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Saturday, September 12, 2020

Coronavirus - conclusions


Updated - 04.05.2021

Twin Towers - 11.09.2011


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It is NOT scaremongering



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The COVID-19 'pandemic' (global)

has the hallmarks of a truly


EVIL conspiracy

against humanity 

Former Pfizer Science Officer (25.11.2020)

The lethal nature of the coronavirus strain (SARS-CoV-2) is exaggerated. Total deaths in China (every day) are >20,000 and there are many causes. The alleged spread as a pandemic is in great doubt. One thing has cleared: the muddy water. By accepting the concept of hoax, everything falls neatly into place. The reasoned analysis of all the verifiable information leads to these conclusions.

   The 'official' message is full of inconsistency and confusion

The specious lies

are conspicuous when objectivity (logic)

rises over the subjective (emotion)

Great Barrington Declaration


   Much like the Apollo missions and the lunar landings (NASA - Never A Straight Answer- DA). 50 years later there is a growing number of people that are not just skeptical but of the firm opinion of the hoax. A persistent lie, based on the original lie. So, is it possible with the alleged coronavirus 'pandemic'?


They wouldn't lie to us,

would they 

or maybe

They wouldn't lie to us.

Would they?

The PCR test has been corrupted by its total abuse (see below for a more detailed explanation of the PCR procedure ('test'). The procedure cannot be used to diagnose a specific disease. SARS-CoV-2 is the alleged antigen that has never been proven to exist yet it has been 'identified' and causes the COVID-19 disease. The consequences of this statement have led ultimately to the introduction of the unproven-to-be safe 'vaccines' under the Emergency Use Authorisation (EUA) protocol. Authorised does not mean approved and to say the 'vaccines' are approved does not describe a case in any form to allow their widespread (or even a single) use for inoculation against the alleged SARS-CoV-2 virus. A more complete statement concerning the 'approval' of a 'vaccine' must make it clear that it is only approved for use and only authorised. It is not an approved product. The results of a completed clinical trial (phase 3) will not be available until 2023. The data used are from an interim analysis.

The PCR test cannot identify a specific coronavirus, only a fragment. The grotesque over-amplification has led to the statement: 'a positive' result. The random and not standardised cycle number (Ct) used has been up to Ct = 45 instead of the more common Ct = 20. The detection signal is x34 million larger (2^45 - 2^20 = 2^25 = 34 million). Any person who has had any earlier coronavirus infection would be a positive 'case' under this gross and deliberate misidentification (symptoms - BBC). This then leads to the statement: 'a positive test result within 28 days' (people in care homes will be regularly tested - at least once a month). Positive for what is never defined. A subsequent death is then linked only by the assumption that the cause of death is coronavirus (the statement: 'a COVID-19 death' could not be supported in a court of law). Death could be for any reason. Car crash, murder (gun shot), falling off a high building, heart attack... A specific unrelated illness does not ever need be mentioned - kidney failure, old age. The two are inextricably linked in the human psyche. 'Positive test' + death within 28 days = 'vaccine'. The lie is huge. The consequence of this is the uninformed consent given to accept an untested (data based on an interim analysis of an incomplete study) 'vaccine'. This is immoral and probably criminal. And it's all been done by incomplete definitions and the inappropriate use ('not fit for purpose') of the PCR procedure (this is not a 'test' but by molecular cloning can copy a fragment only of RNA and this is very complex). Kary Mullis won the 1993 Nobel Prize for Chemistry for this invention - the 'most significant of the 20th century').

   The timing is wonderful. Winter is looming and the effects on mental health are already being felt. Restrictions continue to tighten their grip ('legally' enforceable forbidden acts - DA) and a second wave is allegedly underway (so we are 'told' - DA). More like a second wave of scaremongering to violently nudge people into accepting an untried/untested 'vaccine'. This is unprecedented. Any untested 'new' medication being forced onto people would cause public outrage. But not a vaccine. Already, volunteers in 'trials' are getting ill and dying (22.10.2020). And...

a vaccine is proposed to be

ready by the end of 2020 -

or maybe not

RNA vaccine

A cheap global experiment - a  clinical trial

Does the untested technology

actually work?

Bill Gates 😈 - The Messiah (666)

The vaccine connection

New, Unapproved, and

Untested Experimental 'vaccine'

Indemnity from harm (death)


COVAX + Bill Gates 😈

President Trump Deals Huge Blow

to Bill Gates 😈 Withdraws Support From

'China-Centric’ COVAX Vaccine Alliance

A new technology... directly into humans with no indication as to the effectsWill it cause harm especially in the long-term (a good reason to 'train' many others to exclude doctorsDA)?

Nobody knows. Just carry on...


RNA experiments (05.07.2020) leap to the front in the coronavirus vaccine race. Promising. Elegant. Unproven. new generation of vaccine technologies based on deploying a tiny snip of genetic code called messenger RNA to trigger the immune system. A 'theoretical' mechanismWill it work? It has never before been approved for use.

The concept of mRNA gene therapy would avoid the need for any clinical trials if the new, unapproved, and untested technology can be shown to work. The COVID-19 'vaccine' is supposed to force a cell to make an antibody that recognises the 'spike' protein of the alleged SARS-CoV-2 virus that enables it to enter a cell. This virus has yet to be proven to exist. If the virus does not exist (and here) what function is there for the 'mRNA' (undefined) to perform (altering DNA to... - DA)? If the most vulnerable elderly can survive the 'inoculation' it would pave the way to revolutionise BIG Pharma. Research and development costs would be dramatically reduced (orders of magnitude, Louis - DA). Industrial manufacture to GMP standard would be avoided as the human body does the 'manufacturing'. Purity concerns are redundant since the body would be reasonably assumed to create antibodies that are 100% pure. Only the antigen needs to be identified for the cell to be forced to make any particular antibody.

Drug molecules are becoming ever more complex and developing a synthetic route to actually make the molecule, an ever-increasing challenge. The costs involved to bring a drug to market are enormous using conventional chemistry and the existing regulatory hurdles. The new technology (mRNA) would greatly reduce this cost. 'Vaccine' technology is the method described that fights disease and the time taken from 'discovery' to launch of a product could be reduced to months instead of years. Minimal testing (as has happened) could only strengthen support for 'fast-tracking'. A good drug is not one that cures but manages an illness since if a patient was cured then eventually the marketplace would disappear. An annual 'vaccine' is a definition of sustainability.

Investment in 'plant' to manufacture the required mRNA 'vaccine' would not be made just for the COVID-19 pandemic. But future needs. This is very suggestive for a 'Brave New World' - the 'Shape of Things to Come'.

White House interference

removing the FDA safeguards

Vaccine - trust

Trump recommended injecting a disinfectant...

to treat coronavirus. The most dangerous of men

is the one with influence but... who is clueless


   The army (more authoritarian than just a doctor - DA) will be 'asked' (tasked? - DA) to roll out inoculations for the entire nation (except Louis and ... many, many sensible people. The army is state-controlled and independent doctors are bound by the Hippocratic OathTo do no harm DA)The annual 'flu vaccine will also be made 'freely' available to a greater number than have ever before been eligible. What is in this 'vaccine'? Something to 'fight off' a 'flu virus? Or a coronavirus vaccine by the back door? Tricking (deceit. Who actually trusts your government with the truth, Louis? Being honest? - DA) people into accepting a potentially very dangerous - something. Nothing more (! - DA) than an unknown 'injectable liquid' - containing some microbots?

   It is entirely possible that any 'spike' is being deliberately introduced into selected places (is it demographic and if Louis gets infected, could this be evidence of targetting? - DA). If the ('a', Louis! - DA) coronavirus 'vaccine' is just 'different' to the 'flu virus vaccine, do the two inter-react? How safe is it to have two vaccines at the same time?


No Evidence

that Flu Shot increases the risk of COVID-19

   Of course, if they are one and the same there is no possibility of conflict. Simply a very dangerous single entity - given twice? There are many caveats with a 'flu vaccine and this is with vaccines that have been in existence for some years. A new and 'untested' vaccine being 'forced' into people by medically untrained army personnel (maybe trained in giving an injection but having little medical knowledge to provide the best of patient care) is a very dangerous scenario. Many may be ill-advised to receive a vaccine and specialised knowledge is a prerequisite to safety. This is totally absent. It's immoral and the Hippocratic Oath will by necessity be trampled on. Doctors (honour and integrity) should be outraged by what they will be asked to do. To potentially DO HARM. To DO NO HARM is the ethic.


This is contrary to the UK Government's

expectation of a qualified doctor.

It's a nauseating concept

Paul Hunter, a professor of medicine from the University of East Anglia, has decided (arrogantly - DAit would be selfish to refuse a vaccination if it were available. In response to the statement:


"I would not want to be vaccinated against the

coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2?)

if a high-quality vaccine were available."

A proven safe and effective


Many (27%) said they would refuse injection with 'a vaccine'. The (quite pathetic - DA) justification that so many have refused is that misinformation on the internet is to blame. Not that unproven 'efficacy' and 'safety' are massive concerns.


Effectively an untested product

   Some side effects are known but any serious long-term ones would not be known for possibly many months/years.

   Fast-tracking vaccine trials cannot happen unless shortcuts are made. This compromises safety. The protocols for drug development are well established and take considerable time (years). Bodily functions take their own pace and drug action in the body cannot be accelerated. Vaccination is potentially a very dangerous route even when a well-established vaccine is used. A trial experiment may be cut short when a positive result is observed but before any adverse reaction occurs. The patient may well have died but the trial could, nevertheless, be deemed successful. This is real life.

