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Tuesday, June 02, 2020

Coronavirus - contents (1 - 45)

Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2)

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Technocracy: the

Science of Social Engineering


Public behaviours (UK) - 22.09.2020

before you read any further.

Probably the most important for 2020
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Some speculative discussion appears here
but mostly factual data.

No medical advice is offered and
any concerns should be addressed by a
qualified medical practitioner.

This entry (04.03.2020) was researched 
and composed over several weeks. 
The current situation (02.06.2020) 
necessitates extreme care
and acceptance of the
dangerous consequences
of irresponsible behaviour.
Only future events (14.07.2020) may uncover(31.07.2020) 
more detail of the present. Many questions are
 asked here and issues raised but to date, definite 
conclusions cannot yet be reliably drawn.

(The link to Dr. Joseph Mercola supports the following
discussion. Many other evidential links are included - DA)

   The debate regarding the 'coronavirus' issue is very unbalanced and very much in favour of the negatives. Many issues that must be included are consigned to the shadows. Important facts that provide the positives are never discussed (or even mentionedDA). This lengthy article attempts to level the playing field.
   None of the following claims that coronavirus is not a serious threat, just that caution should be applied (deaths involving and not caused byDA) to confused and confusing statements. The lack of consistency from authorities, and the constant flow of negative news items (BBC) have spread panic and fear. And considerable scepticism. This was possibly not deliberate but simply the consequence of the dissemination of endless updates to information. The result, however, has been very successful in doing just that.
   In the UK, the principle of Occam's razor should have applied. The easiest method of halting the transmission of a virus is to give it no place to go. Basically, it will become inactive (die). So lockdown, self-isolation, and social distancing are obvious actions.
   The issue then becomes one of compliance. If the absolute importance of these requirements was clearly understood then behaviour would have changed. Probably quite quickly and the current situation could have been very different (and successful – DA).
   There will always be those who do as they please. Nothing will alter their ways. They couldn't care less. So, imposing 'dystopian' restrictions on every compliant individual will not stop the behaviour of the few. The potential 'killers'.
   To convince people and offer the best chance of compliance, the simple and easily understood message should have become the mantra. But being dishonest, massaging figures, and generally distorting figures and information have ensured the message has been increasingly ignored.
   The constant overkill and painting the bleakest picture possible have had the reverse effect. Much like the climate change issue, the constant reminders of 'good behaviour' but involving inconsistency and considerable double-standard actions, have weakened the message so much that it has been ignored by many. Distrust has grown. Increasingly, especially regarding climate change, many have 'climbed onto the bandwagon' for perceived advantage (usually financial - DA) and any credibility in the arguments has disappeared.
   Most people are not stupid and the repeated message (again and again and again and... - DA) has irritated so much that they have just 'switched off'. The more a message is dishonestly broadcast, it becomes weaker. And weaker. If the message had been honest with consistently accurate information, then it would more likely have been believed. The misinformation and lies feed the... 'ignore engine'.

People switch off and the 

message enters deaf ears

No one is listening

   It's human nature. Treat adults like children and you get petulance. Most children are open-minded (too young to have developed prejudices) and understand an explanation of the (honest) facts. A current example is to explain WHY you should NOT touch your face. Rather than demand: DON'T TOUCH YOUR FACE, explain that any contamination of the hands could enter the body via eyes, mouth or nose. This simple explanation has always been and is STILL not communicated by the Government.
   The opportunity for a rapid resolution was lost. People were simply made more fearful and the chances of compliant behaviour plummeted. This is predictable. Distrust has grown. And STILL grows.

The message has been lost

   I have applied good science to my argument. Everything is considered and nothing is ignored. Bad science involves extensive cherry-picking. Using only selected (and only supportive - DA) 'evidence'. Conspiracy theorists do not use selected information.
   There is a constant use of the emotive phrase 'lethal' virus. Many health conditions are potentially 'lethal'. Diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity... A broken hip can result in death for the older person. A later association with a positive COVID-19 test then enables a possibly absent connection between the two. Distortion of the 'facts'.

It would appear that (any - DA) death

is caused by 
nothing other

than ('a'DA) coronavirus

   More confusion. Screams of delusion. Conspiracy theory. Truth to these conspiracies? When Russia is involved (Novichok) all the brakes are instantly off. The security engine accelerates to full speed. China is implicated and not a single complaint is raised by the British government even though 1000s of deaths are allegedly being 'caused by' ('a' – DA) coronavirus, originating in Wuhan.

Still NOTHING - 12.09.2020

The whole coronavirus issue is
highly complex and the water
is very murky but the government
and media attempt to make
it sound simplistic

(and more frightening – DA)

Contents - select group:

  1 - 5      6 - 10     11 - 15     16 - 20     21 - 25

26 - 30     31 - 35     36 - 40     41 - 45

1. What is coronavirus?
2. COVID-19 management
3. Coronavirus detection
4. Is death caused by SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19)?
5. Is COVID-19 as lethal as debated?
6. Linking COVID-19 + death
7. Health conditions
8. Other pandemics
9. The SARS pandemic - 2003
10. Other contemporary issues
11. SARS + older person
12. Care homes
13. Vitamin C
14. Hay fever or coronavirus
15. Outcome
16. The new normal
17. New laws and Regulations/Rules
18. HCID status
19. The Coronavirus Act 2020
20. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
21. Health and Safety
22. New World Order
23. Bill Gates
24. The Bilderberg Group
25. DNA rules
26. Death certificates and postmortems
27. Surveillance
28. Wake-up, shake-up call
29. COVID-19

  • Accident
  • Deliberate
  • Deliberate 'Accident'
30. Bioweapons
31. American/Canadian involvement
32. Lock + key mechanism
33. Release location
34. Chinese Communist Party
35. Air + Sea travel
36. Airline (UK) bailout
37. Restrictions - collection
38. Trump - President of the USA
39. Internet
40. Economy and Tax
41. Reasons to be positive
42. A potential false sense of security
43. The stomach - a shared gateway
44. Considerations
45. Conclusions + updates