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Friday, January 29, 2021


Vaccine update

Bill Gates 😈
Carl Heneghan (Professor)

COVID-19 60 million more 'vaccine' doses

option for another 130 million if regulators give approval

[Louis, what do you mean - if? Of course they'll

approve (authorise only for use in an 'emergency') it! - DA]

COVID-19 it's all in the plan

COVID-19 Ivermectin (miracle drug)

COVID-19 'jabs' - seniors 'dying like flies'

after COVID-19 injections (speakout!!!)

(open letter to Nicola Sturgeon, MSP - Scotland's First Minister)

COVID-19 - Stanford Medical Professor: scientists are being censored for sharing

“alternative” information

COVID-19 secure

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the government is "totally prepared" for the dual crises of flooding and the pandemic and that COVID-19-secure facilities would be available for any people forced to evacuate as a result of the weather

COVID-19 skeptic guide

Amazon censure (Start here)

COVID-19 'social betters' (elite) - unafraid (of COVID-19)

COVID-19 Soylent Green (DVD)

COVID-19 started in Italy

COVID-19 subjugation

COVID-19 testing kits don't work

COVID-19 testing kit fraud

COVID-19 the problems with 'case' counting

COVID-19 test validation for IgG antibodyThe IgG antibody

is the most common type found in blood (non-specific)

false positive/negative in UKNo mention of cycle number

COVID-19 the plan

COVID-19 trends and background context

Professor Carl Heneghan