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Saturday, September 12, 2020

Coronavirus - conclusion and summary

Updated: 04.12.2020

Original: 12.09.2020

Twin Towers - 11.09.2011

The coronavirus 'pandemic' (global) has the hallmarks of a hoax (here and here - 'scam': former Pfizer Science Officer - 25.11.2020). The lethal nature of the coronavirus strain (SARS-CoV-2) is possibly exaggerated (it might not actually exist outside China - DA)Deaths in China (every day) amount to 25,000 and there are many, many causes. The alleged spread as a pandemic is in great doubt. One thing has cleared: the muddy water. If you accept the whole concept of hoax, then everything falls neatly into place. The reasoned analysis of all the verifiable information leads to the conclusion presented here. The 'official' message is full of inconsistency and confusion. Not necessarily blatant lies. The specious lies are conspicuous when objectivity (logic) rises over the subjective (emotion).

Great Barrington Declaration


   Much like the appollo missions and the lunar landings (NASA - Never A Straight Answer - DA). 50 years later there is a growing number of people that are not just skeptical but of the firm opinion of the hoax. A persistent lie, based on the original lie. So, is it possible with the alleged coronavirus 'pandemic'?


They wouldn't lie to us,

would they 

or maybe

They wouldn't lie to us.

Would they?

   The timing is wonderful. Winter is looming and the effects on mental health are already being felt. Restrictions continue to tighten their grip ('legally' enforceable forbidden acts - DA) and a second wave is allegedly underway (so we are 'told' - DA). More like a second wave of scaremongering to violently nudge people into accepting an untried/untested 'vaccine'. This is unprecedented. Any untested 'new' medication being forced onto people would cause public outrage. But not a vaccine. Already, volunteers in 'trials' are getting ill and dying (22.10.2020). And...

a vaccine is proposed to be

ready by the end of 2020 -

or maybe not

RNA vaccine

An inexpensive global experiment




technology... directly into humans with no indication as to the effectsWill it cause harm especially in the long-term (a good reason to 'train' many others to exclude doctorsDA)?

Nobody knows. Just carry on...


RNA experiments (05.07.2020) leap to the front in the coronavirus vaccine race. Promising. Elegant. Unproven. new generation of vaccine technologies based on deploying a tiny snip of genetic code called messenger RNA to trigger the immune system. A 'theoretical' mechanismWill it work? It has never before been approved for use.

White House interference:

removing the FDA safeguards

Vaccine - trust

Trump recommended injecting a disinfectant...

to treat coronavirus. The most dangerous of men

is the one with influence but... who is clueless


   The army (more authoritarian than just a doctor - DA) will be 'asked' (tasked? - DA) to roll out inoculations for the entire nation (except Louis and ... many, many sensible people. The army is state-controlled and independent doctors are bound by the Hippocratic OathTo do no harm DA).

The annual 'flu vaccine will also be made 'freely' available to a greater number than have ever before been eligible. What is in this 'vaccine'? Something to 'fight off' a 'flu virus? Or a coronavirus vaccine by the back door? Tricking (deceit. Who actually trusts your government with the truth, Louis? Being honest? - DA) people into accepting a potentially very dangerous - something. Nothing more (! - DA) than an unknown 'injectable liquid' - containing some microbots?

   It is entirely possible that any 'spike' is being deliberately introduced into selected places (is it demographic and if Louis gets infected, could this be evidence of targetting? - DA).

   If the ('a', Louis! -  DA) coronavirus 'vaccine' is just 'different' to the 'flu virus vaccine, do the two inter-react? How safe is it to have two vaccines at the same time?


No Evidence

That Flu Shot Increases Risk of COVID-19

   Of course, if they are one and the same there is no possibility of conflict. Simply a very dangerous single entity - given twice? There are many caveats with a 'flu vaccine and this is with vaccines that have been in existence for some years. A new and 'untested' vaccine being 'forced' into people by medically untrained army personnel (maybe trained in giving an injection but having little medical knowledge to provide the best of patient care) is a very dangerous scenario. Many may be ill-advised to receive a vaccine and specialised knowledge is a prerequisite to safety. This is totally absent. It's immoral and the Hippocratic Oath will by necessity be trampled on. Doctors (honour and integrity) should be outraged by what they will be asked to do. To potentially DO HARM. To DO NO HARM is the ethic.

