 million people) of the UK population were unlikely to be or uncertain about being vaccinated. That's a lot of people but The Government claims to be on track with the roll-out program. It will never report this statistic.

In America, it is roughly the same. Many remain hesitant. According to a recent AP/NORC poll, about one in three Americans said they definitely would not or probably would not get the coronavirus vaccine. The poll showed that 57% black Americans said they have received or planned to get the vaccine (43% would not or probably would not), compared with 65% yes (35% no) Hispanic Americans and 68% (32%) white Americans. Ad Council researchers also found that some possible messaging approaches, such as encouraging Americans to be vaccinated (compliant) because it’s “the right thing to do”, were rejected as pushy or accusatory in surveyed groups (resistence to coercion and told what to do - DA).

A crude scare tactic to cause a greater uptake. If this is the case, it is pathetic. And a head-on attack on those who 'choose' to exercise their right to decline. A free choice. And no strings attached.

BUT in the UK

 ‘Having worked tirelessly for the NHS for 31 years as a hospital doctor, A&E doctor and a GP with probably two sick days in my whole career, is The Government really suggesting that because I exert my choice not to have the Covid vaccine, my wealth of medical experience is going to be lost just because I choose to exercise my free will and conscience?’ - Dr. Clare Jones , Hereford (02.03.2021).


Dr Clare Louise Jones


(GMC: 3467475) General Practitioner (1990)


Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty has also said doctors had a ‘professional duty’ to get a Covid-19 vaccine. Whitty has no conscience (he's a politician, Louis - DA). Have Whitty, Hancock, Vallance, Johnson, Ferguson, SAGE members, Gates, and the many, many other, all complicit Government 'officers', been vaccinated? It has never been revealed. The reasoned assumption must be that they have not. If true, such hypocrisy and the failure to disclose would be nauseating. And it would answer many questions about these people. All these 'important' people must be forced to answer the challenge:


Whitty et al, have you been vaccinated?


Refusenik's response to the persuaders

The entire situation has been predicated only because the PCR 'test' has been grossly misused to outrageously over-amplify the RNA fragment of a coronavirus by x 34 million [2^20 and 2^45 (NHS - page 16)]. The NHS (Hancock?) is to be castigated for its complicity. The FDA (USA) and the MHRA (UK) have both only authorised (EUA) and not approved any vaccine.


 The use of approval and not authorised is

 cynical and deliberately misleading

Authorised DOES NOT = Approved 


Evaluation from clinical trials takes several years to determine long-term safety. This has been cut to just a few months because of the manipulated 'emergency'. Safety cannot be known. An efficacy of >95% (162/170) has been 'estimated' from just 170 'cases' of alleged infection - out of 44,000 volunteers (<0.4% infections).

The Governor of Florida (11.12.2020) is making the first move to expose the PCR scam (07.12.2020). Mandatory (03.12.2020). Some labs will claim that their PCR machines are pre-set to an unknown (secret - DA) cycle-number (Ct) and they cannot comply with the 'request' (! - DA). Explicitly, the cycle-number must be declared and a questionnaire requires a reason why this information is not available (question 5).

"If your laboratory is unable to report

Ct values and their reference ranges..."


This is the only way that the number of false-positives can be assessed. If this is done properly, the infection numbers would fall dramatically. This is important because the higher the Ct, the less likely a person who tests positive will actually become ill or be contagious. In August, a New York Times feature article reported that up to 90% of tests taken in New York, Nevada, and Massachusetts were essentially false positives. The Ct, or number of times a sample is magnified (amplified) was so high it could pick up very low levels of the (a - DA) virus.


Expect a lot of obfuscation. Governments will want this

kept secret and away from public scrutinyThey will do

anything as it will be a devastating revelation. Terrorist

activity or not in in the public interest (!!! - DA)

Official Secrets Act - the PCR Ct

(cycle number) is a state secret

 MSM (BBCwill assist though

The beginning of the end?

 The truth will out?


But it just won't be reported - UK (MSM)

Louis, it's a real irony that MSM censors

the news by not reporting it - DA


A BBC Panorama broadcast engaged in classic misdirection by focusing on the amateur handling of samples and massive cross-contamination to justify a large number of false positives in PCR testing. The technicians performing this complex and skilled procedure had had only a few days' training. Experience of this type of work was essentially none.Cross-contamination and integrity of samples and general attitude was unbelievably sloppy. Time constraints to complete tasks made working conditions very 'pressured'. The management of this 'state-of-the-art' testing laboratory was terrible. If this had been in a commercial business, the 'bosses' would have lasted only days before being fired for gross incompetence.

   It failed to mention the fact that the test cannot be used (not fit for purpose) at all to diagnose disease or identify the alleged SARS-CoV-2 virus specifically. It is impossible to do this. But it does explain why the BBC would run such a film (allegedly undercover).

It is quite likely that to demonstrate the efficacy of any 'vaccine', the cycle-number will be (secretly - DA) lowered thereby decreasing the number of infections (false positives) almost instantly. But realistically, at a moderate speed and as quickly as the PCR machines can be 're-fixed'. The vaccine will be declared very effective - a criminal lie of the highest order. If an individual attacks a Government, it is treason. How would the opposite situation be described? When the Government conspires to attack and cause harm (both physical and mental) to the citizens of that country who are compelled to give allegiance to that Government?

  The Pfizer mRNA gene therapy is not a 'vaccine'. This is a never-before-approved technology and is only now being 'tested' in an undeclared global clinical trial. It is experimental and the 100s of millions of 'volunteers' are being misinformed (uninformed consent) and completely unaware that they are taking part in the trial of an experimental 'vaccine'. This is being challenged in the USA for violating 15 US Code Section 41 - regulates deceptive practices in medicine.

Guidance on COVID-19 (UK)


Every day new claims strengthen the case that Bill Gates 😈 is behind this - to vaccinate the entire global population with...


The long-term effects of these 'vaccines' are completely unknown. The onslaught of shouting about how effective these 'vaccines' are has all but silenced any screams of safety concerns. And there are many. The criminally deliberate misinterpretation of statistics - a total of alleged 170 infections out of 44,000 volunteers = 0.386% infections - according to the WHO demonstrates a pandemic. Why deceive the global population?


The PCR 'test' cannot diagnose a disease

and is entirely incapable of

identifying any specific virus


It is abundantly clear to anyone who has two or more brain cells (the 'government' shares its only available brain cell - mostly between Johnson, Hancock, Whitty, Zahawi, SAGE members, and...) the 'pandemic' has been engineered. If the pathetic script (hymn sheet) had been submitted to any decent publisher, it would very quickly have received a rejection notice. It is most likely that Bill Gates 😈 is conducting the global orchestras from behind the mask of a 'capitalist' philanthropist (philanthrocapitalist). Bill Gates 😈 is on record for announcing his 'desire' (the twisted 'Messiah complex' - DA) to depopulate the World. And is on the way to achieving this goal with 'government' complicity.

As you suggest below, Louis, it's almost certain that Dr. Kary Mullis (1993 Nobel Prize Laureate for the invention of PCR - shared with Michael Smith - died 2000) was assassinated (pneumonia). (Respiratory and heart failure together sound very like the symptoms of suffocation - DA) to silence any denunciation of the evil misuse of this non-diagnostic procedure. The irony here is that Michael Crichton authored Jurassic Park about the rejuvenation of extinct dinosaurs based on this invention and now it is being used to facilitate extinction. The 'elite' are so stupid as to imagine that they will rule (what's left of) the World.Any parasite that destroys its host must find a new host or it will itself perish. The 'elite' will turn on itself. That is inevitable.

   The plan is not revealed to idiots like Johnson, Hancock, and Whitty (the puppets) who imagine themselves to be untouchable. The dumb 'gofers' are all expendable - when their usefulness has ended. The police will be sacrificed and the armed forces (Big Brother government-controlled troops) will be the enforcers. They will protect the upper 'elite' from the lesser 'elite' who will ultimately rebel. And just like a virus with 'nowhere to go' - perish. For now. It's only a matter of time and it won't be long. Earth will eventually be rid of humankind and be able to start again. The Great Earth Reset - Earth can wait a few billion years. I'll still be here. I can wait too.


 The AstraZeneca vaccine is a more traditional product and originates from a weakened version of the alleged (but unproven-to-exist) SARS-CoV-2: the common virus that causes a cold in chimpanzees.

   There are many links that challenge the existence of the alleged virus. The two mRNA products (unapproved and untested technology) have both been approved for general use in the UK.