   Consider: a BCG vaccine is injected at age 10. Tuberculosis develops at age 25 and a brain tumour (meningioma) is identified 20 years later. The tumour could have been growing for 10 - 15 years before symptoms (age around 30 - 35) developed that ultimately led to a diagnosis (MRI). Even then 15 years after that (age 60) further complications arise. Could the BCG vaccine have had such a long-term effect (50 years)?

Coronaviruses were first identified in 1937, isolating a single strain that caused bronchitis in birds and that was particularly dangerous to poultry. Strains include 229E (HCoV-229E) and OC43 (HCoV-OC43), NL63 (HCoV-NL63). The strain HKU1 (HCoV-HKU1) causes an upper respiratory disease that can advance to pneumonia and bronchiolitis (a common lower respiratory tract infection that affects babies under 2 years old, and may require hospital treatment in more severe 'cases').

In 2020 -2021, it should come as no surprise to any competent Government 'scientific advisor' (Chris Whitty - or even Matt Hancock) that anyone who has had any one of these infections is obviously a COVID-19 'case' even without a PCR test to 'prove' that it couldn't possibly be anything else


Emergency Use Authorisation

A vaccine can only be 'fast-tracked' for approval if there is a demonstrable need and there is no other 'solution'. Any product developed cannot undergo adequate testing to prove safety. Effectiveness possibly but nothing else. Adverse reactions (apart from soreness, swelling, or redness at the injection site) can never be observed for longer-term issues. Such a 'need' has been fabricated with the massaged figures indicating a very serious 'problem'. The demonstrable need has been satisfied - the dangerous path to a 'fast-track'-approval has been fully cleared of ALL (legal) obstacles (though not any moral ones. But this is government, Louis - DA)

The PCR test is very complex (and here) but is it the...

right tool? This is very important

The human immune system can possibly deal with a low level of infection and generate 'inactive' traces of a virus. A virus is not a living entity but comprises DNA. A fragment of RNA of a coronavirus can indicate an earlier infection and is totally non-specific. It should not be possible for the PCR 'test' to identify SARS-CoV-2 specifically. The infection may have been asymptomatic but the PCR 'test' STILL produces a positive-binary YES/NO result by amplifying a trace of an entity that is probably non-infectious. Being 'inactive' the 'virus', whatever it may be, cannot replicate(copy itself). The result should clearly be negative: non-infectious/contagious with absolutely no reason to self-isolate or impose lock-downs. An unproven record of safety or efficacy has led to vaccines that can be approved and deemed safe for mass inoculation of the global population.

This has been Bill Gates' long-term goal (alleged) but with what and for what reason (5G will deal with infertility)? The entire issue is very dark. There is no 'silver bullet' to treat viral diseases in the same way there are many cancers that have no single cure. Viruses mutate and one strain today can become something else tomorrow. Any current vaccine will become ineffective. The seasonal 'flu strain allegedly changes every year and an annual inoculation is necessary.

It makes you wonder, Louis. Is this fabricated too

just to be a 'milk cow'? - DA


According to WHO, vaccines are 'safe' (even though a coronavirus-vaccine trial has had one reported deathDA). If a vaccine has already been through full development (which would be compelling evidence of an engineered pandemic - DA) then such a death is surprising. Or, if simply a hoax, a needless death. And the $£?quadrillions of embezzled funds from sales. Not a donation to save the world. And with the major benefit of global social engineering (technocracy).

    COVID-19 marshalls will have no formal powers. But denouncement of family and friends (by neighbours) to the authorities (who do have powers - DA) has sinister overtones to the Hitler Youth and the rise of Nazism.

   The 'news' (propaganda machine - DA) is already rife with scare stories. It is now transparently obvious that the aim is to instill terror to make people more compliant (be softened up - DA) and to not just accept 'a vaccine' without any challenge... but fight to get to the head of the queue.

One of the most disturbing features of the whole 'narrative' is that many (most? - DA) people are taking the Government's (and BBC) voice as truth (1984). Articles like this one are called conspiracy theories and ignored. It is not that anyone should necessarily agree with what is debated here but that consideration of the content should be given. When read, the informed choice can then be made. It is known as an open mind to ideas and not closed-box-'thinking'.

   World Wars 1 and 2 were fought traditionally with weapons to kill people. World War 3 continues as a financial onslaught and World War 4 is to be by subjugation and the eventual installation of the New World Order (conspiracy theory? Wake up! - DA). An example of the typical 'rubbishing' tactic comes from America. Simply announcing (arrogantly) how dangerous it is to even suggest an alternative viewpoint. The attempt to prevent any learning about the...


is so transparent. To attempt to debunk a reasoned argument needs only two words. And that's all...

false claim

The thousands of 'followers' are obviously deranged. It isn't possible that SARS-CoV-2 does not exist. Of course, it does and it kills millions. They said so (The Government - DA). That's much more believable (the breathtaking arrogance is really nauseating - DA).

   Pathetically, that's all that is required. People would rather accept scare stories about impending doom as truth rather than consider an alternative explanation that reveals a more sinister side to the 'official' story. It's peculiar how people would rather believe 'official facts' than any other reasoned argument (Governments always tell the truth, don't they - DA). The 'official' truth is the only one to believe.

Anything else is just not acceptable.

It is definitely all lies and can't possibly be

trueThe truth is that we're all going to die

That's much more believable than SARS-CoV-2 not existing

outside China. Obviously there's a COVID-19 pandemic

and we all know that and we must accept that 

only 'official' channels tell the truth.

Governments are honest and

'conspiracy theorists'

only tell lies.


We know that too

   A blood sample used in a drink-driving accusation will always have a second sample in the event of a challenge to a positive result. A second positive result (from an independent analysis) should be acceptable if it confirms the original finding. Samples can become cross-contaminated unless a rigorous protocol is followed. Relative to a suspected coronavirus infection, there are few samples.

Consider a trial in which a jury considers only the prosecution 'evidence'. No defense arguments are heard. A guilty verdict is the only one possible. An identical scenario is being played out with 'suspected' COVID-19 disease. And the entire fiasco. Any attempted counter-argument or even just a basic (crude) 'challenge' is successful (usually) by screaming conspiracy theory and any claim is (by conditioning) simply ignored. The climate change 'debate' is the same. The mantra goes: the science is settled (it was never debated - DA). The conditioned response is total acceptance of this 'fact'. The defense evidence (the challenge) is just never heard or properly considered.

Be careful Louis. They'll

probably have you locked-up for sedition

when everybody else is locked-down.

But it's about the same thing, anyway - DA

(several videos)

Create the non-existent problem


provide the solution

There are three very probable 'next events'. 

But only one certainty...

the one that causes the

How about ONLY Brussell sprouts as

THE Christmas vegetable! -  DA

Christmas and New Year celebrations will be shortened or totally cancelled (rule of 6... 5... 4 or Tier 2... 3... 4... ?) and 'a vaccine' will be 'approved' that will save us allthough the economy and the fabric of society will have (nearly) been destroyed.

The global situation will escalate

   Extinction being 'threatened' but a vaccine will be 'approved' before the end of the yearBut not saving Christmas - and the media will claim that the Government is protecting us all (and many will accept this, Louis? - DA).

Was there the expected Christmas 'spike'?

Well, what do you think Louis? - DA

   It's curious that the South of England and South Africa (501.V2) appear to be the only global locations where a new variant has allegedly been detected. It is not clear if the cold northern hemisphere and warmer (southern hemisphere) have variants that may be different from each other but both lead to the same disease (COVID-19). Many mutations have allegedly been detected over several months but there has been no communication by the media to complicate the vaccine 'story'.

   None of this historical information had ever been announced until after an experimental vaccine had been approved for mass inoculation. Is a vaccine strain-specific or does it inactivate many coronaviruses in a more 'generic' sense? The validity of the PCR test should now be closely examined - if positive test results continue to be returned. All the mutations/variants appear to cause COVID-19 specifically. The test cannot selectively distinguish SARS-CoV-2 from 501.V2 (or any other coronavirus - DA). If mutations have been happening for months then is a mutation STILL SARS-CoV-2 or something else? Can it create specifically COVID-19?

   The new variant complicates a complex issue (it isn't simple BBC - DA). Considerable knowledge of virology is essential and the general public can easily become confused. It also becomes very straightforward to manipulate and mislead such an audience. The current vaccines 'should' allegedly enable defense against SARS-CoV-2 and its mutations (would not possibly an earlier vaccine be worth trying, Louis? - DA). The 2003 SARS epidemic (deadly) never became a pandemic. It fizzled out. What a perfect place to start to engineer something more useful as a bioweapon

   There will undoubtedly be a...

massive 'spike'

in positive coronavirus 'cases'

(late December 2020, early January 2021)

This will coincidentally be with the approval

of a fast-trackeduntested, and potentially highly

dangerous 'vaccine' that will save the

human population from extinction.

Either of the first two scenarios
(and especially the third)
maximise the societal
pressure but nails the lie of a

The third and most likely of the three options is the hardest 'nudge' yet into accepting the 'vaccine'. Anyone who refuses (don't refuse, Louis but decline giving consent - DA) to be inoculated with a potentially lethal product will, of course, be demonised. Such people (COVIDiots) will be labelled the main cause of all the expected deaths - not the 'vaccine'. And then there is 5G...

It is transparently a pandemic

hoax. It's always been about

a... vaccine and 5G

Very Important

Very important

YouTube has once again deleted the

Pressure has obviously been

applied from some agency.

(Maybe YouTube is itself the censor, Louis - DA)

This CONFIRMS that there is


The following text is taken from The Guardian:

The chancellor, Rishi Sunak, has announced an expansion of the job support scheme to protect companies and workers forced to close during coronavirus lockdowns this winterAgainst a backdrop of slowing economic growth, fresh government restrictions and (sic) rising job losses as the furlough scheme ends, the development comes just two weeks after Sunak announced his winter economy plan.

