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Friday, December 18, 2020

Vaccine (COVID-19) - update

Missing in Action

There are many claims to have isolated

the virus, specifically...


Warning - Safety

The Future of Vaccines


Government-sanctioned indemnity has been given to the 'vaccine' developers to offset any comeback if all goes pear-shaped. It's immoral to 'force' people to have an untested 'vaccine' and then deny them any legal redress if there are 'unexpected' serious adverse effects by the avoidance of any safety studies. A clinical trial on a global scale is being actively conducted to show that the untested method (mRNA) actually works. Are those who have the 'vaccine' aware that they are taking part in an experiment? Have they agreed and given their consent in full knowledge of the risks (surely, if they knew, they'd refuse to take part in such a plan - DA)? Or do they waive 'any-fault' liability?
There will be minimal costs in future product development (if the technology is shown to be 'successful'). Research into mRNA 'vaccines' is a new technology. The mRNA is claimed to have no effect on the cell. It theoretically works by using the cell to make the alleged 'spike' protein. A virus high-jacks the cell 'machinery' to copy itself rather than using it to synthesise the 'spike' protein. The immune system will then create antibodies to disable the 'spike' protein so preventing the virus particle from entering and infecting the cell. The 'spike' protein is effectively the key to the cell door. An antigen needs to be identified for a specific 'vaccine'. But are there any common factors that all apply to the technology in a general sense? The theory behind this approach appears reasonable - on the drawing board. But...

... it is (a wicked plan - DA) being tried
out in a 'live' human experiment
to find if it actually works

The thalidomide tragedy (1962) soon after led to an ultimately
safer and more robust medicinal drug development protocol. This
use of an experimental drug having such disastrous consequences
through the failure to conduct adequate testing MUST act as a
'vaccine' (deliberate misrepresentation? - DA) runs
along parallel lines. The thalidomide tragedy
was the first major disaster in...

A molecule that has two chiral isomers

FDA investigators referred their findings in July 1963 to the Department of Justice for criminal prosecution. Agency lawyers listed 24 counts under which Richardson-Merrell violated the law, including that the company had marketed an unapproved drug and claimed that it was safe. But in September 1964, the Department of Justice concluded that “criminal prosecution is neither warranted nor desirable”.

The 'vaccines' used in 2021 have a precedent
(58 years earlier) for potential but very real outcomes
(probable, Louis - DA) and have been indemnified
by the UK Government (is this tantamount to a criminal
act? - DA). Any conspiracy would be enacted by the collusion
of government with BIG Pharma (Bill Gates - 07.03.2020). In the
thalidomide case, it was discovered that all the teratogenic
properties existed in one isomer only. Unless chemically
separated, the drug was clearly dangerous. Such
procedures add considerable cost to a
drug's development as the purity must be
close to 100% to ensure there can be no known
adverse effects. An optically active drug intended
for human use must have its enantiomers (completely)
separated. The active enantiomer will have been thoroughly
tested to identify any negative properties. Efficacy but most
importantly product safety must be proven. Such thorough
testing is completely absent with the COVID-19 'vaccines'
(2021). The very real potential consequences will be
absolutely appreciated yet the 'vaccine' was STILL
approved for human use and has been given
indemnity against any
adverse effect...

like death?

Is this a licence to kill? - DA

Clinical trial costs have been avoided by contracting
years to months before the sale of a new product and
reaping profit - almost immediately. Conventional safety
protocols mean that years down the clinical trial path a potential
new product could fail due to any adverse reactions that begin to
show. The reduction to several months before a sale is for a product
that has yet to show any long-term adverse effects. The product could
be unsafe/dangerous but this could not be known for years. The
outlay that would be lost (years of investment) is a redundant issue.
BIG-Pharma has provided itself with a win-win solution to the high
development cost but raises the risk for the end-user. The very
high cost of risk attached to potential new 'vaccines' for as yet
unknown future needs (but planned, Louis? - DA). A new
approach to 'managing' illness (not curing it) appears to
Development costs will be vastly reduced.
The risks are being evaluated on a global clinical
trial on the back of the COVID-19 'pandemic'. Has this
been created or is it simply exploiting the situation?
The timing is perfect. A pandemic and a new
technology (by definition a theoretical
process that might work).