This is contrary to the UK Government's

expectation of a qualified doctor.

It's a nauseating concept

  • Paul Hunter, a professor of medicine from the University of East Anglia, has decided it would be selfish to refuse a vaccination if it were available (rather arrogant - DA). In response to the statement:

"I would not want to be vaccinated against the


if a high-quality vaccine were available."

A proven safe and effective


   Many (27%) said they would refuse injection with 'a vaccine'. The justification that so many have refused is that misinformation on the internet is to blame. Not that 'effective' DOES NOT mean 'safe'. Effectively an untested product, certainly. Side effects would not be known for possibly many months/years.

   Fast-tracking vaccine trials cannot happen unless shortcuts are made. This compromises safety. The protocols for drug development are well established and take considerable time (years). Bodily functions take their own pace and drug action in the body cannot be accelerated. Vaccination is potentially a very dangerous route even when a well-established vaccine is used. A trial experiment may be cut short when a positive result is observed but before any adverse reaction occurs. The patient may well have died but the trial could, nevertheless, be deemed successful. This is real life.

Consider: a BCG vaccine is injected at age 10. Tuberculosis develops at age 25 and a brain tumour (meningioma) is identified 20 years later. The tumour could have been growing for 10 - 15 years before symptoms (age around 30 - 35) developed that ultimately led to a diagnosis (MRI). Even then 15 years after that (age 60) further complications arise. Could the BCG vaccine have had such a long-term effect (50 years) (this is actual anecdotal evidence - DA)?

The elephant in the room


Coronaviruses were first identified in 1937, isolating a single strain that caused bronchitis in birds and that was particularly dangerous to poultry. Evidence of coronaviruses was found in the noses of people (1960s) suffering from a common cold. Strains include 229E (HCoV-229E) and OC43 (HCoV-OC43), NL63 (HCoV-NL63). The strain HKU1 (HCoV-HKU1) causes an upper respiratory disease (common cold) that can advance to pneumonia and bronchiolitis (a common lower respiratory tract infection that affects babies under 2 years old, and may require hospital treatment in more severe 'cases'.

The issue is: how does...

(China) 'researching' into dangerous

pathogens benefit the world?

“It will offer more opportunities for

Chinese researchers

and our contribution on (sic) the BSL‑4-level

pathogens will benefit the world

A vaccine can be allegedly developed in months if there is a 'problem'. The cost of BSL‑4-level laboratories (highest level of bio-containment) runs into $£100 millions. President Obama (2009-2017) is considered to have funded Wuhan with $3.7 miliion. Was this to upgrade the Wuhan facility (founded in 1956) which was certified as meeting BSL‑4-level criteria standards in January 2017)? By 2025 China anticipates building 5 - 7 such facilities.

For what purpose could so many

'research' facilities be needed?

A vaccine can only be 'fast-tracked' for approval if there is a demonstrable need and there is no other 'solution'. Any product developed cannot undergo adequate testing to prove safety. Effectiveness possibly but nothing else. Adverse reactions (apart from soreness, swelling, or redness at the injection site) can never be observed for longer-term issues. Such a 'need' has been fabricated with the massaged figures indicating a very serious 'problem'. The demonstrable need has been satisfied - the dangerous path to a 'fast-track'-approval has been fully cleared of ALL (legal) obstacles (though not any moral ones. But this is government, Louis - DA)

The PCR test is very complex. The human immune system can possibly deal with a low level of infection and generate 'inactive' traces of a virus. A virus is not a living entity but comprises DNA. A fragment of DNA of a coronavirus can indicate an earlier infection and is totally non-specific. It should not be possible for the PCR test to identify SARS-CoV-2 specifically. The infection may have been asymptomatic but the PCR test STILL produces a positive binary YES/NO result by amplifying a trace of an entity that is probably non-infectious. Being 'inactive' the 'virus', whatever it may be, cannot replicate (copy itself). The result should clearly be negative: non-infectious/contagious with absolutely no reason to self-isolate or impose lock-downs. An unproven record of safety or efficacy has led to vaccines that can be approved and deemed safe for mass inoculation of the global population.