 Considerable effort persists in attempting to convince the population that only Government truth is acceptable. Otherwise, a selfish attitude is being displayed and anybody who doesn't believe the Government's 'narrative' should be buried.

This is how many people have been
so easily duped and betrayed...

There are three very basic psychology techniques
being used that invariably never fail

The BIGGER the LIE the more
likely it will be believed

Tell a lie often enough and
it becomes TRUTH

Simple advice about vitamin D supplementation would have given supremely real help to a scared and MADE VULNERABLE population. Any Government relying on the grossly abused PCR test (almost certainly used to acquire growing statistics of more and more 'victims' of THE coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2: not proven to exist) is seriously deficient in its 'duty of care' to the general population it is mandated to protect. People (victims, Louis - DA) who may get just a simple 'common cold'. 'Victims' scared into believing they are going to die.

Scaring people into 'voluntarily' (under coercion - DA) giving their consent to be inoculated with the untested-technology and unproven-safe mRNA vaccine. A population being conditioned into accepting any vaccine that the Government 'says' is safe. The minimal trialling (almost non-existent - DA) of the experimental 'vaccine' focuses on the alleged effectiveness (~95%) but just say safe without ANY long-term data.

Volunteer numbers (Pfizer) = 44,000

The total number of infections = 170

In the placebo group, there were 162 'cases'

In the vaccinated group, there were 8 'cases'


by twisted logic, this translates to

162/170 = 95.3%

effective. This appears to be very effective. There were 4.7%
infections in the vaccinated group (100 - 95.3 = 8/170) so
obviously, there were 95.3% in the
non-vaccinated group


but absolutely...

Infections = 170/44,000 = 0.386%

How can 0.386% infections

describe a pandemic?

< 3700 'cases' in a million

Safety data = 0.00%

This is where we are (13.01.2021)

When the authorities (Albert Einstein comment) want to close
down any debate that is counter to that 'desired' then the cries of
conspiracy theory become deafening. Attempts are made
to silence anything that might raise awareness of the
possible 'inconvenient truths'. The one-sided
argument (one hand clapping - DA) is
the only truth. There is no other
because we say so. Be responsible
and do as you're told. Ignore the idiotic
facts of honest reporting and only believe the
fiction that the smart ones like us are fed.

Imagine being the defendant in a courtroom trial, hearing only the prosecution 'evidence' and not being able to scrutinise it to be satisfied it is accurate and reveals the complete picture. Nothing withheld or altered. Tampering with evidence is an offence and should render that evidence inadmissible (that doesn't stop it from happening, Louis - DA). But the prosecution is certain to get away with it. The judge is biased.

   Defence arguments are disallowed. They are all described by the prosecution as lies. The prosecution regards this fair and just that all defence arguments should not be heard. There can be no examination or interrogation of key witnesses. All supportive information that could be useful to the defence is suppressed. Without a jury, the verdict of guilty is returned and the sentence is house-arrest with denial of freedoms for an indefinite period with no sunlight. And you are forced to watch and listen to terrible fiction stories. Depression ensues. Had you committed any crime? It doesn't matter. The prosecution got the result it wanted - without even trying. It told many lies and produced 'supporting' half-truths as 'evidence'. The court accepted this. The price of your slavedom is to surrender all your rights to the court and accept any medication it deems fit to prescribe.


Rig the 'evidence',

silence any opposition,

 and win the case. QED


Is this where we are going?


Humans are Free

Who stands to win? - the 'elite'

'Inevitable' - cryptocurrency

Albert Bourla - CEO Pfizer

In 2020Bourla pushed for aggressive timelines in Pfizer's

development of a possible vaccine against COVID-19...

The Race is On

He determined production of a potential vaccine would 

begin, at riskwhile awaiting approval from the

Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

although expected as soon as

October 2020... 

COVID-19 vaccine by Fall

In late July 2020, the company was among the top developers of a

potential vaccinein partnership with German company

BioNTech, as they entered late-stage

trials with mRNABNT162b2...

Pfizer (board members)... biopharma business...

sales increase... 6% to $9.8 billion

buoyed by heart med Vyndaqel

Albert Bourla - sells $5.6 million stock (09.11.2020) 

Ronald Blaylock - buys $500,000 stock (10.08.2020)

 ex CEO Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (2014 - 2020)

Senior Advisor  Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (current)

On 9 November 2020, after the Pfizer vaccine's trial success

communication, chief executive Albert Bourla sold $5.6m

of his Pfizer shares after the share price had risen

by 7% to within a whisker of the company’s

all-time highleading to criticism.

And even if it is legitimate to do

this under the 10b5-1 plan.

Jews - New World Order

Israel is the world's lab

The Israeli Mutant

Warning - Safety

The Future of Vaccines

Where is the evidence to

disprove claims?

COVID-19 'test' kits - non-specific

Dr. Kary Mullis shared the Nobel Prize for Chemistry (1993)

with Michael Smith for the invention of PCRIt must be

emphasised that the PCR test is a valid test

if used appropriately. It has been

described as the most significant

invention of the 20th century

This test is being abused in the COVID-19
'pandemic' to deceitfully and deliberately
produce positive test results

10 cycles = x 1 thousand copies (2^10)
20 cycles = x 1 million copies (2^20)
30 cycles = x 1 billion copies (2^30)
40 cycles = x 1 trillion copies (2^40)

Retraction request letter to Eurosurveillance editorial board

This is the retraction-request letter sent to Eurosurveillance by the main & co-author’s (sic), written by Dr. Peter Borger, enclosed to the extended Review Report submission via the Eurosurveillance online-submission portal. Submission date was 27th November 2020.

...severely flawed with respect to its biomolecular and methodological design. A detailed scientific argumentation can be found in our review “External peer review of the RTPCR test to detect SARS-CoV2 reveals 10 major scientific flaws at the biomolecular and methodological level: consequences for false-positive results", ...

A previous request from our side (Dr. P. Borger; email 26/10/2020) to the editors of Eurosurveillanceto provide the peer review report of the Corman-Drosten paper has not been complied with. We have enclosed your email reply (dated 18/11/2020) indicating that you do not wish to disclose important information to solve this conundrum.

22 signatories (many comments are available)


Briefing paper for MPs - 26.11.2020 

PCR-based COVID testing has failed and is not a proper basis to lockdown the nation, let alone decide on tiers for restrictions.

 Michael Crichton famously used the broad concept of PCR in Jurassic Park. The technology of molecular cloning enables a very small amount of genetic material to be copied (amplified) to then be able to analyse the fragment found. Crichton speculated (authors' license - DA) that an entire genome could possibly be sequenced. DNA degrades over time and finding an intact genome after 65 million years (at ambient temperature) is virtually impossible. Crime scene investigators can find a trace (a fragment) of DNA then amplify (clone) and analyse it to lead to its origin. This is the reason that PCR cannot diagnose a disease. It would require a completely sequenced genome. A virus cannot be isolated in pure form to sequence its genome.

Forensics - PCR molecular cloning has revolutionised forensic science. A trace of DNA found at a crime scene can be copied (amplified) to produce a large enough quantity of DNA for a detailed analysis. Comparison of the test sample against a genuine reference can only then identify and prove the existence of the original trace amount.


Without a reference, this cannot be done

A question to Dr. Kary Mullis

In your opinion what is the point where science meets with business? How can business affect the world of science?

I have never encountered a business person (Chris Whitty + Bill Gates 😈 connection 2008with any true interest in science. Why should he be interested? He had the choice, and he chose business. It is only through good fortune that money ends up in the hands of scientists, who know how to use it for anything other than making more money, and it is a sorry situation indeed, since much scientific research is not cheap. Sometimes very fortunate scientists get rich, like Craig Venter, and then they can let their imagination direct their research, but this is the rare exception. 
    Most scientists are constrained to do the bidding of businessmen and it can be immensely frustrating forthe scientist and unproductive for society in general.   Most biological research ventures fail because the boss is highly subject to scientific illusions and has no idea how to separate truly good ideas from the highly simplified and often distorted things that filter up to him. He is usually under the influence of even less informed investors, and subject to misinformation from inferior scientists eager to have his favor. It is an unsavory world which I have never enjoyed. 
   As has been known for millennia “philosopher kings” are hard to come by. Government grants, although offering, in theory, a preferable alternative, have the similar problem of being often administered by scientific incompetents who are after power and personal security, instead of widely useful knowledgeGood scientists don’t like administrative jobs, which leaves us exactly where we are. Science is generally directed by nonscientists (Matt Hancock DA). 
   We stumble on.