Well, do an unannounced

global clinical trial...


Louis, are you suggesting that illness can be managed by using a 'vaccine' as opposed to a conventional drug ('therapy')? Physiological imbalance can be 'fixed' by antibodies? Government indemnity points to another agenda other than the purely commercialPopulation control


causing infertility? *

> Bill Gates <

 'vaccine' - the solution?

* No evidence Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine affects women's fertility

No 'evidence' that has been looked for.

The absence of evidence doesn't mean there isn't any.

If it's looked for. 'Trials' could have never 'discovered' this.

There is virtually no safety data at all.

Limited trials can find very little

It's the reason for 'vaccine' indemnity - DA

Don't look... don't find 

Louis Brothnias

Indemnity isn't necessary if...

If the virus does not exist (naturally) how else could the genome be 'read' unless a pure laboratory-made virus had been prepared (Wuhan)? And why should the Chinese announcement be true? Are the Chinese renowned for such instant (non-requested) co-operation - with the USA or elsewhere? Even after the alleged number of deaths caused by COVID-19 (unproven), there has not been one official complaint made to China.

Death is still assumed to be caused by the non-existent virus. No definitive proof has ever been recorded. The global downward spiral is all accepted by only...


The challenge to the 'official' global narrative is growing by the


It's becoming unstoppable (does that means evermore draconian 'restrictions' are on the way then, Louis? And I'm supposed to be the bad guy! - DA).


“We have the virus in a dish in the lab. The soup in the dish contains human cells, animal cells, chemicals, toxic drugs, and other materials. However, we know the virus is there and growing because it is killing the cells…”


   There is more than sufficient non-viral toxic substance in the soup that could be doing the cell-killing. Further, the cells in the dish are being starved of nutrients. That factor alone could produce cell death. And obviously, “the virus” in the dish is surrounded by this mix of material.

It is far from isolated

This report (02.12.2020) explains many issues. It must be read in its entirety.

Dark Phenomena

A vaccine will not stop the spread of a virus.

It will not prevent infection but can only protect against

developing the disease from which the vaccine

is supposed to give immunity.

Not immunity from infection but only the

symptoms of a disease

Seasonal 'flu

x5 more deaths from

'flu and pneumonia

than coronavirus (12.08.2020)

Herd immunity (2016)

The reasoning behind herd immunity is to give the virus "nowhere to go". If an individual is vaccinated and becomes infected then the human immune system will inactivate the virus. This process is not immediate and takes an unspecified time. The symptoms of COVID-19 will not manifest. If the vaccine does (only - DA) does what it is alleged to do, the individual should be protected against infection. In time, the more people who are vaccinated decreases the opportunity for an ever-dwindling viral load. This assumes the virus is a real entity. It effectively stops the 'spread of the virus' over an indefinite period. However, the PCR is mixed up in all this. What scrutiny of test records is possible so to examine the veracity of individual tests? Test samples can become confused and the result of an individual wrongly assigned. Records must be available (the test results themselves) to allow a retrospective review otherwise everything thing relies on trust (! - DA). The opportunity to 'massage' figures is huge. There does not need to be an actual test just a randomised recorded positive/negative verdict given. The numbers could very easily be adjusted to suit the needs of the day. Numbers up or down. The R-number up or down. It would not be possible to know the truth. The vaccine does not need to be effective either. Does the specific virus exist? How could the specific strain be identified?