This has been Bill Gates' long-term goal (alleged) but with what and for what reason (5G will deal with infertility)? The entire issue is very dark. There is no 'silver bullet' to treat viral diseases in the same way there are many cancers that have no single cure. Viruses mutate and one strain today can become something else tomorrow. Any current vaccine will become ineffective. The seasonal 'flu strain allegedly changes every year and an annual inoculation is necessary. (It makes you wonder, Louis. Is this fabricated too - just to be a 'milk cow'? - DA)

   According to WHO, vaccines are 'safe' (even though a coronavirus-vaccine trial has had one reported deathDA). If a vaccine has already been through full development (which would be compelling evidence of an engineered pandemic - DA) then such a death is surprising. Or, if simply a hoax, a needless death. And the $£?quadrillions of embezzled funds from sales. Not a donation to save the world. And with the major benefit of global social engineering (technocracy).

    Covid marshalls will have no formal powers. But denouncement of family and friends (by neighbours) to the authorities (who do have powers - DA) has sinister overtones to the Hitler Youth and the rise of Nazism.

   The 'news' (propaganda machine - DA) is already rife with scare stories. It is now transparently obvious that the aim is to instill terror to make people more compliant (be softened up - DA) and to not just accept 'a vaccine' without any challenge... but fight to get to the head of the queue.

  • One of the most disturbing features of the whole 'narrative' is that many (most? - DA) people are taking the Government's (and BBC) voice as truth (1984). Articles like this one are called conspiracy theories and ignored. It is not that anyone should necessarily agree with what is debated here but that consideration of the content should be given. When read, the informed choice can then be made. It is known as an open mind to ideas and not closed-box-'thinking'.

   World Wars 1 and 2 were fought traditionally with weapons to kill people. World War 3 continues as a financial onslaught and World War 4 is to be by subjugation and the eventual installation of the New World Order (conspiracy theory? - DA). An example of the typical 'rubbishing' tactic comes from America. Simply announcing (arrogantly) how dangerous it is to even suggest an alternative viewpoint. The attempt to prevent any learning about the...


is so transparent. To attempt to debunk a reasoned argument needs only two words. And that's all...

false claim

The thousands of 'followers' are obviously deranged. It isn't possible that SARS-CoV-2 does not exist. Of course, it does and it kills millions. They said so (government - DA). That's much more believable (the breathtaking arrogance is really nauseating - DA).

   Pathetically, that's all that is required. People would rather accept scare stories about impending doom as truth rather than consider an alternative explanation that reveals a more sinister side to the 'official' story. It's peculiar how people would rather believe 'official facts' than any other reasoned argument (governments always tell the truth, don't they - DA). The 'official' truth is the only one to believe.

Anything else is just not acceptable.

It is definitely all lies and can't possibly be

trueThe truth is that we're all going to die

   That's much more believable than SARS-CoV-2 not existing outside China. Obviously there's a COVID-19 pandemic - we all know that and we must accept that only 'official' channels tell the truth. Governments are honest and 'conspiracy theorists' only tell lies. We know that too.

   A blood sample used in a drink-driving accusation will always have a second sample in the event of challenge to a positive result. A second positive result should be acceptable to confirm the original finding. Samples can become cross-contaminated unless a rigorous protocol is followed and relative to a suspected coronavirus infection there are few samples.

