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Saturday, September 12, 2020

Coronavirus - conclusion

 12.09.2020 (Twin Towers - 11.09.2011)


The coronavirus 'pandemic' (global) has all the hallmarks of a hoax. Much like the appollo missions (NASA - Never A Straight Answer - DA) and the lunar landings. Still, 50 years later there is a growing number of people that are not just skeptical but of the firm opinion of 'hoax'. A persistent lie, based on the original lie. Such is it with the coronavirus 'pandemic'.


They wouldn't lie us, would they



They wouldn't lie us.

Would they?

   The timing is wonderful. Winter is looming. Restrictions ('legally' enforceable forbidden acts - DA) and a second wave is allegedly underway (ie so we are 'told' - DA). More like a second wave of scaremongering to violently nudge people into accepting an untried/untested 'vaccine'. This is unprecedented. Any untested 'new' medication being forced onto people would cause public outrage. But not a vaccine. Already, volunteers are getting ill and a vaccine is proposed to be ready by early year-end? The army (more authoritarian than just a doctor - DA) will be 'asked' (tasked? - DA) with rolling out inoculations for the entire nation (except Louis and ...? - DA). The annual 'flu vaccine will also be 'freely' available to a greater number than have ever before been eligible. What is in this 'vaccine'? Something to 'fight off' a 'flu virus? Or a coronavirus vaccine by the back door? Tricking (deceit - DA) people into accepting a potentially very dangerous - something. Nothing more (! - DA) than an unknown 'injectable liquid' - containing some tracking nanoparticle? It is entirely possible (probable? - DA) that any 'spike' is being deliberately introduced into selected places (is it demographic? - DA).

   If the coronavirus vaccine is just 'different' to the 'flu virus vaccine, do the two interreact? How safe is it to have two vaccines at the same time. Of course, if they are one and the same there can be no conflict. Simply a very dangerous single entity - given twice? There are many caveats with a 'flu vaccine and this is with vaccines that have been in existence for some years. A new and 'untested' vaccine being 'forced' into people by medically untrained army personnel (maybe trained in giving an injection but having little medical knowledge to provide the best of patient care) is a very dangerous scenario. Many may be ill-advised to receive a vaccine and specialised knowledge is a prerequisite to safety. This is totally absent. It's immoral and the Hippocratic Oath will be trampled on. Doctors should be outraged by what they are to be asked to do. To do no harm is the ethic. This is contrary to the UK Government's expectation of a qualified doctor. It's a nauseating concept.

    Covid marshalls will have no formal powers. But denouncement of family and friends (by neighbours) to the authorities (who do have powers - DA) has sinister overtones to the Hitler Youth and the rise of Nazism.

   The 'news' (propaganda machine - DA) is already rife with scare stories. It is now transparently obvious that the aim is to instill terror to make people more compliant and to not just accept a 'vaccine' without any challenge... but fight to get to the head of the queue.

  • One of the most disturbing features of the whole 'narrative' is that many (most? - DA) people are taking the Government's (and BBC) voice as truth (1984). Articles like this one are called conspiracy theories and ignored. It is not that anyone should necessarily agree with what is debated here but that consideration of the content should be given. When read, the informed choice can then be made. It is known as an open mind to ideas and not closed-box-'thinking'.

   World Wars 1 and 2 were fought traditionally with weapons to kill people. World War 3 continues as a financial onslaught and World War 4 is to be by subjugation and the eventual installation of the New World Order (conspiracy theory? - DA). An example of the typical 'rubbishing' tactic comes from America. Simply announcing (arrogantly) how dangerous it is to even suggest an alternative viewpoint. The attempt to prevent any learning about the


is so transparant. The comments made here are totally reasonable unless you follow the direction you are 'instructed' to follow. Then, of course, you accept that only 'official' channels tell the truth.

   The coronavirus entries are still made but as there is so much massaged allegation (lies) (and every day there are more and more and more... - DA), they will be only occasional:

when possibly important.

And be careful Louis, they'll

probably have you locked-up for sedition

when everybody else is locked-down.

About the same thing - DA


A Question of Sport - viewing figures

This is STILL a very popular program. The real question is why the BBC should decide to fire the three current individuals hosting the show - team captains Matt Dawson and Phil Tufnell and presenter Sue Barker - each a successful sportsperson in their own field. Respectively, Rugby, Cricket, and Tennis. It cannot be ageism (Strictly Come Dancing - Arlene Phillips - 20.05.2020). So, what could be an explanation?

   If Eastenders or some other 'soap opera' was cancelled there would probably be national outrage. But the audience is possibly very different for each type of TV slot. It boils down to the likelihood of compliance with government restrictions (don't just jump when told - ask how high? - DA). A punishment ahead of any 'crime' is to remove the enjoyment from a perceived non-compliant population. Do as you're told and question and challenge nothing. And receive a reward - programs are left untouched.

   The BBC has done this type of thing before - Top Gear. The three GITS (STIG backwards) have undeniable chemistry. Not only did the BBC shoot off its foot but actually the entire leg (and more -  DA).