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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

American Airlines

The fuel load and consequential dumping of unquantifiable tonnes of carbon dioxide torpedoes the rhetoric about any truth in climate change control. The volume of fuel needed to fly a plane around 2400km can be estimated from the report of the 'Gimli Glider'. Over 22,000kg fuel (about 28,000L) are required and if the average car fuel tank is 15 imperial (UK) gallons or 70L this equates to 400 (car) tanks full of fuel. Aviation fuel (to power aircraft) and petrol both come from oil so the analogy is valid.

Assuming 100 passengers, this works out at around 280L per passenger or some 60 (imperial) gallons each. This equates to around 4 car tank-fulls of fuel. Further assuming 40 mpg, a car tank-full of fuel works out at potentially 600 miles (960km). One car + one occupant (driver) and one planeload of 100 passengers

1500 miles of plane travel or ... ?

It supports the logic of simply raising revenue by increasing air travel and the profit associated with this method of movement around the world.

The only obvious way to really restrict movement is to increase the cost of air travel, but this will not work simply because most travel is business-orientated and so costs would be pushed ultimately onto the end-user.

It simply illustrates the acceleration towards melt-down. Population too big and still growing on an ever-resource depleting planet. If the reserves of oil (hence volatile fuels) are in short supply where is the logic of increasing the depletion rate and exacerbating the climate change (theory). Obviously, there is much being kept secret or people really are that stupid after all.

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