Consider a trial in which a jury considers only the prosecution 'evidence'. No defence arguments are heard. A guilty verdict is the only one possible. An identical scenario is being played out with 'suspected' COVID-19 disease and the entire fiasco. Any attempted counter-argument or even just a basic challenge is successful (usually) by screaming conspiracy theory and this is by conditioning simply ignored. The climate change 'debate' is the same. The mantra goes: the science is settled (it was never debated - DA). The conditioned response is total acceptance of this 'fact'. The defence evidence (the challenge) is just never heard and properly considered.

   Coronavirus entries are still made, but there is so much massaged allegation (lies and every day there is more and more and more and... - DA)An example of terrible reporting (deliberately - DA) constructed to imply a wrong conclusion:

At the peak of the virus – when 5,435 people died

in a single week in hospitals across the

country - deaths in east Kent

accounted for 1% of the

national total

The clear intention is to connect a large number of deaths with the virus. The number of deaths in East Kent is not mentioned but the number of deaths caused by the virus (1%) is implicitly 'suggested'If this had been honestly reported, the phrasing could have been:

In a single week, 5,435 people died in hospitals

across the country. Deaths in East Kent coincided

with the peak of the virus and deaths

from all ill-health conditions

accounted for 1% of the

national total

This separates the virus and the connection with 5435 deaths that occurred in hospitals across the country. The East Kent figures are not mentioned. But in neither report is there any indication of age or other pre-existing health conditions.

Be careful Louis. They'll

probably have you locked-up for sedition

when everybody else is locked-down.

But it's about the same thing, anyway - DA


Create the non-existent problem and provide the solution

The Coronavirus Act 2020 + 'a vaccine'

There are two very probable 'next events'.

And one even more certain...

The one that causes the

most pain

Christmas and New Year celebrations ('rule of 6'. ...5? ...4?) will be cancelled and then 'a vaccine' will be 'approved' that will save us all. The economy and the fabric of society will have been destroyed.

The global situation will escalate to 'the global human population only' (no animals) extinction being 'threatened' and a vaccine will be 'approved' before the end of the year so saving Christmas - and governments will have saved the world (aren't they just wonderful? - DA)

Christmas will be allowed to go-ahead for a few days (including the New Year celebrations) as though everything is fine but followed in January 2021 by the most severe of lockdowns yet - there will, of course, be the predictable (according to the GovernmentDA)...

massive 'spike'

in positive coronavirus 'cases'

This will coincidentally precede the approval of a fast-tracked,

untested, and potentially highly dangerous 'vaccine'

that will save the human population from extinction.

Either of the first two scenarios

and especially the third

maximises the societal

pressure but nails the lie of a

The third and most likely of the three options is the hardest 'nudge' yet into accepting the 'vaccine'. Anyone who refuses to be inoculated with a potentially lethal product will, of course, be demonised. Such people will be labelled the main cause of all the expected deaths - not the 'vaccine'. And then there is 5G...

It is transparently a pandemic

hoax. It's always been about

a... vaccine and 5G

YouTube has again deleted the

Pressure has obviously been

applied from some agency.

(Maybe YouTube is itself the censor, Louis - DA)

There's something to hide

The following text is taken from The Guardian:

The chancellor, Rishi Sunak, has announced an expansion of the job support scheme to protect companies and workers forced to close during coronavirus lockdowns this winterAgainst a backdrop of slowing economic growth, fresh government restrictions and (sic) rising job losses as the furlough scheme ends, the development comes just two weeks after Sunak announced his winter economy plan.

How does the new scheme work?

The government will support eligible businesses by paying two-thirds of each employee’s salary – 67%up to a maximum of £2,100 a month. Firms will still need to pay national insurance and pension contributions. The scheme will begin on 1 November and will be available for six months, with a review in January.

Who is eligible?

Businesses whose premises are legally required to shut for some period over the winter, as part of local or national government coronavirus restrictions, will be able to receive grants to pay the wages of staff who cannot work.

This includes businesses that are forced to close their premises but continue to provide only delivery and collection services, or offer food and drink outdoors. Firms can only apply while they are subject to restrictions. Employees must be off work for a minimum of seven consecutive days. The scheme will apply UK-wide.