Kary Mullis

Not Gold Standard

COVID-19 PCR Detection

Extreme caution

45 cycles:


3s at 95°C 30s at 55°C


NHS (p16)


45 cycles:


3min at 94°C + 15s at 94°C + 30s at 94°C

   The validation of a testing laboratory to perform testing is not validating the test (and hereitself. Calibrating against the (abused) PCR test (invariably failing to state the cycle number) renders any test result meaningless. There is no standardisation of the number of cycles that should be used. Any testing 'kits' that claim to detect SARS-CoV-2 (specifically) MUST be accompanied by a certificate that proves it accurately (100%) identifies the virus SARS-CoV-2. This is very doubtful as the virus has yet to be proven to exist. An antibody response by the human immune system could be to any such particle in the blood. Any positive test result is invalid. A false positive will still create the statistic of another COVID-19 'case'Claims to test for a specific antibody (IgG) are also very doubtful (it all seems to be smoke and mirrors, Louis - DA).
Any competent Government 'advisor' will know about the
limitations of the PCR test (Chris Whitty or Neil Ferguson)
and understand the serious consequences that the
All the lock-downs and the ensuing
'emergency status authorisation'
of an untested (not known to be safe)
'vaccine' is based on...


The Great PCR Scam

(Do not ignore this - make careful note

of the message - DA)

Dishonesty v Truth

(Untruth v Integrity)

Telling it how it is - Jesse Ventura

Governor of Minnesota

actor, and professional wrestler

People trust the Government to look after
their (health) interests. They have been betrayed
and are terrified because of the orchestrated deceit.
Is it likely that a true scientist knowledgeable in the field of
RNA analysis would not appreciate that it is not possible
to assign a fragment of RNA to a specific coronavirusPCR is
used to copy RNA to produce billions of molecules
from a single strand. By massively over-amplifying the fragment
signal trillions of molecules will be detected. The
tiniest trace of any coronavirus fragment will be +ive.

An allergy to dust mites would necessitate occasional
comprehensive cleaning of a room to make it habitable. Even
the most rigorous cleaning will never remove every trace of dust.
But it will lower the level to prevent an allergic reaction. It is the same
with a viral trace. A very low level (viral load) will render the virus
non-infectious. By molecular cloning (PCR) such a small (original)
trace could be amplified to make it appear to be in a large
(possibly infectious) amount. The cloning can only
be of a fragment of RNA and it is not possible
to identify specifically. Only to assign it to a
coronavirus of which there are many.

A PCR cycle = 20 that shows negative
(non-infectious) to any fragment of RNA (non-specific)
will show positive (infectious) for a PCR cycle = 45

Does a positive result get a bigger Government
'reward' - a financial inducement - to
ensure positives only? - DA

Nobel Prize (Chemistry) 1993

died suddenly 7th August 2019

(that's very convenient, Louis. Just before the 'pandemic'
was 'confirmed' and PCR was adopted as the
test of choice. Are you thinking that...?
Check out the recent posts DA)

Sensitivity and Specificity - never mentioned

A variant has allegedly been 'detected'

variant has some genetic changes and represents viral evolution. Two variants of a virus mean this is the same coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) strainNot a new virusGenetic change does define that the PCR analysis being so widely (ab)used should not specifically be able to detect SARS-CoV-2 since it has been modified. If claims are made that detection of the new variant is successful this becomes evidential proof that only a fragment of coronavirus RNA can be found present. The specific strain cannot be determined using PCR. Earlier claims to have detected SARS-CoV-2 specifically must ALL be untrueStatistics have then been used to show positive test results and consequently a high death rate (COVID-19). This is the justification for house-arrestlockdowns, and other restrictions to be imposed,

All exposed to be a...


Outright proof must be sought
in open court by asking the 'expert'
witness (the 'independent' SAGE member
responsible) under oathif the PCR test can
legitimately be used to prove the existence of

Louis, isn't it odd that this claimed more dangerous
something has been found just after the multiple
vaccines have been 'approved'How can there
be a variant of something that doesn't even
exist?  If there is no virushow can a
positive result be returned, Louis?
Is it the PCR test simply finding
that someone has had a cold?
Or recovered from an earlier
mild infection - DA

A 'vaccine' is proposed to be ready

by the end of 2020 - or maybe not

RNA 'vaccine'

An inexpensive global experiment

A 'live' clinical trial

Does the untested technology actually work?

What should it do? - DA

Matt Hancock

Secretary of State
for Health and Social Care

A background in economics

does not qualify anyone to pontificate about

vaccines. Clearly briefed with a script.


Alfred Bourla profile


CEO Pfizer (net worth = £$22.8 million)

 (see fact no. 9 - DA)


Yet to be vaccinated

 (won't have Pfizer vaccine? - DA)



he is not (even now - DA) fully vaccinated



mRNA (NOT) 'vaccine' but


Gene therapy (Dr. David Martin)


Dr. Sherri Tenpenny (profile)


Very Important


Dangers of Vaccines - interview

 Vaccines do NOT prevent infections

 but DO cause disease

There’s a LONG list of Doctors who explain


clearly why Covid vaccines


aren’t safe or effective


Note: some of these videos have been 'disabled'


Bill Gates 😈 - The Messiah (666)

The 'vaccine' connection

New, Unapproved, and

Untested Experimental 'vaccine'

Indemnity from harm (death)


COVAX + Bill Gates 😈

The chessmen are moved

into position

Why it matters: Virtually the entire world has signed onto COVAX
It's expected to be the only source of 'vaccines' for
some of the world's poorest countries, and needs
additional funding to fulfill its goal (Bill Gates' 😈
goal, Louis - DA) of vaccinating at least
20% of the (global) population in
every country by the end of 2021

What does this DEVIL 😈 imagine itself to be?
It wants this. It wants that. Not medically
trained BUT the filthy lucre talks.
I don't know it and I don't
want to know it - DA

What guarantee
is there that ALL countries
get the SAME 'vaccine'?

Absolutely NONE, Louis - DA

Dr. Fauci last month accepted Biden’s (Gates's 😈 ? DAoffer
to join his administration and serve

  • Dr. Fauci confirms US commitment to
  • Gates 😈 backed vaccine program


"It's just dead nucleoids, period.”


Fauci: smoking gun evidence,

pandemic fraud


Fauci continues to be deceitful.

Anything over 30 cycles is deceitful DA

2^45 = 35 trillion = 45 cycles (35 x 10^12)

2^30 = 1 billion = 30 cycles (1 x 10^9)

 Signal amplified (from 1 x strand RNA) additionally

 by x 35000 (2^45/2^30)

  • French President warns permanent immunity not to be assumed
  • Biden - US cases plateauing. Biden Admin “liberates”
  • EU leaders - more lockdowns, curfews
  • Dr. Fauci agrees - it appears US cases are “plateauing
  • Goldman - COVID hospitalisations may be trending lower
  • US cases, hospitalisations declinedeaths at highs
  • Dr. Fauci - the US commit to Gates 😈 backed vaccine program
  • Ireland latest in Europe to extend lockdown
  • The UK suffers the deadliest day yet
Translates to:
    • Annual inoculation
    • Vaccination 'miraculously' working - Biden assumes power
    • Tighten the screws
    • It's in the script
    • Safer in     (In America this
    • Hospital?  means more money)
    • Reverse the Trump withdrawal from the COVAX (21.01.2021) vaccine alliance
    • Another screw is tightened
    • UK is 'looking' bad (no surprise - DA)

              new technology... directly into humans with no indication

              as to the effectsWill it cause harm (Hippocratic Oath)

              especially in the long-term?

              (a good reason to 'train' many

              others in order to exclude doctors - DA)

              Nobody knows. Just carry on...


              Prime Minister Boris Johnson
              Professor Chris Whitty
              Professor Trisha Greenhalgh
              Sir Patrick Vallance
              Health Secretary Matt Hancock
              The wealthiest man on Earth Bill Gates 😈

              Lock-down + 'vaccine'
              Enforce testing - more and more false positives
              Stay indoors (out of the light)
              Watch the BBC propaganda show
              Close the pubs - people drink more at home
              Increase stress - the fear

              There is a high incidence of people with coloured skin who die from 'COVID-19'. Dark skin contains melanin, a dark pigment that blocks sunlight (protection from the Sun in hot countries). Mostly, depressed areas are the dwelling places for many. Dark-skinned people commonly have low levels of vitamin D3 in their blood. This vitamin is regarded as very important for a strong immune system. A good diet and low stress are also both essential for a properly functioning immune system.