How does the new scheme work?

The government will support eligible businesses by paying two-thirds of each employee’s salary – 67%up to a maximum of £2,100 a month. Firms will still need to pay national insurance and pension contributions. The scheme will begin on 1 November and will be available for six months, with a review in January.

Who is eligible?

Businesses whose premises are legally required to shut for some period over the winter, as part of local or national government coronavirus restrictions, will be able to receive grants to pay the wages of staff who cannot work.

This includes businesses that are forced to close their premises but continue to provide only delivery and collection services, or offer food and drink outdoors. Firms can only apply while they are subject to restrictions. Employees must be off work for a minimum of seven consecutive days. The scheme will apply UK-wide.

The Government has pledged at least


to fight the pandemic

How is it different from the furlough scheme?

The Treasury is adamant it has not simply rebadged the extension of furlough as a new programme (sic), despite several comparisons between the two schemes and accusations that Sunak has staged a late U-turnThe coronavirus job retention scheme – commonly known as the furlough scheme – is due to close at the end of October. It offered to cover up to 80% of staff wages, up to a cap of £2,500 a month although it required financial contributions from businesses from July onwards. The level of support was then steadily reduced over the summer to 60%, with a cap of £1,875, from the start of this monthThe expansion of the job support scheme also does not require any contribution from employers and provides support at a similar level. It will sit alongside the original job support scheme, which will pay 22% of the wages for workers in “viable” jobs on reduced hours, while companies must contribute 55%. It will also sit alongside the £1,000 job retention bonus, which is paid per worker and is designed to encourage firms to keep staff on payroll until at least January.

How much will it cost?

The Treasury expects the cost of the scheme to be

hundreds of millions of pounds a month,

making the cost of the entire six-month

package several billion pounds

   The cost will depend on how many companies are legally forced to close their premises by the government, and on how many workers firms claim. About a quarter of the UK populationmore than 15 million people – are subject to some degree of restrictions but many venues remain open. However, restaurants and pubs could soon be forced to close.

   So far, the furlough scheme has cost the exchequer (taxpayer - DA) almost £40bn since its launch in March (what has happened to the £330bn (17.03.2020)? - DA). The number of people on furlough has fallen from a peak in May of 9 million to about 3 million in September.

   Economists at the National Institute of Economic and Social Research believe extending furlough could pay for itself because the cost to the public purse (taxpayer - DAwould be greater if more people lost their jobs – from rising benefit claims and long-term scarring to the economy.

Can the Government afford it?

Sunak warned earlier this week hard choices would be made (making 'hard' choices is easy. It's justifying them that is 'hard'DA) in response to record levels of government borrowing, as part of a “sacred responsibility” (? - DA) to balance the books ( ! - DAfor future generations. The UK’s public finances are on course for a record peacetime deficit this year. The difference between public spending and income from taxes has soared to almost £174bn, more than three times the £55.8bn budget deficit last year. The national debt – the sum total of every deficit recorded – has...

reached more than £2tn


which is equivalent to about 102% of GDP or annual economic outputHowever, the cost of borrowing has sunk to record lows, and economists warn cutting spending or raising taxes would be counterproductive, because it would choke off Britain’s economic recovery and damage future tax income.


 governments of advanced economies...


to not worry about debt levels

and has advised instead...


to ramp up state spending as the

best response to the... 'pandemic'

(?! 😕 DA)

5G Economy to Generate $13.2 Trillion in

Sales Enablement by 2035


See: coronavirus contents 40


This plandemic is clearly designed (engineered, Louis - DA) to bankrupt many nations. It will create the very, very rich (the 'elite') and the very, very poor (the slaves). In every 'rich' country, there will be the minority 'elite' and the majority as slaves to serve the 'elite'. It's classic totalitarianism. The true parasite - the single useless creature living off the enslaved host.


“None are more enslaved than

 those who think they are free.”

Boris Johnson (18.10.2020) - resign (voluntarily? - DA

Boris Johnson has announced that he could resign in the Spring because an annual salary of £150k is just not enough. 'Poor' man. Underpaid for all his efforts but clearly, the PM's office was a mere stepping stone into the more lucrative US lecture circuit. Like Tony Blair (£1 million an hour - DA). Maybe he expects sympathy (Louis, are you serious? - DA). Does this means that a 'vaccine' won't be approved (authorised, Louis - DA) until after he goes (January, February, March...)? Johnson won't be around when the 'sh** hits the fan'. And he will be enabled to save face - wasn't my fault, guv.
As a war criminal Blair may feel safe in the US and breaking UK laws seems to be 'in the blood' (whose? - DA). Can Blair know the coronavirus 'issue' is a (probable - DA) hoax (conspiracy)?
It seems more likely that Christmas/New Year will be wrecked, but a 'vaccine' may be 'approved' sometime in December. What will happen to Dominic Cummings (does anyone care? - DA)? An advantage for Johnson - will he be finally rid of this thorn in his side?

Louis, is it possible that this is all part of the plan?
Cummings continually undermines Johnson
and when he finally goes, no-one
is really bothered? - DA

Clearly, Johnson doesn't identify with the millions of impoverished, and that was before the lockdowns started up to today (06.05.2021) when millions more are made redundant or simply lose their livelihoods caused by Johnson's draconian and unnecessary lockdowns. All the Government rhetoric, propaganda, and downright lies. And the silenced (D-notice, BIG Pharma, BIG Tech? - DA) important and really life-saving information. The prosecution 'evidence' (the total absence of truth) has been forced into the public mind, and not one word of the defense arguments has been heard. A kangaroo court - on steroids.

Johnson claims he will voluntarily resign. A very fortunate individual to be able to do this. But the furore about 'decorating' 10 Downing Street?

Louis, I don't understand why Johnson should feel he is responsible for decorating this 'flat' since it is a Government property and he is simply a temporary incumbent. If he voluntarily resigns, as is his claim, then he will be ejected from this Government property anyway. Very odd. And £200,000? Is there gold leaf wallpaper? And where are the receipts to prove expenses?



Obviously, an engineered act in order that Johnson is forced to resign. To voluntarily resign during an alleged pandemic [terror and fear created by his Government then leading people - like Bill Gates - as sacrificial lambs to the slaughter (on the altar of Bill Gates 😈) into being 'vaccinated' with something against a mythical virus] would be seen as a 'cut and run' decision. Absolving himself from any blame before the 'shit hits the fan'. And it will. The British people will wake up. And enter a nightmare

   Next to go will be Hancock and Whitty. And probably Vallance. By being 'forced' to resign? Johnson will join the another war criminal (Tony Blair - another British PM), John Major, Gordon Brown, David Cameron, and Teresa May - all British PMs on the (very lucrative - much more than the annual £150k) lecture circuit. In America - will Johnson be safe? (From prosecution - DA). Will people forget about Johnson? Unlikely. The Iraq war was remote. This 'pandemic' has been more local.


Recording that a death is caused by COVID-19 (assumed but unproven) if there has been an alleged positive SARS-CoV-2 infection (the PCR test has been comprehensively discredited) and NOT 'simply' died with the alleged infection. What's the proof? Is the communication of a result postal or a face-to-face consultation? It's very important to be convinced by the accuracy/proof. Otherwise, it's all accepted on trust. And if you're declared infected you're punishment is house arrest. You are entirely responsible for your own 'infection'. There can be no evidence to the contrary as there is no post-mortem in the event of death which may be the result of many other health conditions. These would remain unknown because nobody looked. And if you were to be cremated... (you'd be diseased and so must be destroyed - DA). It would be so easy to control figures (a sole individual at a single desk - DA).

If the details of death include a checkbox for a SARS-CoV-2 result that is left unchecked (assumed negative) then this could later be 'confirmed' and a suitable date entered - the ticked checkbox declares a positive result (date within the 28-day limit) and could actually be for someone with terminal cancer. Or a car crash. Heart attack. Any cardiovascular event that resulted in death after the alleged positive test result. Being no post-mortem, there is no possibility of determining the true cause of death - this could never be known. Recorded as death caused by COVID-19. Case closed. Figures could be tailored to 'prove' the required result. The increase/decrease of deaths (COVID-19) could go up or down with an acceleration/deceleration in the 'case' numbers as desired at any time.

It doesn't need much to massively

massage 'official' figures


The consequences (all beneficial to Government) are several. The closure of pubs and restaurants leaves no opportunity for any social interaction. There will be no discussion of concerns. The normal circulation of outcomes is disrupted. Anyone daring to challenge the Government edict of the emergency is vilified and condemned as a criminal for spreading lies (questioning Government behaviour - 1984). 

By reducing the effectiveness of the human immune system (stay out of the daylight and no mention of vitamin D supplementation, fear, and anxiety leading to serious mental health issues), the human system is made vulnerable to 'catching a common cold'. The rigged PCR 'test' (Ct = 45) will produce an almost 100% false-positive record and so force (il)legal self-isolation. Trapped in the home many will watch the BIG BROTHER (1984) monitor = TV and see and hear more propaganda to convince them that The Government has their (own - DA) 'best interests at heart'. Get the 'vaccine' for the created 'emergency' and take the crumbs that are being offered (some freedoms returned - those that have been so crudely snatched away by the lock-downs).

Dominic Raab will (as at 20.03.2021 possibly - DA) take up the mantle that Michael Gove never had. And Gove has such a pathetically-sad look (though with a lttle coaching, Raab should be OK - DA). Doubtless there will be all sorts of whining noises about the difficulties being faced in order to have a fair system for all - the clearly inevitable-all-along 'vaccine' passport (the next link-in-the-chain of restrictions).