The government has pledged at least


to fight the pandemic

How is it different from the furlough scheme?

The Treasury is adamant it has not simply rebadged the extension of furlough as a new programme (sic), despite several comparisons between the two schemes and accusations that Sunak has staged a late U-turn.
The coronavirus job retention scheme – commonly known as the furlough scheme – is due to close at the end of October. It offered to cover up to 80% of staff wages, up to a cap of £2,500 a month although it required financial contributions from businesses from July onwards. The level of support was then steadily reduced over the summer to 60%, with a cap of £1,875, from the start of this month.

The expansion of the job support scheme also does not require any contribution from employers, and provides support at a similar level.

It will sit alongside the original job support scheme, which will pay 22% of the wages for workers in “viable” jobs on reduced hours, while companies must contribute 55%. It will also sit alongside the £1,000 job retention bonus, which is paid per worker and is designed to encourage firms to keep staff on payroll until at least January.

How much will it cost?

The Treasury expects the cost of the scheme to be hundreds of millions of pounds a month, making the cost of the entire six-month package several billion pounds.

The cost will depend on how many companies are legally forced to close their premises by the government, and on how many workers firms claim. About a quarter of the UK populationmore than 15 million people – are subject to some degree of restrictions but many venues remain open. However, restaurants and pubs could soon be forced to close.

So far, the furlough scheme has cost the exchequer (taxpayer - DA) almost £40bn since its launch in March (what has happened to the £330bn (17.03.2020)? - DA). The number of people on furlough has fallen from a peak in May of 9 million to about 3 million in September.

Economists at the National Institute of Economic and Social Research believe extending furlough could pay for itself because the cost to the public purse (taxpayer - DAwould be greater if more people lost their jobs – from rising benefit claims and long-term scarring to the economy.

Can the government afford it?

Sunak warned earlier this week hard choices would be made (making 'hard' choices is easy. It's justifying them that is 'hard'DA) in response to record levels of government borrowing, as part of a “sacred responsibility” (? - DA) to balance the books ( ! - DAfor future generations.

The UK’s public finances are on course for a record peacetime deficit this year. The difference between public spending and income from taxes has soared to almost £174bn, more than three times the £55.8bn budget deficit last year. The national debt – the sum total of every deficit recorded – has...

reached more than £2tn


which is equivalent to about 102% of GDP or annual economic output.

However, the cost of borrowing has sunk to a record lows (sic), and economists warn cutting spending or raising taxes would be counterproductive, because it would choke off Britain’s economic recovery and damage future tax income.

The International Monetary Fund has told governments of advanced economies...

not to worry about debt levels

and has advised them to instead...

ramp up state spending

as the

best response (?! - DA)

to the...


Boris Johnson - resign (?! - DA)

Boris Johnson has announced that he could resign in the Spring because an annual salary of £150k is just not enough. Poor man. Underpaid for all his efforts but clearly, the PM's office was a mere stepping stone into the more lucrative US lecture circuit. Like Tony Blair (£1 million an hour - DA) and Teresa May and... maybe he expects sympathy (Louis, are you serious? More like the collective boot - DA). What this means is that a 'vaccine' won't be approved until after he goes (January, February, March...?). Johnson won't be around when the 'sh** hits the fan'. And he will be enabled to save face - wasn't my fault, guv.
As a war criminal Blair may feel safe in the US and breaking UK laws seems to be 'in the blood' (whose? - DA). Can Blair know the coronavirus 'issue' is a (probable - DA) hoax?
It seems more likely that Christmas/New Year will be wrecked, and to save Easter a 'vaccine' will have been approved by around January - March.
What will happen to Dominic Cummings (does anyone care? - DA)? An advantage for Johnson is that he will be finally rid of this thorn in his side?