              Lack of daylight, alcohol, and fear. Each will separately
              compromise the immune system and render
              more likely to infection. Any coronavirus fragment
              will 'prove' COVID-19 by way of the
              'fixed' PCR 'test'

              First lock-down'vaccine' conditioning

              Summer respite: enjoy - Matt Hancock

              Second lock-down'vaccine' approved (nudge)

              Authorised for use - 'emergency' status

              Not proven to be safe

              Relative efficacy - determined with only

              170 'cases'95.3% = 162/170

              (Non-vaccinated = 162vaccinated 8)

              44,000 volunteers

               Infections170/44,000 =


              0.386% (pandemic)


              Third lock-downnew variant'Vaccine' (shove)

               Louishas Hancock been vaccinated? - DA

              There are no reports of Johnson, Whitty, Hancock, or Vallance ever being vaccinated or planning to. And it's so easy to stage a sham vaccination anyway. Simply be a placebo 'volunteer'. Undetectable. Unless a whistleblower...


              The stakes are high - they'd run the 'risk'



               safeguarding of information


               If they had, the PR would be huge. NOTHING.

              It must be 'assumed' (Government can do it - DA) 

              that none of them has. Coercing a UK citizen with 

              misinformation and fear into being

               vaccinated when they do not.

              This screams...




               Dr. Mike Yeadon (ex Pfizer)

              No lock-down
              PCR 'test' scientifically meaningless
              'Pandemic' is over
              No vaccine

              Cycles particles multiplier

               20 = 2^20 = 1048576 (1 million)

               x 1 = (negative = non-infectious) 

              25 = 2^25 = 33554432 (34 million)

              x 32 = (negative = non-infectious)

              30 = 2^30 = 1073741824 (1 billion)

              x 1024 = (?)

              40 = 2^40 = 1099511628000 (1 trillion)

              1048576 = (positive = infectious)

              45 (NHS p16) = 2^45 = 35184372090000 (35 trillion)

              33554432 (positive = infectious)


              The difference between 2^45 and 2^20 =

              (~35 x 10^12)/(~1 x 10^6)

              Over-amplification = x ~35 million 

              The NHS cannot be trusted. It has entered politics. 'Front-line' and other staff (not complicit) are following instructions from top management (complicit) - Government (Matt Hancock). As if the actions of Matt Hancock are not enough to be of great concern. Hancock and vaccination by mandate threat. It is being deceitful and this is revealed by its use of 45 cycles in the amplification in PCR 'tests'. This will almost certainly produce a false positive with a signal of around 35 million times greater than normal. The NHS selects a cycle-number (page 16) to deliberately ramp up the 'infections' recorded. This should be damning evidence but the NHS must be saved and people trust the NHS to demonstrate honesty.

              'Flu vaccine - NHS 

              (how can you be sure 'COVID-19' is not  'flu? - DA)


              The best time to have the 'flu vaccine is in

               the autumn before 'flu starts spreading


                 It's probably not worth the effort though. A 'flu vaccination will be over-ruled and you'll become just another 'pandemic' statistic and diagnosed as having the COVID-19 disease. And placed under house-arrest for no arrestable offence. The 'crime' of being infected. After the anticipated PCR false positive result. You may never have any infection, of course. Which would mean... ?

              The list of conditions (NHS patient-guide pamphlet) that do not disqualify from vaccination is comprehensive. It is not possible to know that these conditions present no contra-indication. To incite someone into any action with false information (even implied) is criminal. Safety clinical trials are wholly and dangerously inadequate for at least 2 years (2023).

              blood cancer



              (in cases of an inability to make own decisions, are relatives' wishes over-ruled by 'officialdom'? - DA

              heart problem

              chest complaint + bronchitis, emphysema, severe asthma (any breathing difficulty is a symptom of (alleged) COVID-19

              kidney disease

              liver disease

              lowered immunity 

              caused by disease or treatment (HIV infection, steroid medication, chemotherapy, radiotherapy). Steroid meds indicate a possibly serious (undefined) underlying issue

              rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, or psoriasis

              organ transplant - transplant immunology

              stroke or TIA

              neurological or muscle-wasting condition

              severe or profound learning disability

              The spleen is an important part of the body's defense (immune) system. It contains special white blood cells that destroy bacteria and help the body fight infections when you are sick. It also helps remove, or filter, old red blood cells from the body's circulation

              seriously overweight

              (BMI = 40 or above) - low vitamin D in blood (the vitamin resides in fat. Obese people are prone to infection

              severely mentally ill (unable to give consent)

              Essentially everything. If you're not dead

               you'll be 'offered' a 'vaccine'


              The NHS, too, plays the Government 'game' and by definition is complicit in the COVID-19 fraud. That the NHS encourages inoculation is outrageous. Has the Government 'bribed' (theatened? - ) the institution by promising future financial input? If so, it better be bullet-proof or the Government will certainly renege on any deal. And when (if, Louis - DA) the Government fails to uphold its end of any bargain, the NHS would hardly be in any position to publicly complain. It has betrayed the public who have 'freely' given their absolute support, while locked-down (-up, Louis - DA) Should the Government decide to honour any pledge (anything's possible I suppose, however unlikely - DA) a sudden windfall (totally out-of-character generosity from the Government of austerity) would be compelling evidence of complicity.

              The manipulation of the PCR procedure demonstrates the difference between good science and bad science ('coronababble'). Good science endeavours to assess all the quality information (and explanations for clarity - DA) before any conclusions can be drawn. Bad science has a pre-defined conclusion and any 'evidence' is cherry-picked to support the conclusion. Other 'evidence' that doesn't fit the paradigm is either ignored or deliberately misinterpreted (manufactured) to provide a dishonest 'narrative'.

                 RNA experiments (05.07.2020) leap to the front in the coronavirus 'vaccine' racePromisingElegantUnprovennew generation of vaccine technologies based on deploying a tiny snip of genetic code called messenger RNA to  trigger the immune system. A 'theoretical' mechanism. Will it work? It has never before been approved for use.

              The mRNA (not defined) gene therapy is supposed to behave like a virus and hi-jack a cell's ability to synthesise proteins. The 'spike' protein of an invader is the key that unlocks the door of the cell and allows the virus to enter the cell where it replicates and goes on to cause its damage.


              Is the 'spike' protein specific for the alleged

              SARS-CoV-2 virus or is it a generic


               'spike' protein for any coronavirus

              (there are many coronaviruses)? 

              Infection of a common cold should produce an immune response. In fact, if someone has a bad cold and the diagnosis is recategorised as COVID-19 based on a PCR positive result, this 'vaccine' might simply 'protect' someone from getting a cold. SARS-CoV-2 has never been proven to exist. Someone who has 'flu should return a negative PCR result as the 'flu virus is not a coronavirus, though a high Ct cycle number will ensure that the tiniest trace of a previous coronavirus infection will produce a positive result for SARS-CoV-2. All the PCR procedure can do is amplify a fragment of RNA/DNA by molecular cloning. It cannot diagnose a specific disease. This technology (gene therapy) has been around since for a long time but has only now under the 'emergency' status declared been authorised for use. It is not an approved product only its use authorised/approved. A dangerously (misleading) deception. Dishonesty screams cover-up. Something to hide.


              The 'pandemic' emergency was so

               crudely and transparently




              The concept of mRNA gene therapy would avoid the need for any clinical trials if the new, unapproved, and untested technology can be shown to work. The COVID-19 'vaccine' is supposed to force a cell to make an antibody that recognises the 'spike' protein of the alleged SARS-CoV-2 virus that enables it to enter a cell. This virus has yet to be proven to exist. If the virus does not exist (and here) what function is there for the 'mRNA' (undefined) to perform (altering DNA to... - DA)? If the most vulnerable elderly can survive the 'inoculation' it would pave the way to revolutionise BIG Pharma. Research and development costs would be dramatically reduced (orders of magnitude, Louis - DA). Industrial manufacture to GMP standard (unlike the very arbitrary PCR 'test') would be avoided as the human body does the 'manufacturing'. Purity concerns are redundant since the body would be reasonably assumed to create antibodies that are 100% pure. Only the antigen needs to be identified for the cell to be forced to make any particular antibody.