Certainly not by using PCR

Only a fragment of 'a' coronavirus can be detected (grossly over-amplified). This could be nothing more than debris from an earlier common cold. The numbers game can change according to the requirements of any particular day. It's written in the script. The roll-out of 5G is imminent. It has happened in Wuhan already - the alleged source of the 'pandemic'. If the effects of radiation are as expected, people will present with breathing problems and ... The justification will be COVID-19. Perhaps even a new strain (the idea of a variant has already introduced people to how things can change - very quickly). How was this identified? Explanations are always absent. Is the vaccine effective and for how long (about a year Louis so you'll need a booster vaccine annually - DA)? The urgency of mass inoculation could escalate as the script demands. As does the fear level as there are delays in vaccine availability. Manufacturing. Raw materials. Glass bottles. Needles. Syringes. The list goes on. And on. And ... The infection rate can be adjusted as necessary to cover any reaction to 5G. The symptoms of the alleged COVID-19 disease or 5G radiation poisoning are indistinguishable. Blood oxygen (%SpO2) would drop. Everything relies on trust. The communication of truth. By the media and Government. If the belief is that everyone is being honest by circulating 'lies' about the 'spread of the virus' then the war is lost. And it is a war. BIG business (the elite) against the entire global population. And the control of the masses. Behaviour has changed so much that people (the 'herd') are compliant in nearly every way.

Herd immunity = compliance

But there is a growing number of disbelieving people who have not been tricked into false beliefs. Ramping up and massaging figures will do nothing to deflect those clear-headed enough who do not believe authoritarian (totalitarian?- DA) versions of their truth. Of course, if anyone 'fails' to get vaccinated, then they are labelled 'selfish'. And stupid. Not being sensible and realising no alleged 'vaccine' which is not a 'vaccine' - gene therapy with mRNA. When has the Government ever bothered to explain what that is? Just accuse those skeptical of Government truth of being ignorant and selfish.

Just believe us when we say it's safe

We wouldn't lie to you, would we?

Well, we might but you're so stupid

and you always do as you're told

You are afraid, aren't you? Good

America 'holds fire' on

mandating inoculation

There is hope and it rests with the minority

The 'conspiracy theorists'

Mass Testing

There are claims that mass testing will stop the spread of the non-existent virus (anyone that dares to say the virus doesn't exist will be denounced as a 'conspiracy theorist' - the standard rebuff - it comes from only one person. The Durham councillor is clearly mad. This is not 'official' Government Truth - DA).

The spread would not stop: there would be a...

non-verified 'spike'

as a result of irresponsible advice. The opportunity to press on with the LIE is unlikely to be missed (BBC sponsored? - DA). But the...

The spread of LIES will continue

BBC Panorama ran a dangerously misleading program (14.12.2020). The vaccine chosen for 'examination' had been well-tested and had no side-effects (COVID-19). It described the AstraZeneca vaccine as safe and effective (60% - 70%). Conventional (tried and tested) vaccine technology is employed whereby a non-active form of a virus is used. An infection (harmless agent) triggers an immune response.

AstraZeneca - scandals (Bill Gates)

AstraZeneca - eugenics

The 'only' problem is that the product to be rolled out in mass-inoculations is the Pfizer, BioNTech vaccine. Bill Gates connection. The mRNA technology comes from this collaborator with Pfizer. An earlier agreement had been entered into between these two companies concerning influenza.

We are collaborating with Pfizer to develop 

mRNA‐based vaccines for the

prevention of...


The agreement was announced on

August 16th, 2018

For more information on the platform click here

(This could just be a fortuitous business position

and nothing sinister, Louis - DA)

AstraZeneca update (29.12.2020)

AstraZeneca vaccine

not ready for quick

European approval

AstraZeneca update (30.12.2020)

Approved for use in UK

This appears to be at odds with the fast-tracked Pfizer vaccine which has a new technology that is untested and has never before been approved for human use (gene therapy, not 'vaccine' - misrepresentationDA). No earlier phase animal studies have been undertaken and the 'vaccine' has gone directly into humans. The Pfizer product sailed through the approval procedure even though full (long-term) safety data on a novel type of 'vaccine' was not yet available (would it ever be? - DA).

Safety data on the new technology is

not the same thing as safety data on the

specific entity, LouisDA

Dr. Leonard Horowitz Files

COVID-19 Vaccine Lawsuit to Block

FDA’s Approval of Pfizer and Moderna’s

 "Genetic Therapies" 


Moderna (Modified RNA)

Approved in UK - 08.01.2021

In the United States, all eyes are on Pfizer and Moderna. The topline efficacy results from their experimental COVID-19 vaccine 'trials' are astounding - at first glance. Pfizer says it recorded 170 COVID-19 cases (in 44,000 volunteers), with a remarkable split: 162 in the placebo group versus 8 in the vaccine group. Meanwhile, Moderna says 95 of 30,000 volunteers in its ongoing trial got COVID-19: 90 on placebo versus 5 receiving the vaccine, leading both companies to claim around 95% (relative) efficacy.