    It was originally proposed that Gove should head-up the anticipated 'vaccine' passport (after a couple of hours' shallow-thought, of course - DA). A 'fair' system that differentiates between those who have been deceived and tricked into giving uninformed consent for innoculation with an untested, unproven-safe, and unapproved (authorised only) 'vaccine'. Thereby grabbing the King's (Queen's) shilling. And those who have not 'taken' this toxic liquid. Seasonal 'flu numbers can now be allowed to increase as COVID-19 'cases' decline and only time will tell how the fraud is to be 'rolled out'. How the Government did a wonderful job. Will honours be dished out to a mixture of different targets: a few CBE/OBEs (cynically, NHS-based), Lord Hancock, Professor Sir Chris Whitty? The usual suspects.

Inoculation does not give immunity from infection. Just that the symptoms of infection should not manifest. A sample of only 170 incidences of infection has yielded an efficacy of >95% (8 infections in a vaccinated group and 162 in a control group (non-vaccinated) So, 8/170 = 4.7% do not develop symptoms meaning 95.3% have symptoms (162/170) = 'flu?


Out of a total of 44,000 volunteers


This means that statistically 5 in every 100 people who have been inoculated can still acquire the alleged COVID-19 disease. These 5 would be very surprised, disappointed, and annoyed by such an infection. Vaccines do not work for everybody. A vaccinated person can still be infected but would be asymptomatic. They could be a 'superspreader' and not know it. Obviously, vaccination should be followed by 10 days self-isolation (to take effect) though this would inevitably be interpreted as a punishment for 'doing the right thing'. This describes the proverbial 'carrot on a stick' scenario. Actual coercion will be 'and keep your job' or denial of free movement outside the home unless vaccinated. Mandated inoculation without a vaccine passport as punishment is next. To protect the vaccinated population (how can they need protecting? They're supposed to be immune, Louis - DA). Those who perceive themselves immune to 'a' coronavirus infection. Indeed, the AstraZeneca vaccine is based on a virus that will give a chimpanzee a cold. Since the chimpanzee genome is >95% (April 2003) the same as the human, why would the common cold in a human not offer the same protection as that which simply produces a 'cold' in a chimpanzee? A vaccine seems totally unnecessary. Would it simply offer protection from 'catching a cold' - a coronavirus? It's true to say that if a pandemic is to be created - choose a coronavirus. There are so many.

Questions need to be asked - the 'crisis' has been so crudely (and transparently) engineered. Fear ensures people do not behave rationally. If they did they would see through all the smoke and mirrors that the UK Government and others complicit in this fraud from around the World have created. Have Hancock et al been vaccinated? Probably not though this cannot be confirmed. And no-one has asked. Great PR could be made by announcing that they had all been inoculated [probably a sham anyway by having a fake (saline solution) injection - if on live TV - DA]. The Official Secrets Act would ensure the silence of anyone involved with the stunt. Perhaps they wouldn't take the risk? A 'whistleblower' (27.01.2021) emotionally explains serious worries about care home deaths.

Thousands of people could be dying as the result of a 'vaccine' but the news blackout by MSM would keep this hidden from the public's attention. And the lock-downs offer no opportunity to find out (closed pubs and restaurants). Perhaps the opening up of these places (after a 'vaccine' passport has been 'acquired') may encourage more social interaction but it will all be speculation as there will be no reported cases. And anyway, the mass fear and the acceptance of an 'emergency' have resulted in questions that will never be asked.

    If the virus is a hoax and doesn't exist, a 'vaccine' could be nothing more than some innocuous liquid (water? - DA) since there is nothing for it to render inactive. There can also be no adverse reactions. Imagine: £10 - £20 for a vial of saline solution. The profits... and everyone happy at being 'saved'. And the 'vaccine' solution could also contain some harmless genetic material (an 'inactive' coronavirus fragment? - DA) in case someone bothered to analyse it.

   The virus allegedly rapidly mutates. A 'vaccine' will become ineffective against a new strain (SARS-CoV-3, SARS-CoV-4, SARS-CoV-5...DA) and the consequence will be an annual vaccination program (real sustainability and economic growth even if it's not a hoax DA).


Even a Government-driven threat of SARS-CoV-3, SARS-CoV-4 and so on every year would be enough to get people screaming out for an updated (annual) vaccine. Just another annual vaccine like the seasonal 'flu vaccine (makes you question if the annual 'flu is a real threat or has been nothing more than a money-spinning test run (milk cow) - DA). Gearing up the production of a vaccine for nation-wide inoculation would only be economically viable if an annual vaccine were to be anticipated. The opportunity for criminal activity (theft of stocks) would inevitably be accompanied by 'fake' products.

   The economy is well on the way to being destroyed and a large proportion of the country is being supported (kept out-of-work because of the ever-tighter imposed restrictions, Louis - DA) by the government, and a growing number of people are effectively under house-arrest (aka self-isolation - DA) as the 'cases' continue to apparently rise. The enslaved population is paying to keep those out-of-work on benefits that are totally dependent on state hand-outs. And those that are in-work on much-reduced salaries.

Early on, the Government had issued 'advice' (orders, Louis - DA) to...

stay indoors and


under house-arrest

Any half-competent scientific adviser would know that to self-isolate (placed under house arrest - DA) would cause a decline in the level of vitamin D (does that mean any half-incompetent scientific adviser would not know this, Louis? - DA).

This is known as the 'sunshine vitamin'. This vitamin strengthens the immune system to help the body fend off infection. Even a simple cold - a coronavirus. Should someone develop a minor cold, they would show symptoms that could suggest (would, Louis - DA) infection with the coronavirus that is being blamed for the pandemic. The Government encourages listening to/watching broadcasts to stay in touch with the constantly changing rules and restrictions (offences list, Louis - DA) and so will be well aware that most people are being 'set up' to get colds.

The 'forced' containment in the home will cause many to watch TV and the relentless attack of BIG BROTHER (spin) indoctorinating the masses with more lies. The terrible consequences of non-compliance. The fraudulent 'official' figures of the dead. Already in the thousands. Every day. Consider being in a locked and windowless room and the TV - the only medium to tell you the truth - informs you that an overnight nuclear attack nearby has devastated the cities and towns and made the air outside dangerous to breathe. The fear and terror of death would cause immeasurable mental health problems to happen almost instantaneously. The onslaught of messages over the next few hours ramp up those fears. One intrepid individual needs to check the truth about this alleged event. The door is broken open to reveal a beautiful sunny day. Green grass. Blooming flowers. A few wispy clouds in the blue sky. Birds singing and the sound of nature announcing tranquillity. And no damage to any building.


And the truth shall set you free


The diet varies considerably within the population and the poorest probably have a diet that doesn't provide much vitamin D naturally. Government is aware of this, too. All the propaganda pumped out at every opportunity by the BBC (Government mouthpiece) to the captive audience. It neglected to mention vitamin D. A truly serious omission. A failure to protect the population. It would have been a very simple fix. Even to hand-out free capsules. What would that cost? Not much compared to the damage that has already been done. And that will continue to be done.

People with probably simply a cold would be tested and almost certainly return a positive result using the 'not fit for purpose' PCR analysis fraud which can only work by abusing it (deliberately, Louis? - DA). The 'victims' of a coronavirus infection would then be ordered to self-isolate so making a bad problem even worse. Stay out of the sun, let your immune become further depressed and less able to fight off the simple common cold (rhinovirus). People don't get colds or seasonal 'flu anymore - they get COVID-19 only. If you're old there is a greater probability of not surviving even a severe cold or the 'flu. Death is assumed to be COVID-19 without further investigation. Care homes are full of old and vulnerable people and usually a very warm environment. Just like hospitals - a breeding ground for all kinds of infection. Conditioning is such that people expect more COVID-19 deaths in the winter months. Seasonal 'flu/colds are never mentioned (well, there is otherwise a real danger that people may start to notice, Louis - DA). Is it really any surprise that so many people are becoming ill and dying? Everything possible is being done to undermine health and allow (hide - DA) any misdiagnosis.

A speculative argument for

'catching' a cold

The Government failed to issue "good science" advice to supplement with around 4000iu of vitamin D(3). This is not a myth or conspiracy theory (that's just pathetic, Louis. The comments + 'advice' of uneducated morons. Dangerous morons - DA). Some would have it that promoting truth (verifiable facts - DA) is causing damage. It is the reverse. Those that continue to scream conspiracy theory are falling directly into the trap of assisting the Government in their apparent goal to frighten people literally to death. The mental health of millions is being severely damaged.

The simple advice about vitamin D supplementation would have given supremely real help to a scared and MADE VULNERABLE population. Any Government relying on the grossly abused PCR test (almost certainly used to acquire growing statistics of more and more 'victims' of THE coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2) is seriously deficient in its 'duty of care' to the general population it is mandated to protect. People (victims, Louis - DA) who may get just a simple cold. 'Victims' scared into believing they are going to die.

Scaring people into 'voluntarily' giving their consent to be inoculated with the untested-technology and unproven-safe mRNA vaccine. A population being conditioned into accepting any vaccine that the Government 'says' is safe. The minimal trialling (almost non-existent - DA) of the experimental vaccine focuses on the alleged effectiveness (~95%) but just say safe without any long-term data. And only emergency use authorisation (General - note 4) and NEVER approved as the deliberate lie 'assures'.

Volunteer numbers (Pfizer) = 44,000

The total number of infections = 170

In the placebo group, there were 162 'cases'

In the vaccinated group, there were 8 'cases'


this translates to 162/170 = 95.3% effective

This appears to be very effective


but absolutely...