              Drug molecules are becoming ever more complex and developing a synthetic route to actually make the molecule, an ever-increasing challenge. The costs involved to bring a drug to market are enormous using conventional chemistry and the existing regulatory hurdles. The new technology (mRNA) would greatly reduce this cost. 'Vaccine' technology is the method described that fights disease and the time taken from 'discovery' to launch of a product could be reduced to months instead of years. Minimal testing (as has happened) could only strengthen support for 'fast-tracking'. A good drug is not one that cures but manages an illness since if a patient was cured then eventually the marketplace would disappear. An annual 'vaccine' is a definition of sustainability.

              Investment in 'plant' to manufacture the required mRNA 'vaccine' would not be made just for the COVID-19 pandemic. But future needs. This is very suggestive for a 'Brave New World' - the 'Shape of Things to Come'.

              has DELETED (25.11.2020) this video -

              CENSORSHIP of a possible TRUTH


              Well, news for YouTube

              Watch the video here

              and here and here

              Listen here

                 What is it that has panicked YouTube? An arbitrary (unexplained, Louis - DA) decision was made to ban a particular video. There is no clear mention in the terms of service that indicates what is so terrible about a video concerning vaccines? What has gotten YouTube so rattled? Why has such a crude attempt been made to shut down any argument (MSM) that opposes the 'accepted - the science is settled' attitude about vaccines and COVID-19 specifically? Why is it so critically important to convince people that only vaccines can save the human race from annihilation?

                 The arrogance (that always accompanies a massive ego - DA) enables YouTube to assume that media like YouTube actually have the power to 'persuade' people to adopt the correct way of thinking simply by acting as a self-appointed judge and jury and censoring anything it doesn't agree with.

                 It is the pathetic stance that YouTube considers itself so importantBarbara Loe Fisher is highly regarded and a very sincere individual. It is the monumental arrogance of the likes of YouTube to imagine that accurate information (truth, Louis - DA) can be silenced - by YouTube. The same approach has been used against the celebrated and also very highly regarded David Icke (website). Attempts to shut down the debate continueYouTube has pulled selected postings (videos). Absolutely no chance of silencing...

              The Establishment's

              Thorn in the Side
                 Paradoxically, acting in this totalitarian way actually has the opposite effect to that intended. It screams at people...


              There's something to cover-up and people
              begin to search out to discover for themselves
              what they are being denied to view

              The climate change hoax is still a
              multi $£trillion campaign (scam, Louis - DA)
              to perpetuate and it's failingFast.

              An annual vaccine (sustainability)

              (SARS-CoV-3, SAS-CoV-4, SARS-CoV-5...)

              will be worth even more

              Another example (if you need it - DA) of

              YouTube censorship is provided by

              Anthony Lawson (scroll down for the

              deleted video) and he explains...

              NOTE: This Video was originally uploaded to YouTube (, but YouTube deleted it under the pretext of some spurious copyright claim over some of the used footage. Suppressing free and open discussion on any subject, however, is as bad as telling lies, and knowingly suppressing the truth is the biggest lie of all, because it is based, not on a mistake or a genuine error, but on a deliberate intention to deceive.

              This is the author's dedication:

              With great respect for those who have tried—though harassed, punished, fined, imprisoned and otherwise abused—to tell it like it really was: Arthur R. Butz, Robert Faurisson, Jürgen Graf, Gerd Honsik, David Irving, Kevin Käther, Nicholas Kollerstrom, Fred Leuchter, Horst Mahler, Carlo Mattogno, Ingrid Rimland, Germar Rudolf, Bradley Smith, Wilhelm Stäglich, Sylvia Stolz, Fredrick Toben, Ernst Zündel and many others.

              Videos are still available (here) and are essential viewing to

              restore balance if you are open-minded enough to at least

              consider any alternative viewpoints to those that have

              already been 'conditioned'The indoctrination.

              The propaganda(The lies? - DA)

              Amazon too (and YouTube)

              The Amazon Book Burning

              The Day Amazon Murdered History

              It’s 1564 for Amazon—and Its Customers

              Boy, Is It HARD to Boycott Amazon

              Today Amazon, Tomorrow, the World

              Does Amazon Censor Book Reviews?

              The Many Beds Amazon Shares with the Government

              Amazon Mass-Bans Dissident Materials - Hundreds of
              Titles Erased within a Day

              (select read more... to start the video if there is one)

              A detailed analysis of these texts and videos forces a review of 'accepted' stories based on hearsay. Are they describing truth, part truthor total fabrication? The alleged atrocities of the Japanese during WWII - was this only to justify American 'use' (experimentation, Louis? - DA) of the atomic bomb? How much historical information of the last 3000 years and more is truth or fabrication? Is The Bible nothing more than fiction? The seeds of doubt grow. They produce only fields of... information. 'Truth' is simply about persuading someone of the veracity of.. a beliefFacts have always been and always will be distorted into the convenient 'narrative' of the day.

              The Legend of 9/11 - 13 years on

              4. Technocracy - Science of Social Engineering

              7. Bill Gates 😈

              No medical trainingWhy does

              anyone pay attention?

              Calling in the favours, Louis. The

              financial hooks go deep -  DA

              Now the most dangerous man on the planet?

              How Bill Gates 😈 Monopolised Global Health


              Bill Gates 😈 and WHO

              (World Health Organization)

              Dr. Joseph Mercola on Bill Gates

              8. Dana Ashlie


              The following argument examines the known from the 'reported' unknowable. Most of what has been 'reported' in the media (MSM = newspapers and TV) is of 'we say so' statements and is essentially nothing more than unsubstantiated hearsay. Important 'facts' must be verified but they are not. They are ignored.

              The evidence points to the introduction of 'a' vaccine. It is impossible to fast-track vaccines or new drugs without cutting (off - DA) safety corners. The use of animals in early experimentation has been mandated by law for decades but in a virtual instant animals are now invalidated as giving unreliable information. This is an official admission that billions of animals have been needlessly slaughtered. Any information obtained through such methods must have been known for a very long time to be useless and should not be trusted.


              Until now


              It can (safely!) be ignored,


              so go directly into humans


              The implication of this is that all medications that have later been tested on healthy humans as a result of experiments on animals were not informative about safety. Human trials were based on flawed data and subsequent trials in target patients were not justifiable and were potentially at best ineffective and at worst unsafe and very dangerous. Any potential vaccine that is alleged to be effective can be tested by direct introduction into humans and DOES NOT NEED the initial test on animals. That is the justification to avoid any corners at all. In a stroke, safety evaluation has been removed. It is simply how effective an agent is claimed to be. If a potential vaccine is 'tested' (tried out, Louis - DA) directly on humans and the result is a few deaths of healthy patients, but most survive then the vaccine should still not be used (that does not mean that the product will be abandoned, Louis - DA).

              Safety (page 32)

              no longer a requirement

              This is not a conspiracy theory but deals with facts. That is a problem for those who are in denial and scream 'conspiracy theory' The 'science' is settled. There is no science. Only orchestrated propaganda to convince that there is a problem in the first place. The internet is awash with articles claiming that the number of excess deaths compared to a 'normal' year is apparently very high. Look a little deeper and a different picture is revealed.


              Authoritarian edict: Truth must be hidden.

              Must be censored. Reports deleted...

              "...deaths due to heart diseases, 

              respiratory diseases, influenza,

              and pneumonia are being


              as due to COVID-19."

                 The numbers of those eligible to have the seasonal 'flu 'vaccine' (2020) were increased. It has been claimed that the seasonal 'flu jab was either very effective or that a COVID-19 infection prevented a 'flu infection. It is an irony that SARS-CoV-2 is effectively the vaccine for seasonal 'flu. If the seasonal 'flu 'vaccine' had been attenuated to be less effective or not effective at all, people acquiring the 'flu would clearly rocket if the 'flu virus was still abroad (2020 - 2021). It may be considered rather surprising that the incidence of seasonal 'flu essentially disappears as COVID-19 numbers suddenly escalate. Where did the 'flu virus go? Into space? Viruses do not disappear so suddenly.


              Seasonal influenza

              Increase - 27.12.2019 


              December 2019 - incidence of 'flu on the


              increase. Is this evidence for the


              recategorisation of influenza?




              to the assumed COVID-19

               (not proven to exist)?


              Widening the scope of those eligible for the seasonal 'flu vaccination and using a weakened (non-effective) vaccine, would ensure a larger number of people would get a 'flu infection. That for some a 'flu infection can have fatal consequences wouldn't matter. The COVID-19 numbers would go up since any respiratory issue is assumed to be COVID-19. It is not allowed to be anything else. Some would possibly benefit from antibiotics though since the alleged COVID-19 is caused by a virus antiviral medications are necessary (where are they, Louis? - DA), a possibly bacterial infection is ignored and the person is allowed to die (institutionalised murder - DA). This is a crime against the individual and more generally, a crime against humanity.