Pfizer: (162 - 8)/162 = 95%

Moderna: 90/95 = 94.7%

Actual infections:

170/44,000 = 0.386% (Pfizer)

95/30,000 = 0.317% (ModeRNA)

The efficacy figures for both appear

to be encouraging but the

infection level is very, very, low

My question, Louis:

If the infection rate is less than 0.4% 

why is a vaccine necessary at all? - DA

Albert Bourla Pfizer CEO

As of December 18thACIP reported 112,807 people had received the Pfizer vaccine in the US, with 3150 “health impact events, defined as “unable to perform normal daily activities, unable to work, required care from a doctor or health care professional”. This comes to a staggering 2.7%, far beyond similar metrics for Covid itself. This is also only after the first dose, and two doses of the Pfizer Covid vaccine are intended.

Although Pfizer is a BIG player on the global scene (ranked 57 on the 2018 Fortune 500 list), it is a 'profit-making' business that should be tied to an ethical code. The implication does not mean that its own conduct is necessarily ethical. Pfizer does not have a squeaky clean record (concealing safety risks).

$486 million? So, Pfizer has done this before and so

possibly regard a share of $32 billion is worth the

risk of repeating the earlier experience. They

might have even calculated that they'd

get away with it because of the...


that has been

'created' - DA

The UK Government has much to answer for. The in-depth analysis presented here leads to only one compelling conclusion. Even being generous, the conclusion remains the same. At the local level, any supportive comments concerning the entire 'pandemic narrative' cannot be made because of the underhand, incomplete, and inaccurate propaganda (it would make even George Orwell proud - DA) of the UK Government.



Bill Gates, FOX News & Profitable


Bill Gates has stated that global population control is essential. The method would be to mass vaccinate third world countries where general ill-health promotes a higher birth-rate. The specious justification is that a healthier population would translate into a lesser need to procure more children. It would take some time (years?) before people became confident of a greater survival rate. A vaccine that caused women to become infertile would happen very quickly. What proof would there be that the vaccine delivered to the US/Europe is the same as that sent to these other countries with a high birth-rate? Other cultures also have large families.

Immune system suppression

Gene therapy

The PCR test has been widely (ab)used without any attempted explanation as to what it is and how works. A single strand of RNA is copied (amplified) and produces millions of molecules. This cannot be used to identify a specific entity. The test was never intended to be a diagnostic tool. Dr. Kary Mullis shared the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1993 with Michael Smith (died 2000) for the discovery and development of this test, which was hailed as one of the most significant advancements of the 20th century. Dr. Mullis died of heart and (ironically) respiratory failure on 7th August 2019 and therefore neither was alive to denounce its inappropriate use (that was very convenient, Louis - DA). If the testing protocol was abused, the smallest trace of anything could be found. This has happened. The signal from the sample was outrageously amplified to generate many, many false positives. The extent of any overall population infection (with what, Louis? - DA) has been grotesquely overstated. The entire nation has been terrified into submission and into accepting a 'vaccine'.

Processing the elevated 40 cycles compared to the normal 25 cycles, the amplification difference is x 32,768 (100 trillion/34 billion), and whatever the level in the original sample, the result will always be x 32,768.

3.4 billion (25 cycles> 100 trillion (40 cycles)

   There is no defined 'standard' number of cycles. A testing facility can choose any number of cycles it pleases. The results from one 'laboratory' cannot be compared with another. Results are meaningless.

Worse than useless but

dangerously deceiving

The consequence of this flawed test is that a non-contagious trace amount (harmless and no need to self-isolate) becomes amplified to the dangerous and artificially (massively) elevated positive (contagious) answer. The greater the number of cycles, the greater the skew of the 'test'. Crucially, the most important thing to keep in mind is that this test can only determine a fragment of RNA present and not identify SARS-CoV-2 as a specific strain.