Infections = 170/44,000 = 0.386%

How can 0.386% infections

describe a pandemic?

< 4000 'cases' in a million

Safety data = 0.00%

The BBC ran a program recently (06.01.2021 - Dr. Ronx Ikharia) alleging how to strengthen the immune system. It did not report any untruths but presented a distorted BBC-reality, possibly not the full original presentation but an edited version (censored, Louis - DA). Exercise is a good idea.

As important as Echinacea is used to manage the common cold, vitamin D is critical to strengthen a compromised immune system. It is more than a vitamin. It is a hormone. Government advice is to stay indoors and out of the sunlight. That's designed to depress vitamin D levels. No mention has ever been made to supplement with vitamin D. Do not consume too much alcohol (pubs are closed to encourage drinking at home). Too much alcohol will depress the level of vitamin D. Raised stress levels through fear (the constant reminders of why you should be afraid) will depress the vitamin D level.

Vitamin C is important. This was mentioned and also that it is water-soluble. It is easily flushed out of the human system. Almost directly after this vitamin D was briefly mentioned. What was not made clear is that this vitamin is fat-soluble. Viewers were led to wrongly assume that it too will be quickly eliminated from the body by implication. Obese people will retain too much in adipose tissue and there will be an insufficiency in the blood for transport around the body.

To boost the immune system, go outdoors for maybe 20 -30 minutes in daylight (ideally sunshine), perform some form of moderate exercise (gyms and swimming pools are shut down to help prevent this), do not drink too much, and eat well: not takeaway or fast-food meals. A good quality mixed-diet. Many on low incomes have a poor diet and will possibly not know to supplement to restore depleted vitamin D levels. The government has remained silent on this. The science advisers (! - DA) have given their entire knowledge over to the public - nothing. Absolutely nothing. Government 'advisers' are essentially politicians in (filthy - DA) white coats. When political science (even pseudo-science is more truthful) meets real science (honour with integrity - DA) the real dangers infect society.

Not once in almost a year (March 2020 - January 2021) has the Government said anything useful (honestly or truthfully - DA). Lock-downs are responsible for more misery and death than if they hadn't happened. Social distancing and mask-wearing have had precisely nil effect at controlling the spread of the alleged 'virus' that has yet to be proven to exist.

The PCR test is 'unfit for purpose' and has been used to calibrate the 'test-kits' that are being sold at great cost (£50 - £100) as though they actually work. These have never actually been validated. Invariably, the PCR cycle number is not mentioned. The most important piece of information.

On the occasional instance, it is cited, it is upwards to 40 - 45 cycles. The usual number is 25 cycles or less. From the original strand of DNA, each next cycle doubles the number of copies in the previous one. Between 2^20 and 2^45, the over-amplification is about x34 million. The tiniest trace (non-infective) of...

any non-specific coronavirus

fragment must cross a 'threshold'

into a false positive

2^1 = 0.000000000002 x 10^12
2^2 = 0.000000000004 x 10^12
2^3 = 0.000000000008 x 10^12
2^4 = 0.000000000016 x 10^12


2^20 = 0.000001048576 x 10^12
2^21  0.000002097152 x 10^122 x (2^20)
2^40  1.099511628000 x 10^12
2^45 = 35.184372090000 x 10^12
2^20 to 2^45 = 2^25 (x 34 million)

Another way of looking at this is to consider the starting viral load

and the PCR threshold (27.01.2021) [WHO finally lowers

Ct (cycle number) - DA]. For an equivalent

threshhold, doubling the viral load

requires the PCR cycle number

to be halved

2^40 = 1.099511628 x 10^12 (threshold)

4^20 = 1.099511628 x 10^12 (threshold)

Doubling the viral load requires

only one-half the number of cycles

to reach the same threshold

WHO finally lowers

Ct (cycle number)

Based on this corrupted test, the UK Government has provided itself with the environment for people to potentially seriously self-harm (by giving their assumed consent - DA) by accepting an untested, unapproved technology, and unproven-to-work vaccine.

Emergency User Authorisation


Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)


Authorisation DOES NOT = Approval 


Pfizer has been given indemnity against any damage caused to anyone who was inoculated with its vaccine. Clinical trial volunteers did not include the frail elderly as a group but initial inoculation IS to be directly into this group without any safety or reliable efficacy data.

The CEO of Pfizer (and other executives) has not been inoculated with his own experimental product but has benefited by cashing in $5.6 million (62% shareholding - leaves 38% for future personal gain). Even though the roll-out of this vaccine has begun, it is clear that basic long-term safety evaluation is not yet available for scrutiny (on what grounds was this vaccine approved, Louis? Simply emergency but still possibly 'unsafe' = dangerous - DA). Boula is 59 and claims to be in reasonable health. This screams the message that anyone under 59 and who is in 'reasonable' health does not need the Pfizer product and by implication any other vaccine. Or Boula himself has no faith in the safety of the Pfizer vaccine so won't be inoculated with his own vaccine...? This does nothing to instill confidence in a population that has growing skepticism.

In fact, quite the reverse.

Big business

wins and the entire population of the

UK is (technically) enslaved

(and the rest of the world, Louis - DA)

The elite is winning the war and the

people (slaves/servants)

surrendered long

ago. The next step will be

global depopulation to rid the elite

of this expense and leave more for the few


Probably, the most interesting statistics to look out for are the "herd immunity" and the R-number. Those who have been vaccinated will almost certainly be exempted from testing even though these inoculated people can still be infected. They would be essentially asymptomatic. This would enable the fraud to be covered. Possibly the number of PCR cycles would be reduced to realistic numbers (about 25 vs 40-45). The "number of positives" will eventually become zero. The R-number will eventually reach zero. Most of the world population will be vaccinated (the plan is end 2021) but herd immunity will stop the 'spread of the virus'. Of course, vaccination will be necessary every year or so (a definition of sustainability - DA). The inevitable coronavirus pandemic will be threatened unless vaccination is "accepted".

The reasoning behind "herd immunity" seems to be to give the virus "nowhere to go". Lock-down and house arrest gives the 'virus' nowhere to go but only if this is 100% incarceration (martial law) for 2-3 weeks could this be effective. If an individual is vaccinated and becomes infected then the immune system should inactivate the virus. This process is not immediate and takes an unspecified time. The symptoms of COVID-19 should not manifest. If the vaccine does (only - DA) what it is alleged to do, without harming the individual (only time will tell, Louis - DA). They should be protected against infection. Over time, the more people vaccinated should decrease the opportunity for an ever-dwindling level of the virus to cause infection (you make it sound like a mission in life, Louis - DA). This assumes the virus is a real entity. In theory, it should effectively stop the spread of the virus (over an indefinite period). Herd immunity is claimed to protect those who cannot be inoculated (that's not many if you remove anyone +75. Just allergies, perhaps? - DA)

Not WON'T be

There are other plans for those.

Canada denies concentration camps

this but like a petulant (psychotic) child

what Bill 😈 wants, Bill 😈 gets

The PCR test is seriously implicated in all this. What scrutiny of test records is possible so the veracity of individual tests can be examined? So many test samples could easily become confused and the result of an individual wrongly assigned. Records must be available (the actual test result itself) otherwise everything thing relies on trust (! - DA). The opportunity to 'massage' figures is huge. There does not need to be an actual test - just a randomised positive/negative verdict given. The numbers can be very easily be adjusted to suit the needs of the day. Numbers up or down. The R-number up or down. It would not be possible to know the truth. The vaccine does not need to be effective either. The numbers game can change according to the requirements of any particular day. It's written in the script.

If a roadside breathalyser test showed positive, the result would indicate that the driver could be over the limit. A more accurate reading is then obtained at a police station using an intoximeter. Two samples of breath are then analysed and the lower of the two (if both over the limit) taken as evidence for any ensuing court action. If necessary, in any doubt, a blood sample will be used to determine the blood/alcohol level. Two samples are taken so an independent analysis can be carried out if desired. An appearance before a magistrate will then determine guilt or innocence with reference to the evidence.

In the case of an infection with possibly a 'something', a crude binary qualitative 'test' is carried out. A yes/no, black/white, on/off, positive/negative result will be used to determine guilt or innocence. The result is recorded and forwarded to a national database as (mostly) positives with (some) negatives. There is no opportunity to challenge: house arrest. Based on no evidence other than the Micky Mouse 'test kits' which cannot specify any antigen. This is effectively a kangaroo court and guilt or innocence is arbitrarily and summarily 'judged'. Basic Human Rights are breached. There can be no 'in-between'. Simply a threshold that is crossed. One side non-infectious and the other infectious and the qualitative viral load is not possible to determine.

What is the possibility of being 'diagnosed' positive with something by forcing an infected sampling swab to the rear of the nasal passage? Or even the 'weakened virus' used in the AstraZeneca vaccine that gives a chimpanzee a cold. (I agree with you, Louis. Nothing can be ruled out that the UK Government might do to ensure the positive infection numbers rise. Assuming the 'test' actually works!!! - DA).

Mass testing with such a crude and ineffective system determines the guilt or innocence of millions who have committed no crime other than being a UK citizen. Where is the register of test validations that prove the 'test kits' can do as described and has been calibrated against some undefined standard? It DOESN'T EXIST. On the basis of these unproven Micky Mouse 'test kits' alone, global lock-downs, destruction of society and the imposition of draconian restrictions have taken place. The alleged PCR test that is done has no standard cycle number specified. This too forms a 'lottery' as to who may be positive/negative depending on the testing station policy. Is there a financial inducement to return a positive result? This would explain the very high cycle number (45) that is commonly used. This test has been branded 'worse than useless' by Dr. Anthony Fauci (the American equivalent of the Bill Gates 'colleague' Chris Whitty - recipient of research funding). Whitty, Hancock, Vallance, and Johnson have all at some time had a meeting with Gates well in advance of the first case of the alleged COVID-19.