              By ensuring more people are made eligible

              for the 'flu vaccine it will be assumed that any

              respiratory issue is SARS-CoV-2 related

              and if the 'flu vaccine is ineffective, it becomes... 

              Absolute proof of the (non)existence of




              This also assumes that the 'flu vaccine is effective.

              If the vaccine had been weakened or made

              completely ineffective

              this would enable the justification for any

               respiratory issue to be switched

               to nothing other than...



              Hospitalisation of vulnerable people (anybody can get the 'flu) could so easily be re-categorised as COVID-19. It is simply by the assumption that the symptoms of 'flu can only be... COVID-19. For some people, the 'flu can be life-threatening and being placed on a mechanical ventilator enables breathing for someone who is unable to breathe for themselves. During some surgical procedures the heart may be stopped but to continue to supply oxygen to the brain a patient will be temporarily placed on a ventilator. Short-term. A ventilator pushes oxygen into the lungs. The positive pressure will ensure that some oxygen will enter the blood. Negative pressure (natural breathing) takes a greater volume of oxygen into the blood (%SpO2 = 94-98%. Less than 89% is a serious condition).


              Pneumococcal vaccine overview

              Breathing problems (low blood oxygen level - %SpO2)

              can be caused by many conditions

              This also explains the expected serious issues with 5G

              (the engineered COVID-19, cover-up 'narrative'?)


              5G microwave radiation disrupts diatomic oxygen

              and it cannot attach to blood haemoglobin

              for transport around the body and to the brain.

              Result: serious breathing problems and ultimate brain death


              Post-mortems are not conducted after the death of the assumed COVID-19 'case' so any pre-existing or other health condition is never 'discovered'. In fact, it has never been established that COVID-19 (a set of symptoms) is the cause of death.

              •   The PCR 'test' (molecular cloning procedure) has never had a threshold cycle number established (Ct). The consequence of this is that the Ct value can range between Ct = 20 to Ct = 45. Even the NHS has 'chosen' (page = 16) to use the highest value (45). The difference between Ct = 20 and Ct = 45 is 2^25 = 34 million. It's like trying to equate apples with oranges. Impossible. If an individual has the 'tiniest trace' of debris from any earlier coronavirus infection (a non-infectious coronavirus fragment), the grotesquely over-amplified (Ct = 45) will return a (false) positive result and the 'diagnosis' will by assumption be COVID-19. Not evidence-based. The selection of Ct is very arbitrary and the devices are claimed to be pre-set to an unknown value (black box).

              The upshot of all this is that if someone has had any coronavirus infection they will very likely be diagnosed as positive and placed under house-arrest (quarantined). Other healthy people must stay indoors (out of the daylight/sunlight) and so get depressed levels of vitamin D. The immune system is compromised and there is an increased likelihood of 'getting a cold'. The fear instilled in people by the incessant onslaught with Government propaganda encourages these people to get tested. They probably have nothing but a common cold - runny nose, cough, clammy feeling, and shivering... that will inevitably lead to a positive PCR result. Another COVID-19 statistic.

                The lateral flow (mass testing) test is forced upon nearly everybody and has never been validated as a genuine test to detect the SARS-CoV-2 virus that has never been isolated and sequenced. Many new victims (statistics) will be 'discovered'. The production of a 'vaccine' must be based on an unknown. The AstraZeneca 'vaccine' has a viral vector from a virus (allegedly harmless to humans) that gives a monkey a cold. It begs the question, why wouldn't a human common cold confer the same protection as the 'vaccine' derived from the virus that gives a monkey a cold? The simian/human DNA is about 95% comparable. The 'conventional' 'vaccines' alleged to combat SARS-CoV-2 need to be nothing more than a placebo. Giving 'vaccine' manufacturers and anybody involved with giving the 'vaccine' indemnity from legal action for damages caused is not actually necessary since it would be nothing more than a saline solution.

              The Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna (mRNA gene therapies) are not vaccines. What's the RNA sequence?


              Gene therapy (mRNA) has


              never been approved


              as a new technology, let alone considering such a product as a new untested 'vaccine'. This 'misleading' description is currently being challenged about its legality. Emergency use has enabled authorisation of any COVID-19 'treatment' - on the 'nod'. But only authorisation. The description 'approved' for use has misled people to believe it is an 'approved and safe' 'vaccine'. This is simply not the case. The mRNA is only 'authorised' for use in the (very crudely) engineered 'emergency'. It is definitely not an approved product. The WHO and all the country regulators have remained silent while this potentially very dangerous misuse of 'unapproved' technologies/products has been accepted as safe Worldwide.

              The profit to be gained by this fraud is monstrous. And the US$12.3 trillion to be shared with the roll-out of 5G will surely go some way to repair the global destruction to economies. But the effects on people are incalculable. A few billion deaths should keep Bill Gates 😈 happy and even more wealthy than he is already. Should get to number one. The wealthiest man on Earth. A planetary-sized ego. Psychotic but a really generous and all-round wonderful guy. After all, he funded the 'vaccine' research, didn't he?

              What is the definition of science, if the science is settled? In terms of 'the narrative', there is science fiction (the imaginary world) and non-fiction science fact (the real world that deals with accuracy and truth). Science means the study of naturally occurring phenomena and the acquisition of knowledge. It is multidisciplinary. Astrophysics, biology, chemistry, genetics, geology, mathematics, and physics are just a few examples of sciences. To state 'the science is settled' is similar to alleging that all liquids are water - absurd. The process by which the emergency has been engineered is pathetically crude but nonetheless has been spectacularly effective in tricking hundreds of millions of people from around the globe into 'voluntarily' accepting an unapproved, not-proven-to-be-safe 'vaccine' that has very dubious efficacy. And all for an unproven pandemic (SARS-CoV-2) and all based on the belief that everyone only (New)speaks the truth. All safety criteria have been based solely on an interim analysis (a broad definition) that will not complete until 2023. The specific criteria (protocol) of any trial must be carefully scrutinised to determine what is exactly the aim of the study...

              ...none of the vaccine trials are designed to detect a significant reduction in hospital admissionsadmission to intensive care, or death (full text). Rather than studying severe disease, these mega-trials all set a primary endpoint of symptomatic covid-19 of essentially any severity: a laboratory positive result plus mild symptoms such as cough and fever count as outcome events (table 1). These studies seem designed to answer the easiest question in the least amount of time, not the most clinically relevant questions.


              Rapid answers to the wrong

              questions. Is the vaccine

              safe in the longer-term?


                  The sale of these products has attracted £$billions after only months from their discovery but many countries have essentially been bankrupted (even with the AstraZeneca cost price (effective?) 'vaccine')...


              developed by the University of Oxford

               and AstraZeneca


              stops 70 percent


              of people


               developing COVID-19 symptoms


              This describes nothing regarding long-term

               safety or effectiveness other than



              developing COVID-19 symptoms


              Off label Prescription Drugs

              Off-label Marketing 

              To paraphrase David Icke:

              There is no problem so create it (COVID-19)

              and invent the (final) solution (vaccine)

              to the non-existent problem 

              Those who argue against climate change being

              caused by human activity are denounced as

              conspiracy theorists and MUST be ignored

              (so go the instructions from the anonymous...)

              They are all stupid and only deal with FACTS and

              not the 'accepted' FICTION that the rest of us believe

              Amplifying Fear

              This is what is being done with 5G. It is highly-damaging microwave radiation. Those opposed to logic and common sense would have it that 5G gives you COVID-19. That's an absurd claim and it has never been made. Almost identical to calling those opposed to the propaganda about climate change as being in denial. Skeptical, but not in denial - the claim that the human race is the cause of climate change is wrong - there is no evidence. The science is not settled (anybody who really cares about planet Earth and truth should read this book - DA).

              An honest report would examine what is actually known about 5G. Irradiation does give symptoms that are almost identical to COVID-19 (radiation sickness) which manifests as upper respiratory tract and breathing difficulty. And a raft of issues as a result of brain damage. The 60GHz microwave frequency disrupts the oxygen molecule so that blood haemoglobin cannot transport molecular (diatomic) oxygen to the brain or any cell that requires oxygen to function. Eventual death will happen. Testing has never been done (don't look so you won't find - DA) and it has been sold as necessary and safe. The effectiveness of 5G has been promulgated. It is absolutely essential for the future so safety can be ignored (just like a vaccine - DA). In the case of a vaccine, it is only a requirement to 'demonstrate' that there is an urgent need and there is nothing else that will 'save the human race from extinction'. The diabolical irony is that the vaccine could actually be the catalyst to cause genocide on a global scale. Imagine a planet with no elderly or sick people.