Dr. Kary Mullis - inventor of PCR test dies (7th August 2019)

Vaccine - link describes conventional technology - tried and tested. Clinical trials should take from several months up to 10 years. The Pfizer vaccine is a new technology completely, yet safety has been claimed after only a minimum of a few months.

The UK Government quickly approved a vaccine that is the least tested. And it's expensive. It must be maintained at an ultra-low temperature [solid carbon dioxide ('dry ice') at -70degC] and has a useable lifespan of 6 months. If kept at the ultra low T. Once opened, cold storage at 2 - 8degC will survive up to 5 days (allegedly). Most facilities will not be able to guarantee to have a fresh vaccine sample before it can degrade to something else (certainly not the claimed effective and safe vaccine - DA). It has novel technology that has not before been approved. Any safety data is essentially unknown. There is no long-term data available. None can be collected until after it is rolled out.

GPs claim to be able to provide the vaccine at their surgery. A GP is not a specialist in handling such sensitive materials at low T. The provision of a guaranteed pure sample (as received from a Pfizer distribution site) is in great doubt.

Assuming the product is safe

after such short 'trials'

How can such a sensitive product be handled in any facility that will only have (at best) refrigerators? The distribution cold box must be opened and the contents will instantly be compromised. Pfizer may be able to guarantee the quality of the unopened vaccine packages but once opened this could possibly be no longer legally enforceable. Indemnity against any injuries of an untested new technology in humans is one thing, but to show that the product or its mishandling caused injury would be a legal nightmare. All medicines and vaccines require some type of temperature control. Some need to be kept at room temperature, others refrigerated, and some must be frozen. The packaging is designed to protect the product on its journey, from the moment it comes off the manufacturing line to the time it arrives at its destinationFDA approval does not guarantee safety. Each drug and biologic has the potential to cause life-altering and even life-threatening side effects. Many people suffer severe side effects - and some have died - because drug manufacturers fail to adequately warn of the risks associated with the medicines they market. 

What's not being said about the Pfizer

Coronavirus Vaccine

Pfizer CEO Albert Boula has not been vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine. The justification being that a single extra inoculation would mean one other person could go without. Bourla is 59 and in relatively good health and it would 'not be entirely appropriate' to receive it (out of 50 million? The PR gain would be off the scale. It suggests that the vaccine is not necessary. Not a good business decision and a disastrous message to send to customers and shareholders - DA).

   On the day that the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine was announced, Bourla sold $5.6 million shares. Pfizer claims that this was automated under a plan set up in August. (Is that 2018 or 2019? - DA). On August 16th 2018, Pfizer signed a collaboration agreement with BioNTech to develop mRNA‐based vaccines for the prevention of influenzaCOVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) and Influenza are caused by different viruses but both are respiratory diseases. Are there any common features with respect to mRNA‐based vaccines?

The Bill Gates web gets bigger (net gets tighter? - DA)

BioNTech (Bill & Belinda Gates Foundation)
AstraZeneca - eugenics
Bill Gates - eugenics
SPAC = Special Purpose Acquisition Company

   What if COVID-19 was simply another name for influenza. Or a very bad cold (coronavirus)? The PCR test could not distinguish between the alleged SARS-CoV-2 and a common cold. Symptoms could simply be confused and a misdiagnosis made. People nearly always recover from a cold (but not always the very old or infirm. The PCR test is being abused to generate false positives so could easily 'cover' the 'misdiagnosis' (are you suggesting using the PCR test to deliberately allow the misdiagnosis, Louis - DA). It also suggests that the 'pandemic' was expected, Pfizer and BIG Pharma had advanced warning, and products had entered clinical trials many months earlier. Nobody would know - protocols would be followed and a product for something proved safe and effective - against influenza. They managed something similar with the Apollo Moon Landings (Capricorn One).