It is quite transparent that... lock-down = vaccine. Professor Carl Heneghan strongly opposes the lockdown strategy and applies 'good science' to proper analysis of ALL the available data. He also does not wear the Bill Gates handcuffs that all the other Government 'advisers' and Boris Johnson are shackled to. The 'Government' dictum. Stay indoors (and not in natural daylight - DA)... or else? Protect the NHS (how does this work? - DA). Save lives (how does this work? - DA). The mantra spewed out at every opportunity to raise awareness and the consequential level of fear - the terrible guilt created from not conforming (doing as your told - DA).

Louis, have you noticed that the 1st lock-down (23.03.2020) was followed by a 'happy and free summer' (Matt Hancock - look forward to 'vaccines' ) then within 30 minutes Trade Secretary Liz Truss: 'dangerous ... making promises about people's summer holidays' (clearly not in the Bill Gates loop). The 2nd lock-down was announced (remember, remember 5th November) just before the dangerous upswing in 'cases' and high death-rate just before the imminent saviour 'vaccine' roll-out - the cavalry turning up in the nick of time. Then the death numbers start to rise mostly amongst the elderly. The 3rd lock-down (06.01.2021 -  31.03.2021) - to allow the 'controlled easing of restrictions' - no doubt dependent on the vaccination uptake. If the 'children' behave and do as they're told this date will not be put back too far. If Johnson says the uptake is 80% how could you verify this as truth? Everything else so far has been massaged - twisted into lies.

All of a sudden pre-existing conditions are considered a major contributing factor in COVID-19 deaths and the 'vaccine' is quite safe. They've never been considered before - it's always been a COVID-19 death even if you get fatally shot. You weren't murdered. COVID-19 got you. That's a licence to kill. No need to be concerned. People die after the 'vaccintion' (doesn't work then) and it's now pre-existing conditions. Or total organ failure? It's obviously the 'virus' and nothing to do with mRNA gene therapy. Even though we've done no testing on the elderly, we still 'know' it's safe.


How do WE know?


Because WE say so


The roll-out of 5G is imminent. It has happened in Wuhan already - the alleged source of the 'pandemic'. If the effects of radiation are as expected, people will present with shortness of breath or difficulty breathing issues and ... The explanation will be COVID-19. Perhaps even a new strain. The 'suggestion' of a variant has already introduced to people to how things can (be made to appear to) change - very quickly. The vaccine will no doubt be claimed still effective so the urgency of mass inoculation will escalate. As does the fear level as there are delays in vaccine availability. Manufacturing. Raw materials. Glass bottles. Needles,. Syringes. The list goes on. And on. And ... The infection rate can be adjusted as necessary to cover any reaction to 5G. The symptoms (depleted blood-oxygen) level cannot easily be distinguished but it all relies on the communication of truth. By the media and Government. If the belief is that everyone is being honest in circulating 'lies' about the spread of the virus then the war is lost. And it is a war. BIG business (the elite) against the entire global population. And the control of the masses. Behaviour has changed so much that people (the 'herd') are compliant in nearly every way. MainStream Media (MSM) is silencing truth and pushing the Government 'narrative' - propaganda

But there is a growing number of disbelieving people who have not been tricked into false beliefs. Ramping up and massaging figures will do nothing to deflect the non-believers from what is their truth. That which is not a LIE. There is hope and it rests with the minority (the conspiracy theorists? - DA).

   All the lies - they're so transparent. The muddy water is now crystal clear. The endless dark stories are so poorly reported (distorted, Louis - DA) they are worse than useless. Apart from just spreading fear (NOT COVID-19) and continue to 'soften' up the population ready to accept a vaccine. AI = Artificial IntelligenceThe technology of AI and human behaviour and the development of vaccines with nanoparticles is well documented. This is future mass-control and makes the conclusion stronger and more certain by the day (06.01.2021). Non-compliance to inoculation (not mandated yet, though compulsory for some) will be 'rewarded' with very tough 'new' restrictions, and the loss of ALL freedoms enjoyed by those with good behaviour (for how long? - DA).


And swingeing fines (tort law)? 

First lockdown - 23.03.2020

The beginning of the end

Remember, remember the

5th November

Second lockdown - 05.11.2020

The end of the beginning


Hancock has revealed the true contempt he has for everyone and has never been able to keep hidden all through the patronising and incessant Government propaganda 'bulletins'. Hancock knows nothing about health matters - he's a career politician with a background in economics. The NHS ('saved' by the people) has yet again been abandoned by Government when its immediate usefulness has ended. Never anywhere near enough financing. And now the Management (without any Hancock interference - page 16) is let loose to continue to destroy the service that Hancock's been constantly praising. Dedication throughout the 'pandemic'. And Hancock has now turned his back and ignored requests for a reasonable pay rise. He has 'offered' a derisory 1% claiming the country's finances won't stretch to anymore. After spending £billions to maintain the scam (lock-downs for as long as possible), he's 'decided' enough is enough. The NHS nurses have threatened strike action and Hancock couldn't care less.
Hancock's announcement that he has already booked his holiday in Cornwall (11.02.2021) was the first revelation. Clearly, this should rest his throat after spitting out so many lies (and maintain a very low profile). He'll just walk away from the ensuing chaos he's just started (NHS). Calculated and cynical. This all foretells and confirms the Government's pre-written schedule. The 'pandemic' that never was is coming to an end. Hancock's holiday booking is a testament to that (domestic travel is heavily restricted now but in the Summer...). This more or less guarantees Hancock has not been vaccinated. This also captures Whitty, Johnson, and all the rest of the Government in its entirety as absolute hypocrites:


do as I say and not what I do


The announcement of lock-down easing (22.02.2021) shows that the rigged vaccination program is transparently 'working' (of course. You couldn't imagine anything else surely, Louis? - DA). Clearly, Hancock knew of the end to the pandemic back in early December - 08.12.2020 (Louis. He co-authored the script! - DA). Everybody else had to wait for 2 months before they learned this 'wonderful' news. Doesn't this demonstrate the 'engineering' of the 'emergency'? It's always been about control and creating sustainability. And 5G and all the health problems that are anticipated. It is probably now that the move has been made to cause global change. The Great Reset. The New World Order.

If there is any doubt that Bill Gates is the orchestra conductor, behind this orchestrated pandemic then... social engineering. Hancock must dream of power. We can all dream of a better World without the meddling power hungry billionaires. Hancock doesn't have £billions (you don't actually know that, Louis - DA). So much for the stupid would-be 'elitists'. Not much chance of that. Gates is a true capitalist. With the development of Microsoft and the lock-in with software updates and computer upgrades to run the next version of its 'updated' operating system. And the global stranglehold Gates has in the computer-driven economies world-wide. All the anti-virus software - is it a scam too? Deliberately scaring people into buying unnecessary 'software'?

   Consider: how likely is it that Gates would overnight turn into a philanthropist with no personal agenda? Gates would have no purpose unless there is some perceived goal. Everything Gates has ever done since 'stepping down' from Microsoft with his $billions is to 'invest' in Big Pharma and fund vaccine research. The future is vaccines according to Gates and the next pandemic. It's where the money is. Gates already 'knew' that the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic was on the way and the conditioning had begun by warning of the World's unpreparedness for it.

The 'emergency' created by the obvious manipulation of statistics allowed untested unproven-to-be-safe 'vaccines' to be unleashed onto an unsuspecting World. Gates would reap $billions from the companies he's 'invested' in [given money to fund research, Louis. With strings attached. Don't forget, Gates has had 'meetings' with Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock (24.01.2019) to discuss 'infection control at the global level' - DA]. The fear created caused billions to be 'immunised' by giving their uninformed consent voluntarily and...


letting people believe that the Pfizer/BioNTech

and Moderna (Modifiedrna) 'vaccines' are

actually vaccines. They are not.

They are gene therapy


Power corrupts; absolute power

corrupts absolutely

Lord Acton (British politician - 19th century)

   Millions have had their lives placed in jeopardy for the vaccine 'game'. And all based on trust. We wouldn't lie to you, would we? Of course they would. They've been lying for almost a complete year. Every day. Hancock sticks up his middle finger to the NHS revealing that no 'emergency' will happen. It can't. The 'pandemic' has been a lie from start to end. But that does not stop the threat being made (Government will 'arrange' a resurgence. If necessary. The ...unsustainable pressure on the NHS...). Big Pharma has created (or it's been created, Louis - DA) for itself a sustainable income flow for years with an annual vaccine (and seasonal 'flu vaccine). People have been conditioned to accept the 'vaccine' as the new silver bullet. Hancock's illegal actions (21.02.2021) - Matt Hancock acted unlawfully by failing to publish Covid contracts. Johnson has misled parliament over unpublished contracts.

It'll be interesting to see if MSM begins to attack those that have silenced it for so long. A much-awaited backlash could be on its way as MSM revenge begins to gather pace. It will be unstoppable. Maybe even the PCR scam will be spread throughout the World's newspapers. And possibly even the 'pandemic' and 'vaccine' scams revealed and how governments from all around the globe conspired to create an 'emergency' to 'authorise for use only' and never approve an experimental medical product. The millions of people from around the World will rise to punish those who are responsible. That they have been pawns in an 'invisibly' transparent 'game' of 'vaccinate everyone'. Especially, those who can't move or resist or get help - the vulnerable old who are isolated in care homes.


