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Monday, April 25, 2011

University Of Kent - Tuition Fees

The University of Kent has declared its intention of raising tuition fees to the maximum (£9000) as of the academic year 2012, yet has risen to its current position of only 34th (38th in 2011, though this marginal change is left unstated. Being 34th out of 116 sounds better than rising just 4 places from 38th to 34th position out of 116DA) of all the university profiles (116) listed in league tables.

Top prices, far from top position

A response from this University regarding two very explicit, important and straightforward questions regarding debt interest were simply ducked.


University of Kent,

Please can you clarify an issue that seems to be...

ignored on all related websites

That the loan becomes repayable when the student earns £21,000 or more is clear enough, but from when does the debt accrue interest?

  • Before graduation: is this from day 1 of the 1st year and onwards even though earnings are not possible for the undergraduate?
  • After graduation: is the debt clock ticking even though earnings may be below £21,000 or non-existent if unemployed?
The answers to these questions are critical before the next step can be undertaken.


  • As we are in a state of change at present we would suggest that you visit the Directgov website...
  • Student Finance England are the organisation that are responsible for administering student loans. Any further enquiries must be directed here...

    • A request was issued recently with the questions and its receipt has been acknowledged (20.04.2011). This stated that the issue should be dealt resolved within:

      • 5 days. The answer is still awaited as at 30.04.11: 10 days

      • Difficult questions?

      • Reply received 04.05.11:
    • The speculation discussed among these pages regarding interest and when the clock begins ticking has changed from speculation to something rather more concrete. The disclosure of the actual content of the communication has been prevented by the e-mail ‘private and privileged’ rider. It is enough that the correct arguments have been pursued.
      • Changes could, of course, happen during the year

        Inflation varies by the month, but if the rate increases then a fixed non-variable value would benefit the borrower and is a possibly the reason that changes could happen during the year. If the rate were to decrease benefiting the student, would this constitute such a change?
        The most accurate and up to date information on interest, will be found on the repayment website:
        However, the important information regarding the interest and the payment conditions will not. This information lacking the critical important detail is also at (tread very carefully - DA):

  • Direct contact is necessary for any further information regarding personal circumstances.
  • STILL nothing about from when... 
  • With '0' lowest and '10' the highest score, by virtue of the secrecy, this entire website gets a resounding:

    The failure to even attempt an answer suggests questions such as these are not welcome and difficult: being in a state of change and still unable to provide even an adequate response, though still able to submit the proposals to the Office for Fair Access (OFFA or maybe OFLD = Office for Future Lifetime Debt). Many questions arising from Student Loans remain unanswered. For a university intending to charge the maximum fees this is totally out of order (with a very sinister undercurrent - DA) and further suggests that the speculation has a more solid grounding. There is clearly much to keep classified.

    • Student loans is a very open-ended subject. The most important factors when taking out any loan: from when is day 1 and how much will it cost overall?
    • The entire attitude becomes more sinister by the day