Louis, is it possible that this is all part of the plan?
Cummings continually undermines Johnson
and when he finally goes, no-one
is really bothered? - DA


The restrictions will continue to be toughened up with more severe punishment for the unaware. And all based on the lie that infections continue to rise. And deaths. The recording of a death can 'simply' be: caused by COVID-19 if there has been an alleged positive SARS-CoV-2 infection. What's the proof? Is it a postal result or a face-to-face consultation? It's very important to be convinced by the accuracy/proof. Otherwise it's all accepted on trust. And if you're declared infected... you're placed under house arrest. It's your fault for being 'infected' (maybe - DA).

There can be no evidence to the contrary as there is no post-mortem in the event of death which may be the result of many other health conditions. These would remain unknown because nobody looked. And if you were to be cremated... (you'd be diseased and so must be destroyed - DA). It would be so easy to control figures (a sole individual at a single desk - DA).

If the details of death include a checkbox for a SARS-CoV-2 result that is left unchecked (assumed negative) then this could later be 'confirmed' and a suitable date entered - the ticked checkbox declares a positive result (date within the 28-day limit) and could actually be for someone with terminal cancer. Or a car crash. Heart attack. Any cardiovascular event that resulted in death after the alleged positive test result. Being no post-mortem, there is no possibility of determining the true cause of death - this could never be known. Recorded as death caused by COVID-19. Case closed. Figures could be tailored to 'prove' the required result. The increase/decrease of deaths (COVID-19) could go up or down with an acceleration/deceleration in the 'case' numbers as desired at any time.

It doesn't need much to massively

massage 'official' figures

    If the virus is a hoax and doesn't exist, a 'vaccine' could be nothing more than some innocuous liquid (water? - DA) since there is nothing for it to render inactive. There can also be no adverse reactions. Imagine: £10 - £20 for a vial of saline solution. The profits... and everyone happy at being 'saved'. And the 'vaccine' solution could also contain some harmless genetic material (an 'inactive' coronavirus fragment? - DA) in case someone bothered to analyse it.

   The virus allegedly rapidly mutates. A 'vaccine' will become ineffective against a new strain (SARS-CoV-3, SARS-CoV-4, SARS-CoV-5...DA) and the consequence will be an annual vaccination program (real sustainability and economic growth even if it's a hoax DA).


Even a Government-driven threat of SARS-CoV-3, SARS-CoV-4 and so on every year would be enough to get people screaming out for an updated (annual) vaccine. Just another annual vaccine like the seasonal 'flu vaccine (makes you question if the annual 'flu is a real threat or has been nothing more than a money-spinning test run - DA).

Gearing up the production of a vaccine for nation-wide inoculation would only be economically viable if an annual vaccine were to be anticipated. The opportunity for criminal activity (theft of stocks) would inevitably be accompanied by 'fake' products.

   The economy is well on the way to being destroyed and a large proportion of the country is being supported (kept out-of-work because of the ever-tighter imposed restrictions, Louis - DA) by the government and a growing number of people are effectively under house-arrest (aka self-isolation - DA) as the 'cases' continue to apparently rise. The enslaved population is paying to keep those out-of-work on benefits that are totally dependent on state hand-outs. And those in-work on much-reduced salaries.

Big business

wins and the entire population of the

UK is (technically) enslaved

(and the rest of the world, Louis - DA)

The elite is winning the war and the

people (slaves/servants)

surrendered long

ago. The next step will be

global depopulation to rid the elite

of this expense and leave more for the few



Louis has had enough. All the lies - they're so transparent. The muddy water is now crystal clear. The endless dark stories are so poorly reported they are worse than useless [apart from just spreading fear (NOT COVID-19)] and continue to soften up the population ready to accept a vaccine. AI = Artificial IntelligenceThe technology of AI and human behaviour and the development of vaccines with nanoparticles is well documented. This is future mass-control and makes the conclusion stronger and more certain by the day (04.12.2020). Non-compliance to inoculation will be 'rewarded' with very tough 'new' restrictions, and the loss of freedoms enjoyed by those with good behaviour (for how long?)


And swingeing fines (tort law)

First lockdown - 23.03.2020

The beginning of the end

Remember, remember

the 5th November

Second lockdown - 05.11.2020

The end of the beginning