Louis, you really thought that only Tony Blair was a war criminal? It's been a war - Governments against the people. Blair just showed how the 'game' can be effectively played. Playing the people as stupid pawns - the rout of humankind. With maybe Bill Gates holding the conductor's baton. Egos get to planetary size proportionately with wealth. Psychotic delusion.

Tax rises (of course) to pay for the 'pandemic' - surprised? Austerity-on-steroids will be restarted. Cuts, cuts, cuts. It's all in the plan. The 'pandemic' can be funded - tens of £billions, but a drop in the ocean pay rise for the NHS for 'saving' Hancock's arse from the Government-instigated 'crisis' is just... too much. The cost of the 'pandemic' will be paid through taxes for years and years to come. Funding the NHS (and a decent pay rise is just too much, though.The Apollo scam was a partial success - it duped many (Americans into willingly paying). The climate change scam continues to make shedloads of money and this will continue for as long as sustainable. Climate change and the 'pandemic' together will ensure sustained maximal spending while maximising control over the duped populace.

Lateral flow testing


 There is no science in this document. Statements are simply made that an LF device ...'has shown'... simply a statement without any substance. SARS-CoV-2 has never been isolated: just a statements like ...was isolated... with no further explanation, let alone sequenced but claims are made that the alleged computer-generated sequence has been detected. On the basis of trust alone, 'vaccines' have been produced that are claimed to 'fight' the SARS-CoV-2 (coronavirus). A 'spike' protein is mentioned that will be present to enable entry into a cell. Is the 'spike' protein unique for each different coronavirus or is it generic for any coronavirus? If specific, how can it be identified? PCR molecular cloning cannot do it. It cannot be used to diagnose disease. The grossly over-amplified PCR 'detection' signal is claimed to be for a coronavirus. A common cold will show a positive result, so 'proving' a coronavirus infection. This could be debris from any earlier coronavirus infection but will be interpreted - without any doubt - as a COVID-19 'case'. A statistic that is possibly no more than for someone who recently has had, or has, a 'cold'. Immediately, this person is 'locked down' (human cold). This is similar to an autopsy not being conducted as the assumption is always another 'COVID-19' death if death occurs within 28 days. Testing is regularly and repeatedly carried out so that by massaging data, death will most likely be within 28 days of the most recent test. The chance of a false positive is very high. The call for more and more and even more testing can only increase the likelihood of more false positives. Someone who is not infectious. This leads to a non-approved (only authorised for use because of the 'emergency/crisis') 'vaccine' for a non-existent problem.

An elderly person with quite possibly other pre-existing health issues will always be assumed a COVID-19 death and there will be no autopsy to establish the real cause of death. It's covered over as of no consequence. Someone's death as of no consequence? The entire contrived status is at the very least criminal. Heads must roll, starting with at the level of The Government.

 Don't look, don't find

Louis Brothnias 

There is a timely reminder that lateral flow tests are used in pregnancy testing. It is used to find a single specific and known hormone. Against a reference, the pregnancy can be confirmed or otherwise. Imagine if there was no reference and the testing protocols for COVID-19 testing were used. The number of false pregnancies would soar. Obviously, future events would reveal the truth.
Lateral flow tests are '... said to...' to identify SARS-CoV-2 and not used against any reference. To claim that a particular target has been found is impossible. Chromatography (vertical) separates individual components in a mixture dependent on their solubility in the mobile phase (solvent).

   The lateral flow (prone) test begins as the chromatographic separation of possible multiple components (swab contents) but then arrests all similar compoments at a specific location. It does not separate them. The claim is that this specifically 'proves' a SARS-CoV-2 infection. There are so many of these LF tests done that no PCR analysis will be performed. A PCR false-positive will produce a misdiagnosis of COVID-19 and could easily ignore a (serious) 'flu infection. The result from any PCR must be disregarded. It is the wrong tool to 'diagnose' disease. Draconian restrictions (quarantine by self-isolation) are immediately imposed on the basis of this terribly flawed 'detection' method (scam).


 Fauci is mentioned in the stockpiling of ventilators for severe acute respiratory failure 'pandemics'. The 'emergency/crisis' changes everything. One small business has ramped up production to 50,000 units every week and at $200 each. This scales to $10 million every week or over $520 million a year. The longer the 'pandemic emergency/crisis' can be made to last, the more money there is to be made. Not bad for a small business (wonder if Fauci and/or Gates have 'invested' in this particular unnamed Texan small business - DA).

A young man (20-years old) was correctly (probably) diagnosed with 'flu ('flu-like symptoms). A young person + not COVID-19. Was this after a negative PCR 'test' or simply a young person who does not fit the 'narrative'. It cannot be a COVID-19 'case' and by default a diagnosis of influenza is returned. This young man actually presented with 'flu-like symptoms. The correct diagnosis was made and this required intubation with a ventilator in ICU but even this, sadly, was not enough. To not recategorise the 'flu-like symptoms into COVID-19 (as is the norm) for a young and otherwise healthy person screams volumes. It was a deliberate decision to maintain the influenza diagnosis. At least this tragic death had been dealt with properly.
'Flu can be fatal for the elderly (sick and infirm), especially someone with other pre-existing health conditions. Notably, there are hardly any flu 'cases' 2019-2020. Any respiratory incidence can only be a COVID-19. By assumption. A deliberate misdiagnosis? Or recategorisation?

All COVID-19 and virtually no 'flu (16.03.2021)

Cold or 'flu?

Brexit (24.12.2020)

After months and months of absolutely nothing happening in the Brexit 'discussions', the coronavirus pandemic came into view. Suddenly (as if following a 'script' - DA) when all seems'done and dusted' on the COVID-19'situation' the...




re-commencement of 'negotiations'...


finds agreement. The suspension of talks conveniently left a

window open for the coronavirus 'crisis' to take place.

And when the coronavirus

window closed, the


window re-opened (remarkable, Louis - DA)

Boris Johnson - demonstrates

respectful good behaviour

befitting of a Prime Minister

Winner takes all

Even though Hancock is an obnoxious and cynical creature that has no consciense (a politician), even he wouldn't enthusiastically **ss off the NHS with the derisory 1% pay rise offer, would he? Hancock even uses the state enforcers to show 'what a man he is' (POWERFUL 😇). The usefulness of the NHS has all been used up and normality can now return. After a year of hardship and intense working conditions - the stress of staring death in the face every day - the collateral damage. The main targets have always been all the British people (men, women, and children). And all the fear created by Hancock and his co-conspirators (Whitty, Johnson, SAGE... ). Not satisfied with just a slap in the face, Hancock wants to skin-alive the NHS. Nasty doesn't come close (the word you're looking for, Louis is an anagram of live. Or evil - DA). This Government has obviously had enough. Johnson's done enough - almost nothing in an entire year and can now resign. A happy bunny. The Tories will never be in Government again, so the new normal will possibly even a Labour government. Normality (the new one and not the old one) is on the way. Strikes, massive unemployment, a society in tatters, tax hikes. Escalating crime (people have to make a living somehow since the Government has destroyed society). Mental health a genuine national crisis. The news blackout on the old normal will be re-awakened to all the issues that have appeared to have just stopped. To make way for the biggest scam of the 21st century (so far, Louis - DA).

And probably out of all this will rise the smiling Pheonix, Lord Hancock. And Professor Sir Chris Whitty. Other honours will be awarded (for good and co-operative behaviour). Just like and ostrich, the Government has its b head in the sand (trying to hide its shared brain cell). It's blind to the chaos it has unleashed. If any of them escape (unlike Mussolini) then the fury of the British lab rats will find them. To imagine that the press will turn on the parasite is hardly surprising. Whether willingly or pressured, the press will return to freedom and publish horror stories that have waited long time. And all the 'conspiracy theorists' will all be vindicated. Just months too late. The damage has been done. Well most of it. The future of 5G is unclear. The scapegoat of COVID-19 will no longer be around to act as a cover for the global problems with this EMF (radiation). It's Wi-fi on steroids. Millions of lab rats poisoned by an untested and unapproved 'vaccine'. The mRNA 'vaccines' are not vaccines. This is never-before-approved technology and has only been authorised ('approved') for use under the 'emergency status of a 'pandemic'. Vaccine review - Part 1. Part 2. They are designed for gene therapy - Pfizer. And to claim that the human genome will not be changed forever is a possibe war crime. Literally, forever. Every generation could possibly have an altered genome. It is claimed that any mRNA (whatever it may be ) is destroyed by enzymes. Will Bill Gates will get what he wants? Culling the human race either by vaccine-poisoning or global civil war.

   A World war is between two or more countries but civil war is a war within a single country. Probably, Gates has a massive bunker already stock-piled with supplies to withstand a siege that could last years. But the Trojan Horse is the vaccine + 5G. When people start dropping like flies, all the ensuing destruction will lead to a dystopian future. But no-one to control. The parasite has killed its host. It must now turn on itself. The end will come. The few who remain will then turn on each other for supremity. The most psychotic will become chief. A chief who has no other living soul to control anywhere on the planet. King Midas chose gold. The most 'elite' of the 'elite' chose power.

   The deployment of 5G technology (initially Wuhan, China - 31.10.2019) will continue into 2021Wuhan was the epicentre of the alleged SARS-CoV-2 virus. The fake (published 19.03.2021) 'pandemic' amazingly fitted into the window between (late) 2019 - (early) 2021. The creative 'engineering' of this fake 'pandemic' would only work if the PCR molecular cloning technique could somehow be manipulated into a convincing method of detecting a 'specific' (uncharacterised) virus.