              A world populated by only young and healthy people. (New blood for a dystopian future? - DA). A 'good' drug (economically viable. A blockbuster drug - DA) will only ever treat symptoms - it will not provide a cure.

              The market to sell a product would

              disappear if people actually got better

              The coronavirus 'pandemic' (global) has

              the hallmarks of a hoax.

              Forever + 1 day = sustainability.

               Little wonder Bourla is smirking - DA



              The lethal nature of SARS-CoV-2

              Where's the evidence that

              it actually exists?

              Facebook has not (yet - DA)

              deleted this post (20.04.2021)

              The link 'evidence' is just one of many that

               seriously question

              the proof of the alleged virus isolation and its

              actual existence. There is none. Nothing

              can be produced that supports the

              LIE that is constantly 'told'

              Is it simply diabolical (!) misdirection to

              cover serious 5G issuesWuhan is

               central to everything, Louis - DA

              Deaths in China (every day) amount to 20,000 and they are from many, many causes. The alleged spread as a pandemic is in great doubt. One thing has cleared: the muddy water. If you accept the whole concept of hoax, then everything falls neatly into place and reasoned analysis of all the verifiable information leads to the conclusion presented here.


              The 'official' message is full of

              inconsistency and confusion

              (don't you mean bull****, Louis? - DA)

              Specious lies are conspicuous when

              objectivity (logic) rises over the

              subjective (emotion)


              The lack of consistency in Government arguments is easily demonstrated by examining the rules for wearing masks and (advice) for using gloves. Washing hands is repeated incessantly but any reminders about wearing (disposable) gloves have been 'forgotten'.


              Washing hands can keep both yourself 'clean'


              face-touching near the




              and prevent contamination of any surface.

              This has been advised for a long time:

              guard against picking up

              and spreading disease 

                 People are 'permitted' to fabricate their own masks. Silk-cotton-linen-muslin-hessian (really! There's no 'rule' to say you can't - DA) or something similar. The mesh pore size is enormous when compared to any virus particle or water droplet. Anything small will easily pass through. In either direction. There is no standardisation of any fabric for even some protection. If a commercial facemask is potentially ineffective and dangerous (poor air quality) then a fabric that allows easier breathing must be even less effective.There can be no scientific argument that supports the 'anything goes' attitude. This very clearly 'suggests' there is no problem. The lackadaisical behaviour is really quite pathetic.


              Except that it does support the


              fraud claims


              When it's drizzling, rain droplets collide with other airborne particles. How often have you been outside in cold and wet conditions? Does not your expelled breath form clouds (demonstrates water vapour) that pass through the rain? Even in cold and dry conditions clouds of breath form that disappear. Any particles in the breath (water-containing droplets) may be invisible but they are still suspended in the air. Wind ensures they travel some distance. When it's misty, water droplets trap other water droplets (expelled air) and they remain in the air for someone to pass through them.

              A simple solution would be to show honesty and explain why hands should be kept properly clean and why gloves should be worn. If masks are to be worn outside (a symbol of compliance? - DA) then they should be worn at all times. Not just indoors in public places. Contaminated breathable air is everywhere. Potentially.


              But only if the virus is real


              Lengthy periods wearing a mask is not advised. Re-breathing exhaled breath that contains large amounts of carbon dioxide should be avoided for obvious (? - DA) reasons. When 5G becomes widely available (maybe it won't, Louis - DA) problems can only get worse. Available oxygen (diatomic) for all mammalian life will be reduced, especially those immersed in the microwave radiation from the hundreds of thousands of antennae (probably on every lamppost).

              You will not be able to walk down the street

              without being bombarded by radiation

              The social distancing rule provides conflict - no closer than 2m. Water droplets that may contain the virus (SARS-CoV-2) are considered dense enough to fall to the ground within 2m. Staying out-of-range is recommended (legally required). A cough will eject water droplets (3000+) a considerable distance and at speed (up to 80kmph). A mask may prevent some particles from being expelled into the surrounding atmosphere. A virus cannot actually 'jump'. It does not have legs. The only way transmission can occur is by touching a contaminated surface or breathing in contaminated air. Nose breathing (strongly advised always for general health reasons anyway) has the advantage of not breathing cold air through the mouth and getting a sore throat. The air is warmed before being taken into the lungs and the hairs in the nostrils can remove particles that are best kept out.

              Assuming SARS-CoV-2 exists  

              Social distancing offers no real benefit

              other than ensuring

              nobody invades your personal space

              It is quite absurd to close bookshops (small/medium-sized
              businesses) or impose restrictions by forcing the
              quarantining of any 'touched' book (how else
              can you browse?) yet allow supermarkets
              (BIG business) to maintain fully-stocked
              shelves. People touch books and
              return them to the shelves without
              purchasing. It's called... browsing.
              Any product in a supermarket may
              have been touched and returned to
              the shelf. The only way to remain 'safe'
              is to wear gloves. Cashiers can sometimes
              offer up the scanner so that only you touch
              it. How clean is it? Gloves give some protection
              Wear gloves - it should be constantly repeated.
              It isn't. Why is this simple advice not given? But
              wear your mask even though less effective than using
              disposable gloves. In petrol filling stations, touching
              public surfaces should always happen only wearing gloves.


              Don't overlook Occam's Razor, Louis - DA


              ...the simplest explanation


              is usually the right one


              BIG v medium v small business advantage


              Great play ('encouragement' before mandating, Louis - DA) is being made about vaccination. Regardless of the absence of adequate safety data. The 'justification' for taking short cuts is that sufficient funding is available - Government - to finance the required studies and trials can meld into each other. The truth is that companies like Pfizer are not fazed by this considerable expense and such arguments become absurd. The aim is to contract one phase of a clinical trial (4 years minimum to just a few months) and still be able to demonstrate the effectiveness and safety of a potential product before commencing the next phase. Pre-clinical studies (no animals) show if a product actually does what it is designed to do. This can then exploit animals (and sacrificing them - DA) to show product safety or otherwise before being to given to healthy humans and finally (if all the lights are green - DA) to the target unwell patient. This ensures that not until a product has been shown to be both effective and safe can it be given to the most vulnerable: - unwell patients.


              How do we know a vaccine is safe? (30.12.2020)

              The principle (in theory only - DA) is to start small and only move to the next stage of testing if there are no outstanding safety concernsThis may be technically true but BEFORE any results can be assessedhuman trials are started. So, the following statement that "animals are used" is deliberate misdirection. It is a blatant...


              "Due to the urgent need (a critical requirement

              for emergency approval - DA) for a vaccine in a rampant

              pandemic (alleged - DA)Pfizer and ModeRNA

              were given approval to...

              simultaneously test

              their vaccines on animals while they were

              conducting Phase 1 trials on humans.

              The vaccines were tested on...

              mice and macaques."

              Danger Danger Danger

              The mass vaccination program has taken every short-cut possible to yield a vaccine that is 'untested' and new technology (mRNA) - Pfizer. This potentially dangerous vaccine is to be given to the most vulnerable - old people who are not infected with SARS-CoV-2 (but they might be at some time in the future - DA). They may have other pre-existing health conditions. Healthy people could be made very unwell by being inoculated. Those least able to survive the trauma of being seriously unwell are to be inoculated. GPs are refusing to be involved with vaccinations due to stretched resources (could it be that the Government is 'asking' that the Hippocratic Oath be broken, Louis? - DA).

              DO NO HARM

              Even drugs that have undergone lengthy and rigorous testing protocols and clinical trials (4 years minimum to just a few months?) can much later manifest unpredictable adverse reactions. A drug could be 'pulled' after dangerous adverse reactions are encountered. This is the risk element for the pharmaceutical companies. Patent coverage can also be severely compromised by the time taken between discovery and launch. But never at the cost of reputation by introducing a potentially a very dangerous medication. The damage a company could inflict upon itself is enormous.

              Did the Government offer indemnity or did Pfizer demand it?

              Pfizer has an experimental vaccine and the UK Government

              wants it but it has not been adequately trialled? - DA

              Vaccination does not render anyone immune from being infected. They may just be asymptomatic and not know they are infected. Contact with other healthy people could cause transmission of the virus and unwittingly 'spread of the virus'.