   Only a few key people are needed to make something like this work. Most of those involved are not implicated in the conspiracy. They are just doing their job - following orders down the chain of command from the top (elite). Some outsiders question and analyse in great detail but for the majority, anything but the official 'narrative' is simply not conceivable. It's all conspiracy theory and MUST be ignored. It's in the instructions. The philosophical question - is there a God? To believe a fiction (it cannot be a fact as nothing can be proven). It's too difficult to even attempt an answer, so accept the belief. A definition of 'living in a box'.

Unpalatable concepts live

outside the box

This means an engineered

plandemic, Louis - DA

   Albert Bourla sold 132,508 shares at $41.94 a share, equivalent to 62% of his shareholding in Pfizer, according to filings with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). This is close to the $41.99 peak the share price hit on Monday(That IS good business. On a personal level - 5 cents short of from peak share priceDA)

The initial group in the use of an 'experimental' vaccine is the most vulnerable. The non-infected and elderly. This is the population of old people least able to survive any adverse reactions that to date are completely unknown.

A Mexican female doctor (32) was hospitalised after receiving the COVID-19 'vaccine' (Pfizer/BioNTech). If a young person suffers any adverse reaction then what are the survival chances of the elderly. With other pre-existing health issues? No contact with Pfizer was successful...

are you kidding, Louis? An untested technology (gene therapy)

caused the hospitalisation of a 32-year old Mexican female

and nobody from Pfizer could be contacted? - DA

Science Behind The Historic

mRNA 'Vaccine'

No animal testing has been done so the only life-form to be inoculated is human. Elderly human. This is an experiment being conducted. A 'clinical trial'. If old people start dying then no doubt a 'spike' will be found using the discredited PCR test (not fit for this purpose).

If used for its intended purpose, the PCR test

was probably the most important

innovation of the 20th century

The global panic created by this subterfuge has resulted in the early launch of a vaccine. Indemnity for the manufacturers against any injuries/damage has been 'given' and was possibly not asked for. The only way that any ethical pharmaceutical business could be 'persuaded' to release a product. The premature approval of this vaccine is monstrous. The massively distorted infection rate and the spin-doctored 'case' figures appear to have engineered this situation. The release into the community of an inadequately safety-tested vaccine. It is still essentially an experimental product.

The mode of action is novel, unproven, and untested (mRNA). Side-effects can be considerable ('severe hangover', migraine, fever...). The public is being misled. The vaccine they expect will not be the one they get. And therefore will (probably - DA) not be aware of the indemnity Pfizer has been given by the Government which absolves Pfizer from any blame (lawsuit) if the vaccine causes injury.

Pfizer claims to be an ethical pharmaceutical company. It has a long list of world-class drugs. Its origins go way back to 1849. The UK Government gave indemnity to Pfizer and this would effectively release Pfizer from the ethical code...

...ought to be held to a higher standard

than those in other industries

due to their role in serving the public good

Animal testing has been side-stepped [not a bad thing but the 'urgency' has been so escalated by clearly (spin) doctoring statistics concerning death that it appears death is caused by COVID-19. And so it is recorded. Rather than death with an alleged and unconfirmed infection by SARS-CoV-2]. It has not yet conclusively been established that death is caused by the alleged and assumed infection.

The rules for cremation have been changed so that a death certificate is not required for an assumed COVID-19 death. Almost certainly cremation will be used to destroy the alleged viral infection - and any evidence in case a post-mortem was to be later ordered. There is no body to exhume.

The initial 'jab' must be repeated after 3 weeks with a second 'jab'. It will possibly make an individual feel very ill (but only after the second one - DA). If people were aware of the deceit they may not have the inoculation. It is (probably, Louis - DA) an engineered crisis, though. When a film is made it can only be assumed that an actual vaccination is viewed. It may be stage-managed. Scenes in a 'busy' intensive care facility are not necessarily genuine. This is after-all the BBC. The Government mouthpiece. Part of the propaganda machine (The Ministry of Truth, Louis - DA ). If people knew what could happen then they would possibly decline to have the vaccine.

  • Indemnity for health service activity:

The AstraZeneca vaccine can be stored in conventional 'fridges and for a longer period than the Pfizer vaccine. It is also cheaper than the Pfizer vaccine, which has a maximum 'shelf-life' of 30 days - if kept at -70degC. Only hospitals are equipped with such storage facilities. Personnel who are not experienced in handling such sensitive materials could easily and unwittingly make an error. How is the vaccine stored locally and made ready for use (warmed to ambient temperature)?