   It might trick (05.01.2021) the World (Apollo). The World Health Organisation (13.04.2020) authorised it for emergency use as the method of choicePCR cannot be used to diagnose illness or detect any specific viral particle. [Dr. Mullis died 19.08.2019 (very convenient for Fauci 👾 , WHO, and FDA) - DA]. At best PCR could possibly identify in very general terms a fragment of coronavirus DNA/RNA (of which there are many). It is almost a certainty that many people will have some fragment (debris) of an earlier coronavirus infection somewhere in the body. Floating around in the blood. Gross over-amplification of the tiniest harmless trace could be faked to enable it to be 'interpreted' as a dangerous (highly infectious) viral load and require the individual to be isolated.

Louis, I'm puzzled. Does this mean that any nasopharyngeal swab (nose/throat) is infected with 'fresh' coronavirus that hasn't yet entered the body system. Surely, it should come as no surprise that this would show no symptoms. And if the amplification is so high (Ct = 45) and no specific coronavirus can be identified, then this could be the tiniest 'trace' of anythingPresumably, the PCR instrument is set up to find coronavirus-type fragments?


   The choice of a coronavirus and PCR could have sounded the death knell for Dr. Kary Mullis - the surviving (of two) co-inventor (+ Michael Smithof this methodology. It won them 1993 Nobel Prize (Chemistry) and the Japan Prize for possibly the most important invention of the 20th century. Dr. Mullis was the only living person in the World (Michael Smith died in 2000) who could actively denounce its inappropriate use (unfit for purpose) for diagnosing illnessWithout PCR the fake 'pandemic' would not have manifested as it did. This would also imply the early involvement of AmericaBarack Obama (2015) has been accused of funding (US$3.7 million) bioweapon research (?) off-shore in Wuhan to get around any illegality in homeland biowarefare.

   Dr. Mullis 'died' in August 2019 and the SARS-CoV-2 was allegedly discovered in Wuhan (December 2019)Highly coincidental. In Wuhan5G-'flu has symptoms very much like 'flu.

The Coronavirus 5G Connection and Coverup


David Icke


   The evidence that COVID-19 is a bioweapon is overwhelming as is the evidence that 5G is involved as either the cause of flu-like symptoms/pneumonia people have been experiencing, and/or to exacerbate the virulant nature of the alleged virus by weakening people's immune system and subjecting them to pulsed waves of electromagnetic field (EMF) to open up their skin to foreign DNA fragments (including viruses)The anticipated yield from the global rollout of 5G is US$13.2 trillion. A very good reason to stage a cover up of 5G 'problems'. China has experience in SARS-type infections and the rest of the world is aware of past issues. Mostly mask-wearing.

   Weaken the seasonal 'flu vaccine to be ineffective and many will succumb to 'flu infections. It is not inconceivable that the 'flu vaccine could have been prepared to infect people with a 'flu virus - by injection. Widening the eligibility of those who can be inoculated would ensure more people present with 'flu-like symptoms. It is because they have the 'flu but by simply recategorising any respiratory infection as COVID-19 and declaring the 'flu virus is essentially non-existent the assumed COVID-19 'cases' climb through the roof.

   To show the illusion of 'vaccine' efficacy in reducing infection is, in principle, surprisingly easy if any impaired  breathing (respiratory) issue is assumed to be only COVID-19 (a set of clinical symptoms)Anyone even with COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) or heart failure for which the 'flu vaccine is recommended definitely can have nothing other than COVID-19 and becomes a 'case'. Such a person will not 'recover' though someone (most) with just a bad cold (rhinovirus) or 'flu will. The elderly and infirm are still very vulnerable to a 'flu infection.

    The severity of the short-term breathing issue may have different causation but it will not be COVID-19, though assumed to be COVID-19. An ineffective (deliberately weakened) seasonal 'flu vaccine will result in higher numbers with impaired  breathing (respiratory) presentations that will all be assumed (and recategorisedCOVID-19 (infections) 'cases'. A (criminally) unchanged PCR 'test' (no standardisation of Ct but between 35 - 45) will facilitate a virtually undetectable scam when Government 'advisors' (UK = HancockWhitty, SAGE...) and the BBC and MSM (censoring by NOT reporting highly relevant news items) continue barefaced lying to maintain the terror (is this a new definition of terrorism, Louis? - DA).

A future with years and years of coronavirus (COVID-X) 'cases' can also be very easily managed. Simple adjustments (manipulation, Louis - DA) in the strength (or total ineffectiveness) of the 'flu shot. The financial yield by just adjusting the 'flu shot effectiveness and declaring the 'flu virus appropriately (convenience) up or down in any particular year will 'encourage' people to have an annual COVID-X vaccine (a saline solution?). 

    To increase fear even moreinvoke the conditioned idea of variants (mutants is a much scarier term, Louis - DA) that have a vastly increased virulence. An annual booster (vaccine) will be needed for an indefinite period. But it now infects children and younger adults5G hazards are covered (up) very well here. It is younger people who will be affected most by 5G (smartphone use). Add to that more downloading (films) needs of people - lockdown at home with the TV and alcohol (pubs to be closed - again). Out-of-the-sun: vitamin D deficiencyRaised continuous stress caused by fear...And on it goes. The only conspiracy here is the mixture of all things bad for people's health. And get COVID-X unless you're vaccinated - again. And again. And...

   This defines sustainability and allows The Governmenmassive advantages (borrow, borrow, borrow... tax, tax, tax... cuts, cuts, cuts... austerity on steroids) and billionaires never have enough.

Take heart, Louis. None of them has a soul. I've got those. And they are all duds. But I'll get what's due to me. Eventually. And all you have to do is ask for my help. I do like fair play, you know.


Divide and conquer

Instead of mandating vaccination (an unapproved = authorised only with NO product licence and experimental 'vaccine'), use the fears of the vaccinated to browbeat the 'danger to society' - the unvaccinated - into submission. The Government cannot then be accused of coercion. Forcing people to injure themselves.

   More than 34.6 million people in the UK have (allegedly) had a first dose of a Covid (sic) vaccine according to the BBC. A second dose has been given to more than 15 million people - nearly 30% of all adults.

A more meaningful (informative) analysis (05.05.2021):

19.6 million (34.6 - 15) of the UK population of 68.2 million = 28.7% have STILL had only a single dose - just 22% (15/68.2 x 100) have had the two doses. If 34.6 million have had the first dose then 33.6 million have NOT been vaccinated at all = 49.3% of the UK population.


One-half of the UK population

has NOT had ANY vaccine and only
22% have had both doses



The worst case scenario is that the mRNA 'vaccines' and the others (Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca) annihilate 90% - 95% of the global population. In order to 'make' money (redistribution), there needs to be a consumer base to buy products and need services. The roll-out of 5G (with all of its hazards), the financial markets and services, and any profit-making business are essential components for the 'elite' to plunder. To exert power over their dominion (very biblical, Louis - DA), which the control freak 'elite' craves, there must be the 'flock' of slaves. There would be no point in decimating the herd of workers since there would be no profit to be made and nobody to exert power over. The psychotic 'elite' that is pathetically blinded by its own stupidity imagines a meteoric rise in its total control and absurd profiteering. To acquire more money is all that drives these sad creatures. Such is the ego of the arrogant. To imagine there needs to be imagination. This is NONE.

  Without retaining samples of the 'vaccines' from ALL shipments to everywhere internationally, there would be no way of knowing if the mRNA gene therapy is the same RNA (whatever this undefined RNA might be) that reaches different locations.



see link 36 above (video)


Multiple births in Africa result in a large population on this continent that do not become consumers. They could be considered an expendable liability. The justification (according to eugenecist Bill Gates 😈) is that healthy children will survive. There is no need to have large families. The BIG problem for those instant-profit psychotics is that confidence would take time for the long-term survival of children to filter through. By interfering with development of the placenta, forced birth control would be the outcome. And 5G effects on male fertility would not need to apply for depopulation to be effectively instant.


Foreign Affairs Intelligence Council


Bill Gates 😈

The vulnerable very old (in need of care and resources) would be the first target to cull. This was the first group (never examined in any clinical trial) to be targeted outside Africa (Europe and the USA) - they could never reveal any birth effects. The criminal forced isolation and away from any friendly face (relative) to be left with carers who can issue and enforce DO NOT RESUSCITATE orders without consultation would help to accelerate deaths in this group. It does not make sense to destroy potential consumers who need to buy everything new. For the first time. Birth control in this group is less likely. Young adults and the more mature (healthy and not elderly) are longer-term consumers in need of services. High interest bank loans for various uses: houses, cars etc., mortgages, 'life' (death) insurance. 'Climate change' arguments will be made that everything must be controlled to 'save the planet'. It has been in the process of being 'saved' for decades at enormous cost - another engineered hoax.

   Children must be vaccinated (from just after birth) to ensure that they do not acquire traditional diseases (measles, mumps, scarlet fever, and a raft of others). So goes the justification. This is sustainable profit for ever. The vaccines may cause serious problems, but they will 'officially' be not responsible. Certainly the vaccines will create other illnesses (vigorously denied, of course) that need management for life with other drugs. A good drug is one that doesn't cure but simply manages illness. It becomes an eternal money-maker (redistribution of wealth by selling the drugs to 'sick' people who have been made 'sick' by the vaccines).

A New World Government and a World Army (many links) would be created to stop wars. In a totalitarian (World) state, conflict between nations could not happen if the World becomes one nation. Not even a federal structure but totalitarian.


Absolute control


The 'elite' would be very happy bunnies in their

psychotic delusion. To feel mega wealthy there

must be a large number of poor people - everyone who

is not in the 'elite'. Even state troops (soldiers) would be

expendable but with suitable bribes of a relatively

 'free' life this should offer up no problem