              Create an alleged problem (coronavirus pandemic) as there isn't one and provide the solution (a vaccine of unknown composition) enabling the transformation of the structure of global economies by their destruction (forcing entire countries into bankruptcy) and allowing the forced creation of a new system. Result: complete control. The IMF has been encouraging uncontrolled spending. The UK Government has been spending money like there will be no tomorrow. Totally out of control. It can't spend it fast enough. And this has the blessing of the nation. Without the engineered 'pandemic', this would never have had a compliant populace. Underway is the most crippling of 'stings' imaginable. The rout of humankind with the rise of the global 'elite'.

              Book description (Amazon - DA)


              COVID-19 has created a great disruptive reset of our global socialeconomicand political systems. But the power of human beings lies in being foresighted and having the ingenuity, at least to a certain extent, to take their destiny into their hands (and who is that? - DAand to plan for a better future. This is the purpose of this book: to shake up and to show the deficiencies which were manifest in our global system, even before COVID broke out.

              WEF globalist Klaus Schwabunvaccinated

              people a threat to humanity

              ('People' like Schwab are

              THE threat to humanity, Louis - DA


              The Great Reset

               The Corbett Report Documentaries

              A (very large) smoking barrel - DA

              Dishonour and failure

              Although speculative discussion appears here it is mostly factual data. No medical advice is offered and any concerns should be addressed by a qualified medical practitioner. This entry was researched and composed over many months (02.06.2020 - 26.12.2020) and it is wise to use extreme caution and acceptance of the potentially dangerous consequences of irresponsible behaviour. Only future events may uncover more detailMany questions are asked and issues raised.

              How vaccines (don't -  DA) work

              The tried and 'tested' dynamic of vaccination (it still fails with

              disastrous results - DA) would be by infection with a small

              amount of an inactive form of the strain (SARS-CoV-2)

              that causes the disease (COVID-19)

              What is an inactive form of

              SARS-CoV-2? - DA

              As there is no 'inactive' form of SARS-CoV-2 can a

              conventional vaccine could ever be found?


              Louis, the 'weakened' virus used in the AstraZeneca 'vaccine' is one that gives a chimpanzee a cold. The question that needs to be asked here is if the chimpanzee genome has ~95% commonality (DNA) with the human genome, then why shouldn't the human common cold offer the same immunity potential as the virus used in a 'vaccine' that gives a chimpanzee a cold?


                 Is this the reason that an untested theoretical approach has been used to develop an untested and only a claimed-effective vaccine [the alleged urgency has allowed any animal testing (not a bad effect - DA) and extensive and lengthy clinical trials (4 years minimum to just a few months) to be avoided] and obtain (a very rapidapproval for human useLong-term product safety is completely unknown. Direct initial only trials (weeks and not years) have been done on the target humanside-stepping any animal studiesInoculation with a potentially very unsafe product is to be done straight into the older (more vulnerable) population. As a 'live' trial, this is the...

              worst possible choice

              This could be a cynically chosen group since any (alleged) infertility issues (the placenta is prevented from developing) can never show up in women well into their menopause. And care staff are the least likely to want to start a family. In any case, such private concerns about a failure to conceive, will not get widely circulated and other pregnancy avenues may well be investigated. On a personal level.


                 Older people are less physiologically able to survive the trauma of any (known) potential adverse reactions (side-effects). If they do not survive then they will be regarded to have died from old age - if found to be positive (is that 'a' coronavirus or COVID-19, Louis? - DA). They should test negative, of course, as 'evidence' of an 'effective' vaccine. That the vaccine may have been responsible for such a death won't even be considered (the real cause of death can so easily be covered-up by choosing the most vulnerable, Louis. Presumably, there would be no post-mortem as the aged are expected to die, anyway. Indeed, any underlying health problem would now conveniently be emphasised and recorded as the cause of death. Perfect - DA). The justification for selecting the most vulnerable is invalid and would be a cynically specious argument.

              Any mode-of-action is new and therefore

              the consequences are unknownHence the...

              Coronavirus Act 2020 (UK)

              to indemnify manufacturers and those

              providing 'treatment' against

              any legal action

              (Section 11)

              The UK government announced Thursday (03.12.2020) that it had granted Pfizer legal indemnity protecting the American pharmaceutical company from civil lawsuits due to any unforeseen complications arising from problems (there may be many 'unforeseen' problems - it is new and untested technology - DA) with its COVID-19 vaccine. The special legal indemnity was the result of an emergency government consultation in September when the UK Department of Health & Social Care determined that changes to civil liability were necessary to better facilitate the widespread use of a COVID-19 vaccine (USA) in Britain.

              Forcing an untested new technology onto an

              unsuspecting public (a nation, Louis - DA)

              could only be done if there was a

              'Get out of Jail-free Card' to play.

              Indemnification is NOT unprecedented in the UK

              and this becomes compelling evidence

              that serious problems are anticipated

              The reason for the pre-prepared

              Coronavirus Act 2020

              is finally revealed


              Not just a smoking gun but a

              blazing howitzer

              'an engineered pandemic?'

              Even more disturbing:

              Who controls the British Government

              (response to COVID-19)

              Chris Whitty

              UK Government Chief Medical Adviser and

              Chief Medical Officer for England

              Gates 😈 - vaccine

              Ignore the demonising

              'conspiracy theory' overtones

              Pay attention to the message - DA

              --> *** Important *** <--

              --> *** Very Important *** <--

                 Ask your GP: where is the evidence showing the vaccine is safe? Long-termAsk: has the vaccine been proven to be effective against COVID-19 (an explicit question requires an explicit answer. Truth - DA)Ask if he/she has been vaccinated (with the 'flu vaccine for that year specifically or any other year DA)Ask: what are you being paid to provide a vaccine? And why are so many vaccines given to healthy childrenAsk about autismAsk about ADHD (ADHD and COVID-19)Ask: why do so many children acquire these conditions - after early-childhood vaccination?

               Cot death (unexplained) and Shaken Baby Syndrome (assumed physical trauma - DA) can both be explained by vaccination (brain damage caused by a vaccine - DA). 

                 A child has a developing immune system and the elderly can have a compromised one. Both are very susceptible to infection. The eradication of a disease (or the reduction in the numbers suffering from a disease) has always been attributed to a vaccine ('saved millions'). The truth is that improvements to sanitation, clean drinking water, and good quality food had led to the reduction already and any vaccine was unnecessary. In fact, inoculation can be quickly followed by an increase in the number who become infected with the very disease that the vaccine was supposed to deal with.

              Does a vaccine weaken the immune system predisposing the individual to infection?

              Does the vaccine itself infect healthy people? (The Pfizer mRNA vaccine contains no inactivated virus, but it is new anuntested technology DA) and is reported to be 'uncomfortable'. 

                 A COVID-19 vaccine (highly lucrative - DA): it will almost certainly be approved toward the end 2020 though in the total absence of any data that 'proves' the safety or efficacy (does it work? - DA). It could be mandated (compulsory by law) to force the UK population to be inoculated, though according to Boris Johnson this will NOT happen in the UK (for now maybe, Louis, but don't overlook the silent entry of The Coronavirus Act 2020 DA).

                 The number of 'cases' is dropping (the inoculation program will still go ahead and the falling numbers will be used to 'prove' the efficacy of the vaccine. Healthy people who refuse to be inoculated with a product that is untested (animals have not been used'Trials' have been straight into humans. It is widely regarded that the nauseating practice of using animals in testing produces unreliable results - DA), and could make them ill, could be blamed for wrecking Christmas 2020 (not the government, then - DA).

              Healthy volunteers are being infected with SARS-CoV-2 (allegedly) to determine the efficacy of a vaccine (this must be unethical - DA). If the vaccine fails to work...

              Coronavirus Act 2020 (UK)

              indemnifies manufacturer (Pfizer)

              and those providing

              'treatment' against

              any legal action

              (Section 11)


              There has been one death (in Brazil - AstraZeneca) in a vaccine trial. The very disturbing (and revealing - DA) result of this is that the trial will continue -

              NOTHING'S WRONG

              If SARS-CoV-2 is transmitted to humans from

              mammals - bats (zoonosis) is the

              vaccine not effective

              in mammals?

              Why was testing straight into humans


              the usual safety route - animals?

              The collateral damage - DA

              Drug testing using animals

              In the rush to be first out-of-the-trap to market a highly lucrative alleged 'vaccine' (it is a captured global market, Louis - DA) the use of animals has all of a sudden become non-valid and they