A vaccine does not render an individual immune from getting infected with SARS-CoV-2, only controlling the symptoms of such an alleged coronavirus infection. If someone is vaccinated and becomes infected, they would not know of an infection. Almost certainly they would be exempted from being tested after vaccination using the flawed PCR test. They could be a carrier and be asymptomatic and would test positive. Not testing would keep this fact hidden. How long would such a person be infectious before the vaccine rendered them coronavirus 'clean'? The 'spread of the virus' could potentially continue. It is more logical for a person to self-isolate for a minimum of one week until they can no longer infect others. The 'urgency' has been dramatically 'ramped up' to 'encourage' a high uptake of vaccinations.

The question is: why is it so absolutely necessary for everyone to be vaccinated? If there is no virus then the vaccine will be deemed very effective - there is nothing to do. The 'vaccine' could just be a saline solution placebo.

It must be borne in mind that medication (drug) is meant for anyone who is already ill. The vaccine is being rolled out to well people who may become ill (what about long-term if this is just after vaccination, Louis - DA) because of it.

The entire sequence of events (since March 2020) has been to scare people into having a vaccine. The product of choice uses an unapproved mRNA vaccine technology. The Coronavirus Act 2020 (UK) had been pre-prepared (this takes months) and was waiting in the wings to be activated just 3 days (19.03.2020) after the first lockdown (16.03.2020).

The AstraZeneca vaccine has undergone more extensive testing and is a traditional vaccine but indemnity was still required. The Pfizer vaccine is experimental with new and untested technology. Handling and distribution/storage also present considerable constraints yet the Government has rushed ahead with the plans for mass vaccination using the more contentious product. Pfizer may have been indemnified but the Government has not. Clearly, the Government considers a perceived infection (maybe 'a' non-existent virus, Louis - DA) a higher risk than the possibility of death or injury caused by an untested and non-validated technology. Assuming no other serious pre-existing health conditions.

At last, Louis! The authorities are now taking in to account the most important issue. It'll be age next. But they are 'inoculating' the very old first. The most vulnerable. Those who are least likely to survive a 'nasty' vaccination - DA.

Cost of vaccines

2 x $19.50 ($39) 100 million doses = $1950 million           

2 x $25 - $37 ($50 - $74) 100 million doses = $3700 million

2 x $3 - $4 ($6 - $8) 100 million doses = $400 million

CDC (US Centres for Disease Control) recently updated (down-dated, Louis - DA) the estimated infection-fatality rates for COVID-19. Holding fire on the mass vaccination program is clearly indicated. The risks of injury by vaccination then disappear (but so does the profit, Louis - DA).

The UK Government is

pressing on regardless

Here are the updated survival rates by age group:

0-19: 99.997%
20-49: 99.98%
50-69: 99.5%
70+: 94.6%

Even in the 70+ age range,

the chance of fatality


infection is only just over 5%

the likelihood of HIV

A vaccine can be 'designed' in days. However, small scale manufacture must provide material for preclinical studies to see if a product actually works. Government massaging of statistics has successfully 'demonstrated' the 'urgent' need for a vaccine as there is no other known 'solution'. Animal studies should be done but they have been avoided and testing a novel technology is directly into humans. The long-term trial will be a 'live' one monitoring (really - DA) inoculated people. The result is there can be no prior knowledge of safety or long-term damage caused by an untested technology.

There are three antibodies (IgA mouth and nose membranes, IgG in the blood, and IgM - the spleen is the major production site of this large antibody) that should be considered. The IgA antibody is important in the detection of the disease COVID-19.

How can any diagnostic 'kit' that allegedly tests for three different viruses (influenza A, influenza B, and SARS-CoV-2) allow any one infection to be distinguished from any of the other two? How can SARS-CoV-2 be specifically identified? At what level does the viral load need to be for detection? (Is it possible to be positive yet just have 'flu, Louis? - DA)